Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 49

Adriana's POV,

As I headed down the aisle, I could see the two most beautiful men in the world waiting for me. I smiled, as I walked towards them in the arms of my father. They looked so handsome in their tuxes. Once we approached them, my father handed me over. I took Leo's hand first and then Dante's as I stepped up in between them. The minister started to speak and I couldn't hear him. All my thoughts were on these two men of mine. I kept my eyes on them and just smiled. How did I get so lucky? Then I heard the minister announce that we had written our own vows. Leo was the first to read. He turned and looked at me and Dante.

Leo's Vows,

"Adriana, you are my light and my darkness. I've never been in love with someone like I am with you. You will always mean more to me than you will ever understand. I will protect you with my life always. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your beautiful life. I promise you that I will always stay by your side. I promise to always make you laugh when your feeling sad. I can't wait for the rest of our lives to begin. I love you.

To Dante, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. Thank you for knowing the phrase. "Sharing is caring." (Everyone started laughing.) You have no idea what it means to me. You are very important to me and I love you to. I promise that I will be a good husband to her and I will always be here for you both."

I whispered. "I love you." To Leo when he finished. It was Dante's turn next.

Dante's Vows,

"Sugar, you know that I've always loved you, even when we were apart from each other. You were always on my mind. I never want to feel that way again. I thank you for loving me in return. I am also glad that you choose me to spend your life with. I don't think you'll ever know just how much you mean to me, but I will spend a life time trying to show you. Your acceptance of things in life is amazing. You will always be my rock, my strength. I don't know if you will ever understand what you do for me by just being with me. I love you sugar.

To Leo, you will never know how grateful I am to you for taking care and loving her. You did something I wasn't able to do. In the beginning I was jealous of you for being there when I couldn't, but now I realize just how important you really are. I've learned to love you for that. I promise to protect her and always love her. Thank you for being here for us both."

So much for having nice makeup, thanks boys. I said to myself as the tears were falling down my cheeks. It was now my turn and I was worried that I wrote to much. but I needed to get this out.

Adriana's Vows,

"To Leo, I believe that you are my guardian angel. From the moment that I met you, I was comfortable with you. It was like you belonged to me. It was like you were meant to be here with me. Your kindness from the start was amazing and our start was a tough one. The way you took care of me was unbelievable and I will always be grateful to you for that. I don't think I will ever be able to show you how truly important you are to me, but I will try everyday for the rest of my life to prove that to you. I love you more than you will ever know.

To Dante, to my soulmate. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. You were the very first man that ever walked into my life that I fell head over heels for. I never knew love like this was possible for someone like me, till the night I met you. You helped me to see a different kind of life. For that I'm truly blessed. We have been to hell and back and still made it out together. Thank you for your acceptance of things I can't change. Thank you for opening your heart to him and making us a team. I love you always and forever.

To the both of you, Thank you for making me a mommy. Thank you for my two baby boys that I'm about to bring into this world. I will love, cherish and protect them with everything I've got. I can't wait to see what kind of fathers you become, because I know in my heart that you will be the best. Thank you to my mother and father for raising me with such love that I will be able to pass that down to my children. My boys don't know how lucky they are to be raised by two strong and loving men. The three of us have hit the lottery and I feel we will always know love because of you. Thank you, I love you both."

Both Dante and Leo had tears in their eyes and I knew I got my point across. They both wrapped their arms around me and kissed my cheeks. We faced the minister once again. He finished the ceremony and told us to kiss. Dante kissed my first then Leo. We were pronounced husbands and wife. It made everyone laugh and start to clap. I took a deep breath, as I realized now that my life was complete. They both were truly mine to keep. Now it was time to bring my babies into this world and pray I raise them right.

We spent the rest of the night dancing and eating and enjoying everyone's company. Everything felt perfect. I was starting to become very tired and I think Leo realized it first. "How you doing babe?" He asked me. I yawned and smiled at him.

"I'm doing perfect." I said, smiling like a school girl up at him. I had taken a seat about an hour ago and realized I hadn't moved from that spot.

"I think it's time we call it a night, I'm going to find Dante. I'll be right back." Leo said. I just nodded at him. My mother and father came over to my side and took a seat.

"How you doing sweetheart?" My mother asked.

"I'm happy and sleepy and wonderful and I don't know how else to explain it." I said smiling. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I laid my head on my father's shoulder and closed my eyes. I could hear everyone talking and I felt at peace.

I guess I was very tired, because the next thing I knew I was in my father's arms being taken out to the limo. I tried to wake myself up, so I could thank everyone for coming, but I failed miserably. I couldn't help but let the sleep take me over. I woke up a couple of hours later and realized I was on some sort of plane. I was in a cabin bed and Dante and Leo were sound asleep next to me. I was in nothing but my underwear and I was overly hot. Ugh, I said as I tried to sneak out of the bed. I needed to cool off. I woke Dante in the process. "You okay sugar?" He whispered.

