The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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That night as she talked with Michael on the phone, she was nervous as she told him about her conversation with Becky.

“Would you do that Sarah? Come away with me?”

Sarah hesitated, her heart was beating quicker.

“Yes. Yes, I would. If that is something you’d like?”

He didn’t hesitate.

“Oh yes, Sarah. I’d love that.”

They talked about where they could go and when and by the time they had finished and she slipped into bed she felt excited, like a little girl hearing that she was going on holiday. As she drifted off to sleep, she was happy and relaxed, but also nervous. She still had to tell David, and she wasn’t going to lie.

The next morning, she called her daughter and told her that she and Michael had talked about going away and they both agreed that they wanted to. Becky was happy for her mum and they decided that they’d talk to David that morning.

Sarah nervously waited for her daughter’s arrival. When she arrived, they sat with David together? Sarah kissed her husband and looked into his eyes. She was certain that he knew what she was going to say. Becky began by reminding her dad about their previous conversation and that Sarah had been out on a date with Michael.

Sarah held his hand as her daughter told her dad about Michael, and then their plans.

“Dad. Mum wants to go away with him for a long weekend.”

She glanced at her mum.

“And she’s nervous about how you feel about it Dad.”

David turned his eyes to Sarah, she felt that he looked deep into her soul. She looked back at him. Her heart was breaking, she was torn. She’d give anything for their lives to be back to normal, but that could never be. And she felt guilty that she was in effect, asking for her husband’s blessing to have an affair.

They talked for nearly an hour/ Becky held her father’s hand throughout as Sarah told him of their plans.

“We’re going to the Lakes honey. He’s booked a cottage for the weekend, it looks so lovely.”

They both used to love going to the Lake District, it was one of their favourite places in England. As they talked Sarah began to relax. She could sense and see that her husband was not distressed, he was okay with her going away. And that was so important to her.

She kissed him as she got up to leave.

“I love you, David. I wish.” her voice began to break, and she stopped and turned away.

In the kitchen, Becky hugged her mother as she cried onto her shoulder.

“Oh, Becky. I’m not sure that I can do this.”

Becky held her mother and stroked her back.

“Of course, you can mum. Dad is okay, you saw.”

She sobbed.

“I know, but I still love him so much.” Sarah sobbed.

“I know mum. And dad knows too.”

That night she called Michael and gave him the news that she’d told David.

“Are you sure that he’s okay with it?”

She told him that she and Becky agreed that he was okay with it. He was happy for her. They talked about their trip and he told her that the cottage was available the following weekend. She didn’t think too long about it before agreeing. When they ended their call, she lay back on the bed and sighed.

‘A weekend away!’

It was out in the open now, David knew about Michael. It didn’t make seeing him any less stressful for Sarah. Still racked with guilt, she fretted about their next meeting on Saturday night.

She met him in town and then enjoyed a lovely meal. Once she’d spent some time with him, she relaxed and could enjoy her date. They talk about their upcoming break. Both were looking forward to it, and the timing was perfect. This weekend was her ‘time-of-the-month’, so their weekend away would be just right.

They had a few drinks after their meal and then they took a taxi back to his place. He had half expected her to go home, bearing in mind her current state. But she was having none of it, she wanted to spend the night with him.

“I want to sleep in your arms Michael, and besides, there is still so much more that I can do for you.”

In bed they kissed, he lay her on her back, and he settled his lips over her nipple and licked and caressed it with his tongue as his fingers gently stroked and flicked across the other one. She moaned as he worked his mouth over her nipple, he sucked it, rolled it in his lips, he nibbled it. She writhed beneath him as she enjoyed his touch.

She felt his fingers slide down her body and she began to tingle in anticipation. He lifted his head and whispered.

“Is it okay if I touch?”

She bit her lip and nodded, “not inside though.”

He smiled and resumed his attention to her nipple as his hand slid inside her panties and his finger sought and found her clit. She gasped loudly. She’d masturbated during her period many times before, but having him touch her was so different, and so arousing. She was soon moaning and crying out as his finger delicately caressed and teased her clit. Her hands held his head tight onto her breast as he worked his finger over and around her clit.

She had always been more sensitive during her period, but this time it seemed to be off-the-chart! He was bringing her rushing towards an orgasm. She was panting, breathing hard, her hips moved against his hand. She moaned and whimpered as she felt her orgasm coming.

Then she lifted her bum off the bed and cried out as she came hard on his fingers. She held his head tight onto her breast as her legs clamped around his hand and she rocked herself from side-to-side as she orgasmed. She held herself like that until it began to subside and die off, then, she slowly released his hand and stroked his back and moaned.

“Oh, my Michael. That was special. Thank you.”

They kissed, then she pushed him gently onto his back and sat up. She looked down at him.

“Your turn now.”

She leaned over and her fingers wrapped gently around his hard shaft. He let out a moan of pleasure as her fingers held the soft skin of his hard cock. Slowly she began to stroke it. He closed his eyes and lay back as he let himself enjoy the sensation of her stroking him. His eyes flew open and he moaned as she slid the head between her soft lips and closed them around the shaft.

“Oh god. Sarah.”

His hand rested on the back of her head as she slid her lips down the shaft. Her tongue flicked and licked the head and probed his tiny pee slit. He bucked up involuntarily as he felt her tongue probe him.


She moaned as she began to move her mouth along his length, licking it was she went. She began to move more steadily, her head bobbing up and down as he looked down on her. Her fingers reached around and cupped his balls and began to tease and play with them. She squeezed them softly as her lips gripped his shaft tight causing him to slide his fingers through her hair and grab a handful.

He was holding her hair and moving his hand with her head as she bobbed up and down. She was into her rhythm, and he was loving it. He began to move gently up as she slid down, pushing his cock further into her throat. She gagged occasionally, but she kept going and his moans and groans got louder and louder.

He was so close. His hips began to twitch and buck up at her as she sucked harder, and her fingers caressed his balls. Eventually, he couldn’t hold out any longer and with one last thrust up he gasped and cried out as he shot his first spurt of cum into her throat. She gulped and swallowed it down. He held her head and his cock twitched and jerked inside of her mouth as he spurted his cum into her mouth.

She swallowed it all and licked his cock clean before letting the softening member slip from her lips. She smiled as she slid up beside him and kissed him. He could taste his cum on her lips and he loved it. He loved everything about her.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She nestled her head into his neck and let out a soft moan. After a short while, she turned away and onto her side and he slipped behind her and wrapped his arm around her and spooned her. She moaned, she loved to sleep like that, and she shuffled back so that her bum pressed into his crotch, she could feel his bulge slowly softening, and she sighed.

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