The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 12

“Samson! Wake up. He’s done it again”

Samson groaned and threw an elbow over his face trying to ignore his mate. But as he woke he couldn’t ignore the smell coming from the tiny human sleeping between them.

“Geez, not another one, what’s this - the fourth since midnight. What’s the time? Can I call the Dr yet? He shouldn’t be reacting to the meds like this. He still asleep?”

“Yeah he’s not woken at all, I mean we did give him that dose of sedative when he started stirring when we got home but that was 7pm. It’s been 12 hours. Shouldn’t he be awake and fine by now? Blessing in disguise is, if he’s not feeling well with this upset tummy then at least he’s asleep for it.” Jamie had gone back to wringing his hands in nervousness.

Jordan had started whining in his sleep just before 1am. After the second time they had to change the cot sheets, they opted to double diaper him, wrap him in a blanket and put him down on a towel between them. They were worried and having him close seemed to calm all three of them. But now he was still asleep sitting in more mess when he should have been waking up.

“You change him, I’ll call the doc and have a quick shower, then you have one after me and if we need to go back to the clinic we can go after that.” Samson got up, grabbed his phone and went out into their living room to make the call so as not to wake Jordan.

Carefully Jamie changed him and left him sleeping on the bed in just a diaper. He started pacing as he waited for his turn in the shower.

As Jordan started stirring, he rolled over onto his tummy and stretched. He relished the freedom to do that. Then he froze. Normally he was so tightly wrapped in blankets he couldn’t do that. Why wasn’t he this morning? He opened his eyes and saw bright white sheets and pillows around him. This wasn’t the sickly sweet floral cot sheets or pink blankets he was used to. He tried to remember something, anything, but the last he could remember was...the car ride. To where? Oh that’s right a doctor checked him over and then he was going to have needles. He shivered at the thought. Since he was a kid he’d always freaked out at needles. Had he fainted? He rolled back over and saw Papa sitting on his laptop reading intently. Since he hadn’t been spotted, he sat up and took stock. He felt fine, no injuries or anything. The sun was bright, he’d slept later than he had yesterday. He was only in a diaper, no pyjamas or anything. Shrugging, he figured without asking, which he knew he wasn’t allowed to do, everything else seemed to be OK. He took the dummy in his mouth out to cry to Samson but stopped dead with his hand still on the dummy. His mouth felt weird. The dummy looked the same - he put his hand to his mouth and felt his blood run cold. His teeth were gone!!! All of them and he had completely smooth gums where his teeth were. How long had he been sleeping for days? Weeks? All of a sudden he felt an overwhelming surge of despair and anger rage through him. What the fuck had they done? The had no right. Tears welled up in his eyes and he screamed.

Samson turned instantly, running towards him but Jordan scooted back till he was right up against the headboard.

“Whhthfth” He clamped his hands over his mouth. With no teeth, could he not talk? Or was this something else they had done to him? Jordan was now sobbing hysterically, tears running down his face. He couldn’t stop himself, even though he tried, and he was now sobbing so hard he could barely breathe. Samson finally picked him up and tried to cuddle him but Jordan tried to hit and kick whilst still crying. Jamie had run into the room in just a towel at the noise.

“What happened? Is he sick? Hurt?” He shouted.

“I don’t know. He was sitting up and had a hand over his mouth. You need to be sick?” Samson looked down at Jordan but got no response- he couldn’t hear him over the sound of his own sobs. Suddenly is dawned on Samson. “Oh you felt your gums? It’s his teeth, Jamie. He’s just realised their gone. But I bet what’s really bothering him is he’s hungry. Remember what Maverick said, heightened emotions” He whispered this last bit to Jamie, not that Jordan could hear them anyway.

“Well he won’t feed like this, how can we calm him down? A cold shower?”

“No, that will shock him out of it but he won’t like it. Bring me that blanket, lay it on the bed and I’ll wrap him up. Ssh Jordan! Stop, you’ll hurt yourself. It’s OK, Papa’s here. It’s ok”

Jordan was oblivious, beyond being calmed by even Samson’s deep and comforting voice. Samson soon put him on the blanket, where he still thrashed about but thanks to his size, could easily overpower him, pinning his arms by his side and then wrapped him in the blanket around him and tucked his legs up, so he was so tightly bundled he couldn’t move. Samson moved over to the rocking chair to wait it out, figuring Jordan would tire himself out eventually but at least this way he couldn’t hurt himself. Finally when he was quiet Samson talked to him, knowing he could hear him this time.

