The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter Three

After getting to sleep late, she woke up a little groggy and was in the shower when her daughter arrived. She was sat on her bed when she came out of the shower, her bathrobe on and a towel around her head.

“I wasn’t expecting you this morning.”

Becky smiled, “I was thinking that you’d never remember to tidy up that bush of yours mum, now would you?”

Sarah shook her head, it hadn’t even crossed her mind, her daughter pulled her robe open and looked.

“It just needs a trim mum.”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “I hate doing that, I always cut myself, your dad used to do it for me.”

Becky stood, “I don’t mind mum.”

Sarah gulped, she wasn’t sure, but Becky convinced her that it would be fine and left to go and get one of her father’s good razors from his room. Minutes later she returned and then with a small bowl of water from the bathroom and some shaving foam she instructed her mum to lie down on her robe and to part her legs. Sarah stared at the ceiling as she felt her daughter’s fingers near to her pussy, she shaved around her bush well, and when she was done, it did look tidy, yet still full. She handed her mum the moisturiser.

“Rubbing this into my mum’s pussy is just a little too risky for me.”

She laughed, Sarah blushed as she began to massage the cream into her recently shaved area. Becky gave her approval to mum’s purchases when she showed her the photos, then she left, but Sarah knew that she’d be talking to her later, after the event.

She found it difficult to concentrate all day, and when she sat with David, she was sure that he knew what was going on, even though he couldn’t possibly know. After what felt like the longest day, she made her way upstairs, it was nine-thirty and dark outside, she took another shower, and as she washed, she could feel that pleasant tingle in her pussy lips as she soaped herself, she was so ready for this. With her hair dried, she began to dress and soon stood in her bedroom in her new outfit, and she looked in the mirror, she did look quite the slut. She checked her watch, she wanted to time it well, she didn’t want to get stopped for speeding, not dressed like this. On the way out, she pulled on her long coat and made her way to the car.

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she drove the six miles to the park, as she drove in slowly, she couldn’t believe how dark it was, there was no moon to speak of, and not a street light for miles. She crept along the narrow path, her lights lighting up the road ahead. As she turned into the car park her lights fell up a pair of cars, then another as she followed his direction to the remote corner when the camper van was illuminated by her lights. She parked beside it and turned off her engine. She could feel her heart beating, it wanted to jump out of her chest, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

As she approached the van the side door opened and he was stood before her, he invited her in and she stepped into the van, he quickly closed the door behind them. She looked around, the curtains were closed all around the van, they were those thick heavy curtains that kept the light out, and in. He’d set the van up with the bed down, not a big bed, but big enough for what they wanted. He took her coat and put it on the driver’s seat. She was nervous, unsure of what to say, or do, he looked at her,

“This is your first time I guess?”

She nodded, “you?”

He shook his head, “oh no, I’ve done it a few times. So, I guess you want me to lead?”

She nodded nervously. He stepped up to her and pulled her hard into his crotch, his lips fastened on hers, he hadn’t shaved, and his stubble scratched her face. Normally she hated stubble, but that just added to the situation, he let his hand drop and pull at her skirt, he pushed it between her legs and realised that her panties were crotch-less, he grinned.

“Oh my, we are a dirty little bitch, aren’t we?”

She bit her lip and nodded, she was so turned on by his language. Without warning or any subtlety, he slipped a finger between her wet lips and thrust it hard into her, it went in up to his knuckle. It took her breath away, she gasped for air and her hands gripped onto his shoulders as they stood in the campervan and he worked his rough finger in and out of her pussy.

He moaned, “Oh I love a hairy snatch me, too many women shave these days.”

His finger found her clit and she gasped aloud when he pressed his thumb hard onto it. This was going to be hard, rough sex, and she couldn’t wait. He stepped back and gripped her blouse and bunched it up over her breasts then attached his lips to her breast and sucked her nipple hard into his mouth, her hands grabbed his head and she ran her fingers through his hair, and he teased her nipple and nibbled it whilst his finger returned to her pussy and resumed his fingering.

“Oh my, you are one hot sexy momma. I’m going to enjoy fucking you so hard.”

She heard his zipper come down, her pulse quickened, even more, he pressed her down onto her knees until she came face to face with his huge cock, it was long, the photo didn’t lie.

She looked up, “condom?”

He shook his head, “I ain’t coming in your mouth babe, you’ll be fine.”

She was too far gone to stop now, she stared at the long cock before her, thankfully it wasn’t thick, so when he pulled her head onto it, she managed to wrap her lips around the head in time before he thrust it into her mouth. He wasn’t holding back as he began to fuck her mouth hard, she tried to take as much as she could, but she gagged every time it hit the back of her throat. He didn’t stay in her mouth too long and when he pulled out, he smiled as he looked down, her eyes were watery, and she was gulping in air and her saliva dripped from the end of his cock. He pulled her to her feet and grabbed her skirt and pulled it up, bunching it at her hips to reveal her crotchless panties. He guided her to the bed and turned her to face him.

