Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 41

Adriana's POV,

The minute we arrived in New York, both men were off with Enzo. We have been here almost four hours now, and I still haven't seen Leo or Dante. We were shown our rooms and that was it. All my things were already delivered in our room. Dante said we really didn't need to unpack, because we weren't going to be staying very long. I don't like to live out of boxes and I was bored, so I started to put our room together. It was becoming mid afternoon and I still hadn't seen Dante. I knew that I should just stay where I am, but I got impatient. I decided to go find Dante.

Enzo's home was huge and decorated in blacks and golds. I didn't know a ton about Enzo Bento. All I did really know is that he was Damon's most trusted man and ran the family chapter in New York. Enzo and Damon grew up as brothers in Italy. I guess they actually hated each other back when Damon first got with Brook. Enzo has always been a kind man to me at least. I had only met him a couple of times. From my understanding he is a very dangerous man. I know something had happened to him in the past that turned him hard, but I didn't know exactly what that was.

Enzo's home was covered in security. There was a man on every opening in the house and camera everywhere. They probably already know I've left the bedroom. The only thing I was noticing was all the men were large and muscular and handsome. I swear to god, if your born good looking, and your a man, your destined to be in a gang of some sorts. I laughed at that thought. I found myself in the kitchen. I wonder if they have any tea here? I asked myself. I started to head to the kitchen and I was greeted by an older woman, as I was getting ready to open the fridge. "Hello ma'am, can I help you with something?" She said. I about came out of my skin, she scared the crap out of me. I screamed and all of a sudden there was about ten men rushing into the kitchen, this included Dante and Leo. I got a little embarrassed, as I took a look around the room. Dante came over to my side.

"Sugar?" He said. The poor old woman looked terrified.

"I'm sorry, I was just wanting some tea. She came up to me so quietly, it scared me when she spoke." I said. Once I said that all the men left the room except for Dante, Leo and Enzo, who just showed up.

Enzo walked over to me. "Things run a little different here Beth. If you need anything, one of my team members will get it for you. All you have to do is ask. I know your an independent person, but this is their job. Please let them do it." Enzo said, and I nodded at him. The last thing I want to do is be disrespectful. "This is Miss Alan, she runs the kitchen. Anything you need to eat or drink, she will provide. We also all join together for dinners around here. Follow me." He said. We all followed Enzo into a huge dining room. The table must have fit at least thirty people or more. "Everyone who lives in the house joins together for dinner, unless told otherwise. We eat at six p.m." Enzo said. Dante slipped his arm around my waist. I looked up at him and smiled. Enzo turned to me. "Do you have any questions Beth?" He asked.

"How much longer are you going to keep Dante away from me?" I said. They all laughed.

"You can have him back now. He knows the ropes." Enzo said. He nodded at Dante and it had looked like Dante wanted to follow Enzo and Leo.

"If you want to go with them you can." I said. Dante looked down at me.

"No sugar, I want to be with you. Let's go get you some tea like you wanted." He said, and pulled me towards the kitchen. After I explained to Miss Alan how I liked my tea, she made me the best tasting cup of tea I had ever had. I thanked her and Dante wanted to show me the rest of the house.

"So, how long were you here for?" I asked Dante. He took a deep breath.

"Enzo took me in when I was seventeen. He has been like a father to me. I was here for almost seven years. I was his right hand man." I was taken back.

"You were his right hand man?" I asked. He nodded at me. We walked out back where we were welcomed by a huge beautiful pool. It was kind of hard to be alone in this place, considering all the security Enzo had around the property. I was a little uneasy because every single man in this house had a gun. This included Dante and Leo. There was a lot I was going to have to get use to. I mean, I live with the mafia now. I also had to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Dante showed me the rest of the house and then it was starting to get late. "I hope you have some nice dresses." Dante said. I looked over at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"We always dress formal for dinners." I looked at him confused. "It's an Italian thing love. It's respectful to dress nice for dinner." He said. Alright, I said to myself.

