The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter Six

When she arrived at the hotel, she saw them waiting for her in the lobby. As they introduced themselves, she could tell straight away that they were incredibly nervous, so she said that they should have a drink.

“Though not too much for you young man, we do need you to perform.”

The guy, Gary got the drinks whilst Chloe sat with Sarah. Conversation proved difficult, Sarah sensed that there was another reason behind this meeting other than straight sex. She watched as he took a large drink of his beer and her hands shook as she held her glass, Sarah put hers down and leaned forward.

“Okay guys, what’s the story here, I’m no expert, but it looks to me that this is your first time, and I don’t mean like a threesome.”

Chloe shook her head, “no we are married honestly, I am nineteen, he is twenty, but we’ve only had sex a few times and we’ve been married six months.”

‘Wow’ thought Sarah, “how come?” He blushed.

“Because I’m no fucking good at it!”

Chloe glared at him, “Gary!”

He snarled. “Well, its true isn’t it? You’ve never had an orgasm with me!”

Sarah looked at Chloe, “Is that true?” she nodded.

“But it’s not his fault, I’m not very good either I can’t give oral, and when I wank him, he says I’m too rough.”

Sarah listened, this wasn’t what she was expecting.

“What about sex?”

He grunted, “She just lies there and doesn’t move,”

Sarah heard Chloe sniff, she was upset, “yeah well he doesn’t know how to get me aroused, he expects me to just be ready for him whenever he wants.”

She looked at them both, “so what did you think I could do for you?”

Chloe cleared her throat, “well I hoped that you’d show me how to please him, and him how to please me.”

Sarah sipped at her drink as she thought, the simplest thing to do was leave and call it a night and write it off as a bad job, but she reminded her so much of her youngest, Amy, and he, well he was an angry young man with too much testosterone in him. Finally, she looked at them both.

“Okay, if I help you, do you agree to do whatever I say?”

They both nodded. “And Chloe, you understand that I will have to demonstrate on Gary what u should do, which means I will touch him and have sex with him?”

She blushed but nodded, “and Gary, the same applies, I will have to touch Chloe, and maybe have sex with her.”

He stared, he hadn’t thought about that, nor had she, they looked at each other for a few seconds then she said yes followed by him.

Sarah smiled,

“Okay then, finish off and let’s get started.”

In the elevator, she wondered what the hell she had got herself into. She decided that she had to take control, she had to appear to know what she was doing, though she was excited at the prospect of her first taste of a woman, albeit a woman younger than her daughter.

The room was basic, they didn’t have a lot of spare cash, but the bed was big enough, once the door closed, she turned and looked at them.

“Okay guys, Gary, stand in the middle of the room.”

He did, he looked so nervous, she instructed Chloe to undress him slowly, she wasn’t allowed to touch his body with her hands, other than to take off his clothes, and he wasn’t allowed to touch her at all. Sarah watched her undress him, she was so nervous, her hands shook, but most worrying was that she was embarrassed when she was done, he stood there, his cock stood proud, and she was embarrassed to look at it, and it was quite impressive long and thin about eight inches. She then instructed him to undress her, he had to be told to slow down and take his time, he did, and when she was naked Sarah saw a beautiful young woman, small pert breasts, and a lovely shaved pussy, he too seemed embarrassed by her nakedness. Sarah told him to lie on the bed. She took Chloe and placed her kneeling beside him.

“Chloe, I want you to feel every bit of his body from his thighs to his lips, but only with your lips, no hands, only soft, gentle kisses or tongue, it ends with a kiss, and Gary, sit on your hands, no touching.”

Chloe began by kissing his thighs, but she was in too much of a hurry, Sarah placed her hand on her back to stop her.

“No, like this.”

