The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter One

Becky left her father’s room in the annexe and headed into the main house. She’d been with him for a little while, she enjoyed sitting and talking to him, she could understand his subtle tells, and all the sounds that he made, they could have quite the conversation at times. Becky didn’t treat her dad like he was damaged, because he wasn’t. His body didn’t work, he couldn’t control his hands or legs at times, and his muscles had been affected, his face was not the face that she grew up with, but it was his eyes, she could read him like a book. She and he had always been very close. He loved all his kids, and whilst David was his mother’s boy growing up, the girls doted on their father, and he on them, they had that special dad-daughter bond, and Becky, well hers was a little stronger.

She looked around the lounge downstairs and couldn’t find her mother, she started walking up the stairs and was about to call out when she heard a familiar noise, she stopped as she neared the top of the stairs, her hand went to her mouth as she heard her mother moan. She wasn’t in pain. What she heard was a moan of pleasure, and it continued. She was so quiet as she listened, knowing that it was an intrusion on her mother’s privacy, but she couldn’t help it. Her mother continued to moan as the buzzing got louder and then quieter. ‘She’s masturbating, that’s her vibrator.’ She knew that her mother used to masturbate, back when she was a girl, her mother walked in on her masturbating with the end of her hairbrush. She sat her down and explained all about it, and the dangers of using that implement, and showed her where her toys were, and how to use them. She encouraged her not to insert them, she explained about virginity and the hymen and they had several conversations about the subject. She listened as her mother brought herself to her climax and smiled as she heard her panting and moaning as she finally came. She turned to walk away and stepped on the one floorboard that wasn’t fixed down, and it creaked, the noise stopped, her mother knew that she was there.

“Who is it?”

She hesitated, “just me mum, I’ve been to see dad and came to say hi, are you decent?”

She could hear shuffling, “give me a second.”

When she walked in, she could see that the bed was messy, her hair was ruffled, and her neck was flushed, she exhibited clear signs of her arousal. Becky sat on the end of the bed and smiled, “how was it, mum?”

Sarah looked rattled, Becky smiled, “it’s okay, I heard you, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I know, it’s just, well, it’s embarrassing that you heard me.”

Becky laughed, “More embarrassing than when you caught me with my hairbrush stuffed inside me?” They laughed, that seemed to ease things. “Anyway mum, it’s natural that you get frustrated, it must be really hard for you without dad.”

Sarah nodded, “it is, but, it’s hard for him too.”

“It’s not the same mum, he’s got so much else to deal with, and anyway, we don’t even know if it still works like that.” Her mum turned her head away.

“Or do we mum?”

Sarah did look embarrassed now. “It works honey.” She told her daughter that a few months ago she was frustrated so much that she gave the night carer a break and sat with him, she spoke with him and she fondled him, and he got hard, she gave him a blow job and he came, but the stress was too much, and he had a fit.

“I knew then that I couldn’t even rely on that to relieve my desires.”

Becky put her hand on her mum’s. “There are other ways mum.”

Sarah looked at her, “Like what?”

Becky sighed, “I know you don’t want to think about it, but there are plenty of men out there who would love to be with you.”

Sarah pulled her hand away, “I’m not leaving your father!”

“I never suggested that you would mum, listen to me. If it’s just sex, no-strings sex, no complications, there are web sites and apps where you can meet like-minded people to do that.”

Sarah stared at her daughter, “how do you know?”

She rolled her eyes at her mum, “mum, it’s 2018, come on, everyone knows that.”

Sarah looked hurt, “well I didn’t!”

There was a pause then Sarah spoke, “And anyway, that would be cheating on your dad, and I wouldn’t do that either.”

Becky took her hand once again, “mum, you’re not cheating, this, is a very special situation. Lots of wives would have walked away, left and started again, you haven’t, and trust me, if you talked to him about it, he would understand.” Becky stroked the back of her mums’ hand, she could see that she was processing what they’d said.

After a while she asked, “Let’s say I was interested, how would I do it?”

Becky smiled, well, like I said I know about it, but I haven’t done it, but I know someone who could set you up very easily.”

“Who?” asked Sarah.

“Peter works in IT, he knows how they all work, I’ll give him a call.”

Sarah held her daughter’s hand, “no, I don’t want him to know.”

Becky smiled as she picked up her mobile, “relax mum, do you think that we kids haven’t had this conversation before? Trust me, we all think that it’s about time.”

Later that afternoon Peter arrived at the house, and after sitting with his father for a while he bounded into the kitchen and demanded a sandwich. His mum demanded a hug and a kiss before she’d do anything, he obliged then he sat down and awaited his food.

“So, mum, Becky tells me that you are ready to have some fun.” Sarah loved how they all had a good, open relationship as they grew up, especially about sex, but now, she was wishing that they had reigned it in a bit.

She turned to him, “yeah, maybe, though I’m not sure.”

He smiled, “Aw, come on mum, you deserve to have your needs fulfilled, and we all know if he were not in there, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, so, leave the guilt behind and have a little fun, for yourself.”

As he ate his sandwich he typed furiously into her phone, he explained that he had registered her on the best site for this sort of one-off, random, no-string meet, the type that she said she wanted.

“We don’t want anyone falling in love with you now do we mum?”

He said with a cheeky grin on his face. She blushed, she could still see the little boy in him at times. She took her credit card back after he had paid for three months registration. He showed her how to get to her profile, and explained everything she needed to do, including a photo upload. It took longer than she thought but eventually, she was nearly done.

“Okay, mum, the last section, what age range?”

She thought, “Well, about mine.”

He smiled, “this is only for your matches, but you will get invites and like from all ages, trust me, mum, you are the perfect MILF.”

She blushed again, she knew what that meant, as David had explained many times as they grew up, all of Peter’s friend would stare at her whenever they came around, back then she used to wear a lot of tight tops, and skirts, and no tights.

As he left, they hugged, he kissed her on the lips, just as he’d always done since he was a boy.

“Mum, do me one favour.”

She held him, she hated when they had to go, “what is it, son?”

“Don’t go with any of my friends?”

She smiled, “okay I won’t, but they won’t be on there will they?”

He smiled and waved, “oh, they’re on there, well the single ones are anyway.”

It was later that night, when she was in bed that she first checked the app, she was shocked to discover that she’d had thirty-six views and thirty-two likes. She found herself asking, ‘what’s wrong with the other four?’ She began to flick through the likes, and as Peter had explained the protocol, she liked everyone back. There were a lot of messages too, she read them all, some were quite graphic, and describing what they’d like to do to her, Peter had warned her about that too. She decided that she couldn’t deal with it and put her mobile down and left it until the morning.

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