The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 13

Papa unceremoniously dumped Jordan in one of the huge sinks in the bathroom. He remembered thinking the night he was brought here that he could bathe in it. Turned out he was right. The water was cool, and Jordan shivered a little as his body was quickly wiped down so he was clean again. It was a very quick wash, Papa was obviously keen to punish him. When Jordan was brave enough to look up at Papa his face was like stone. His beautiful features frozen in anger - his eyebrows drawn together and a grim line across his mouth. Jordan felt terrible now for what he did. Not just for getting caught and the trouble he now found himself in, but for causing that look of disapproval. He was about to justify his actions that he’d never been told not to touch himself like that, but he knew he was lying. He knew as he was doing it, that wanking off like that wouldn’t be allowed. He knew enough of Papa and his ways to know that was wrong. But the urge had been too strong.

He was dried and strapped to the change table before Papa disappeared. He came back with a box and placed it next to Jordan so he see what it was. As Jordan started reading the side of the box he struggled to see how this was a punishment. It was an expensive looking high-tech prostrate massager promising to give the most overwhelming orgasms with its twin motors, one for the p-spot and one for the perineum. It was controlled by a touch sensitive remote and had 8 different settings. Papa pulled it out of the box and to Jordan it looked too big for him! It had a large curved long portion that he knew went up his backside but also had a section that would hug him from anus to the base of his balls. Papa lubed it up and then with one hand grabbed Jordan’s ankles and lifted them towards his head so it raised his entire bottom upwards and on show for Papa. He wasted no time, rubbing the lube around before gently probing him with it.

“Relax Jordan, this isn’t meant to hurt but it is going to go in one way or another so best work with me.”

Jordan felt the familiar heat fly round his body as it started to penetrate him but he did his best to relax and push back as this toy entered. It became more difficult as it got larger and for once Jordan was grateful he couldn’t speak properly - he tried to yell stop but only babble came out. Soon it felt as though he was going to split in two. Papa even stopped for a second - it felt excruciating as his body tried to take such a width , but eventually it went all the way in with a pop. Jordan sighed and his legs were brought back down but all the movement just emphasised how completely full he felt. This thing was so big inside him, every tiny movement he made triggered a reaction down there. His cock twitched as well in response, not hard, but getting there. The remainder of the toy on the outside fit snug up against his body and made sure he couldn’t close his legs together.

He was picked back up, Papa carrying him so he was facing outwards, which meant he was pretty much sitting on Papa’s hip with a hand round his middle, still completely naked. Every other step Papa made jolted him, hitting spots that sent waves of desire through him, quickly turning him on and making him hard. They reached Papa’s study and Jordan could see a hanging baby seat attached to the open door frame. It was hanging by ropes and springs and had a series of thick velcro straps at the bottom to make a seat. Jordan knew by its size it was for him, he could also see it was set a little too high off the ground for him to be able to reach the ground. Once, when he was younger with his mum they went to a fayre where they had these big inflatable jumping trampolines and kids were getting strapped in to contraptions like this and jumping and somersaulting about on them. Jordan had spent ages turning and soaring on that thing. This seemed a cruel twist of fate to take something he loved and turn it into another version of baby prison.

Samson knelt down and placed Jordan in the seat. They had modified the strap that came down from the back, through Jordan’s crotch and up to his tummy so that there was a cut out for his cock and balls. They had planned many fun things for him in this, but today it had its other uses. Strapped in, he looked like a mini sumo wrestler once the straps were done up. It had a clip, too big for Jordan’s tiny hands to undo that secured him in there. Samson had debated mittens but decided since he’d already used his hands, he’d leave them free and see if the little monster used them again, or in fear of more retribution tried not to touch himself to avoid a longer punishment. That dilemma could be a mental war that Samson would let Jordan fight. As their baby, Jordan didn’t have to make difficult decisions or choices and this punishment could remind him of how easy and peaceful that can be. He double checked his baby was safely strapped in before moving to his desk, taking a seat behind it and starting work, facing the doorway, and therefore Jordan, so he could safely watch him.

Jordan hung there, feet tantalizingly close to the ground but when he tried to bounce to reach the ground he was too easily reminded of the dido in his arse and how far into him it reached. Papa was working silently, Jordan could see his face over the top of his computer but it wasn’t obvious when he was staring at him or if he was just working. Papa hadn’t specifically told him what was going on and so far there had been no lectures or spankings.