“Don’t worry, it may seem scary but it’s actually easier for you. You don’t need these teeth for now. There were well and truly neglected from your years on the streets and we can grow you new shiny white ones when you’re ready ok. I promise you’ll get your teeth back again ok?"

Jordan went to talk but he just couldn’t get his tongue to work. He went to say ‘no’ but only a ‘ah’ sound came out. He didn’t agree to Samson’s words. He wanted his teeth back now and he wanted to bite this arrogant man just to show him how much he wanted them.

“No talking. I can see you trying. You’ve been breaking that rule too so we took temptation away. That’s more temporary, so once you stop trying to talk and your tongue unlearns how to talk we can let you start again. This way you’re a real baby for us Jordan. You know we are taking good care of you. You were only talking to act out or be naughty. Now you’ll have to cry or laugh to communicate to us. This will be such fun for us all, don’t pretend you don’t love it. Think logically. What would you rather - warm bed or cold shelter? Multiple healthy meals a day or empty belly? A family who loves you, including a whole extended pack or being alone? No one in their right mind would choose your old life over this, so stop fighting it and enjoy it. You don’t have to make any stressful decisions, there is no responsibilities placed on your tiny shoulders and no difficult choices to make. It’s only your pride and shame and stubbornness holding you back from true happiness. So embrace it. That’s an order pup. From your Papa and Alpha, who loves you so very much I might add.”

Jordan still felt a sense of outrage and unfairness at his situation but Samson somehow took any reasonable arguments out of the equation. Even if Jordan could talk he’d be utterly speechless after that. All the rebuttals he had like free will and right to speech were for what? Papa wasn’t going to understand and Jordan was semi-lured in by what Samson had said. He didn’t want to go back on the streets but he didn’t want to be so out of control either.

Maybe that was the crux. He had no control over his life. So he was giving up totally control of himself for all the comforts Papa mentioned. Was it a trade he could live with? Did he have an option? He thought about yesterday morning. He flushed red remembering the intimate things he, Papa and Dada had done. Would they still happen or was that a one off and now that he had been medically altered to be more baby-like, he’d only be treated as such? He thought to himself he could probably get used to all of this if he still got to be sexual with them. But how to tell them? He’d have to show them somehow. Jordan had calmed down now to occasional hiccups.

Samson let him process everything before moving on, as he knew the next surprise for Jordan would cause another round of outburst.

“That’s better. You understand it all now. You obey Dada and Papa and you get rewarded. You will have no reason to be sad or alone ever again. That’s our job little one. Nor to let you go hungry either. You hungry now?”

Jordan nodded, embarrassed to feel more tears well up in his eyes now that thoughts turned to his tummy. He actually felt the need to cry he was so hungry but he put it all down to events from this morning. He looked up at Papa who was awkwardly taking off his shirt while balancing Jordan on his thighs. Jordan guessed he might be going back into that carrier thing from the other day but his eyes went as round as saucers when Papa lifted him up and brought him in line with his nipple.

Jordan shook his head furiously - if what he was thinking was about to happen...well no way. He would rather go hungry! Samson held Jordan steady from the back, needing only a few fingers to encompass his head and stop the movement.

“Nodding and shaking your head for yes or no is adult communication Jordan. You’re not an adult so you don’t get to do that. No more. If we ask you a question, it’s rhetorical, which means we aren’t expecting an answer. On the rare occasion we need to know something from you we might ask you to nod or shake your head but no other times. Or you’ll be punished.”

Jordan dropped his jaw in outrage! They had taken away the use of his tongue so he was supposed to be completely seen and not heard. He’d find a way to get back at these 2 somehow. He tried to kick or wriggle in protest but he remembered he was tightly wrapped and Papa was holding his head. He literally couldn’t move anything other than his eyeballs.

Samson used Jordan’s momentary surprise to latch his open mouth onto his nipple. He continued to hold the back of his head so he couldn’t move back or to the side. Jordan was putting up a protest but all he could managed was some muffled sounds.

