The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Chapter Seven

Becky came to visit the next day, it was good that she didn’t live too far away. When her mother told her about the young couple that she helped Becky was shocked, but mainly by the fact that her mother had been with a woman, a woman younger than her! And, by the fact that her mother was now considered some sort of sex counsellor! She laughed,
“Maybe next time Ian and I have problems, we should come to see you.”
Her mum blushed, “behave, these are just young kids, they know nothing, not like you.”
Becky put her hand on her mum’s, “mum, don’t go making assumptions, I was joking, but also, kind of serious. We don’t have it all sorted out, and it would help if you and I could talk maybe sometime.”
Sarah stared at her daughter, she was being serious, that got her worried, she didn’t want her daughter’s marriage to fail. She had to be careful about how she handled it.
“Listen, Becky, I’m here for you anytime,”
Becky smiled, “for us both?”
Sarah nodded, “of course, for you both.”
The following day, Sarah had another coffee date with Michael, and as they walked along the promenade, the wind that blew off the sea, lifted loose sand from the beach and some blew into her eye. He lifted her face to him as he carefully removed a grain of sand from the corner of her eye.
“There, that’s got it, how does it feel?” their faces were so close, he could feel her breath on his face, her eyes locked onto his, he leaned in and they kissed, a passionate long deep, tongues in the mouth, wet, slobbering kiss. It was no little friendly peck, that kiss was full-on, passionate, ‘I want you’ kiss.
Breaking they caught their breath, he stared at her, she smiled.
“Well, that was nice” She grinned, “I guess our little coffee dates have just been upgraded.”
He nodded, “I’m glad you liked it, I thought I’d blown it, but I couldn’t resist your lips.”
She licked her lips and smiled, “want to try again, see if it was a fluke?”
He took her in his arms, and oblivious to anyone around them they stood and kissed, she melted in his strong arms, he held her close to him, a soft moan escaped as they pressed their bodies against each other, and she felt his bulge press into her lower tummy.
The walk back to the car was so pleasurable, they walked hand in hand and planned their first proper date, they were going out for a meal in the middle of the week. Another wonderfully passionate kiss, then they parted.
Wednesday arrived and Sarah started her preparations early, and she even tidied up her pussy hair, even though she knew that there would be no chance of sex, that was way too soon for them. The taxi collected her on time, and he was waiting outside the restaurant when she arrived. He kissed her, and she could feel her melting already. Inside they enjoyed a lovely meal before walking into town and visiting a few bars. They talked about all sorts, and her family, when she got talking about her kids, she could talk forever, and nearly did. It was getting late, and she didn’t want to leave, so they took a walk down to the sea-front. She was feeling so romantic, wrapped in his arms, they paused, he swept her in his arms and kissed her, he felt his hand move inside her coat and towards her breast, her heart fluttered, she held her breath, he sensed her tension and stopped,
“What’s wrong?” He asked
She said nothing but stared back at him, and as she did she took his hand and placed it over her breast, then she kissed him again. He gently caressed her soft breast over her blouse, she loved how it felt, she moaned as his fingers found her erect nipple, she let out a sigh as he nuzzled her neck.
Her lips parted, “Oh Michael.” She sighed.
“I think we’d better get going before I am unable to stop and do something stupid,” he whispered. They turned, and arm in arm walked back to town.
Back at home, she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her, her vibrator was still deep inside her pussy and her mobile in her hand, with his photograph, abs, and all on the screen.
“Oh, Michael, I want you so badly!”
She turned onto her side, removed the vibrator and turned it off, and fell asleep. When she told her daughter the following day, she was a little embarrassed, but Becky said that she should have called him.
“You could have come together?
“You mean like phone sex?”
Becky nodded, “exactly!” The idea caused a twitch in her knickers, Becky told her that she and Ian used to do it all the time, whenever he was away with work.
“Oh, I don’t know, I couldn’t ask him to do that.”
Becky smiled, “Of course you could.
That night whilst they were talking on the phone her heart was pounding in her chest, could she ask him? She somehow got the courage.
“Michael?” He listened, “please don’t freak when I say this, have you ever had phone sex?”
There was a pause, “No, have you?” Then he asked her why she brought it up, she explained that she thought about him last night she masturbated, “You did?”
He told her that he did the same thing. Her pussy was leaking as she nervously asked him if he’d like to do it now, he said he would.
There was a pause, “Michael, how do we start?” he laughed.
“I don’t know either, how about you tell me what you are wearing?”
She smiled, “original” he giggled.
“Got any better ideas?”
“No, I’m on my bed, I have my nightie on, its pale green, and I’m naked underneath.”
He told her that he was wearing a pair of boxers. She picked up her vibrator, and turned it on, he heard it and turned it on, “Is that a vibrator?”
“Are you hard Michael?”
“Oh God yes, so hard. Please Sarah, put it into you for me.”
They enjoyed their first phone play and she was surprised by how turned on she was and when she heard him moaning and grunting when he came, she knew that she couldn’t wait any longer.
“Michael, I want you.” He was breathing heavily.
“Oh, Sarah I want you too.”
