The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter Five

The following morning as she prepared for her meeting with Michael her youngest daughter Amy visited, wondering whether Becky had told her, she soon had her answer.

“Hey mum, heard you got a date!”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “I’m meeting him for coffee, it’s not a date.” Amy shrugged.

“Yeah, whatever, come on let’s see his pic then.”

Sarah handed her the phone not remembering his last pic, she watched as her daughter scrolled through, her eyes widened then looked at her.

“Mum, is this really him?” Sarah nodded, “Becky never told me that he had a body like that.”

She pressed the numbers on the phone and dialled her sister. When she heard about the pic, Becky told her to send it to her, her mum listened as she squealed down the phone then Amy looked at her mum.

“Mum! You dog! You sent him topless of you?” Sarah blushed as she admitted that she had sent topless of herself as her daughter searched through her photos to find the pic that she took the night before. Amy smiled.

“You look good mum, good for you.”

Eleven o’clock arrived and she was waiting in the coffee shop, she was nervous, it was like her first date as a teenager, she wondered then if he’d show up and he did, she watched the door every time it opened, this time, he walked in. He saw her and smiled, she stood up to greet him and they hugged. They ordered cappuccinos and settled down to talk. They seemed to get along well, she was relaxing, he was easy to talk to and very easy on the eye. She stayed for a second drink this time she ordered a smoothie, and she continued to talk about their lives, though he was really interested in hers and her husband. He asked on several occasion about his progress and how he was doing.

“Michael, it’s nice that you are interested in David, it is, but please, I came here to meet you, and talk with you. You don’t have to try to impress me, I like you as you are, let’s get to know each other, the rest will follow.”

He apologised, he too was out of practise, “I was never any good at this anyway, I always used to struggle with the girls.”

She looked him up and down, he was every girls dream, tall, handsome, rugged, and ex-army.

“Yeah right! I can see that! I bet they were all over you in school.”

He blushed and shook his head, “I didn’t lose my virginity until I was eighteen.”

That surprised her, if she’d seen him, he would have been toast. The time flew and soon their second drinks were done, and it was past twelve. Neither of them wanted to leave, so they decided to go for a walk around the park beside the sea front. They walked close together, still talking about anything and everything, she was now so at ease with him, they stood looking out onto the boating lake and the few boats that were out and she suddenly realised that she had her fingers entwined with his, he realised too and pulled away, she looked at him.

“It’s okay.”

She reached out, and they joined hands again and continued their walk. They walked back to the town centre and when they arrived at the car park she turned and faced him, she had to lift her head up to look at him, he was much taller than she was. They were both nervous, he slowly bent his head, she lifted herself up on her tiptoes and kissed him, softly and briefly, nothing too sexual.

She smiled, “well, that broke the ice, I’d like to do this again.”

He smiled, “me too, same time next week?”

She shook her head, “oh no, much sooner than that, the day after tomorrow, same place same time.” And with that she turned and walked to get her car.

The following day Becky came around to see her, and after visiting with her father she was sat on her mum’s bed as she tidied up.

“Mum, you seem a little quiet.”

Sarah shrugged, “I’m okay,” but Becky knew something was up, she patted the bed beside her.

“Come on, stop that and sit and tell me.”

Sarah sat beside her, she told her about her coffee date, and how she felt. She said that they’d spent a long time talking about a potential relationship.

“If it happens, we are going to take it slow, really slow, sex is not on the horizon yet. If this happens it has to be based on something more than lust.”

Becky listened.

“The thing is,” her mother looked embarrassed, “I’m still so frustrated.”

Becky smiled, “So, get back on that app and find yourself another fuck-buddy!”

Her mother stared ate her, “where did you learn to talk like that young lady?”

They laughed. Sarah said that it would feel like cheating on him but Becky disagreed.

“After one coffee date? Be serious mum.”

Sarah sighed, she was right, nothing had happened yet, and she still needed to find satisfaction.

“Well, I was looking last night, and, well I can’t explain what I want, I thought I’d just show you. And remember, it’s only about the sex, nothing else, I want to try new stuff, stuff that I’d never do with your dad.”

Becky smiled, “got that mum, come on let me see.”

She thought she was ready for anything, she wasn’t, her mum showed her the photo that she’d been sent, it was a young couple, they looked about the same age as Becky, they were from out of town, and they had a MILF fantasy, together. Becky stared at the photo.

“Is it just the guy?” Her mum blushed, Becky smiled, “is that what you want?”

Sarah nodded.

“I think so.” She tried to read her daughter, “you don’t think I should, I can tell.”

“Mum, you can do whatever you want, it is your life, but after this, what else would there be to do?”

Sarah shrugged, “Michael?”

Becky laughed, “oh mum, just go for it. But don’t tell Michael, not until you are living together!”

Sarah nodded, she had no intentions of ever telling Michael.

She had another wonderful coffee date with Michael, and then she announced to everyone at home that she was going away for the night. She was meeting some old girlfriends out of town, for a girl’s night out. Only Becky knew her true destination, and as Sarah drove away, she received a text from her daughter.

“Have fun mum, you’re a braver girl than me, and be safe!”

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