The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 10

It took Samson a lot longer than it should have to hear Jordan crying out the following morning. Admittedly he was distracted. Jamie was currently under the sheets, showing Samson his appreciation for bringing their boy back safe yesterday. When he finally heard the whimpering through the monitor, he groaned in frustration, knuckles clenching the pristine white sheets.

“Jamie....Jamie! I hate to stop you, but the pup’s awake.”

Jamie’s head appeared at his waist, popping out of the sheet. “Oh he’s whining, no words or shouting. He’s learning so quickly. Tell you what. I’ll get him, change him and bring him in here and he can help me finish my job down there. Let’s have some fun with him.”


“No arguments Sammy, don’t be so uptight. We want to show him how good it can be too don’t we? Just sit tight, don’t move and think dirty thoughts.”

Samson slapped Jamie’s bare arse as he jumped out of bed. “Hmm I can’t decide if I like it when you take charge or not. Hurry back then.”

Jamie opened the door connecting their rooms and with his wolf senses was hit with a strong, pungent smell. He reached the cot and looked down at Jordan, still swaddled tightly but wriggling like he had ants in his pants.

“Good morning! You good boy. You’ve used your nappy! Papa will be so proud of you. Who’s a good boy, who’s been good for Dada!” Jamie lifted him up and nuzzled him, kissing him all over his exposed face. Moving to the change table he kept cooing to him as he opened up the nappy and wiped the mess away and flicking his semi hard cock. “And good morning to you too, have you been hard all night? Or are you just a little wound up and ready to remedy this?” Jamie toyed with his cock, teasing him just enough to make his morning erection hard but not pleasure him.

Jordan had been relieved he managed to go in his diaper this morning, especially as everytime he moved - limited as that was - he felt the remains of last night’s punishment on his bottom. But what worried him was he was stiff, he tried to tell himself a morning wood was normal and it was only the whole baby abduction that had stopped them. But then he was half terrified he was hard because he’d used his diaper, he could feel it’s fullness all around him. Or was it the residual pain from last night’s caning that kept him turned on? He still couldn’t believe during that awful punishment he reacted as he did. He could quite happily go the rest of his life without seeing, tasting or smelling ginger ever again. His cock throbbed in the nappy and that was when he cried out, knowing that would be the quickest way to get attention.

“Papa and I have a bit of a treat for you this morning and we can now say you’ve earnt it.” Jamie’s voiced dragged him back to the present. “We hope you like it and given your most immediate need...” He rubbed his large hand against the front of Jordan’s diaper, just creating the tiniest friction with his cock. “Let’s just say you help me with Papa, I’ll help you”

Jamie winked mischievously at Jordan, carrying him back into their bedroom dressed only in his nappy.

“Look who’s joined us Papa. A very good baby boy. He needed a change this morning, if you know what I mean.”

Samson was sitting up right where Jamie left him and he reached out for Jordan. Jamie only leant Jordan forward so Samson could kiss him quickly and ruffled his hair. “Really? My very good boy, well Dada, did you discuss a reward then?”

“A little. But you’re not privy to our plans. You can just find out as we go.”

Jamie kissed Samson deeply, Jordan sandwiched between them. Only this time he didn’t seem to mind it. It was warm, soft and safe. Jamie moved them down the bed and covered them with the sheet. Jordan started to feel...excited? at what he saw, but confused and nervous. Papa’s cock was gargantuan! It was half the size of his body and as much as he looked forward to helping he wasn’t sure with his size what use he’d be.

Jamie whispered in his ear “Just do what feels right. If you want to suck it, or touch it or hug it, he will love anything you think to do. I’ll be right back.”

Jamie jumped up to get some lube from next to the bed, but being alone briefly gave Jordan courage to touch it. It was so hard, thicker than his arm, but as long from his shoulder to his fingers. Jordan wrapped himself around it. He felt Samson’s whole body freeze, clearly not expecting Jordan to do anything and that helped Jordan drop the last shred of his inhibition. He climbed up to the tip, still laying over the shaft and sucked the head like it was a giant teat. He couldn’t put it in his mouth completely but he found the slit and ran his tongue around and inside it. Samson twitched so hard that he nearly bucked Jordan off, but the moan Jordan heard encouraged him. A thick droplet of pre-cum came out and Jordan sucked as hard as he could, enjoying the saltiness.