He sat there, just hanging for a while, long enough for boredom to kick in again. He couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and had zero ways to entertain himself. He couldn’t even sleep as he was, in an upright position. The hallway behind him saw some people coming and going, one ruffled his hair as he passed, most either waved or said a quick hello to Papa but no one stopped even to offer conversation. Jordan was confused when he heard a buzzing sound, but then the feeling kicked in. The prostate massager firmly lodged completely inside him started vibrating and moving. It wasn’t a fast movement. They were slow and deliberate, which rotated over that beautiful p-spot that felt so amazing. He jumped to attention - his cock hardening at the pleasurable sensation. Jordan moved with the machine, trying to get some friction and thrust when he wanted more. He desperately wanted to touch himself but was he allowed? That was what got him into this mess in the first place, but really, other than being a little ashamed at being naked, turned on and moaning in front of Papa, it certainly didn’t feel like a punishment. Except for the fact that it wasn’t going fast enough now. Jordan couldn’t cum with it going so slowly- was this the plan? To keep him hot but not let him go all the way. He felt a sheen develop over his body and he was quivering with need. At last, he felt a change in speed and pressure as the vibrations became more rapid and stronger and the rotating action speed increased. He also now felt a buzzing on the bit on the outside, it felt great. Jordan had never touched himself or been touched there before and his eyes were being opened to a whole new world of delight. He happily bounced in the seat now, relishing in the fullness, feet still inches from the ground. This was already ten times better than what he felt in the egg cage and having already cum earlier, he could really get into this. The speed increased again to quite a frantic rate and Jordan didn’t give it another thought when his hand reached his shaft and pumped in time with the massager. He leaned back, putting all his weight on his bottom as he came, his world shattering and he cried out in ecstasy as his hot liquid sprouted out, ending up all over the floor in front of him. It took him a long time to regain his senses, that orgasm used every nerve and muscle in his body and spent now, he felt like he was made of jelly. He looked up at Papa who was working away as if nothing had happened, not looking directly at him. Should he cry out for attention? He would love nothing more than to be all wrapped up and put in that rocker behind Papa’s desk so he could snooze now.

But that didn’t happen. Barely 15 minutes later the massager started again, faster than the first time it started but not as frantic as it was by the time he came. He tried to lift himself away from the massager but of course it was fitted inside him and he couldn’t escape it. He whined in protest towards Papa, still not getting any response. Now he understood the punishment. Never in his seemingly innocent life had he cum twice in one day. Now he was staring down the barrel of orgasm number 3 and he wondered just how it was going to be possible. His body and mind were disagreeing - he thought that there was no way he could get hard again but slowly and surely the stimulation worked and his body, traitorous body, was thoroughly enjoying it too. The speeds gradually increased and Jordan was all out panting, rocking backwards and forwards in his seat as the vibrations ripped through his body. He seemed to be feeling everything, his nerves and senses hyper aware so when the tempo changed again, the faster speed threatened to launch him out of his harness. Without even touching his cock this time he came with a roar - hoarse and as loud as he could shout. He tensed all over and then bucked as his flyaway cock spurted again and Jordan couldn’t get enough air in his lungs as the power of the orgasm took over him at a most basal level. He felt like all his blood left his body, his toes and fingers tingling from the force of coming.

He sagged in his seat, too tired to look up at Papa, too exhausted to even cry out or hold his arms out for ‘ups’. His hair had ended up stuck down to his face from his sweat but he couldn’t even find the energy to move it. He heard footsteps behind him and did wonder quickly who had seen him in the throws of the most powerful orgasm he’d ever had but what could he do about it. He got as comfortable as possible, head leaning against the harness restraints and closed his eyes, willing his breathing to slow down so he could rest.

Samson loved the abandonment Jordan was showing as his body took control and sexual instinct kicked in. He was glorious. Flushed all over, glistening and the scent he let off made Samson hard. He was trying to concentrate on his work but watching Jordan was hypnotic. Samson used the downtime to finish his project, he’d have to arrange a meeting with the local human governor and it wasn’t going to go well - for the human, but having Jordan in the room gave him an idea to make his point most effectively. He looked at the clock on his desk. It had been 20 minutes since Jordan’s last orgasm. He was young, clearly virile and with the wolf hormone still in his blood stream raising his testosterone levels (Samson admitted it was probably those that made him masturbate in the first place), Samson figured he had one more bone-melting explosion in him to really drive the lesson home. Jordan was pretty much asleep. His head kept falling forward, jerking him awake, keeping his boy from really getting the rest he craved. He reached for the remote right near his left hand and turned both motors up to 5 to start.

