The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 11

The sound of “ohhs ” and “awws” told Jordan they had reached the kitchen. He was so relaxed and content, his reaction time was too slow after that kinky morning, that he didn’t even get time to protest before he was lifted out of Papa’s arms.

“Good morning brother, Jamie, little Jordan. ” it was Jenny, Papa’s sister looking down at him with a big smile. She was running her hands all over his fluffy suit “You boys hungry? There’s breakfast on the sideboard, and I have a warm bottle for this little guy. Can I feed him Samson? Please?” She looked up at him with pleading eyes and Samson laughed and waved a hand in acknowledgement, already headed to the huge buffet of food.

“Sure Jenny. If it means I get to eat with two hands this morning. I am famished.” He winked at Jamie saucily- their morning activities had built up quite an appetite. “Oh I forgot, just watch his arse. It’s sore.”

“Oh Samson!” Jenny admonished “you weren’t too hard on him were you. He’s just a baby. Look how tiny he is, especially compared to you.”

“He got just what he deserved, don’t question my authority Jen, I know my own strength.”

“Sorry Sam, I didn’t meant it like that. He just brings out such maternal feelings, he’s so helpless and little. How do they even survive in the wild.” Jenny cuddled him close rubbing her hair along the fur of his hood. Jordan felt miffed at the implication he couldn’t live on his own - he’d spent 4 years fending for himself.

“I know Jen. We feel the same way, we love him. But he still has to learn our expectations of him though. Look already how much he’s improved. A proper human baby in the making.” Samson had filled his plate up to the brim and took a seat at the head of the table.”

Jenny sat down next to him, opposite Jamie, and Jordan tried so hard not to peek at the plates of food tantalizingly close and wafting their amazing smell his way.

“Let’s see baby boy, how good you are for Aunty Jenny. You hungry? Open up...” Jenny tilted the full bottle towards his mouth and knowing it was his only option Jordan took it, sucking eagerly, as the warm milk flowed straight to his empty tummy.

Jenny burped him as Papa and Dada were finishing their meals. But when they got up, they didn’t come for him, turning at the last minute at the doorway.

“You right with him for an hour or so?” Samson asked Jenny.

“You betchya. What time is his appointment?”

“Midday but it’s over an hours drive, so it will be a quick pack meeting, I’ll get his things together and we’ll be back to collect him. Catch” Samson threw a dummy in the air which Jenny caught easily. “Don’t let him sleep, save it for the car ride.”

“Don’t worry. Well be fine. Say bye Daddies!” Jenny made Jordan wave with his mittened fluffy hand.

Jordan hated the way they talked as if he couldn’t understand what they were saying. What appointment? Where we’re they taking him and why couldn’t Jordan go to the pack meeting like he normally did with Papa. He started fussing in Jenny’s arms which only earnt him a mouthful of dummy and heard as the little ribbons from the dummy stud clipped onto his hood, so he couldn’t spit it out.

He spent the next hour pining for Papa. He was so used to the gentle giant and his subtly affectionate ways that the time spent with the ladies dragged on and on. They gushed over him, constantly touching him and baby talking to him in annoying sing song voices. Then they talked over him about how cute he was and tried to tempt him with baby toys like rattles he couldn’t even hold with his mittened hands so they just waved them in front of his face.

When Samson finally entered the room with a friendly hello Jordan’s head turned so fast towards him Samson was worried for his neck. He face lit up when Jordan held his hands up, silently begging to get away from these overbearing women. Samson was immaculately dressed, more formal than Jordan had seen before in a pair of dark chinos and shirt that moulded to his chest. Jordan was hit with a surge of desire, seeing his muscled, strong arms encased in the short sleeves and he could see all the ridges of his abdomen through the material.

As he conversed quietly with Jenny, and asking how he’d been, he leant closer to Papa and smelt the masculine scent that belonged only to him. When he was in Papa’s arms he still knew he was being treated like a baby but he didn’t feel stupid for it, and was starting to almost like it. He figured he couldn’t get away, that had’t failed spectacularly yesterday, so if he had to make the best of a bad situation he’d look for the positives and his growing attachment to this Alpha male was his favourite new development, that and the way he made him feel. Safe, protected and loved on various levels.

