The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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With her her husband 'locked' into his body following a car accident any thoughts that she would never again experience the jots if sex were distant. Follow Sarah on her journey, which starts as a sexually-frustrated housewife and carer for her 'locked-in' husband. And explores the worlds of 'dogging' and online 'sex-dates.'

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Sarah is forty-seven and has been married to David, forty-eight, for twenty-six years. They have three grown-up children, Peter, twenty-six, Becky, twenty-four and Amy, twenty-two. They have one grandson, David, who is two and is named after his grandfather.

Sarah used to be a teacher but gave it all up eighteen months ago to look after her husband following his car accident. His car was hit, head-on, by a police car involved in a pursuit, travelling on the wrong side of the road. Her husband suffered major physical injuries, but more serious was the catastrophic head injury that left him with major brain damage. After waiting to see if he would survive, the family then had to deal with the fact that their father, her husband was seriously injured, and would, in all probability, never recover. They fought to get him home, which they did. And their lawyers worked hard on their behalf and got them the interim compensation that allowed them to take him home and provide for his care with all his medical needs, and healthcare professionals that they needed. The police were playing ball, it was a public-image disaster for them, and the family were told that in the end, they would receive enough to care for him for the rest of his life.

This is where her story starts.

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