Behind Closed Doors

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Chloe Adams never thought she'd get the babysitting/nanny position for the St. James. Then again she never thought she'd find Dylan St. James between her thighs. She had only applied because she hated her current job so bad she'd have done anything. Upon first appearances the St. James appear to be the perfect couple. It soon becomes clear that the "happy family" is all a façade.

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Looking down at my phone for the third time I made positive that I was about to walk into the right building. When I had applied for the babysitter/nanny job online it never occurred to me that I’d have to travel downtown for the interview. I mean I assumed I would be interviewing at an actual home.

Sighing I looked down wishing I would have went with my first instinct and wore a dress and not the skinny leg jeans, blouse and flats I was now standing in. Opening the door I was greeted with a bright lobby that only made it even more clear that I was underdressed. Frowning I walked up to the front desk.

The girl behind the desk looked up at me from her computer. I gave her a tight lip smile, “Hi, I’m Chloe Adams I have an appointment with Mrs. Elizabeth St. James at 1:30.”

The girl arched her brow at me in confusion making me think I was in the wrong building after all . “Oh, ok right. You threw me there. Take the elevator to the 10th floor. I’ll buzz and let them know you are on your way.”

Saying thank you I walked to the elevators feeling even more out of place in the empty cold lobby. I had found the add online purely by luck, my current job was a disaster and a half and I had put in so many different applications that I had lost count. I had never expected to make it past the first interview which had been an online questionnaire. I had absolutely no experience unless you count me babysitting my younger sister.

As the elevator door opened to the tenth floor a tall blonde headed lady greeted me, “Ms. Adams, right on time. Mr. St. James will appreciate that.”

I frowned, Mr. St.James, “I thought...I thought I was meeting with Mrs. St. James.”

The blonde turned around shaking her head, “there must have been some miscommunication. He knows you are here and I’ll send you in shortly. You can take a seat. Do you want some water or possibly coffee?”

I shook my head no, “no thank you, I’m ok.”

She nodded, “ok well if you change your mind just let me know. Mr. St. James had an important call come through so it could be a few minutes.

Nodding I told her it was ok thanking her again for her assistance. As I took my seat I wondered why I was meeting with Mr. St. James. I had heard the St. James name before but hadn’t thought much about it untill I received the email earlier in the week setting up my interview. After the email I used google to discover Dylan St. James had taken over his father’s successful trade buisness and Elizabeth St. James was an interior designer who had been featured in many magazines.

This also created many questions, why was the St. James posting online for a nanny? Was their kid that bad. Probably, the kid was probably a freaking devil spawn. This was just an interview, an interview which I would probably be sent right out the door. I had nothing to offer them. No experience. No chance in hell.

Hearing a door open I looked up and saw the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen walk out. The blonde secretary said something to him and next thing I knew his eyes made contact with mine. Dear God how was it possible that he could look even hotter in real life than his pictures online made him appear. My eyes hit the ground as I realized I had held his stare far longer than I should have. I could feel my cheeks turn red. Shit all hopes I had of getting this job went down the drain, last thing a man like him would want was an eighteen year old girl drooling after him all day.

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