The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter Two

She was hoovering when her Becky arrived, she hugged her and said she was going to sit with dad.

“And then you and I are going to look through all of your suitors!” Sarah rolled her eyes, but inside, happy that her kids were so much behind her.

They sat together on the sofa and Becky had the phone in her hand and was looking through the pictures of those who had ‘liked’ her mum, which was now up to fifty-six.

“You’re popular mum, we told you that you would be. And I like the photograph, fancy dress, nice, can’t see your face, which is ideal for the public profile.” Peter had explained that she should keep the face shots in her private profile, and only show those to the ones that she was interested in.

“You do know that you are going to see some graphic photos when you start to share, don’t you?”

Sarah looked at her daughter, “you mean private bits?”

Becky laughed, “mum, guys will be sending you photos of their hard cocks, and close-ups too, trust me.”

Sarah looked a little taken aback, by that, and her daughter’s explicit language, and watched as Becky scrolled through them all, “nope, nope, maybe, nope,” and so it went on until there was five left. She handed the phone to her mum to look.

“There, those are all local, and all about your age, and, if you believe them, all single, but I’d take that with a pinch of salt.”

Her mother frowned, “oh, I don’t know, I don’t wasn’t to break up a marriage.”

Becky laughed, “Mum, you won’t, clearly their marriages suck, why else would they be on that app?”

With Becky’s help, she selected one, a guy called Brian, a little older, fifty-one, but he looked quite fit. They sent him a message and waited for his reply. They didn’t have to wait long, and the conversation began. He asked to see her private photos, she looked at her daughter.

“I haven’t put any on.”

“It’s okay mum, let’s have a look at your phone.” Becky took her mum’s phone and scrolled through her images.

“Oh mum these are no good, come on, we’ll make some new ones.”

She got up and headed upstairs when her mum asked where she was going, she turned.

“To get you dressed up, you can’t look like that on this site, you’re too prissy.”

In her bedroom, she searched through her clothes and handed her a white loose blouse.

“Here, put that on, and leave the bra off.”

Sarah was going to protest but the look she got told her that she’d be wasting her time. She couldn’t see a skirt, so Becky slipped her short skirt off. Sarah asked what she was doing.

“Mum, your advertising for sex, you need to look a little slutty, you’re going to meet him for sex, not for a cup of coffee.”

She handed her the skirt when her mum pulled her jogging pants down Beck stopped her.

“No!” Sarah looked, “those won’t do, we need sexy panties.”

“He won’t see my panties in the photos.” Becky smiled, “oh yes he will, and what’s in them too.”

Her mum looked horrified, “no Becky, I can’t.”

Becky took her hand, “mum, trust me, he’s going to send you photos of him naked, and probably a close up of his cock. He is going to want to see your pussy, they all are.”

Her mum was starting to regret all this, but her daughter was very persuasive, she agreed and took the tiny pair of black lacy panties from her. She waited for her daughter to turn away, “Oh come on mum, we’re not shy, it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before.”

When she pulled her panties off her daughter commented on her hairy bush.

“A lot of guys like that, especially your age, so that’s okay.”

When she was dressed, she stood before her daughter, and she had to admit, she felt sexy, she felt slutty. Becky picked up mum’s mobile and took some photos of her standing up, then some close-up and looking down her loose blouse at her breasts followed by a close-up of her crotch and panties, her hair visible through the sheer material. She handed her mum the phone.

“Okay mum, take two photos, one of your pussy about a foot away, and one close up, I’ll leave you to it.”

She waited outside of the room, after a minute her mum called her in, “I can’t do it, I can’t get it right,” she rolled her eyes, “you’ll have to do it, but promise me that you won’t tell anyone.”

Becky took the phone and bunched the skirt around her waist and took one of her pussy and legs and tummy, and one so close that she could see the moisture on her pussy hair, her mum was wet, she smiled to herself and said nothing. They sat together on the bed and uploaded the best photos and she showed her how to pick which ones to send when asked.

Her phone beeped, it was a message from Brian, he asked where the private photos were, Becky took the phone from her mum and typed that he had to send first. Moments later another beep, the looked at the screen together as Becky opened the first, she was right, it was a close-up of his cock, it was soft, but it looked quite big. Another beep and another photo, in this one he was erect, and long, her mum stared, Becky, smiled.

“Oh mum, that’s going to sting.”

Sarah started to have doubts, Becky hugged her.

“Mum, I think that you should do it, but you don’t have to. Listen, it’s just sex, meet him, have sex, and leave, if you are satisfied then it will have been worthwhile.”

She agreed and Becky sent the photos that they’d taken. He responded almost immediately.

“That’s fucking awesome! When can we meet?”

Becky typed, that she’d be in touch and they closed the app. Sarah looked at her daughter.

“Can I do this Becky?”

They talked, and Becky offered her some tips which Sarah listened to and took note of. When Becky left Sarah was still turned on so returned to her bedroom and pulled out her vibrator from her bedside drawer.

That afternoon, and on Becky’s advice, she went into town, she visited the local Anne Summers, she felt quite self-conscious when she walked in, hoping that no one she knew saw her. She leafed through the underwear and sexy outfits and left the store with a couple of pairs of crotch-less panties, a pair of sheer stockings, suspenders, and a skirt that was too tight for her hips and clung to her, one which she couldn’t wear in public. She had questioned the panties, but Becky had explained that, on this sort of meeting, she wouldn’t want to undress, especially if it was in a car, which she thought would be the safest. She didn’t want her mother going to a hotel alone or a guy’s house. Back at home she tried on the outfit and took a couple of photos, reflected in her full-length mirror.

Brian messaged her later that night and offered to meet her at a local country park, a well-known spot for courting couples. She knew it but called Becky to check it out.

“I know it, mum, there are two car parks beside the lake, it’s pitch-black down there at night so any cars that approach will be seen from a long way off. The left car park is usually where the couples go so you should be left alone, the right is where the doggers go, and that occasionally gets checked out by the cops, but you’ll be fine. You know what doggers are don’t you?” she did, she was surprised that her daughter did. “So, mum, are you going to go for it?” she said that she thought she would and told her he wanted to meet the following night. “Remember mum, safe-sex!” They laughed. She messaged Brian back to confirm their meeting and gave her instructions on where to park and to look out for an old VW campervan, she told him the make of car.

She found sleep difficult, she was nervous, excited, aroused, she refrained from relieving herself, she wanted to keep herself until the next evening.

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