Jordan jumped like he’d been electrocuted! Not again! He couldn’t - physically or mentally. He just wanted to sleep and tried to initially fight the bumping and grinding on spots that really should be sore by now. Surely it had only been minutes since the last one? He looked up at Papa, apology written all over his face seeing as he couldn’t articulate one and he was surprised to see Papa leaning back in his chair, hands behind his head, watching Jordan as if it was prime time viewing. Jordan whimpered not sure what to say if he could, broken little sounds coming out regardless. He was so sorry. There was no way he’d touch himself like that again, if he was ever given the chance. He hoped they wouldn’t do something drastic like the teeth thing but he was too distracted to give it any real thought. Papa moved a hand, bringing it down in front of him and within seconds Jordan knew what he had done. The speed and intensity on both motors was increased dramatically and Jordan looked down to see his body had betrayed him again - he was hard. All he could wish for now was a quick release but that was unlikely. Each subsequent orgasm, from the egg cage to the last one had been longer in coming and were ferociously stronger. He dreaded the end of this and he knew then and there he would obey Papa in anything and everything.

Jordan couldn’t concentrate on anything. His body movements were erratic and his brain just quit. His body was spiralling out of control and when Papa turned up the machine, faster than he’d yet experienced, he was too out of it to notice that Papa was now crouched down right in front of him. He did become aware when Papa took his cock with a few fingers and pumped and fondled his super sensitive balls with the other. Jordan could feel the familiar twitching in his cock that Papa was jacking off, which meant relief was close. He was nearly there - he felt beads of sweat dripping down his face. Just when he thought he was home free and his whole body was going to shatter into tiny pieces Papa took hold of his balls and pulled them down. It created the most extraordinary feeling! Jordan was orgasming, a soul moving, seeing stars, out of body orgasm. He heard a scream, not realising it was his own and he felt as if he was riding at the peak of an endless wave. He wanted to come down - it was too much. He was crying now, unable to contain and control his feelings. It wasn’t going to ever stop - as wave after wave of painful pleasure tore through him. As soon as Papa let go he ejaculated, letting his orgasm ever so slowly recede until he was a quivering, sobbing heap. Mercifully Papa turned it off - he would go his whole life without seeing that thing again. Papa was talking to him but he looked up and saw his mouth moving but no sound coming out. He had to concentrate with energy and brain cells he didn’t have to hear.

“No more touching yourself ever without Dada or Papa. No one is allowed to touch you there except us. You understand that now. So to say sorry to Papa and get out of there you give Papa a kiss to apologise.”

Jordan would have done literally anything then and there and leant forward, yelping at the sensitive skin it agitated and kissed Papa soundly on the lips. Papa put his hands either side of Jordan’s face and deepened the kiss, a kiss filled with passion, wanting and dominance. True to his word, Papa was already undoing the harness, lifting Jordan out and firstly pulling out the dildo. Jordan felt cold all of a sudden, his hot, damp skin exposed to fresh air and he erupted in goosebumps. Papa got a blanket from the corner and wrapped him up quickly, doing a messy job. He took him straight up to their bathroom and got the hot water running in the sink. He didn’t submerge Jordan in it, only picking up a cloth and using it to wipe him down. Jordan just wanted to sleep. He literally couldn’t move a muscle so didn’t protest to any of Papa’s thorough ministrations. He was diapered and dressed in a warm onesie, back to being mittened and socked. He was glad to be led straight into the nursery, the sun was still up but he knew he’d sleep until someone made him wake the next day. Instead of the cot though, Papa sat down on the rocking chair. Jordan knew Papa wanted to feed him but Jordan didn’t know how he was going to last long enough to suck. As he suspected Papa raised him to his nipple, rubbing Jordan’s mouth across the nipple until he took it in his mouth. The liquid on his parched tongue felt amazing - he didn’t realise how thirsty he was so initially he sucked until a steady flow was coming and all he had to do was swallow. Papa transferred him straight onto the other nipple but by this stage Jordan was too warm and with a belly half full, simply couldn’t keep his eyes open. Papa annoyingly jiggled him, and tickled his foot - he wasn’t going to get any peace so he slowly started sucking, keeping his eyes closed and was rewarded with more milk.

Samson could see that Jordan tried to keep up with the flow but his swallows slowed and a trickle of milk ran down his chin. He was fast asleep now and so lost the vacuum on Samson’s nipple, opening his mouth to show Samson he still had milk in his mouth as he’d fallen asleep. Samson reached for a dummy and put it in, getting a suck or two which would have helped the milk go down. He placed him down in the cot and got no reaction when he put him in a new sleeping bag. One that fully encompassed him and zipped all the way up to his neck. His hands were up by his head in little pockets, so he couldn’t roll or stand and his legs were covered in the remainder after it cinched in at his waist to make him feel like he was wrapped tight. Samson closed the curtains before leaving the room confident that he would sleep all evening and night without a peep.

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