She was panting, “No, you don’t understand I want you, I want to move things on. Let me come over tomorrow night.”
That surprised him, and as he got himself under control, he whispered, “Are you sure?”
“I’m sure.”
He wanted that so much. He asked her if she’d thought about it, she said that she had.
“What about David, you said you’d tell him before we took it to that step.”
It was true, that’s what she’d said. “Listen, Sarah, I’d love you to come over, but I’d have to know that David knows.”
She knew that he was right, “I’ll talk to him tomorrow, then I’ll call you.”
The next morning, she was waiting in the kitchen when Becky arrived, she could tell that her mother had something on her mind. When she told her what it was, she put her hand on hers.
“I don’t know how I’m going to tell him, Becky.” Her daughter squeezed her hand.
“You’ll be fine. I’ll talk to him first.”
She waited whilst Becky sat with her dad, Alex, the carer sat with her, having a welcome break from her duties, Becky was gone over half an hour when she called her mum in. Sarah walked in and looked at David, he was where he always was, where he’d be for the foreseeable future. Becky held out her hand and Sarah took it.
“Mum, I’ve told Dad.”
Sarah looked at her, “it’s okay mum, he understands, we will talk about it now, but he’s okay.” Sarah sat down, she already had tears in her eyes. Becky explained that she’d told him, she and her dad still had that special bond, and she knew his communication sounds and signals better than anyone, she could read his moods in an instant. For Sarah, it took a little more time, but she usually got there.
“Dad doesn’t want you to sit and be alone mum, he loves you dearly, as you love him, but he understands that you have needs, and, he does not want you to sit upstairs on your own, forever.”
Sarah took her husband’s hand and squeezed it, he looked at her, his movements were a little agitated, he may have been okay with it, but he was emotional. The one thing Sarah was good at, was reading her husband’s eyes. She locked onto them.
“Honey, you know I will always love you, and I will be upstairs forever, I will never leave you, I promise. To know that you understand makes me feel so much better about myself. Thank you.”
Becky said that they’d talked, “and I asked him if he was okay with you seeing another man, knowing what that meant,” she turned to her dad, “Dad? What did you say?” Are you truly okay with mum seeing Michael?” Sarah stared, as her husband held her gaze, and blinked his eyes, once, twice, the signal for yes. Sarah leaned over and kissed her husband’s cheek.
“I love you, honey,” she whispered and had to leave as tears started to fall, and she didn’t want him getting upset.
Becky joined her in the lounge a little later, “Thanks for that Becky.”
He daughter sat beside her and they hugged. “Dad loves you mum, and he wants you to be happy. And I know you feel bad, but imagine if the tables were reversed, what would you have said to me if I’d told you that dad wanted to sleep with another man.”
She looked at her, she couldn’t believe that she’d told him his name, “I’d say yes of course.”
She squeezed her mother’s hand, “exactly. So, go out and have a good time tonight, and let yourself go, be Sarah and not mum.”
As she sat in the taxi heading to his house on the other side of town, she as trying to compose herself. She was so nervous, she’d had sex, a lot lately, but this time, this wasn’t just sex, this was different, this was special, he was special. The taxi driver made polite conversation, but she could feel him eyeing her up, she wore a short dress and he kept looking in the mirror to get a look up it. She got out of the taxi, the cool air on her body immediately caused her nipples to harden, she looked down as she straightened her jacket, ‘oh god, he’ll think I’m turned on already’ which, she was, she just hoped that she’d hide it better. Taking a deep breath, she rang the doorbell.
He took her jacket from her and kissed her, he smelled gorgeous, she could have just ravished him there and then. His flat was nice, cosy people would describe it, he showed her into the lounge.
“We can order take away if you’re hungry, I’m not a great cook.”
She shook her head, they both knew why she was there. “Drink?” she nodded, ‘a little Dutch courage won’t go a miss’ He handed her drink, and then sat down on the sofa beside her, they were both nervous, they made light conversation.
She finished her drink as he took her in his arms and kissed her, she moaned and pressed her body against his, he reciprocated, breaking for air she gasped, “Michael, take me to bed.”
He smiled and stood, pulling her to her feet and taking her hand he led her upstairs to his bedroom. Inside the small but tidy room he turned and kissed her again, he writhed and pressed her body against his, her hands crawled across his chest and down to his crotch, she could feel his huge bulge, she was so wet between her legs, she began to pull at his shirt buttons, he smiled and took over and soon he was topless and she stared at his beautiful toned body, he reached behind and unzipped her dress, he let it fall and she stepped out of it. Their actions were becoming more and more frantic, falling on the bed she grabbed for his pants and pulling the button open she unzipped him and slid his trousers over his muscular thighs, the bulge in his shorts growing with each passing second.