Samson chuckled, genuinely amused, Jordan was like a kitten with an attitude sometimes. Helpless in every way, their tiny precious baby but he thought he was a lion. The laugh also had the desired effect of pissing Jordan off, which only reminded him that he was powerless to stop any of this. Samson used his free hand to massage his pec, which would stimulate the milk if Jordan didn’t, which he wasn’t at this point. Samson felt a tingling feeling, coming from his armpits directly to his nipple so he knew the milk was coming and sat back, rocking gently, to watch Jordan feed from him. It was so intimate and he hoped that in time their baby would feel how special and bonding it was as he did now.

He and Jamie had agreed that Samson would feed him in private, mornings and night in their bedroom and Jamie would do any public feeds around the house or when they were out. As Alpha, Samson thought he had an image to uphold and being a doting father was one thing but breastfeeding could be Jamie’s duty to the pack. Now that he was feeding Jordan though, he enjoyed it and may have a hard time letting Jamie do it instead.

Jordan couldn’t move. He could feel this big warm nipple in his mouth and he wanted his teeth so badly it hurt, just so he could bite this oral invader. His tongue got hit with a squirt of warm milk and Jordan was so angry at himself, as he felt his body’s reflexes kick in and swallow it greedily. The swallowing created suction which meant a larger squirt filled up his mouth. As he actually got a taste of it he had to admit it was way better than the bottles of milk he had been fed. This was perfectly warm, sweet and thick. The taste and hunger overruled his anger and he now sucked greedily trying to get mouthful after mouthful. After 10 minutes or so the flow stopped and Samson pulled him off with a pop. He put him up on his shoulder, patting his back gently where he burped like he’d never burped before. He must have swallowed a lot of air. Thankfully Papa put him back, this time on the other side so he could have more, which he quickly devoured. He was full now, he could feel his tummy bulging and he was sleepy after all that crying earlier. He felt Papa put a dummy in and walk out of the room with Dada but Jordan couldn’t stay awake long enough to see where they went.

Jordan woke some time later in unfamiliar arms. He looked up and saw a lady holding him he can’t remember meeting. She was blonde, really blonde, but her hair was teased and bounced so it stood up all around her face. She had too much make up on and too much jewelery. Jordan didn’t like her on sight but he surprised them both when he let out a wail and started crying. He didn’t know what was coming over him. He tried to calm down but a small part of his brain said he won’t until he gets Dada or Papa.

He got Aunty Jenny which was OK too, and his cries turned into little whimpers. This was like some vicious circle that Jordan was spiraling down into - the more they treated him like a baby, the more he seemed to act it, so the more they treated him like one. He needed to break the cycle but at this stage it seemed far beyond him.

He stayed with Jenny until lunch time and as it was just her and him it was boring but bearable. She led him into the library where the pack meeting was finishing up. He saw Dada and Papa and wriggled to get to one of them. Samson laughed, holding his arms out.

“Now that’s a greeting. Look at that smile. Hello buddy, we missed you too.”

Samson unwrapped Jordan but he shied into Papa’s chest, he was naked except for a diaper under there. Papa didn’t notice, or more likely, didn’t care as he held him up at arms reach and passed him to Dada. He mistook the shyness for nuzzling, thinking he was looking for a feed.

“It’s Dada you want then is it. Hungry pup? Gotta put meat on those bones. Here Dada..”

Jamie just cooed at him, he was so submissive, it was why Papa must be used to total obedience. Dada opened a couple of buttons on his shirt and gently guided Jordan to his nipple. Jordan couldn’t believe they were going to do it right here, but again he had no choice. Grateful he could only see Dada’s chest and no one staring at him, he latched on and started sucking. It took a moment but when it did - holy fuck! Dada’s milk tasted amazing!! Jordan couldn’t describe it, he’d always loved the smell of Dada, but he just knew he wanted more. He used a hand to push at Dada’s chest and sucked harder and swallowing faster.

“Ouch. Slow down there darling. That hurts.” Jamie used his pinky finger, put it inside Jordan’s mouth so he couldn’t suck properly without getting air as well.

He spat the finger out and tried again, crazed to get more that he forgot the warning to slow down. All too soon Dada lifted him off and up to burp him and the movement was a little too sudden.

Once on Dada’s shoulder he burped instantly but some of the milk came back up down Dada’s back. He hid in Dada’s neck, humiliated. Isn’t that the baby-est thing he could do?