“Thanks Jen, we’ll see you this evening when we get back. Ready to go kiddo? Dada’s putting your things in the car as we speak.”

“Anytime. I mean it, I loved spending some time with him, maybe next time though I won’t tell all the ladies. I didn’t like sharing him. Hang on! Don’t forget his bottles. I’ve got 3 milk ones in a thermos bag and one lunch smoothie if he’s allowed to have something more substantial before his..”

“Thanks Jen” Samson cut her off before Jordan could find out what was going on.

Jenny put her hand to her mouth in understanding and with a final pet and wave they left.

Samson led Jordan through a part of the house he hadn’t seen before and the ended up in a monstrous garage. To Jordan it seemed the size of an airport hanger and everyday there was always something that made him remember his insignificant size and stature. He was dwarfed by the cars parked in here. They were taller than double decker buses, but they were sleek, modern cars made for this huge race of wolves. Samson led him to the back of a dark blue SUV type and opened a door to reveal a capsule, rear facing baby seat -just in Jordan’s size. He was placed in it, reclining backwards with his legs bunched up like a frogs again. He even had a head support go round his hear from shoulder to shoulder so he couldn’t move and he was tightly strapped in with a 5 point harness. This felt more restrictive than being swaddled and he tested the restraints, trying to straighten out of the seat but he got absolutely no where. He was trapped, being able to stare only at the back of the seat his capsule was attached to and at the roof out the window. As a finishing touch Papa laid a light blanket over him, making sure his hands and feet were all tucked in. He shut the door and moved into the drivers seat, where Jamie was waiting for them in the passenger seat and they took off.

Jordan finally understood the reason for the fluffy suit and blanket. The sky - which was all he could see, was dark and grey. Rain instantly splattered the glass as they left the garage and the sound of it hitting the car let Jordan know it was pouring. Music was playing softly but Jordan didn’t recognise it, did werewolves have their own music industry? Dada was talking to Papa but Jordan couldn’t hear all the words from where he was in the back with his hood on and protective cushioning from the seat. He saw Papa’s large hand come into his vision but all he did was pull a black canopy down from the top of the baby seat so that Jordan limited view was cut off completely and all he could see were the tops of his feet. It was dark inside his little dome and Papa rubbed his leg saying “sleep now” loud enough for him to hear. Not really given any other choice, Jordan sucked on his dummy, relaxed and closed his eyes.

Over an hour later they reached the high tech medical clinic. This facility was designed by werewolves to house all the advancements they had made in regards to raising human babies. Jordan was so naive, he had no idea just how much of a common lifestyle this was for their kind and there was a whole industry booming because of it.

Samson found undercover parking and shut the car off but he and Jamie remained quiet so as not to wake Jordan. They retrieved the pram base and ever so gently lifted the capsule out of the car seat and clicked it into the base. They turned on the vibrate button which kept the seat moving as if it was still in the car, which stopped most babies from waking up. Warm and comfy in that cocooned dark space, Jordan stayed fast asleep as he was wheeled inside.

Twisting and turning they found their consultation room and waited patiently inside for their doctor to arrive. Jamie was bouncing one leg up and down nervously and Samson put a hand on his thigh to calm him down.

“Relax. These people are professionals. Don’t be that overprotective parent that thinks their kid is different and needs extra special attention.”

“But he is special, and they do need to look after him. ”

“They will, that’s exactly what they do for a living. Jamie love, tonight we’ll walk out of here with the baby we’ve up till now only dreamed of. Just let me do the talking if you’re freaking out”

“Probably for the best, I suppose.”

“Alpha Samson and Jamie, how are you both?”

“Ssssh ” they both responded instantly

“Sorry. Sorry.” The doctor put his hands up in apology before continuing in a whisper.

“I’m Dr Maverick” He shook both their hands. “Come, take a seat and while the little tyke is asleep we can discuss his operation today.”

“Hello Dr. Yes the less he knows upfront, the less likely he will fight the changes. ”

“Very smart move. I have some little humans screaming and fighting all the way to the operating room. It doesn’t get them anywhere but calmer ones have better blood pressure for the sedation and less complications. ”

“Complications?” Jamie squeaked.

