Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 9

"I think that I'm just going to have a talk with her, but Dante I need to know what it is that you want from Allissa and I ?" He kept his eyes on me.

"It's you, your the one I want." He was just so blunt about it. I didn't know he felt this way for me. "It was you, from the first night I laid eyes on you outside of the ball. I saw you with Allissa that night and I felt like if I didn't take you both, I would miss my chance with you." I was putting it together.

"I wasn't with her, I had only met her that night as well." His face looked shocked.

"So you have only known her as long as I have?" He asked me. I nodded my head at him.

"She came to the party with my older brother. They go to school together." He sat back on the couch.

"All this time, I thought the two of you were a couple. When she came here alone. I legitimately thought she was cheating on you." I started to laugh.

"Her and I are not a couple." I said.

"Now tell me the problem with your father." Dante said. I took a deep breath.

"Sierra has my father believing your the bad guy. She has told him you won't let her go and that's why your technically still married." Dante wiped his hand down his face.

"I can prove to you right now, that's not true." Dante got up and went down the hall way. A few minutes later he came back into the room with a folder and handed it over to me. I opened it out and it was divorce papers filled two months ago by Dante. They have been returned twice without signature. I looked up at him. " She will not agree to divorce me. Once I told her I was taking it to a lawyer, she has become unreasonable." I looked back at the paper work.

"This is insane. She is trying to get my father to help her with a lawyer and to get the divorce going." Dante just shook his head.

"I'm sorry sugar, that your father feels this way about me." I rolled my eyes.

"I'll be talking with my father about all of this. I need to make him see, that she is full of shit." He smiled at me. "Why did you two split up?" I asked him. He took a sip of his wine.

"I met Sierra back in high school, but when we all graduated we kind of all went our separate ways. Back in school she was a very nice and out going person. We didn't date or anything, but we were friends. Then about three and a half years ago, I was at this conference in Los Angeles. We bumped into each other. One thing lead to another and I ended up sleeping with her that night. I found out that she lived in New York, at that time so did I. So we just started seeing each other. In the beginning she was the same outgoing girl I knew from high school and I did start to fall in love with her." He took a sip of his wine and continued his story.

"I made the big mistake of marrying her fast and then things started to change. We moved here to Chicago. I was just in the beginning stages of building my own company and making contacts. Her whole personality started to change. She started becoming more possessive and jealous. I was working a lot and I felt bad about it. I started to blame myself for her behavior. Believing my absence was causing her jealousy. Then I started to see her selfish side. She wanted to work in my company, and I really had no problem with that, but she was rude and wanted to be working along side of me, but she didn't have any experience. Things from there just got worse and worse. That's when she landed a job at your father's company. A company I've wanted to merge with from the start." That was nothing new to hear. My father's company was the most successful in Chicago. Most companies wanted to merge with my father. That's how he makes most of his money.

"When I decided that I had, had enough and wasn't in love with her anymore. I left her our home and moved here. I asked her for the divorce and she has been refusing it ever since. She keeps telling me to try and give her more chances, but I firmly believe that when the love is gone, there's nothing left to try for." He smiled at me and looked away. I could see that he was hurt by all of this, but I completely agreed with him about the love. I scooted myself closer to him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

"In my eyes you did the right thing by letting her go. At least you didn't string her along till you actually ended up hating her one day. Obviously she is having a hard time letting you go, but this is my worry about the whole thing. If my father falls for her crap, you will be screwed. My father has some of the best lawyers in the city. You won't stand a chance." I took a deep breath. "I've got to warn him." I said. Dante looked over at me.

"You would do that for me." I smiled at him.

"Why wouldn't I? She is lying about you and that's not right. Not only is she using you, but she is using my father as well, and when he finds out the truth, he will destroy her career. You know what? You might want to talk to her about all of this. Maybe letting her know that I know the truth, she will back off. Because, if I can convince my father that she is full of shit, I promise you he will make her sorry." Dante smiled.

"Boy your father is really a scary man." I laughed.

"You have no idea." We both smiled at each other.

"Sugar, I just want you to understand something. What happened the other night with you and Allissa, was a first for me. I find Allissa attractive, but it was you I was after. I really liked your personality that night. It was refreshing to meet a woman with such an open personality. I just like how you see life." I smiled at him.

"Thank you, most people don't agree with the things I want from life. I know this sounds selfish, but I've got the money to actually live my life. I don't want to be tied down to any job. I want to live. Most people want to make more money, but I've got the chance to live my life."

Dante reached over and pressed his lips to mine. We kissed and I pulled away from him. "What was that for?" I asked him.

"Because, I love your honesty and your ambition." I moved back to his lips and our kiss started to become more intense. My hand went to the side of his face and I climbed into his lap. Being with a man felt so different from being with a woman. I felt protected and beautiful. Certainly things I could feel being with a woman, but with him, it was so much different. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

I started to kiss down his neck and back to his lips. "I want you so bad sugar." He said in my ear. Fuck, I wanted him to. I lifted my shirt over my head and went back to his lips. I felt his hand rub up and down my back, till he stopped and undid my bra. He took a hold of my breast and put it in his mouth. I reached down for his shirt and pulled it over his head. His body was rick hard and defined. I was incredibly turned on by him. I stood up and removed my pants. He stayed in his seat, but removed his pants as well. I climbed back up into his lap and took a hold of his rock hard cock. I placed it inside me and took him in all the way in. I gripped the back of the sofa and started to ride him. He gripped my ass and helped move me on and off his cock.

He stood up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slammed me up against the wall and repeatedly pounded in and out of me. I was moaning so loud, that you could barely hear his growls. "You make me so crazy sugar." He said. I tried my best to grab the wall, but I was failing miserably.

He pulled out of me and we went into his bedroom. I pushed him down onto the bed. "Are you on birth control?" He asked me. That was something I never had to worry about. I shook my head no at him. He reached over to his night stand and pulled a condom out. I watched him roll it on and he grabbed me by the waist. I crawled on top of him and positioned myself down on him. He gripped my hips and I placed my hands down on top of his chest. I leaned down and kissed him. His hands went to the sides of my face . He was kissing my passionately and I was losing myself in him. "I'm falling for you sugar." He whispered into my ear. At that moment I knew I was falling for him to.

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