The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Jordan is taken by werewolves not as a slave or pet but by the Alpha to be his tiny human baby. He must learn the rules -fast or face the consequences In a world where supernatural creatures have risen from hiding and taken over, the smaller, weaker humans have become accustomed to submitting. Unwanted humans belong to them, free to be taken at their will and used for their pleasure. Jordan, an orphan and homeless is tracked and taken by a werewolf pack. Belonging to the Alpha and his male mate they teach and train him in the ways of being their human baby. Equal in size and proportion that an adult has with their own child, he is helpless to fight, escape and defend himself. But he's going to try! Featuring strong sex scenes, boy x boy, ageplay and kink. Mature audiences only

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Jordan rummaged through the trash can, knowing that with garbage collection tomorrow he needed to find enough food for a few days. He had an old backpack, so far empty, but he was hoping this well-to do street would be lucky. The sky had gone from blue to pink to orange and was now going black as night set in.

Jordan preferred to creep around in the dark but without a torch or light it did make it hard to find decent food. His stomach rumbled from a day of nothing but water and he knew if he didn't find something soon he'd no doubt pass out from weakness.

Reaching in the rubbish and grabbing a bag of scraps, he heard a dog barking that made him jump. Snatching the bag and stuffing it into his backpack he ran down the street as the barking got closer. Normally he didn't mind dogs, but this deep bark, indicating a large dog had him running scared. He twisted and turned through the streets for another hour, slowly filling up his bag with meat bones, over ripe fruit, more vegetable scraps and a carton of milk dregs. By the time it was pitch black he knew he had to call it a night and make his way back to his shelter of cardboard boxes and tin from an old dog kennel he called home.

This world he lived in was chaos. When he was little, werewolves revealed themselves to the human population and swiftly overpowered mankind. In most instances, humans were allowed to live normal lives but all the governing bodies answer to the werewolves and priority was given to the wolves. They built their own super-sized communities, took the majority of the resources and left humans to fend for themselves. Anarchy reigned and with no semblance of order, civilisation crumbled.

Humans grew to be scared and wary of the wolves - if a wolf choose you, for whatever reason, there was no higher power to appeal to and no option to be rescued. Thousands of humans were used as wolf bait, slaves, house servants, pets, toys and adult babies. The very best were turned, to be the next generation of wolves but the weakest and smallest were taken to be pets or babies for a pack that could not or did not want to reproduce. As the wolves were free in dominance and power, and having the ability to select the fittest and best to be the next generation of immortals, plus with all the best food to hand they grew larger and stronger. The average werewolf height was 12 ft - double a tall human male.

At 18 years old, Jordan himself was probably as tall as he'll ever get, around 5ft 6, and thanks to a lacklustre diet, he was lanky and skinny with ribs visible underneath the rags he called clothes. His dirty blonde hair was so oily and unwashed it looked brown, stuck down over his forehead at the front and was a matted clump that reached his shoulders at the back. His normally pale skin was dirty and blotchy from the cold and wind and exposure to elements from having no job or home to go to. As he walked back to his makeshift shelter, he started eating from his collection he had acquired. Too tired and too hungry to wait he chomped down 2 apples as he walked, trying to stay out of the streetlights. He heard another dog bark, even deeper this time, and crossed the street to stay further away from it. He quickened his pace as a light rain started to drizzle, knowing that if his clothes got wet he'd be cold tonight as he slept. Two streets closer to home he heard another dog, but it was the most eerie howl. Making the hairs on his arms and neck stand up he felt a shiver of fear tingle down his spine. Turning a corner prematurely he tried to veer away from the sound, any animal in pain was not Jordan's friend. He picked up his pace again, breaking into a jog and tossing the apple core into the garden bed. He slung his bag over his shoulder when he heard another howl, higher pitched than the last, followed by barking from all least another 3 dogs? What was going on? Looking around him as he ran, Jordan weaved through the streets turning away from each new sound.

Little did he know he was being expertly herded by a pack of wolves though the streets. A couple of blocks from home he started to really run, thinking he could hide in his shelter until this madness went away. Too scared to even contemplate it was werewolves, he assumed a dog fight was the most probable reason and getting out the way was a good idea. Jordan had never seen a werewolf up close. Probably a good thing as not many people came away from meeting a werewolf with a happy ending. He knew that it was the most likely reason his parents had disappeared 4 years ago, but surviving on the streets that long gave him a false sense of security and confidence in his survival skills.

With all these thoughts running through his head he didn't see the large branch on the pavement in the darkness. He fell flat on the ground, skidding along the concrete for good measure given the speed he was travelling at. Rolling to try and lessen the impact, he felt the strap of his bag on his shoulder snap and give way as he finally came to a stop on the grass next to a large tree. Dazed, he sat up checking where it hurt most and trying to assess his injuries in the dark. He stilled, noticing that all the noises had stopped and instead it was incredibly silent. All the other sounds of the night had ceased, even normal night sounds and Jordan could only hear the sound of his own breathing and nothing else.