"Yeah, I'm just hot. I need to cool off some." I said. Dante got out of bed and handed me a robe from the cabin closet. He followed me out of the private room so that we wouldn't wake Leo.

I took a seat by one of the windows. Dante handed me a water and took a seat next to me. "How are you doing my beautiful wife?" He asked me.

"I don't think I've ever been this happy." I said. "I've got two gorgeous, sexy husbands and two beautiful baby boys coming. I just don't know how anything will ever top this." I said. Dante pulled me into his arms.

"Well I promise to try and top everything for you sugar." I took a deep breath and looked out the window at the light starting to show through the clouds. I did however, have one regret. "What's wrong love?" Dante asked me. I tried to find the right words.

"I don't mean to be a pain in the ass or act ungrateful for anything in my life, but it makes me a little sad that I'm living so far away from my family." I said, trying not to sound ungrateful. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound ungrateful. It's just.." I was cut off.

"I understand sugar. Your not being ungrateful. I know how much you miss your family." Dante said. I turned and smiled at him.

"Thank you." I said. He reached over and kissed me. I kissed him back.

I heard the cabin door open and looked to see Leo emerge from the private bedroom on the jet. "Hey, I felt alone in there." He said. Both Dante and myself smiled at him.

"She was hot and thirsty. So we came out here so we didn't wake you." Dante said. Leo took a seat on the floor in front of me and laid his head in my lap. One of my most favorite things to do, I started to run my fingers through his hair. "So our wife has confessed to being upset about something." Dante said.

"Is that so?" Leo said.

"Yes, so I think we're going to have to make it better." Dante said.

"And what is she upset about?" Leo said.

"Hello, I'm in the room you know." I said. Both of them just laughed. I rolled my eyes.

"She misses her family being around." Dante said. They both smiled at each other.

"What are you two up to?" I asked. "It's never a good thing when you both get an idea together." I said.

"Oh nothing, just a gift from us that you'll get once we get home." Leo said.

"Do I get to know about it?" I asked.

"Yeah, once we're home." Dante said. I took a deep breath.

"Fine." I said, crossing my arms. I knew I was acting like an arrogant child, but my hormones were still acting up and I could feel it. "When do we land?" I asked them. I was excited to see the Bahamas. It was the one place growing up, that my brother, sister and I weren't allowed to go with my parents. It was their romantic getaway for as long as I could remember. My father even payed for our room as a gift to us. It was the same hotel they always stayed at. The weather was suppose to be perfect for our time there. I had gotten myself a new bikini that fit me and my little bump. I just wanted to lay on the beach and relax.

"We should be landing in about three hours. Are you excited?" Dante said. I nodded my head at him and continued to look out the window and rub my fingers in Leo's hair. I could hear him softly breathing again and knew he had fallen back asleep. About two hours later the flight crew served the three of us breakfast. I was starving. We got orange juice and coffee, eggs, bacon and potatoes and cup of fresh fruit. I ate every bite. The only thing I didn't have was the coffee. Caffeine is never good for babies. Once we were finished eating, the three of us got dressed and ready for our arrival. The jet landed with a little bit of turbulence, something I didn't care for at all. We walked off the plane and the heat hit me like bullets. It was much hotter than I expected. The air smelt clean and crisp. My outfit was to much for this heat. Dante and Leo lead me to a limo waiting for us.

"Please turn on the air." I said the minute we got in. Leo reached over and turned the cooler on for me. They both smiled at me. "I'm sorry, but it's so hot here." I said.

"It's alright babe." Leo said. We pulled up in front of this huge, magnificent hotel.

"Wow, this must have cost my father a fortune for us to stay here." I said.

"Somehow I think your father can afford it." Dante said smiling. He wasn't wrong. My father is a billionaire. We were taken to the top floor penthouse. It was like a mini apartment. The back door lead to a large balcony that had a private pool, over looking the beautiful ocean. I loved it. I had to remember to give my father a call and thank him. My mother packed my bag for me and I was hoping she remembered how hot it was here. The room had three bedrooms, but of course we would only be using one. "What do you think sugar?" Dane said, walking out to the balcony where I stood over looking the ocean.

"It's perfect." I said.

"What would you like to do today? You're kind of limited on the types of activities the island offers, but we can still have a great time." Leo said, joining us outside.

"No boating or jet skiing or zip lining." Dante said.

"But you two can do those things. Don't miss out just because of me and the boys." I said. "I would love to see you two having a good time." I said. "I'll be a happy girl sitting on the beach." I said.

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