The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter Four

Life returned to normal after that eventful night, she’d been on the app less frequently, just keeping up to date with all her messages, she’d been monitoring a lot of guys, and one kept her attention. It was close to Christmas and she was out with Becky who had been asking about the app, so over a coffee, her mum showed the photo of the guy. Becky looked.

“Wow mum, he’s hot.”

Sarah nodded, “I know, but.”

Becky groaned, “But what mum?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, there’s something about him, he doesn’t seem like the normal guy you get on there, go on, read his full profile.”

Becky read it, it was very full and very revealing, he was forty-two, divorced, kids who he doesn’t see, ex-army, but it was the extra stuff that surprised her.

“I come here for sex, I have PTSD and I don’t want to put any of my baggage onto anyone, so with a relationship out, this is my only option.”

Becky looked up at her mum, clearly emotional from reading his profile.

“I know Becky, it’s so sad isn’t it.”

She nodded, “mum, you have to message him!”

Sarah looked coy, “The thing is honey, I have, we’ve been emailing now for nearly three weeks. I was scared to tell you because, remember, no relationships you said.”

She shook her head, “no mum, that’s what you said!”

Sarah shrugged, “so, anyway he sounds nice and it is sad, his wife left him and took the kids because of his PTSD, he hasn’t seen them for three years.”

Becky could see that her mum was emotional about it too, “mum, you know it’s okay if you want to see him, we can work it out, I’m sure.”

She nodded, “what about your dad?”

Becky smiled, “you haven’t met the guy yet mum, let’s talk about that when and if we have to.”

Sarah nodded, happy that her daughter understood.

“Do you mind if I read his emails?” Becky asked. Sarah shook her head.

“His name is -Michael,” she picked up her coffee cup as her daughter read through their correspondence.

It took her a while, and when she was done, she looked up at her mum, who could see that she was a little emotional.

“That’s so sad mum, how could she leave him like that? And take the kids from him because she was scared, he’d hurt them? I don’t know him, but he wouldn’t hurt them, he’s struggling and needs his family around him.”

Sarah nodded, “I know honey.”

Becky sniffed, Sarah knew that her daughter was trying to keep it together.

“And what he said about you and him, ‘even if we never meet, communicating with you has been so good for me, you have to know that you have lifted my spirits, even my therapist commented that I was looking better’.”

She looked at her mum, “mum, you have to meet this guy!”

Sarah smiled, “that’s all I wanted to hear because I agree. I don’t know what, or if, anything will come of it, but I know that I want to try.”

Becky nodded, still looking at her mum’s phone, “I can’t believe you told him all about dad, and he reacted so well. He’s so considerate, he’s thinking about others all the time.”

She handed her mum her phone, “and, there’s one more thing.”

Sarah smiled, “what’s that honey?”

Becky laughed, “Mum, he’s so hot!”

They spent the rest of the day shopping in the town. As Becky stepped out of her mum’s car of her home, she hugged her mum.

“You know what else I like about him, mum?”

Sarah smiled, she had talked a lot about Michael all afternoon, she sighed.

“What Becky?”

Becky popped her head back into the car, “in all his emails, he hasn’t once asked you for any sexy photos.”

Sarah, nodded, “I know, I thought that too.”

When she got home, she emailed him and told him that she’d talked with Becky about him, as she said she would, and she wanted him to call her later that night, she included her mobile number.

As ten o’clock approached she was laid on her bed waiting for the phone to ring, when it did, she jumped and answered. After their hello’s she caught him up on her chat with Becky, and as they chatted, she relaxed and was laid back onto her pillow, toying with her blonde hair. His voice matched his looks, deep, dark and sexy. There was a lull, so she thought she’d bring up the photos.

“You know what we both liked about you?” he was listening, “and it was Becky who said it today, you haven’t once asked me to send you any sexy photos, or more.” She heard him sigh.

“I know,”

“Don’t you want to see me?” She asked.

“Of course I do, it’s just, our emails have been going so well that I haven’t wanted to jinx it by being too pushy.”

She sighed now, he was so sweet, “Oh Michael, I don’t think you have it in you to be pushy.”

Another pause, “where are you now?”

“In my bedroom.” He replied.

“Me too. Would u you like me take a photo right now, of how I am dressed, I’m not naked by the way.”

She could hear him breathing a little louder, he said he’d like that very much.

“Hang on.” She jumped up and quickly pulled her sweater over her head, and pulled her jeans off, she stood in front of the mirror and took a couple of snaps, then lying on her bed she picked the best one and sent it to him.

“It’s on its way to you,” seconds later she heard the beep of his message alert.

“Hang on.”

He was gone a matter of seconds before he returned.

“Oh wow Sarah, you are so beautiful. Your body is awesome, I can’t believe that you’ve had three kids!”

No words that any mother tires of hearing, she thanked him.

“I mean it you look gorgeous.”

She felt her neck flush, he was getting to her. Her phone pinged, it was an email from him, “did you just send me something?”

“Yeah, hope it’s not too much,”

She opened the email and it was a photo of him, posed, he was only wearing a pair of tight figure-hugging Lycra cycling shorts. His body was ripped, and his abs were all there, perfectly formed, she felt her body respond to his photo.

“Oh, when was that taken?” she asked.

“Last month,” he replied.

‘Oh God, she thought,’ her fingers traced gently across her breasts.

“Wow, you look hot, I have to tell you, you keep yourself fit.”

He explained that it was part of his recovery programme, he worked out five times a week at an army rehabilitation centre not too far away. She changed the subject and asked him if he wanted to meet for coffee.

“Not a date, just two friends having coffee for now.”

He jumped at the chance, and they agreed not to wait any longer, they would meet, in town, the next day, in the late morning. Their conversation was ending when she decided that she was feeling brave.

“Well Michael, as you sent me a photo of you topless, I feel that I at least have to return the favour.”

He was speechless, not sure how to respond, all he said was, “okay.”

She sat up and unclipped her bra and tossed it aside, then she gave her nipples a tweak, they didn’t need much they were like bullets anyway after seeing his pic, then she held her camera up and lay back and took a selfie of her. When he received it, she was sure that she heard him gasp, when he next talked his voice was a little shaky.

“I said it before and I’ll say it again Sarah, beautiful.”

She immediately rang her daughter, she told her about the call, the coffee date, and then the photos. Her daughter giggled.

“Mum! Sending topless pics out to him! That’s so cool!”

That night Sarah made good use of her vibrator, and his photo.

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