“Doggy? Or normal? You can choose tonight.”

She was still getting her breath, she looked at him, “I want to see your face as you fuck me.”

He grinned and gently pushed her back down onto the bed, she shuffled up a bit as he knelt between her legs, he took her ankles and spread her legs wide and stared at her pussy.

“If you ask nicely, I might just eat you out first.”

She stared at him, oh god yes, please, please eat my pussy.”

He grinned, “You’re what?” “My pussy!”

He smiled, “no, that’s not the word” he started to move when she realised what he meant.

“Oh god, I need you to eat my cunt! Please!”

He smiled and leaned forward and planted his mouth over her pussy, at this he was gentler, he loved to give oral, and took a little more care, his lips worked on her clit, tugging it, rolling it between them and he slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy. As she began to move against his mouth he shifted and probing her with his tongue he slipped his hand under her ass and found the tiny puckered asshole, it had been years since David had been in there, he felt her tense, he lifted his mouth from her pussy, “relax,” she moaned and pushed his head back down to her pussy. With his fingers soaked in her juices, he caressed around the tight hole before he pressed one against it, gradually increasing the pressure until it eventually gave way and his digit slipped inside. He began to move it in and out, just an inch or so but that was enough, she couldn’t hold out any longer and arched her back, ground her pussy against his face and she came hard into his mouth. He held her against his mouth as she came, lapping up all her discharge, she was one of those women who sometimes leaked during orgasm, and he loved it, he licked it all up, when he knelt back between her legs she looked down and saw his long cock in his hands.

“Ready for this?”

She nodded. He reached out and took the condom that he’d already opened, she hadn’t seen and slipped it onto his cock, then he took her legs and lifted them putting one over each shoulder, then he lined himself up and fell on her, thrust into her hard and fast. She cried out, gasping as his cock bounced against her cervix, causing her intense pain and pleasure together. He held her legs up as he rammed in and out of her, she was in ecstasy. She had never experienced sex like this in her life, it was hard, it was fast, it was rough and impersonal, everything she hated, but she loved it! He looked into her eyes.

“Tell me what you want!”

She panted, “I want you to fuck me, fuck me until you shoot your cum, oh god you’re huge, it hurts, but it’s so good.”

He continued to fuck her hard, “if it hurts maybe I should stop?”

She screamed at him to keep going, her hands grabbed his arms, she lifted her head.

“Don’t you fucking dare stop!”

Suddenly the rarest of things happened, she orgasmed hard on his cock, David hardly ever made her come by fucking alone, he could feel her pussy walls gripping his cock, clenching it and it was the trigger, he arched his back and she felt him swell up inside her and he groaned and slowed down to a stop as he emptied his cum into the condom. Spent he slowly lowered her legs and stood up, she looked up at him through hazy eyes, she watched as he pulled off the condom and tied the end, it looked quite full, he shot a big load into that, then, like the pro he is, he opened a window a little and tossed it out. She slowly pulled herself up and sat up.

“Can I ask, is that how it normally goes?”

He smiled and shook his head, “no, if I’m honest, I was just seeing how up for it you were. And I have to say that you are one sexy mother, your husband must be a fool to let you go.”

She looked away, he wasn’t aware of her situation, to him she was just a horny housewife who needed filling. She stood, her legs were weak, she straightened her outfit and picked up her coat.

“Well, I guess I just leave?”

He nodded, he was already starting to disassemble the bed. And, without a by-your-leave, she left. She wasn’t sure how she was able to drive but somehow, she made it home, and after checking in on her husband she collapsed onto her bed and looked up at the ceiling, “did that just really happen?” she asked herself. She reached down under her skirt and felt her pussy, her lips were sore, she closed her eyes, “Oh yes, it happened.”

As she dried off after the third shower of the day her phone rang, she lay on the bed as she talked to her daughter.

“Did you go, mum?” She sighed and began to tell her about it.

“Becky, he was as different to your dad as it was possible to be. It was hard, fast, rough, and dirty, but it was fantastic!”

She could tell that her mother was still on a high. She asked if he’d hurt her at all.”

Sarah sighed, “The only thing that hurt was his cock, it was even bigger in real life, so long, I nearly choked on it, I thought I was going to be sick!”

Becky groaned, “Oh mum, I didn’t need to hear that.”

“Hey, you started this, you and your brother. I can honestly say Becky, I have never had sex like that in my life, it was everything that I hated, and it was everything that I needed!”

They chatted some more then she fell asleep not long after they hung up

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