His Decision

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I chuckle at the sight of Amara, "I hope we see each other again." I grab Isabel's hand making her breath hitch. I quickly drop it and nod goodbye. It's been six years since Isabel Gregory and Hansen Kelly went their separate ways, but when they reunite , the love and lust that they felt towards each other has sparked once again. With Isabel engaged and Hansen promising Gabriela he'd put effort in their relationship and having his daughter, Amara, their love is even more forbidden than it was six years ago. Hansen is walking on a thin line, wanting to have Isabel back but doesn't want to risk losing his daughter. Isabel is getting married, but wants Hansen more than ever. Question is: WIll she be able to handle having her heart broken a second time?

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A Couple Months Before Graduation

‘Dear Ms. Isabel Gregory,

On behalf of the admission board and management of Brockman University, we are honored to inform you of your acceptance as a student to our college —‘

I screamed as I read the first sentence. I have been accepted to Brockman University along with two $1,500 scholarships and a $750 scholarship. I jump up and down, screaming 'oh my god' over and over again. I was too happy, but I really needed to calm down before I passed out from the lack of air.

My mother barges into my room, looking around frantically before her eyes land on me, "What is going on?"

"This!" I practically shove the letter at my mom's chest and looked her with a giant smile on my face as I watched her read my college acceptance letter.

Her eyes widen as her eyes scan the paper to the bottom before we started screaming together. My baby brother Lucas starts crying from the other room as he wakes from his daily nap.

My mother runs out for a moment to get Lucas, then comes back in with the same smile I had plastered on my face, "Congratulations, honey. Oh! We have to celebrate! You call Via and Jackie, I'll call your Aunt Victoria and the rest!"

I laughed as I watched her sprint out of the room and I could hear her spreading the news to everyone. I soon joined her downstairs and helped her clean the house.

I glance up once in a while, trying to get all the notes that my instructor has on a PowerPoint, but I guess she doesn't give a shit as she moves on to the next slide. I sigh in irritation as I look down at my sloppy notes, some sections missing the notes I couldn't get. I didn't see a point in continuing my notes so I close my notebook and place my chin on the palm of my hand as I watch her move on with the rest of her lecture. I zone out during class but I snap out of it when I feel a body lean close to mine. I turn to look at Hayden, the guy I've been sitting next to for about two months but never spoke to.

"You can take a picture of my notes if you want." He pushes his notebook to me and I look down at it and he had every single damn word written down. His hand writing was hella neat too.

"How do you keep up?" I ask incredulously.

He shrugs and takes his notebook back once I had pictures taken, "I've always been a fast writer, but I'm also studying to be a journalist and a novelist."

I was shocked, "Really? I've never met a guy who wanted to be a journalist."

"Well it's feels nice to be different." He smiles and he had a nice smile. Now that I'm actually talking to him, I never noticed how handsome he was. He his body was lean and fit and has gorgeous dark blue eyes. His hair was wavy and looked really really soft.

The classes ended—finally—and I was walking out with Hayden and we talked until he slowed down and made a stop by another classroom, "You have another class?"

He glances in the classroom, "Yeah. Are you done for the day?"

"Yes I am." I was a bit disappointed that we had to end our conversation here. "Well it was nice fully meeting you, Hayden."

"You too, Isabel." He smiles and winks at me, walking into his class. I found myself staring at the empty space where he stood, but then snapped out of it and walked towards the upstairs library to do some homework before going home.


As the rest of the semester went on, Hayden and I became closer and closer each day and soon we were the best of friends. At the end of our first year of college, he invited me out to dinner to celebrate. I wanted to go to a small diner, but Hayden wanted to be extra and took me to an expensive and fancy restaurant.

"Hayden, everything is too expensive!" I whispered-yelled at him.

"Isabel, I brought you here to celebrate. Leave the paying up to me ok?"

I huffed and tried to look for something that wasn't that expensive, but the only cheapest thing was a chicken caesar salad. I bit my lip, still scanning the menu, "Ugh, I don't know!" I threw my hands up.

Hayden looked at me with amusement, "How about I just order for you?"

I slumped my shoulders and gave him a nod, "Fine." Hayden signaled the waiter over and ordered our dinner and dessert for the both of us.

"Feels awesome to be free until next fall." Hayden sighs and relaxes in his chair.

"Agreed." I sip my water, "I feel like I owe you now." Hayden looked at me confused, so I explained further, "Well we're here at a fancy restaurant and you're the one paying and I just feel bad for you having to pay."

"I already have something in mind." He wiggles his eyebrows.

I squinted my eyes at him, "Uh huh..."

"But, we'll worry about that later, for now let's enjoy our food and then we'll talk." As he finishes his sentence, the waiter comes over with our food and it's a lot more than it said there would be on the menu.

I stared at the food with wide eyes because of the amount and watched as the waiter set the plates on the table, "Holy shit."

"Enjoy." The waiter nods and walks away. I glance up at Hayden, but he seem no where surprised by the amount.

"Why do I have a feeling you've been here before?" I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow at him. Hayden's eyes widened at my question and looked around but me.

"Uhhh..." He trailer off as he looked for an excuse, "Ok, thing is, is that my family and I are... let's just say kind of wealthy."

"You're rich?!" I gawked at him.

"Well, no–maybe?...ugh, yes." He sighs.

"But...you live in a regular house."

Hayden shrugs, "My parents didn't see the point of buying a huge house when it's just the three of us." He sighs but shakes his head, "But that's not what I want to talk about tonight."

"Ok," I shrugged, that was okay with me, "What do you want to talk about?"

"I actually want to ask you a question." He takes my hand and looks at me with an intense look which surprised me.

"Ok? Everything okay?" I was getting kinda worried, he's never this serious.

"I-I was just thinking the other night and I really like you both as a friend and something more." My eyes widen a bit when I realize where this is going. He takes a shaky breath in and continues, "Do you want to go out? Like on a date?"

"I-I..." My brain was struggling to form words. I never expected this.

"You don't have to if you don't want. You did say you just got out of a relationship and you weren't really looking for anything, but—"

"Yes." I blurted out. I swore to myself that I would move on with my life several months ago.

"Yes?" He asked confused, "Yes as in, you'll go out with me?"

I chuckled. Hayden you're adorable, "Yes, I'll go out with you."

Hayden jump off his seat and pulled me up, locking our lips together making me freeze. He sensed my body tensing up and pulled away immediately, "I'm so sorry, I—"

I pulled him back and kissed him.

Welcome to His Temptation's Sequel: His Decision. I hope you enjoyed this Prologue.
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