The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Sarah spent the next week preparing for her trip away with Michael. Her excitement levels gradually increased as the weekend grew closer. She sat with David each night and talked with him, she asked him repeatedly if he was okay with her going on her trip, and each time he smiled and blinked twice. She was so happy but at the same time still felt so guilty. This was not how she envisaged spending her time, with another man as her husband lay in his bed.

Friday arrived. Becky came over early and made sure that her mum had everything packed and to make sure that she went through with it. Sarah said goodbye to David, she kissed him and stroked her finger across his face and looked deep into his eyes.

“I love you, David. I love you more than you can know.”

Another kiss then she turned and left.

In the kitchen, she hugged Becky, and a tear fell down her face. Becky wiped it away.

“Come on now mum. We’ve been through this. Dad is fine. He’s got everything he needs here. Now go! And enjoy your weekend.”

Becky stood at the door as Sarah left and walked towards Michael’s car. She smiled as Michael hugged her mum and kissed her cheek. With her bags in the boot, her mum waved to her and then got in the car and they drove off.

It was a two-hour drive and when they arrived, she looked out onto the most beautiful picturesque cottage. She walked through the low, white wooden gate and up the gravel path, lined with white-washed pebbles between two perfectly manicured lawns. She stopped and admired the flowers and the beautiful rose-bush which formed the central part of the main lawn.

Inside, it was just as beautiful, low ceilings, wooden beams, wood-burning fire, it was perfect and so romantic. Upstairs they dropped their bags onto the bed. A four-poster, and looked out onto Lake Windermere, the view was magnificent. She stared out onto the lake and sighed, ‘David would have loved it here.’

She felt Michael’s arms slip around her and he pressed himself into her back. His lips caressed the back of her neck. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

“Hm, that feels nice.”

She turned around and slipped her hands around his neck and lifted her face to his. She stared into his eyes, then they slowly kissed. She moaned softly as his tongue pushed past her lips and into her mouth and she pushed her own against his as they danced inside her mouth. She could feel his bulge pressing into her as she pushed him back and they both fell onto the bed. She rolled onto her back and he pressed his body onto hers. She moaned and she wanted him so badly, but she wanted to wait. They had the next three days and she wanted to see how they got on as an item and not just the physical side of it.

She broke for air.

“Michael, wait.” She gasped

He looked at her, wondering what he’d done wrong. She stared at him.

“Let us wait until tonight Michael. We’ve got all weekend, we don’t have to rush any of it.”

He rolled onto his back and she shifted and lay on her side and cuddled into him.

“Hmm, I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

They lay together for a few minutes, then she got up and started to unpack her case. He followed and when they had put everything away, they headed back downstairs to explore the cottage fully. It was so beautiful. And the back garden was even better than the front. It was full of flowers of every colour and bounded by thick trees and bushes, it was very secluded.

They left the cottage and strolled the thirty yards that it was to reach the shore of the lake. She stood and looked out upon the lake. He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to him. She sighed and slumped into his embrace.

“It’s so beautiful here. David.” She stopped herself.

He squeezed her.

“Don’t stop Sarah. What about David?”

She sighed, “he’d love it here.”

He hugged her, “it’s okay to think about David Sarah.”

She spun around and slipped her hands around his waist and looked up into his eyes, she shook her head.

“No, it’s not. This weekend is about us. Me and you. For the next three days, it’s just you, me, and this beautiful landscape.”

She leaned her head against his chest. He stroked his fingers softly through her hair. They kissed, then he took her hand and slipped his fingers between hers and they set off and walked along the shore of the lake.

They walked about half-a-mile until they came upon a small cafe where they enjoyed a delicious light lunch. As she sat with him and looked out onto the lake, the small boats gently making their way to and fro she could feel the stresses leave her body. She still felt a little guilty, but it was fading, and she was beginning to relax.

They walked a little further, he slipped his arm around her back and hugged her as they walked. She leaned against him. It felt so natural, and to the casual observer, they looked just like any other couple.

They found a small jetty and checked the times of the ferries. They decided that they’d take a tour around the lake the next day and spend the day in Windermere itself. They took a different route back, along the main road and found a lovely small pub. They decided that they’d come back that evening and eat there, so they headed back to the cottage to change.

They sat out on the front lawn with a pot of tea and watched life slowly pass by. The weather had been kind and as they sat, they chatted, just like any other couple would do. She glanced at him. He looked preoccupied. She asked him what was on his mind. He sighed.

“Honestly? David. I feel for him, Sarah. I can’t help it. Here I am, with you. His wife. And he is, well we know where he is.”

She nodded. She liked that he thought about her husband, but she didn’t want it to spoil their weekend.

“I told you, Michael. Becky and I have both spoken to him, alone and together. He is fine with this. He understands. I know that it is difficult, but Becky asked me what I would want if the tables were reversed. And, I had to agree with her. I would want him to do exactly what I am doing. So please, try to relax. I want this weekend to be about us and getting to know each other.”

