Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 51

Adriana's POV,

"The twins belong to Leo," I said smiling. Leo's face lite up and he got up and kissed me, as he went back over to the babies. Dante smiled and wrapped his arms around me. "You're not hurt are you?" I asked Dante.

"Of course not. I will love them like they were mine forever because they are mine. This just means a lot of fun making our baby." He said, winking at me. I just shook my head and smiled. "I love you, thank you for these beautiful boys," Dante said, as Leo had both babies in his arms and walked back over to us. He sat beside Dante and I and handed one of the babies to me and one of them to Dante.

"Look what we did," Leo said. I don't think I've ever seen Dante and Leo this happy. We stayed in the hospital for at least a week. Just to make sure everything was okay with our babies.

Once we got home, things went real easy in the beginning. Sometimes I wondered if I was their mother. With my family and a house full of gangsters taking turns with the boys, I never really had to lift a finger. The only quality time I got with them was during feeding time because I had decided to breastfeed. My mother was here most days and it was a hassle making my husbands go back to work. God forbid if they worked from the house. You would see Dante on the phone just chewing someone's ass off, with a baby in his arms. Let me tell you how big and bad he looked doing it. Or you would find Leo having a meeting with some of the guys while rocking one of the babies. It truly was a sight to see, but it also made my heart skip a beat at how much love they had for the twins. Dante never acted jealous or hurt by the fact that he wasn't their true father and for that I was grateful. They were both very proud fathers.

Two Years Later...

Life couldn't be better, today was the twins two year birthday and the house was buzzing with life. Dante and Leo went all out for their party. I was still trying to get the balloons together when my boys came running into the room. "What are you guys doing here? Your suppose to be with gma and papa." I said. They both took hold of my legs. My mother came walking in.

"You know how they are. They wanted their dads and started to have a fit." I just rolled my eyes. I bent down and kissed them both.

"Your daddies are in their office," I said, and with that, they took off down the hall. "I swear mom, I don't know how you did this with Jacob and Jordan," I said. My mother just smiled.

"Like you honey, you just do it." She said.

As I stood outside watching the boys run around with the other kids, enjoying their party, I felt arms go around my waist. "Can we start working on a new baby?" I heard Dante say in my ear. I took a deep breath, as my twins were hard enough on me. I wasn't sure I was ready for more yet. Besides my sister was ready to pop out her second child and my brother Jacob just announced that he was getting married. Jacob met a lovely woman about a year ago named Julie and she fit in the family right away. We all knew right away that she would be the one. They were actually very good for each other and we all loved her. I squeezed him back and told him we could start trying. He started to kiss my neck.

"Well, not right this minute. We're at the boy's birthday party." I said and he started to laugh.

The three of us had decided that Leo and Dante wouldn't ever get fixed, just in case I changed my mind about not wanting more children. So Leo had to start wearing a condom and I would go off my birth control. Sex between the three of us mostly consisted of the three of us. I was only alone with one of them every once in a while. Which was perfectly okay, but with trying to get pregnant again, Dante and I would be having a lot more alone time. This kind of blows only because I feel like I just got my body back to normal and I could possibly get twins again. Something I was hoping wouldn't happen. One set of twins is enough. Later on the night, Leo had decided to leave with the kids. I didn't know he was taking off. I was in the shower when he left. As I was washing I felt someone get into the shower with me. I turned to see Dante enter the shower with me.

"What are you doing?" I asked him in a sensual way. I had a smile on my face.

"Leo left with the kids for a while. I want to make a baby with you sugar." Dante said. I wrapped my arms around him and he pushed me up against the shower wall. Almost immediately he was inside me like a feverish beast. It was going to take more than just one night to get me pregnant. I was still on birth control, but I think Dante was in need of alone time with me. The sex was rough, but I wasn't complaining. I was actually loving it. He continued to slam in and out of me with force. I came almost instantly and Dante followed me. He picked me up and took me out of the shower to where we made it to the bed. His eyes were dark and full of lust. Something I always loved about him. I knew I was in for a long night. Dante knew I could handle him. He was hungry for me and I could feel it as he bit and licked and sucked every inch of my body, sending me over the edge more than once. Once he placed his head between my leg, I lost all sense of control. My hands were full of his hair and my hip bucked against his face.

He was always so amazing in bed. Once he had my coming again, he flipped me over and pushed my chest down to the bed. He slammed himself back inside of me with everything he had. I was in full erotic mode now. Everything he was doing was sending me higher and higher. We made love for the rest of the night and it was amazing. I knew we were both going to be tired the next day.

Three Months Later...

I was excited to see the double blue lines appear on the pregnancy test. Once again it was my mother Ivy, that guessed I was pregnant again. Please, oh please, let there only be one in there, I said to myself. I made my doctor's appointment and decided to do something really special to let my husband's know we were pregnant. I decided to make a box full of brownies, both Leo and Dante loved my brownies. I knew that they would be on them the minute I told them I had made them. I gave the twins each a brownie and made a note for the top of the box. When Leo and Dante opened it they would know they were about to have another baby.

After we had dinner and I put the twins to bed, I found Dante and Leo working in their office. I came walking in with the brownies. Neither one of them even looked up. "I've got brownies," I said. They both smiled and looked at me.

"Since when do you put them in a box?" Dante said.

"I read somewhere that this keeps them fresher," I said. Leo looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "Well do you want them or not?" I said. They both stood up and came over and took the box. I watched them as they had there backs to me. I saw them freeze and then they both turned to face me. I bit my bottom lip and started to smile.

"Are you pregnant?" Dante asked. I nodded at him. He rushed over to me and pulled me into his arms.

"Thank god, I hate condoms," Leo said. I laughed and so did Dante. They both hugged me and kissed me.

Nine Months Later...

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We named him Ryan Robert Marks. He was born a big boy at eight pounds six ounces. He was perfectly healthy and even though I was hoping for a girl, we were all very happy. I felt complete and knew in my heart that I had the family I wanted. We had asked for the doctor to fix me after I gave birth to Ryan. Dante and Leo were both fighting over who got to hold him. This time there was only one baby to go around. I took over and wouldn't give him up. They sat there like two dogs waiting for their turn to hold him. It made me smile, to see what good fathers they were.

Even though they were tough mafia men, I knew their soft and loving sides. They took care of me and the boys and we were lucky enough to have their caring and compassion. I don't know how life could ever be more. The bond I've built with each man has made us all stronger. Some people might not agree with the fact that I've got two husbands, but none of that has ever mattered to us. We will continue to be a very loving and powerful family. I now understand completely the bond that my mother had with my fathers, Reese and Justin. Even though I never knew Justin, I believe he loved my mother with everything he had, because Dante and Leo love me the same. Everyone in the world has the right to live their lives the way they choose, even if some people don't agree. It doesn't matter, you have to be happy. We have one life and I believe you need to live it to the fullest.

Dante and Leo put the twins to bed and I finished feeding Ryan and put him in his crib. Both my sexy husbands were in bed waiting for me to join them. I stood there and just stared at them for a moment. They both looked over at me. "What are you doing sugar?" Dante said.

"She is watching us like a creeper," Leo said. I just smiled at them.

"I love you two so much," I said. They both smiled at me.

"And we love you, now get your sexy ass in this bed," Leo said. I just smiled and shook my head. I ran to the bed and jumped in like a two-year-old. I was grabbed by two sets of arms. I got pulled into a warm hug and though to myself, I can't wait for what comes next, bring it on world. I'm ready. I kissed them both and closed my eyes.

"Goodnight my loves."


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