“Just things like longer recovery times, or operations take longer because their bodies are under stress beforehand. We’ve never lost a human baby through routine changes like these so don’t worry.” Dr Maverick opened a file with Jordan’s name on it and pulled out a questionnaire. Pen at the ready. “Now we’ve not seen him here before, he’s new isn’t he?

“Three days old. He took an escape opportunity yesterday we set up for him so this seemed the perfect time to make the changes. Because of his actions- you see.”

“Yes very good. Younger ones respond to the changes better in my opinion as they’re still adjusting to their new lifestyle anyway. Ones that have been in our world longer know that there is a way to get by as a human baby without these changes so they try and reject them.

As I was saying, as we haven’t seen Jordan before we will need to do a full medical work up. We also need to administer his immunisation shots and the lycanthropy booster. That’s made with some of our genetic make up. Not enough to change them but it helps them heal from today within hours instead of days. The only side effect is that level of testosterone makes them incredibly sexual. The results vary in each baby from days to weeks so be prepared.

So, if I read through the options here you tell me what ones you’d like to get done today. Body disablement?

“No thank you Dr. We’ll let his muscles atrophy on their own. He’s carried constantly and doesn’t put weight on his legs so they’ll weaken themselves. Arm function we are happy with.” Samson burned hot thinking about how good Jordan’s arm felt inside him this morning.

“Very good. What about tongue, we have permanent tongue disablement, which can only be reversed through another operation or we have little wafers you put on their tongues that last about 48 hours.”

“The wafers please. ”

“What about dental? You want to keep his teeth or remove them and go through teething at a later date?”

“Yes. We want his teeth removed, but we plan to keep him on liquid for a few years yet so if you implant baby teeth in the gums how long before they break through?”

“Only 12 months, so at this stage I’d recommend removing his human teeth and then coming back when you’d like to look at advancing his age. If he’s on a liquid only diet we can add one more injection today that gives him a hormone to absorb more nutrients from milk and smoothies. It’s similar to how the pregnant human female body works.”

“Sounds good.”

“Does that also mean one or both of you would like to breastfeed him? Wolf milk is more nutritious than the human baby formulas on the market. They’re good, but breast is best.”

Samson looked to Jamie who was obediently sitting silently in support. He nodded to Samson and put his hand in his and squeezed.

“Yes please Dr. Both of us. But as we’ll be co-feeding we don’t want enlarged breasts. That was our final request for today.”

No problem. We have perfected our injections for men so that you can lactate but won’t develop breasts. You will develop enough so that one of you could feed him exclusively but if you decide to share that will be OK. If you find your pecs are painful, expressing milk will relieve the pressure but not too much or your body will keep making more milk. You also might find on a nearly exclusive breast milk diet he’ll only need one green smoothie every 2-3 days but he may wake at night as he’ll want more regular feeds.

One final question, do you want us to lower his pain threshold. It will make him feel everything more acutely. It will also help him cry more often. Hunger, frustration, pain, boredom will result in tears and they are also generally more affectionate as they also feel positive emotions more strongly too. He’ll also sleep more as this will tire him mentally, which is good given he won’t be leading a very physical life.”

Samson looked and Jamie and lifted an eyebrow. They hadn’t discussed this procedure.

“If I might add, it is excellent for younger babies, like what you are trying to achieve. If you don’t tell them, they are initially very confused over the depth of their new emotions but psychologically they put it down to their way of learning to adjust to their lifestyle. For your youngster I would recommend it, it can be reversed when he ages, say when you bring him back for teething.”

Samson nodded at Jamie, who shrugged and nodded back. “Sure.” Samson said.

“Great. So full dental removal, and neurological pain and emotive lowering. Plus his regular immunisations, fast healing booster and nutrition hormone and a years supply of wafers to take home to numb his tongue. For you two, one quick needle for lactation, am I missing anything?”

“No, sounds perfect. Thank you. Will he still be discharged to come home by this evening?”

