The Awakening of Sarah / Sarah

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Sarah - Book Two


Forty-seven-year-old Sarah has been married to David for twenty-six years and they have three grown-up children, Peter, twenty-six, Becky, twenty-four and Amy, twenty-two. They have one grandson, David, named after his grandfather.

Sarah used to be a teacher, but for the past eighteen months, she has been a full-time carer for her husband who was left with a life-changing brain injury following a car accident that had left him ‘locked-in’ his own body. His mind was alert, but he was unable to talk. He communicated through a series of sounds and facial movements and blinks.

He had made huge strides in the time since his accident, but everyone knew that he would never return to the man, the father, the grandfather that he was before the accident.

For eighteen months Sarah had cared for him. And now her sexual frustrations were beginning to show. After an embarrassing moment with her daughter, she was persuaded to explore the world of online sexual hook-ups, and the seedy world of ‘dogging.’

After two nerve-racking, yet highly arousing ‘dogging’ encounters and a hotel meet with a young couple, Sarah met Michael. Michael was damaged goods. He was an Army veteran who suffered from PTSD. They hit it off and spent one magical night together.

This is where part two of Sarah’s story starts.

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