She leaned over and gently planted tiny little feather-light kisses on his thighs ever so slowly, taking about a minute to progress to his groin, she kissed his balls all over then soft kisses along his shaft, Gary moaned and moved against Sarah, she rebuked him, then she sat up. Chloe started again, and this time she was doing it right, eventually, she made it to his cock, and as she worked her way along the shaft to the tip, Sarah told her to kiss the tip, and stick her tongue in the slit, then suck the head into the lips, Gary was struggling to keep still, Sarah could see his balls tighten and as Chloe took hold of his cock and placed it between her lips, he could hold on no more and he pushed up and shot a load of cum into her mouth, she gasped and lifted her head and the second jet hit her in the face, Sarah told her to grab his cock and put it in her mouth, the third spurt hit her cheek before she managed to get it into her mouth and she swallowed the rest. When he’d finished Sarah smiled.

“See, and you never even touched him!”

Chloe still had her hand around his cock slowly stroking it as Sarah talked to them. Gary eventually recovered he looked at Chloe,

“Chlo? That was the best cum you’ve ever given me,” she smiled. Chloe was then instructed to lie down and Gary told to do the same, as he slowly inched up her thighs she began to moan and part her legs, Sarah saw her nipples harder, she told him to pass her pussy and go straight to her nipples, and when he took first one, then the other between his lips she moaned and wriggled about, her breathing quickened, then when he was told to cover her pussy with little kisses she started to move more, and when he found her clit, well the result was amazing, she ground herself up against his mouth she was panting

“Oh fuck Gary, yes, oh god no, I’m gonna cum, oh god!”

Then she exploded and bucked as her orgasm ripped through her and she too had one of the best orgasms of her young life. Sarah watched as she slowly came down and he looked down upon her, she could see how much he loved her.

Sarah sat on the beds beside them.

“What do you think guys?” Chloe moaned.

“That was fantastic Sarah, where did you learn that?”

“It comes with age, honey.”

Chloe smiled, “are you going to get undressed?”

Sarah grinned, “I was hoping young Gary here would undress me if that’s alright with you.”

Chloe nodded, and Gary stood and slowly began to undress Sarah. He moaned his approval when he released her breasts, he had never seen such big and hard nipples, and when he pulled her knickers down and saw her hairy bush, he was beside himself.

“It reminds me of my mums.”

Sarah smiled, “oh yes? And how did you see your mum’s pussy?”

He blushed, he told her that when he was fourteen, he’d found photos of her and dad on the computer, they had forgotten to delete or hide them. Sarah smiled.

“And did little Gary masturbate over them?”

He blushed again, she smiled. It’s okay, most boys have a curiosity for their mum, I know my son did.”

Gary asked what her son had done. She told them how her son Peter used to steal her old knickers from the wash hamper and masturbate into them. Gary was amazed,

“Did you say anything?”

Sarah shook her head. “No, it was harmless, though I did have to start wearing knickers in bed because he took to joining me in bed when his dad worked nights, he used to come in claiming he couldn’t sleep, but I could feel his hard-on in my back as he cuddled me.”

When they had recovered Sarah asked if Gary made her orgasm orally. She shook her head.

“No, he’s too rough,”

Sarah nodded, “Are you okay letting me show him what to do on you?”

Chloe nodded nervously, as she lay down Sarah asked her if she’d ever been with a woman, she hadn’t.

“Me neither, so we’re both virgins.”

Gary sat close and watched everything that Sarah did.

Sarah lay between his wife’s legs and began to softly kiss inside of her thighs, almost immediately Chloe began to moan, and Sarah moved up she could smell the young woman’s pussy and when she kissed her labia, her moans got louder. Then Sarah ran her tongue around her clit before flicking it, bringing our gasps from the young woman. She parted her lips with her fingers, then probed her tight pussy with her tongue, Chloe pushed her pussy against Sarah’s mouth. She was panting now. Sarah closed her lips over her clit, and just as she likes, she rolled it between them, gently tugging on it and pressing it, the drove Chloe wild, Sarah made to get up and make way for Gary, but Chloe grabbed her head and pushed her back down.