They changed for dinner and drove the short distance to the pub. There was a lovely atmosphere, they relied on tourists, so they felt welcomed and the food was excellent. Sarah knew that she wouldn’t be cooking on this trip, and this place would be seeing them both again.

When they got back it was getting late. She went upstairs first, she wanted to change, she’d bought some new nightwear and she wanted to surprise him. He followed a few minutes later, and when he walked into the bedroom she was in the bathroom.

He undressed and stood in his boxers when she emerged from the bathroom. He stared at her. She wore a knee-length, semi-sheer, black nightie, with lace trim around the hem and neckline. He could see that she wore a tiny pair of black panties underneath. She posed for him. His face broke into a smile.

“Gorgeous Sarah.”

She walked over to him.

“Glad you like it. Though I hope that it won’t be on for too long.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her. His hands cupped her bum and pulled her onto his bulge.

“I can guarantee that honey.”

As they kissed his hands slid up and lifted her nightie with them and slowly pulled it up and over her head. She let her hand drop and her fingers traced over the front of his boxers and outlined his hard cock. She moaned as she did.

He lay her down on the bed and knelt at her feet. Ha gazed at her, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“You’re so beautiful Sarah.”

She smiled, then he reached up and hooked his fingers into her panties and slowly peeled them down her legs. He pushed her legs apart and slipped between them. He lay down and kissed her inner thighs softly, small, tender kisses, moving closer and closer to her pussy. She was beginning to breath faster and moaned and lifted her bum as his lips contacted her pussy.

She lifted her legs and hooked them behind his head and crossed her feet, she gripped him and pulled his head onto her pussy as he began to nibble and tease her clit with his lips. She grabbed his head and cried out as he began to probe her pussy with his tongue as his lips pressed on her clit.

She was soon moaning and groaning as he licked her and worked her clit. Her head rocked from side-to-side as he drove her rapidly towards her orgasm. The room was filled with sighs, moans and soft cries as her body experienced a multitude of pleasure signals from her lover’s mouth.

He felt her body start to twitch and jerk erratically, her hips moved up at his mouth, her fingers gripped clumps of his hair and held them tight as she moaned louder and cried out. Then she arched her back and yelled out.


And she shuddered, her legs clamped hard on his head and she rocked as her orgasm swept over her whole body. He lay between her legs and lapped up her juices as she slowly came down and her orgasm subsided. Finally, her breathing slowed and returned to normal and she relaxed the pressure on his head and unclenched her fingers and released his hair.

He lifted his head and looked up. Her face was red, her eyes were closed, but she was smiling. He slid up her body and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight to her.

He reached down and started to guide his cock towards her, she stopped him.

“Michael. Can we do doggy tonight?”

He smiled, “we can do anything you want honey.”

She kissed him and he knelt up, allowing her to get up and onto her hands and knees. She presented her bum to him and leaned on her elbows as she felt him move her legs apart a bit as he got himself into position. He spread her lips with his fingers, and she felt his cock push at her and then slip inside. She moaned and lowered her head as he held her hips and pushed forward and his cock slid inside her.

“Oh, mm.”

He started to move, and she moaned. She pushed back as he pushed forward, and they soon had a nice rhythm going.

“Oh god. Sarah. You’re so sexy.”

She couldn’t talk. Her moans were in response to his thrusts and she could feel his huge cock fill her. Her fingers gripped the bed cover as he started to fuck her harder. His pace increased as her pussy gripped his thick shaft as he plunged inside of her. The old bed was creaking noisily now as he began to thrust hard and fast into her. She cried out with each thrust as he plunged into her. She was pushed down onto the bed. Her head pressed into the cover as he slammed into her pussy. His body slapping against her bum and filling the room with the sound of skin on skin contact.

He began to jerk and buck as he felt his orgasm rise. He gripped her hips as he thrust harder and harder then he gave one final thrust and cried out as he began to spurt his cum deep into her waiting pussy.

“Argh. Yes!”

He held his cock inside of her and leaned onto her back as it twitched and jerked as he spurted jets of cum into her. She moaned as she felt his warm emission flow into her and coat her insides. They were both panting and breathing hard as he continued to cum inside of her. Then, as his orgasm slowed and stopped, he began to soften. He lay there for a few moments, then slipped out of her. As he did, she fell onto the bed and lay on her side. He slipped beside her and held her. They kissed, he looked into her eyes and couldn’t control himself.

“I love you.”

He blushed, “Sorry.”

She smiled, her fingers traced across his lips and over his face. She kissed his lips softly.

“It’s okay Michael.”

She held him as he wrapped his arms around her, and they settled in for the night. As she lay in his arms, she wondered whether she should have said something back. She liked him. She liked him a lot, but love? How could she say that? And did he mean it? Or was it said in the heat of the moment?

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