"I've got a couple of nice dresses, but I guess I'm going to have to get more." I said. Both Dante and myself got dressed and headed down for dinner.

"You look beautiful sugar." Dante said. We walked into the dining room and the table was full of men. Dante pulled out a chair for me and I noticed most of the eyes were on me. I sat in between Leo and Dante, with Enzo sitting at the head of the table.

"Hey." Leo said and I smiled at him.

"Hey, how are you?" I said.

"Good, real good." He said. All of a sudden a door opened and food was being placed all over the table. It was amazing and smelled so good. There was food everywhere. I felt Dante squeeze my leg under the table.

Learning the ways and respect of the mafia wasn't real easy. The next couple of weeks went by pretty fast. Dante was always busy and so was Leo. I didn't really have anyone to talk to. I loved Dante, but I was starting to get bored. I wanted to do something, I wanted to be useful. I decided I was going to talk to Enzo myself and see if there were any jobs I could do for him that weren't dangerous. I knew I should probably talk with Dante about this, but I knew all he would do is tell me no. I found Enzo sitting in his office alone one morning and I knocked and went inside when he called out to me. "I don't mean to disturb you Enzo, but I'm bored." I said, taking a seat in front of him. He laughed a little.

"What can I do to help you not be bored?" Enzo asked.

"Put me to work." I said. He lifted his face to me and raised an eyebrow.

"Put you to work?" He said. I nodded at him. "Did you talk to Dante about this?" He asked.

"No, and if you say anything he is not going to allow it. Please, I need to feel useful." I said. He sat there for a moment like he was thinking hard.

"Do you know how to fight?" He asked me.

"I've only been in a couple of fights, but I did just fine." I said.

"I want you to go to the gym on the top floor. I'm going to set you up for lessons with one of my good fighters. Let's see how you do and then we will talk again, but Beth, if Dante finds out, I'm not to blame." Enzo said.

"You want me to head up there now?" I asked.

"Go change into suitable clothes and my guy will meet you up there in twenty minutes." He said.

"Thank you Enzo." I said.

"Yeah, well Dante and your father are not to know about this." He warned. I smiled and left the room. I went up to my room and put on a pair of leggings and a halter top. I threw on my tennis shoes and headed up to the top floor. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail as I made my way upstairs. The entire top floor was a full size gym. There was even a boxing ring. It was amazing. I walked in and looked around for my new trainer.

"What are you doing here?" I heard the familiar voice say behind me. I turned to see Leo standing there in sweat pants and a white tank top. I got nervous, I wasn't sure if it was okay to tell Leo I was about to be trained to fight. I just crossed my arms.

"What are you doing here?" I said. He looked me over a few minutes.

"I'm going to be training someone to fight." He said. Really Enzo? I said to myself.

"It's me." I said. His mouth dropped.

"Hold on a second." I watched Leo pull out his phone. A few seconds later he hung up his phone.

"Listen to me Beth, this is not the life for you." He said. I took a deep breath.

"Look okay, don't you think that it would still be a good idea for me to learn how to better protect myself, considering my best friend and my boyfriend are part of the mafia?" I said. I knew full well, that he knew I was just trying to get him to work with me. Leo took a deep breath and gave in.

"Alright princess, but I don't want to hear no crying from you." Leo said. That was the first time he called me princess. My father calls my mother princess. It felt kind of funny actually. I scrunched my nose at him.

"Same goes for you when I kick your ass." I said. He rolled his eyes and started to laugh. I walked over and punched him with all I had in the arm.

"Ouch, you ass!" He hollered out.

"See, I don't want to hear no crying, you big baby." I said smiling at him.

"Your just a bully." He said rubbing his arm.

"Come on Leo, don't be a bitch." I said walking over to the ring. He watched me for a moment and then smiled.

"All right then, get your ass in the ring and let's see what your really made of." He said climbing into the ring.

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