Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 50

Adriana's POV,

Our week here has been wonderful. The three of us have been doing everything together. Okay well most things together. I do a lot of sitting on the beach, reading, swimming and sun bathing. My husbands are jet skiing and zip lining. Today they even went hang gliding. The nights are different, dinner, dancing and passion. My favorite part is the food. I'm always hungry. I swear I've gained ten pounds just being here. The mornings we enjoy breakfast in the room. Then I start to complain around noon for lunch. I snack all the time and then get restless for dinner. I'm going to become a whale.

Today was our last day here and I wasn't feeling to good this morning. The guys left early this morning because there were going scuba diving. I woke up hot and sweaty and sick to my stomach. They left me a note letting me know they were leaving and they would be back before lunch. I kicked the covers off of me and laid there for a moment. That's when I felt the sickness start to consume me. I jumped up and ran to the toilet. I swear I threw up everything I had eaten here. Oh damn, I felt horrible. I remembered my mother telling me that saltine crackers helped her with her morning sickness. My only worry was I was almost five months along. I always thought morning sickness happened in the beginning. Maybe I just ate something bad last night for dinner.

I cleaned myself up and went into the living room an laid down on the couch. It was only around nine when there was a knock at the hotel door. "One second!" I hollered out. I went back in the room and grabbed my robe and went to the door. It was a hotel employee that was delivering breakfast. The guys must have had it already set up. He brought the tray inside and left it on the counter for me. I walked over and removed the lid. It was eggs benedict with potatoes and fresh fruit. The smell hit me like a ton of bricks and I took off to the bathroom. About an hour later I was asleep on the couch when the two guys got back. I felt horrible and was barely moving. "Hey babe. Babe what's wrong?" Leo said, as he had his hand on my forehead. "Your burning up." He said. Dante came rushing over to my side.

"I feel like crap." I said.

"I'm calling a doctor." Leo said, leaving my side. Dante picked me up into his arms and rushed me into the bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed and took my robe off. He ran into the bathroom and came back with a wash cloth. It was cool and he placed it on my head. Leo came into the room. "The doctor is on his way now. What's wrong love?" He asked.

"I don't know, I've been sick all morning." I said. They both stayed right next to me until the doctor showed up. After about twenty minutes he came to the conclusion that I had the flu and I needed to be in bed for at least a week. Going home at the moment was out of the question. He was concerned for the twins. The doctor left and went out to talk to Leo and Dante. After he left they came back in the room.

"I've called your father and they are headed out here." Dante said. I laid there on the bed. I was glad my mother was coming. I always felt better when she was with me when I didn't feel good.

"You two should head back home. I don't want Enzo mad with you." I said. Both of them looked at each other.

"Are you crazy? We're not going anywhere. Besides we have already spoken to Enzo. Things are fine." Dante said.

I started to feel better three days later and all I wanted to do was go home. I wouldn't let the guys sleep in here with me because I didn't want them to get sick. Trust me they tried to argue, but they didn't win once my mother came in and kicked them out. She stayed in the room with me the whole time. Once I started to feel better, it was time to go home. I couldn't wait to get there. We all took the private jet home together. I laid on the couch with everyone. Dante was insisting that I stay in the bed, but I wanted to be around everyone. I was feeling much better, but my husbands were still worried and it was driving me crazy. "I promise you I'm better." I said. They both covered my face in kisses and sat next to me. I took a deep breath and laid my head on Leo's chest. I must of past out for the entire trip, because the next thing I knew Leo was waking me up and we were landing.

"Babe, we're here. You need to wake up." Leo said. I sat up and straightened myself out. The plan landed and we started to get ready to go. I walked outside of the jet and instantly realized we weren't in New York. I looked around and then to my father. He had a huge grin on his face.

"What's going on?" I asked. Dante and Leo came to my side.

"You'll see sugar." Dante said. As we got into the limo, I realized we were back in Chicago.

"Why did you guys bring me here? Are we staying with my family for a while?" I asked, but no one was answering me. "Come on you guys. Your starting to freak me out." I said. Leo looked at Dante and then Dante looked at me.

"Okay, well you told us how you were sad about living so far away from your family, so Leo and I went to Enzo and talked with him about how you were feeling. There's no one living in the Chicago territory representing the family. Well that's about to change. While we were gone we bought a house here and I'm now the head of the family representing Chicago." Dante said. My eyes went wide.

"Your telling me we're living back in Chicago? You did that for me?" I said. Both Leo and Dante nodded their heads. My heart filled with happiness. I couldn't believe they did this. I also couldn't believe Dante and Leo were running the mafia in Chicago. That made me a little nervous. Dante's friend Dawson was also joining us here, including some of the other men.

I couldn't believe my eyes when we pulled up in front of my new home. The place was massive and absolutely beautiful. We had tight security all over the grounds. There were two men standing at the front door. I got a little nervous when I realized it reminded me of living at Enzo's home in New York. I just assumed with Dante and Leo running the place, all these members were living under the same roof as us. Normally the single guys stayed at the mansion until they started families of their own. If I wanted to be home this was the only way to do it, so I relaxed. Besides with all of them around we were all very safe. That thought made me feel better. "What about all our stuff in New York?" I asked them, as we got out of the limo.

