Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 45

Adriana's POV,

It's been two weeks since Dante, Leo and I slept together. They have both been in my bed every night. To tell you the truth I love it. I was worried this was going to become a problem with them, but they have been getting along very well. I'm actually very proud of them. My work with Enzo has been going really good. I'm actually very good at working the books. I've got myself pretty familiarized with the different warehouses. The only thing about the job I don't care for too much, is I've got to carry a gun whenever we leave the house. I'm still training with Leo, but most of the time it ends with me bent over the workout bench. Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes it would be nice to finish the training. I love the two different personalities between them. Leo is the laid back manly man, who is not afraid to fight back when I get moody. Where Dante is the professional and mature one with a bite you don't want to fuck with, I love it.

Tonight Dante is taking me out to dinner, at a very fancy and expensive restaurant in Manhattan. He really loves this kind of thing and likes it when I dress up for him. I went shopping earlier today and picked up a very sexy white cocktail dress. I'm hoping Dante will like it. I got out of the shower and saw Leo laying on the bed. "Hey brat, what are you doing?" Leo asked me.

"I've got that dinner tonight with Dante," I said as I made my way into the closet. Leo followed me.

"Do you think Dante would be upset if I tore you up a bit before dinner?" Leo asked, pulling my towel off my body.

"LEO!" I hollered out. "You ass! Yes, he would mind and no your not." I said.

"If you didn't walk around looking so fucking good, maybe I wouldn't be so tempted all the time," Leo said, as he moved closer to me. I pulled my dress out an took one look at him. I knew what he was up to. I took off running out of the closet. "Oh, you want to give me a challenge?" He said, chasing after me.

"Stop it, Leo, I've got to get ready," I said falling onto the bed. Leo jumped on top of me and held me down. "I swear to god Leo, I'm going to kill you if you don't get off of me," I shouted.

He looked me up and down, licking his lips. Then he started to kiss my neck. I could feel the tension building up inside of me. "Please Leo, I'm running out of time," I whispered. I felt his hand move between my legs.

"Mmm, your body is telling me, different babe," Leo whispered out. His fingers started to dip inside me. I moaned out.

"Oh god, Leo please," I said.

"Please what babe?" He said. He started to kiss down my body and he let go of my arms. Of course, my hands flew into his hair as his mouth reached my clit.

"Fuck." I moaned out. I felt his tongue dancing on my clit and his fingers moving in and out of me.

"I'm going to make you cum babe, you think about me while you're out tonight," Leo said and that threw me over the edge. My body rocked with my orgasm.

I took a deep breath, as Leo moved away from me. "You jerk," I said.

"You love it." He said, licking his fingers. I grabbed the pillow and threw it at him.

"Get out, you animal!" I hollered. He just smiled at me as he left the room. Jerk, I said to myself, as I made my way back into the bathroom to clean up. About an hour later I was dressed and ready to go. I pulled my hair up into a french twist and pulled little hairs down all over. I did my makeup light and simple. The way Dante likes it. I picked out a pair of white heels to wear with my new dress. I grabbed a little white purse to match. I chose to go without a bra and a small simple white thong. I made my way out of my room and headed downstairs to meet Dante. Leo was sitting in the living room watching some action movie. Dante was standing by the door in a three-piece black Armani suit. He had on a white tie and was neatly cleaned up. God, he looked so good.

Dante noticed me as I came down the staircase. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He met me at the bottom of the steps. "You look absolutely beautiful sugar." He said.

"Thank you, you don't look half bad yourself," I said, winking at him. He put his arm out and I took it.

"Behave yourselves tonight kids," Leo said from the living room. We both rolled our eyes at him and left. Dante had a limo out front waiting for us.

"You didn't have to do that," I said.

"I know, but I wanted to." He said. The driver opened the door for us and Dante and I took a seat inside. We were about an hour outside of Manhattan, but the drive was always nice. "How was your day today sugar?" Dante asked me.

"It was good. How about yours?" I asked. He took a deep breath.

"Long, but it's better now that I've got you all to myself." He said.

He turned and looked at me. "You really do look hot tonight sugar." He said.

