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Allison Cassano is to busy for love. Stephen has to much on his mind to find his mate. But faith steps in, surprising both But can Stephen rescue Ali? Allison Cassano is a photographer in the fashion industry. She never really fitted in because of her full curvy body, but loved the job either way. Except for her boss. Stephen Hartford is an panther shifter, the beta of his clan. Too busy with his job he never gave the idea of a mate a thought. But now he found her in the curvy Allison and he's never letting her go. One problem though, she is human. And humans don't know about the shifter world. When an enemy is targeting Ali, he has no other option than to take her home with him and tell all about his world. ~~~~~~~~ This story contains hot sex, sexy alpha males, dirty talking, violence and verbal smack downs. It’s a story all about a sassy sexy plus-sized woman and a sexy alpha male and their romance, fun and ‘getting to know each other’. If this is not the kind of stuff you read, than hereby my warning. But if you love no filter, hot sex, sexy guys and a lot of fun and sarcasm, enjoy!

Erotica / Romance
Shauni Hartland
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Chapter 1

This story is stil getting edited.


Allison Cassano walked out the elevator with a deep sigh. It was a new week, a very busy week. They had to shoot the campaign for the fall collection. It was only spring, but time moved fast in the fashion industry. And as head photographer she had a lot of work to do.

She loved her job. With her job she had a place she could put all her creative energy in. It wasn’t always rainbow and sunshines when she stared here. In the beginning, people thought she had nothing to do here. Even tough she loved fashion, she wasn’t dressed like a fashion girl. Her mother always told her she had to many curves for that. You see, she was a big curvy girl. Tiny waist and big hips and breast to make up for that. Not much clothing was made for that, she thought. All that changed when she met her intern colleague Shannon. She was also curvy like Ali. But Shannon on the other hand, was always dressed like she walked out a magazine.

In her first week she learned so much from Shannon. Her second workday, Shannon got her to come with her shopping. She always hated shopping, but with great confident she went with Shannon. How could shopping be bad, if she looked like that, she thought. And she was right, she had so much fun! It changed her whole look on fashion and her body. She started to love each curve she had. With there shopping spree and pizza afterwards Shannon became her best friend.

After years of bullying and being unhappy in her body she was happy it finally had changed. She even start going to the gym. She went together with Shannon to a more private gym Shannon recommend. She loved the gym they went, she made so many new friends with all the different types of body. They learned her to love her own body. She was thankful for them.

Ali had a lot in common with Shannon. There was only one difference. Ali wanted to go to the top. She always dreamt of being a professional fashion photographer. And she wouldn’t let anyone stand between her and her dreams. Not even those woman at work, who thought they shouldn’t be there based, only because she and Shannon weren’t as thin as them.

Back in the day, when she was younger, she’d let that infect her. But she had learned to love her curves. And with the help from Shannon, she learned to dress with her curves too. She was Shannon so thankful for that. She smiled at the thoughts. Nothing had stopped her and now she is the head photographer. She was proud of herself.

Not that being the head photographer made the girls on her work place stopt talking behind her back. Or the models looking weird at her when they realized she was the photographer. All that was okay, she didn’t care anymore what they think. And she was happy in her life, with her job and her friends.

When she reached her office, her assistant Katy was waiting for her with a big smile. She adored the girl. She knew Katy looked up to her, like she was her big sister. Like Ali, Katy was also curvy and wanted to make it somewhere in the fashion industry. She never met someone who loved fashion more than Katy. No wait, her barista and friend Tony probably loved it more. To bad he was gay, or she would set them up together. She smiled with the thought.

“Good morning Ali” Katy said. “Everything for todays shoot is ready for you in studio. The models will arrive in an hour for make up. Esther asked if you wanted to take a look with her at the make up plans”. Ah Esther, the make up artist. She slap a hand to her forehead. She knew she’d forgotten something yesterday.

“Thank you Katy. Can you give Esther a call that I’ll come down in half hour?” Ali asked. “Oh and Katy, you look amazing as always!”. Katy blushed with the compliment. She didn’t know how Katy did it, but Katy always looked flawless. Colorful, but flawless. Fashion needed more people like Katy.

“Thank you, Ali” she said with a big smile. Ali smiled at her and walked in her office

As sweet as always, Katy left a coffee with a cookie on her desk. She didn’t deserve this sweet girl. She took her place at her desk. Before she could talk one last glance at the mood board and she go to Esther, she had to check her emails. One of the emails was from her boss, Meredith. “Please don’t be another change”. The woman was the most indecisive woman ever. Ali knew damn well some people had trouble making choices, but no one was as bad at it than Meredith.

Luckily for her, it was just a reminder for the work party. Meredith always threw a party when they were done with the latest campaign. With planning the party however, Meredith had nothing to do with. Even tough she always parades like a show-dog that she had done it all by her self. She always made other people do.

Thanks heavens Katy wasn’t at the meeting about the fall campaign. This way Katy could call her when Meredith asked about volunteers for the party. Ali pretended Katy’s call was an important call she couldn’t miss. Even though she felt terrible after, she was very happy she didn’t had to help. That woman Meredith was a lot of work.

Ali didn’t really like her boss, but who does? Meredith was always nagging to the models that they should be thinner. Always demanding the photoshop guy to make them thinner. Pff how fucked up was that?! At least she stopped asking Ali if she went to the gym and eat healthy. One time she got so angry it apparently scared the woman. She laughed at the memory of her boss face, her eyes wide and all the color had left her face.

With that memory Ali saw her boss was walking into the direction of Ali’s office. Crap, this couldn’t be good. Her brows knitted. “Allison” her boss said, while she stormed in “Are you going to Esther? I wanted to make sure you would pick the right make-up. I know you don’t wear that much” she said with an evil grin on her face “and thought some extra eyes wouldn’t hurt”.

Ali sighed. Ali knew what she was talking about, even tough she wasn’t wearing a lot of make-up herself. She explained it to her boss every time, but apparently Meredith forgot it every campaign. With as much calmed as she could she said “It’s okay Meredith. I send Esther the mood-board and the examples you had at the meeting. It will be great. But if you want, you can come in later to check?”. She knew Meredith would never do that.

“No it’s okay, I trust you” Meredith said. She knew that was a lie. But she loved her work to much to make a big deal out off it.

“I see Katy brought you another cookie with your coffee. You could always feed the birds if you decided not to eat it. That much sugar can’t be good” Meredith said to her. She hating things like that. She sighed and waved her hand

“No, I’m good.” And after giving a nod, Meredith walked out the room

She stood from her desk with another sign. It’s going to be a long day. First up at the agenda: make-up time.

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