“Yes, early evening I’d say. The full check up and needles will be done now, then we’ll take him to pre-op, sedate him and he’ll be in surgery for 2-3 hours tops. 1 hour in recovery and you can take him home with some extra sedatives for tonight. He should be good as new and brand new tomorrow. Let’s do your injections quickly first, then you can wake him.”

The Dr gave both men their needles and moved over to the table with restraints dangling from it, getting ready for Jordan. Samson went over to the capaule, turned off the vibrate and lifted the hood.

“Hello sleepy head. We’ve arrived.”

Jordan started stirring instantly opening his eyes and closing them due to the brightness. Samson lifted him out, giving Jordan a better look at where they were. It was a sterile hospital room, all white and blinding lights and he could hear the metallic clinking of medical equipment coming from behind him, where they were headed.

“Bring him over here and get him completely undressed. Hello Jordan. I’m Dr Maverick.” The Dr had monkeys sewn onto his Dr’s lab coat but he was a weird, unattractive looking sort and gave Jordan the creeps. He tried to cling to Papa but he strongly laid him on the table. Dada came round to stand next to the Dr, helping to hold Jordan down while Papa undressed him. The metal table was cold and Jordan yelped at the contact but strong hands kept him in place. He hadn’t used his diaper all day but now that he was scared he needed to go but before he could, the nappy was removed from under him and he was completely naked. Papa unclipped the dummy from the fluffy suit and put it back in Jordan’s mouth.

Without a word of warning the Dr started touching Jordan, examining his eyes, ears, nose and taking the dummy out made him say ‘ah’. He felt the glands at his neck, pulse, blood pressure, before pressing on his tummy.

“When did he last eat?” The Dr said.

“This morning, a bottle.“Jamie responded

“Good. And was that nappy wet?” He turned to Samson.

“I don’t think so, let me check - no its dry.”

"Come here then young man.” The Dr swiftly picked him up, carried him to the sink and turned the tap on. He held Jordan’s penis with two fingers and waited for the inevitable to kick in. Sure enough Jordan blushed bright red before peeing into the sink. The Dr placed him back on the table but kept his hands on Jordan’s privates, examining them rather closely. He then flipped Jordan over quickly, making Jordan gasp but it meant he didn’t have time to fight when the Dr placed him on his hands and knees and started restraining them to the table. Papa put his hand on the back of Jordan neck and applied pressure until his face was on the table, raising his butt in the air. He kept his hand there to stop him moving about.

“Look at that bottom. Your daddies said you tried to escape. Looks like you got exactly what you deserved you naughty imp. Daddies, the lycanthropy shot will fix those marks and those last remaining cuts and bruises as well. Jordan, we are just going to take your temperature so relaxed and hold still.”

Jordan knew what was coming. It wasn’t going to be a forehead or armpit thermometer but he still jolted at the cold, lubed gloved finger that prodded his anus. That was followed by a large bulb that invaded his entrance and threatened to split him in half. He whimpered at the discomfort and Dada leant down to whisper encouragement to him. It wasn’t like a plug that tapered and relieved the pressure. This one just stayed there till it beeped a minute later.

“Perfect bill of health. That means he’s cleared to go ahead this afternoon. Well just give him those shots, bottom will be best but there are 7 of them so you might need to hold him still.”

At those words Jordan decided to fight for a change, he screamed behind the dummy, spat it out, screamed again and thrashed against the ties holding him. He hated needless more than anything and he wasn’t going to sit through 7 of them. Who knew what they were giving him. He was screaming so loudly he couldn’t hear the 3 giants talking over him.

“I’ll sedate him now, hold him steady.” Jamie and Samson used both their large hands to keep Jordan completely still

“No no no no!!” Jordan wailed at the sting and pinch he felt. Within seconds he felt dizzy and his vision blurred and he closed his eyes, still with tears in them.

“Poor mite doesn’t like needles obviously. He sure put up a fight. I’ll finish off these injections and then get him straight up to theatre. ” The Dr made quick work of the injections, letting Jamie pick him up and hold him as Samson signed the final paperwork.

Then the Dr took him away in his arms and Samson and Jamie wheeled the empty pram out into the waiting room.

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