Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 5

My mother always had the right words for me. She always knew how to help me think. The next day went by fast as I anticipated for the evening to come. I chose a tightly fitted black dress and gold high heeled sandals. I put some curls in my dark brown hair. I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs. Thank god my mother was the only one home. I waved goodbye as I headed to Allissa's place. I pulled into the parking lot and made my way to her dorm room.

I knocked on the door and Allissa opened up the door. She stood there in a tight fitted red dress. Her body was amazing. She had her long blonde hair down with just a slight wave. She was beautiful. I would have been happy staying here alone with her. She stepped aside and I walked in. "You look so beautiful," I said to her. She smiled at me.

"I feel the same way about you." She said. I moved closer to her and our eyes locked. I bit down on my bottom lip as she moved even closer to my face. I took in a breath and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her to my lips. I felt her fingers wrap in my hair and pull softly. Our kiss lasted only for a short moment when we both heard a knock on her door.

I wiped my mouth as she pulled away to open it. Dante stood there in a tightly fitted black suit with a dark red tie. He looked mouth watering. I just knew this night wasn't going to end clean. I took a deep breath as I watched him look both of us up and down. "How did I get so lucky?" He said. Both Allissa and I just smiled at each other. We grabbed our purses and followed him out the door. He had a limo waiting for us. Dante got in first, then myself and then Allissa. I was sitting in between them. The driver closed the door and we sat in silence for a moment. "Both of you look gorgeous tonight," Dante said.

"Thank you," I said. Then I felt his hand rest on my leg. I looked down as Allissa's hand rested on my other leg. I just sat there smiling.

We pulled up in front of a large restaurant called Gino's. It was an Italian place. One of my favorite places to go for dinner. I had been here a couple of times. The place was very pricey and romantic. "I hope you girls like Italian food, this is my favorite restaurant," Dante said. I smiled at him.

"It's one of mine as well," I said and he smiled at me. We walked inside the restaurant and were directed towards a private booth. I was placed in the middle of Dante and Allissa again. We ordered our food and wine was brought to our table.

"Okay Dante, the time is now. Why did you ask us both to dinner?" Allissa asked. I turned to face Dante because I wanted to know the answer as well.

"Okay, right to the point." He said. "I like that about you Allissa. I asked you both here because I want you both." He was very upfront and honest.

"But why?" I asked him.

He stayed quiet for a moment. "Well Beth, from the moment I met you, I had this feeling inside me that I can't just seem to make go away. I want you and I want you to want me to. I feel a strange connection to you. That I can't explain. Allissa, I thought it was just the simple fact that I was sexually attracted to you, but that wasn't completely true. When I saw the two of you together in the hall that night I knew I had to have you both, and for some reason I wanted you both together, not apart." At least he was being honest with us and I had to give him that. I waited for Allissa to say something, but she didn't

"I don't know how I feel about all of this, but I'm willing to find out." I said. Dante smiled at me."I've got a strong feeling about you both and I guess since I can't seem to pull you two apart, to find out which one I like better. Then I guess it's best to keep you both together." I said. Allissa's mouth dropped open. I was worried she wasn't agreeing with us.

I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Allissa?" I said softly.

"The feelings are new to me." She said. I asked her what she meant. "I've been with men and women, but feelings were never really part of it. This is different." She said. Dante reached over and touched her hand.

"But is this something you want?" He asked her. She nodded at us both. I felt the butterflies start to fly around my stomach. Was I really going to go through with this? Was I going to allow myself to bed both of them, not to mention I am basically a virgin when it comes to a man. Was it Dante I wanted in between my legs? I knew the answer was yes, and that I was trying desperately to come to terms with that.

Our food came and we ate while we talked about our lives with each other. The food was so good and everything was going smoothly. After the waiter cleaned our table, he returned with a piece of chocolate cake, but there was only one piece. He sat the plat down and Dante picked up a fork. He got a fork full of the cake and came towards me. I opened my mouth and he put the bite of cake in my mouth. I felt his hand on my thigh and his face came close to my ear. "Your so fucking sexy tonight Beth. I can't wait to taste you." Then I felt Allissa's finger brush my hair over my ear. Her lips touched my neck and I closed my eyes. Then there was a set of lips on mine.

I knew it was Dante and I kissed him back. I felt a hand on my breast and I arched my back. "Let's get out of here." Dante whispered. I nodded and we got out of the booth. Dante payed the bill and we headed out to the limo. "Let's go to my place ladies?" Dante asked. Both Allissa and myself nodded at him. After he told the driver where to go, he climbed in the back with us. The drive didn't take long and we were at his apartment building. The elevator doors opened to his apartment and we all walked in. Once we hit the living room, it was on. Both of them came to me and started to devour me. It was like I had two hungry dogs all over my body. Both kissing my neck and hands all over me. I was so erotically charged I couldn't think straight.

I felt the zipper on the back of my dress being pulled down and I stood there in nothing but my panties. Dante picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his body. He headed towards his bedroom and Allissa followed. He laid me on his bed and turned to Allissa. "Take it off." He said to her. I laid there and watched as he walked over to her and pulled her lips to his. They kissed as she dropped her dress to the ground. He also picked her up bridal style and laid her down next to me. He stood in front of us and started to undress.

I reached over to Allissa and started to kiss her neck. She laid her head back and I moved my body closer to hers. She was completely naked and I ran my hand down the die of her body, till I reached the top of her sex. I glanced over at Dante who stood there watching us. His face was full of lust. It turned me on as I moved my fingers in between her soft lips and found her swollen clit. I kissed her lips and sucked on her tongue as my fingers danced with her clit. She moaned into my mouth, which did nothing but turn me on even more. I could feel the stare from Dante. I knew he was longing to touch us.

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