"Everything is already here sugar." Dante said.

The next four months went by smoothly. Leo and Dante were very busy all the time and I spent most of my time working on the books and getting ready for my boys to show up. I had become as big as the house and didn't move around to much. I tried to stay in shape, but lugging around two babies was hard work on me. My doctor told me there was a good chance that I would go into labor early, considering my size and how much the babies were growing. Other than that I was good and healthy. I had been starting to have some back pains and wanted to sit a lot. Today my mother and sister were throwing me a huge baby shower. My home was covered in blue and white and all I cared about was sitting by the food. Even all the men were here helping out. Over the last couple of months, the mafia here in Chicago grew very large. New members were showing up all the time from Damon and Enzo. Things were running smoothly and making great money.

The baby shower went perfectly. I ended my day sitting in the nursery with Dante and Leo. I was very tired but very happy and I just couldn't wait to meet my boys. "How are you feeling my love?" Dante asked me.

"I'm tired, but I feel good." I said. Leo was doing his best to fit all the new gifts into the nursery. I didn't think we would have to buy any diapers the entire time the babies wore them. We had so many it was ridiculous. It was extremely funny to watch Leo trying to bring all the items in. Dante finally decided to leave my side and help him. There must have been twelve men helping to bring new things into the nursery. "I don't know what we're going to do with all this stuff." I said. I continued to rock in my rocking chair, feeling very amused watching everyone.

The next morning I woke up with only Leo in bed with me. Over the last couple of months, I had gotten use to waking up alone. Leo and Dante were always up early and off to work immediately. I looked over at Leo as I realized I was laying in a wet spot. That's when the pain hit me. I hollered out as it took me by surprise and I realized my water had broke. I cared the shit out of Leo, as he jumped out of the bed with his gun in hand. I would have laughed at the sight of him, stark naked, pointing a gun at nothing, but the pain hit me again. I cried out again and tried to sit up. Leo was breathing heavily as he realized what was going on. He quietly threw some clothes on. "I;m going to get Dante love. I'll be right back." He said. I nodded at him and started my breathing.

Within two minutes Dante came running into the room with Leo behind him. I had sat myself on the edge of the bed. "The contractions are coming very fast. I need to get to the hospital right away." I said. Leo grabbed my robe and my bag and Dante was helping me to stand up. The pain was crazy and I doubled over. That's when I felt Dante pick me up bridal style and start to carry me downstairs. Dawson met us in the hallway and Leo told him to get a hold of my family, as Dante rushed me out to the car. We flew down the highway as the pain was getting more intense. I wasn't handling it very well. I was hollering and crying, with my head in Leo's lap and my legs in Dante's lap. Both of them looked very worried and scared. I was trying my best not to sound so upset, but it wasn't working out very well.

We had just barely made it to the hospital in time. I saw my family for just a moment, as I was rushed into a room and delivered my boys within an hour and a half of going into labor. As each boy came they were handed to Dante and Leo. I laid there with my eyes closed as I heard the boys cry. I had a huge smile on my face when I looked at my husbands as they both had pride all over their faces and tears in their eyes.

Reestin Leo Marks was born at six pounds one ounce. I had combined my two father's names together and added Leo's name in the middle. Rider Dante Marks was born second at five pounds three ounces. I had found out who their biological father was when I was three months along. After I was told they were both perfectly healthy. I had kept it to myself, but I wanted to tell their real father this whole time. Even though Leo and Dante were perfectly happy without knowing, I had come to the decision that I only wanted to have one more child and I was at risk for having twins again. Because I only wanted to do this one more time, I wanted it to be with the other man. That way I had children from each one of my husbands. The only way to do that was to make the other one wear protection or get fixed. In that case I needed to talk to them both about it.

Later that night after all the commotion started to calm down, I st in my hospital room alone with my husbands and my sons. Even though we had so many people coming and going all day, I was able to get a good four hour nap in. Now I was wide awake and it was almost eleven at night. I don't think I had gotten to hold my babies for very long that day. Leo was asleep with one of the babies in his arms and Dante was sitting next to me, with the other baby in his arms. Both babies were sleeping soundly. "Why don't you put the baby down and wake Leo for me. I really need to talk to you both." I said to Dante. He nodded at me and laid the baby down. He went over to Leo and quietly woke him and took the baby and laid him down. Both Leo and Dante joined me in the bed.

"I wanted to talk to you about the babies. Now I know you didn't want to know who the twins biological father was, but I only want to have one more child and that's it." Dante's face went soft and Leo stayed still. "Because that's the way I feel, I want to have a child from each one of you. The only way to do that is to let you both know who the twins belong to biologically. So that way when we're ready for our next child, we can do it properly so I get pregnant by the right man. How do you feel about this?" I said. They looked at each other.

"Well I was hoping to have a lot of babies, but if that's how you feel sugar. I'm okay with that." Dante said.

"Even though it doesn't matter to me who is the father of the boys, I won't love them any different to know the truth. I do however like the idea of you having a baby by the both of us and I'm okay with only having one child." Leo said. I took a deep breath.

"Okay, since we all agree. I'm going to let you know who the twins belong to now. The twins belong to...."

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