Samson was roaring with laughter, his head titled back as he cackled while Jamie was sarcastically but affectionate thanking him.

“Geez thanks little guy. Samson give me a hand, I can feel it on my back.” He got a cloth and wiped it, but the shirt was still stained. Dada burped him one more time before letting him have some more from the other side. He tried to slow down this time, not keen to repeat such an action and savour the taste instead. It was like a vanilla ice cream milkshake, thick and creamy and sweet - just delicious. He sucked until there was nothing left by which stage Papa took him outside while Dada presumably went off the change.

Everyone in the pack was so active but no one seemed to work. Once again there were activities set up all over the large grounds, taking advantage of the good weather again. Papa walked Jordan over to a huge tree - even on a wolf scale.

There hanging feet off the ground was an egg shaped cage. The lower half was filled with brown cushions but the rest was all cane - criss crossed everywhere so Jordan would be lucky to get more than a hand through. Papa opened a hatch from the top and gently placed Jordan in it. Jordan wasn’t afraid of heights luckily. Laying there, he was chest high to Papa, where Jordan normally felt safe that high up and that was 10 ft off the ground so he figured this has to be secured. There was a thick chain going up into the trees.

There were no toys and Jordan was still wearing just a nappy so he had nothing to do. He looked up at Papa who was locking the hatch up the top, not that he could reach that anyway.

“No running off now. You have to earn back the right to play on the floor. You can lay here and watch the grown ups play, get a bit of sun and lots for fresh air. I’ll come check on you soon. No standing, it’s not safe and you’re too little to stand. I’d rather not punish you today. Want your dummy? Bye bye pup”

Samson poked it through a hole and it dropped near his head. Jordan tried to sit but the shape of the egg and the cushions made it hurt his back and neck. So he laid down but built some cushions up as pillows so he could see the game of football that was on today. Some others were playing cards and games but they were too far away. He couldn’t see Dada or Papa anywhere, they must both be inside.

It didn’t take long for Jordan to get bored, there was nothing to do and he had a big sleep this morning. The game was hardly exciting so he stared up at the trees above him and daydreamed. After a while his thoughts drifted to his daddies. He couldn’t hate them, he just hated some of the things they did to him. Or if he was honest he hated his own reaction to some of the things they did to him. They were both loving and affectionate and very very sexy. When Papa was sucking him in the shower yesterday he would have agreed to anything. Maybe that’s where his daddies were now, having an afternoon delight and not including him. He pictured them fucking, Samson so big and strong ramming into Jamie. Jordan was hard just picturing it. Actually he was really hard. He needed to cum and looked around to see no one was paying him any attention.

Considering he wasn’t mittened or swaddled he reached his hand into his diaper and felt his cock. He felt thrilling, doing it here in the open, around all these others who didn’t even notice. He untabbed his diaper, muffling the sound with a cushion so his cock sprang free. He ran his hand up and down the shaft while the other one played with his balls. He considered trying to find that spot his daddies had taught him about, but he decided it would be too hard to be quiet. He got faster, thrusting his hips and breaking out in a sweat as he came closer and closer. He teased himself, slowing down once or twice so as to build back up again. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he pumped furiously, throwing his head back and just as he was ready to come, balls tightening, he heard a roar -

“Jordan, NO!! Naughty boy! Stop!”

Samson was livid as he jumped down from the front porch and came striding over. But it was too late. Jordan still came, he let go of his cock when Papa’s voice made him jump sky high, but his cock kept going, releasing all over his stomach and chest.

Jordan cowered at Papa’s anger as he was unceremoniously lifted out of the egg cage. Papa held him by the armpits and with his arms outstretched so they weren’t touching. Jordan and his torso was on show for all to see. He was naked, the nappy left behind, as he was marched inside without a word.

They passed Dada in the hallway who looked disappointed.

“Jamie, put Jordan’s Jolly Jumper on my study door will you please? He can be punished there while I work this afternoon.”

“Yes Samson. ” Jamie replied meekly.

Jordan thinks it was the first time Dada had said Papa’s full name. He always used Sam, or Sammy in their wing. Jordan felt a pit of anxiousness at what his punishment would be as they climbed the stairs to their rooms.

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