Once again the hairs on his neck stood up, making him feel like he was being watched and it wasn't until he saw a pair of eyes in the bushes - the pupils reflecting the glow of a nearby streetlamp, he knew for certain he wasn't alone. Pushing off the ground to stand, he felt two enormous hands on his shoulders forcing him back into a sitting position. Out of the darkness in every direction he saw more dark eyes come towards him, revealing themselves to be wolves enclosing him in a circle. The hands on his shoulders moved up his neck holding his head up and forwards so he couldn't turn it left or right or see exactly who or what it was behind him. He knew any sudden moves would be fatal so he sat still and silent, waiting to see what these beasts wanted from him. As brave as he tried to be on the outside he could feel his heart pounding madly in his chest, his breathing was loud and fast to his own ears and he felt a cold, clammy sweat all over his body. The supernatural beings all around him could see, smell and feel his fear coming off him in waves.

"Don't move." Ordered the man behind him, in a deep authoritative voice.

A wolf came up to him carrying his backpack he had lost in the fall, in his mouth, saliva dripping onto the bag straps before he let go of it at Jordan's feet.

"Pull out anything from your bag that confirms your identity is Jordan Cromwell." Came the gruff voice from behind him once more.

Jordan unzipped the front pocket and pulled out his folded and crumpled birth certificate and one remaining photo he had of him and his parents before they disappeared, and lifted them both above his head to give to the faceless voice.

"Good. It's him men, well done. Now to deliver the Alpha his son. He's waiting at home for you boy, ready to give you the life you never knew you wanted. He's been watching you for a long while, foraging through other people's trash for food, sleeping in a rotten old dog kennel and living a life with no friends or family. Well, can I be first to say, welcome to the pack. You might be the lowest member and the only human amongst us, servants and slaves not actually belonging to the pack you see, but your life will be better than the shit storm it is now. You'll have the protection of the pack and most importantly, the love of the Alpha. Just don't piss him off, learn the rules fast and you'll adjust to our world just fine. Now..." He moved to remove Jordan's jacket and pushed his hands behind his back.

This finally stirred a response from the petrified boy on the ground.

"No wait, please. I have never done a werewolf any harm and I just live my quiet life in peace. I will do anything you want if you'll just let me go. I won't tell anyone about this, I mean you know I'm a loner- who would I tell. If you just let me go. Please."

Jordan knew he was begging and rambling but he had to try anything to get out of this situation. A rock of fear had settled in his stomach at talk of being the Alpha'a son and joining the pack. This is what he'd spent his homeless life trying to avoid.

"Now son, you'll do anything hey? Well that's the spirit. The boss will be pleased to hear you're so accommodating. I think he'd like a bit of a fight and resistance but overall a quick submission would be more peaceful."

The man chuckled, ignoring all but the one sentence he wanted to hear from Jordan's desperate speech.

"Jamie! Come here man, as Alpha's mate it's only right you carry him home."

A couple of the wolves edged closer to Jordan, one coming all the way to his feet and laying on the ground. Jordan backed up in fear, coming straight up against the giant man's legs behind him.

"Now boy." The man continued. "Do we need to gag you for the ride home or will you behave and keep your mouth shut? Does he seem like a squealer boys?"

The dog at Jordan's feet whined and wheezed, almost as if it was laughing.

"Alright, no gag. But if I have to transform back to shut him up he's getting a red bum for my troubles - here that boy? Make us stop for any reason and I'll use my belt strap on your arse."

Jordan now felt sick at the threat and conversation happening over his head. Paralyzed in fear, he couldn't move if he tried whilst he felt his captor grab his hands and tie them in front of his body with rough, thick rope. Grabbing him under his armpits, he lifted him easily and moved Jordan forward towards the dog at his feet. He placed Jordan over the large dog's back, looping his tied up hands over the beast's head. His shoes and tattered socks were ripped off his feet and his legs spread over the wide, hairy back of the dog. As this Jamie werewolf stood up, Jordan grabbed his chest hair to hang on and avoid falling forward. The still faceless captor made a knot with more rope around each ankle and tied them as close together as possible under the dog's belly, bringing Jordan's knees up and lifting his ass up into the air. One final rope from his tied wrists, down the beast to the knot holding his feet competed his bondage. He couldn't move his arms, feet or body and to avoid stuffing his head into the thick wolf fur turned his head to the side to see the wolf pack assembled close by watching.

"Right." Came the gruff voice. He gave Jordan's raised ass a quick sharp slap in warning. "Now don't make us stop for any reason or we'll make sure you're sorry for it. Got it."

Jordan felt like he might puke, laying on his stomach tied down to an enormous grey wolf. He didn't even come halfway down the wolf's back. He had bile in his throat and tears in his eyes. He hardly heard the words spoken to him through the rushing in his ears and his rear was still smarting for the hard slap. Without warning he received a second smack and he jumped in panicked surprise.

"Did you hear me? This isn't getting off to a good start. I mean, you haven't found your fight yet but the boss will probably prefer you try that with him. All for discipline he is. But he'll agree on one thing - you answer any questions the pack gives you with a yes sir or no sir. Understand?"

"Y-yes sir"

"Better. So, not a word on the journey - or any reason to make us stop. Understand?"

"Yes sir"

"Good. We'll be within our territory by the hour and at the pack house, you're new home, shortly after. Hang on, shut up and you're first meeting with your new daddy won't be a total disaster. Gents, nice work tonight, we'll have a few drinks to celebrate tonight. Wet the baby's head so to speak after a smooth run home. Let's move."

Jordan heard a ripping sound behind him and and few grunts before a dark brown wolf, just taller than the one he was on came into view. Giving off a low rumble, he started running, a few followed before the wolf Jordan was attached to broke into stride with him barely hanging on.

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