Jamie was back and gently unclasped Jordan from Samson. He moved him down between Samson’s giant legs and kissed him full on the mouth. “You are just perfect. We are so lucky. You ready to try something else?” At Jordan nod, Jamie got some lube and rubbed it on Jordan’s arm as if it was sunscreen. Pointing and teasing Samson’s puckered hole with one hand and holding Jordan’s arms with the other, Jamie asked “Reckon you can see how far you can go? Extra points if you find Papa’s secret button”

Jordan nodded again and waited as Jamie crouched over him so he was straddling him and Samson and gave Samson’s cock his full attention, kissing and sucking. Jordan could feel his own erection. He was hot, from being under the sheets, between one giant wolf and under another but hot for sex too. He could smell it in the air and he found himself thrusting his hips in wanting. Finding confidence in being hidden he reached out with his tiny fingers and toyed with Papa’s entrance. His fingers went in with no resistance so he got bolder and put his fist in. He felt Samson push against him and it sucked him in further. He kept going, feeling the moist, snug passage hug his arm. Papa was squirming and moaning, he guessed from both his and Jamie’s ministrations but Jordan suddenly thrust all the way in to his shoulder. Papa cried out - in a good way, and Jordan found his face directly in front of Papa’s balls. Without hesitation and with the help of his free hand, he fondled and sucked as much of Papa’s balls as he could fit in his mouth as he thrust his other hand out to the elbow and back in again. Just as he felt his arm start to tire, Papa roared, bucked and tensed before relaxing and going limp. Jamie lifted Jordan up and placed him flat on Papa’s chest and laid down next to them, keeping one hand on his back, rubbing softly. After a few minutes Papa stirred, kissing Jamie and then looking down at Jordan.

“That was something else pup. You’re a natural, you felt amazing. I knew you were the one for us.”

“You good good boy Jordie. Sammy, he did all that on his own, he didn’t need any help or convincing.” Jamie agreed.

“Shall I repay the favour then, what say you to a family shower?”

Jordan was so excited he rammed his hips into Papa’s chest, he also had a warm tingly feeling at being included as family. He’d been so alone for so many years it was a balm to his soul to feel loved and wanted.

Samson kept him on his chest, all the way to the shower, removed his nappy and all three of them got in the double headed shower.

Both of them washed Jordan all over, every touch seemed sensual, yet they assiduously avoided his privates parts. He tried to move into the way of these large roaming hands, everywhere all at once yet not where they needed to be. When the soap was gone he was turned around so he faced Papa who was holding him in the palm of his hands, one leg hooked over each arm so he was fully exposed and spread before him. Jamie held his head back and licked his ear, the surprising move incredibly erotic. Papa pulled Jordan towards him and engulfed his whole cock and balls inside his mouth, swishing his tongue everywhere and sucking deliciously hard. Jordan gasped, almost coming instantly at how good it felt. He whined when he came out with a pop but Papa’s tongue kept exploring. He licked all over, to Jordan it felt like he was getting a velvet massage. Papa’s tongue was so large it was everywhere but the muscle was strong and felt absolutely heavenly. Without warning Papa’s tongue thrust into Jordan’s arsehole and he would have screamed if Dada didn’t kiss him at that exact moment. As he was being rapdily and thoroughly fucked by Papa’s tongue Jordan was shaking with pure desire, desperate to come but Papa stopped again before he could. Jordan was breathing so hard and it was that alone that stopped him from complaining verbally. He slammed his mouth shut to keep quiet, he would die if this stopped now. Dada came round to stand beside Papa, his pinky in his mouth and he and Papa looked at each other and shared a secret smile. With determined looks they converged back on Jordan, Papa taking him back into his mouth and pleasuring him like he’s never been pleasured before. At the same time Dada thrust that pinky in his behind and rubbed until he found that spot that made Jordan scream, squirm and thrust all at once. The combined efforts were too much for him and with all his might and then some, he came so forcefully he could have sworn he saw stars. Papa sucked him completely dry before releasing him, and holding him ever so carefully back against his chest, letting the water cascade over him as he recovered.

He was dried and put back into a nappy and for the first time in 3 days didn’t even care. He was put into a pink fluffy onesie, mittened hands and socked feet. Again he hardly kicked up a fuss, mentally or physically. They put a hood on his head and when he looked in the mirror he saw it had tiny pink ears coming from it. He looked like a tiny, extremely fluffy, pink teddy. His one concern was that he was going to boil in this suit. The weather had been so sunny and warm the last 2 days, this outfit was more suited to a rainy or stormy day.

Samson picked him up, kissed him as the temptation to cuddle him with all his fur was too much. Now he realised why he was wearing this. Because no one could keep their hands off him. He’d be petted and cuddled all day. Finally feeling disgruntled he tried to kick Samson to make him let him go. Samson just chuckled which made Jordan angrier. Little did he know his Dada and Papa were finding that even more adorable. But deciding not to push him further, they coaxed his dummy in to keep him silent.

“C’mon pup, breakfast is downstairs with the pack today. You starved? I sure am.” Samson laughed even louder at his own joke and cradling Jordan in one hand and holding Jamie’s in the other they made their way out of the master’s wing.

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