She sat up, “sod this!” she reached behind and nearly ripped her bra off and pulled her legs up and slipped out of her panties, as he pushed his boxers down and then, they were both naked, they lay there, taking in each other’s beauty. She stared at his cock, it wasn’t huge in length, it was big maybe seven, to eight inches but it was thick, she reached out and he groaned as she wrapped her fingers around the hardening shaft, she couldn’t make them meet up, he was thick. She smiled at him, “May I?” he nodded, he couldn’t believe what she was about to do, he watched as she leaned down and slowly stroked his cock, which was now almost fully erect and poked her tongue into the tiny slit on the top, then he gasped and she slipped her lips over the head, she had to open her mouth but she got it in and closed her lips around the head and on his shaft. His hands came up and stroked her hair as she started to move her head up and down, he hasn’t had this done for so long, and he wasn’t sure how long he could last, but whilst it did, he was going to enjoy it. She kept a good rhythm up but eventually he eased her off him and they kissed, “You’ll have me coming soon, I don’t want to waste the first one Sarah,” she smiled as he caressed her breasts then, kissing and sucking her nipples he moved down her body, pushing her legs apart, she slid his tongue between her soaked pussy lips and probed her inner walls, she arched her back to meet him, his fingers caressed and teased her clit, pressing and pulling as she rapidly approached her orgasm. He kept it up, constantly working her clit as his tongue pushed deep into her. As she got close, he slipped his other hand under her bottom and spread her cheeks and pressed his fingertip around and against her tiny asshole, as he sucked harder on her clit. It was all too much for her and she screamed out as the most powerful orgasm ripped through her body he had to hold on hard as she bucked underneath him fucking her hips hard up against his face. It took her some time to recover, he just held her as her pulse slowed and her breathing recovered, she rested her head on his shoulder and looked up at him, “thank you, that was amazing.” He smiled, with a smile like his, she’d do anything for him. She rolled onto her back and parted her legs, inviting him onto her, “please?” he smiled and slid across and kissed her as he lay on her, she reached down and held his cock, she tried to place it at her entrance, but it was just too big for her. He took over, he lifted himself, and leaned on his left arm, looking down he pressed the huge head at her opening, he watched as the lips were spread wide, squashed as he moved forward, pressing, pushing, she moaned and groaned as her lips resisted his huge cock, she wondered if he’d ever get it in she suddenly the head slipped in and her lips closed around the shaft. She was panting, it nearly took her breath away, he kissed her as he slid more and more into her stretching pussy, he had most of it in when he began to move gentle and slow, he didn’t want to hurt her. As she got used to its size, her breathing became more regular and his pace increased. She’d never felt anything like it, parts of her puss were being touched that had never been touched before, each thrust in, his shaft brushed against her swollen clitoris, she knew that the next orgasm would be something special. Her whole pussy was being worked, her groans and sighs were turning him on as he responded with harder and deeper thrusts and soon they had built up a good pace, When it hit she thought she’d died and gone to heaven, she did see flashing lights, lights of all colours, and her whole body tingle as it ripped through her entire being. She couldn’t help it, she dug her fingers hard into his back, she knew that she’d drew blood, and that scream? She couldn’t believe that she could make such a noise. Then came the spasms, she rocked side to side, bucked up and down, lifted her chest, slammed her hips up onto his as she came., then, or a fraction of a second, she felt numb, she thought she’d passed out, then the warmest, soothing, glowing feeling spread through her body. Throughout this, he banged away, and as she slowed down, he groaned cried out as she came and filled her tight pussy with a huge spurt of cum, followed by several more as he emptied himself into her. They collapsed in a heap on his bed, panting, she lay on her side and had her head on his chest as they lay there waiting for everything to return to normal.
She rested on her elbow and kissed him, she ran her fingers across his chest, and, it was then that she saw them He had several scars on his chest, some were quite big, she hadn’t seen them in the photo he sent, because they had been airbrushed out. She traced her finger around one hear his shoulder and looked in his eyes.
“I guess these are your war wounds?”
He stared at her and nodded. She caressed a scar on the top of his shoulder, close to his neck.
“What happened here?”
He sighed, he knew that this day would come, he hated talking about them, but, if he had any chance with her, he’d have to open up, that’s what his therapist had said. He looked into her eyes.
“That, was a close shave, a bullet that could have killed me, but went straight through, I have the same thing on my back.”
She felt terrible, then she ran her finger over a long one under his arm, he told her that it was shrapnel from an RPG attack, another that he was lucky to survive. In total, he had four shrapnel wounds, and three bullet wounds on his body, he’d been hit in three separate incidents. She placed her lips softly on each one and gently kissed them, He closed his eyes, his ex-wife had never reacted to them in that way, to her, they were ugly, and ruined his body. She nuzzled into his side and wrapped her arm across his body.
“They are beautiful Michael, they are part of you now, I will never say that about them.”
It was all he could do not to cry, he cuddled her, she slipped her leg across his thigh and nestled into his side, “Michael?”
He kissed her head, “Yes?” she kissed his chest.
“Can I stay?”
He smiled to himself and pulled her closer to him, “I’d like nothing better, Sarah.”
They made love once more that evening, a more considered and gentler affair, and then again in the morning, when he dropped her off outside her house, she kissed him goodbye, she thought it too soon to bring him in, he understood. As she watched him drive off, her heart felt instantly heavier. She walked into the lounge to see Becky sat there smiling and looking at her watch.
“What time do you call this? Where have you been all night? And, sit down and tell me all about it.”

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