"You think so?" I asked.

"Oh, I know so." He said as he placed his lips to mine. Our kiss became intense as I slipped my seat belt off and climbed into his lap. His arms went around my waist. "I want you to understand something sugar. Just because I agreed to share you don't mean that I'm not still incredibly in love with you and want you every single minute of the day, but I will cherish all the moments I get to have you to myself. I still want to be your husband someday." Dante said. My heart swelled with his words.

"I know Dante," I said. We locked our lips together and I didn't even care that we were driving down the freeway. I undid his pants and pulled him out. I hiked up my dress and moved my panties to the side. I slipped myself down on top of him and gripped the back of the seat. Dante's hands gripped a hold of my hips as I rode him. We were both so turned on that it didn't take long for both of us to find our release. Dante was kissing an biting my neck as we both hollered out.

"Fuck sugar, your so fucking good," Dante said in my ear.

I took a deep breath and climbed back off of him and tried to straighten myself back out. I smiled at him and leaned my head onto his shoulder. We pulled up in front of the restaurant and the driver opened the door for us. We ordered our food and the waiter poured us each some red wine. "This place is great Dante, thank you," I said. He smiled back at me.

"Anytime sugar, as long as you're on my arm to show off." He said.

"Can I ask you a question?" I said. Dante sat his glass down.

"Shoot." He said.

"What made you decide to share me?" I asked. He bit his bottom lip.

"Promise you won't get upset?" He said. I nodded at him. "When you said what you said that night and then left the room, Leo went and sat on the couch. He didn't say a word. I just stood there with so many different thoughts going through my head. I was upset with you at first. I felt my heart start to break. I didn't want to lose you. I had already had to live without you and I didn't want to go through that again. Then I thought about your parents. At first, the thought of sharing you with Leo angered me. I kept watching him sitting on the couch and I thought at that moment if I had shot him, I wouldn't have to fight for you. I knew that wasn't going to work. So, I walked over to Leo and sat across from him. He looked over at me, but he still didn't say a word. Then I asked him, how do you feel about sharing her? His mouth kind of fell open. Are you crazy? He asked me. I wasn't sure if you had ever told him the story about your parents, but I told him. After a few minutes of thinking to himself, he looked at me and told me he could do it. That's when we came upstairs to you."

I listened to his words. "And how do you feel about all of it now?" I asked.

"It's going okay. I still have you and Leo seems like a good guy. I'm still getting to know him and Enzo wants him to start working with me." He said.

"Leo is a good guy Dante. Otherwise, I wouldn't care about him as I do." I said.

"I understand that now. Besides I've already warned him." Dante said.

"Warned him? What does that mean?" I asked.

"I told him you were number one and he had better protect you with his life." He said. I smiled at him and took a sip of my wine.

"And what did he say?" I asked.

"He told me it has always been that way. We both know how each other feels about you." Dante said. The waiter came back to our table with our food. Everything was so good. After we ate Dante escorted me back out to the limo.

"I want to show you something," Dante said, as we took a seat inside the limo. The driver started to head back towards the freeway. After about an hour of driving, we were back in the area where Enzo's home was, but instead, we took a couple of different roads until we pulled down this long driveway. We ended up in front of a huge house. It was really beautiful.

"Whose home is this?" I asked. He didn't really say anything as he got out of the limo. I followed him. "Hey, I asked you a question?" I said. That's when I saw someone walking out of the house. Then I realized it was Leo. "What are you doing here?" I asked as he reached Dante and myself.

"What do you mean? I live here." Leo said. I looked around again.

"You bought a home? You're moving away from us?" I said, sounding sad. Both Dante and Leo laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked. Dante turned and looked at me.

"I live here to." He said.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Leo and I bought this house for the three of us," Dante said. My mouth fell open.

"Your kidding me right? When did you two do this?" I asked.

"Do you not want to live with us sugar?" Dante said.

"I never said that I can't believe you guys did this," I said while I was looking up at this beautiful home and it was all mine.

"Do you want to see the inside?" Leo asked. I nodded at him and the three of us went inside our home.

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