“God no! Don’t stop, I’m so close! Oh, fuck!”

Sarah continued working on her clit, gently pushing a finger in and out of the young woman, she was tight. Suddenly Chloe clamped her legs around Sarah’s head and lifted her bum off the bed as she screamed loud as her orgasm hit.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” she wailed, her young body jerking and in spasms as her orgasm ripped through her. Sarah kept her mouth on the pussy as she licked up all her juices. Done, Chloe flopped back and lay panting, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Sarah,

“That was the best orgasm of my life.”

Sarah looked at Gary, “see how it was done?”

He nodded, his cock was leaking pre-cum.

Sarah looked at Chloe, “are you any good at blow-jobs?”

She shook her head,

“Come here.”

As Chloe moved into position Gary lay down and Sarah took his hard cock in her hand and showed Chloe how to gently suck the tip. Then the shaft, and lick the shaft then slowly slide her mouth up and down. Then she sat up.

“You try Chloe.”

Nervously Chloe took his cock in her little hand, she gently stroked it, he moaned, then she leaned over and copying Sarah, flicked her tongue out over the tip, then licked the shaft, then slowly closed her lips over the head and began to slowly move up and down. Gary moaned and gently placed his hand on the back of her head as his wife gave him the best blow-job of his life. She worked so slowly, her tongue working on his tip and she slid up and down the shaft. Sarah whispered instructions into her ear as Chloe continued with her blow-job. She cupped his balls and gently teased them, all the time keeping the pressure on his cock, He felt his cum rise, he held her head on his cock and he began to jerk against her, then he cried out and threw his head back as his cum erupted and poured into his wife’s mouth, she struggled with the quantity, but did her best, some escaped, but she wiped it up and licked it from her fingers When he was done, his cock fell limp against his belly, Chloe sat up and smiled at Sarah. Sarah watched as the young couple lay in each other’s arms, she got up and walked to the bathroom to get a drink, when she came back, they were whispering.

“What are you two whispering about,”

Chloe smiled, “you.”

Sarah laughed, “okay then, what is it?”

Gary was blushing, Chloe smiled, “you know he said that you reminded him of his mother?”

Sarah nodded, yes, Chloe looked at her husband.

“He asked me if he could fuck you, and I said yes. If you’ll let him.”

“Oh you did, did you?”

She nodded, “I did.”

She looked at Gary, “So Gary you want to fuck me then?” he blushed and nodded, “Little Gary wants to fuck his mum?”

Chloe nudged him, “for fuck’s sake Gary just say it.”

He looked up, “I want to fuck you, mum.”

Sarah smiled, and walked to the bed, “on one condition,”

“What’s that?” she smiled at Chloe.

“I get to lick that delicious pussy again as you do it.”

Chloe smiled and lay down, legs spread, Sarah was on her hands and knees, her bum in the air, her face deep in Cloe’s pussy, and Gary kneeled behind Sarah and held his cock at her pussy, he grabbed her hips and move forward, he felt Sarah’s pussy grips his cock and almost suck him inside then he began to fuck her. It was quite the scene, three heaving and panting bodies, the two women moaning, Chloe grabbing and holding Sarah’s head hard onto her pussy as her husband rammed his cock into her pussy, Gary came first filling Sarah’s pussy with his hot young cum, as he pulled out of her, Sarah turned around and placed her pussy, with Gary’s cum dripping out, onto Chloe’s mouth, she sucked on Sarah’s pussy and her husband’s cum, it was too much for the pair of them and both women came together in a sea of writhing arms and legs.

When they had recovered, they lay there, all three side by side, Sarah stroked Chloe’s breasts.

“So, do you feel more confident Chloe?”

She moaned, “Uh-huh, thanks to you.”

Sarah left the young couple as they were about to fuck each other, as she drove home, she reflected on what had happened, it was certainly not the night that she had expected, but one that she’d remember for a long time.

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