The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 14

“Jordan wake up pup”

“No Sammy, I mean, I think we should leave him sleeping, he’ll wake up soon enough. He smells clean which means you’ll want to flush him out and I want to do his hair for the shoot.”

“He’s been sleeping for 17 hours! I want to check he’s ok. ” Samson ran his hands through his messed up hair, something he’d done all morning worrying about Jordan.

“He’s fine. You did kind of exhaust him, plus he skipped a sleep yesterday afternoon and he wasn’t well night before last, remember - he’s just catching up and recharging, maybe today we take it easy on him.”

“Yesterday was supposed to be easy on him - but you should have seen him swinging in that egg, jerking himself off. It was so incredibly hot but he couldn’t get away with it.”

“I know, I wasn’t saying otherwise Sam. I think you’re a bit tense this morning love. You have a nice long shower, I’ll take care of the little darling.”

“Ha! Sorry Jamie, you’ll give him an enema? You -”

“I’m not a total Wipeout. I can do it. Besides I think he’ll be rather compliant this morning - he may even sleep though it.” They both chuckled at that. Jamie wrapped his arms around Samson hugging him, but also turning him towards their ensuite and giving him a gentle push away from the nursery. “Have some faith. We’ll be fine and I’ll bring him to you ready for his morning feed. I bet when he does wake he’ll be famished.”

Jordan only seemed to half wake up through Jamie’s gentle touches, however no one would ever really be able to sleep though an enema and Jordan grumbled awake eventually. Jamie was chirpy - too chirpy, smiling and bouncing around excitedly. Jordan was still tired, perhaps even overtired now after so much sleep, the combination of that making him obedient and Jamie being softer than Papa meant there was no restraints and it was over quickly. By now Jordan was fully awake and his mind turned to his belly. He looked over at Dada by the bathroom counter and saw him pull out some small curlers. Before he could think it through himself, he was crying, a loud wail, tears leaking down the side of his face. Jamie was straight there, picking him up, trying to soothe him but bouncing him in his arms. Jordan could smell him, smell his milk and it was all his mind could think about.

“Oh, you’re hungry. Well I’d hoped you hang out a bit longer so I could finish. Nevermind - I’ll take you to Papa. You can drain him first then I’ll be here if you want more.”

Jordan was chest high to Dada, trying to wriggle enough to reach his nipple but Jamie’s arms held him fast. Papa’s milk didn’t seem good enough right now, he wanted Dada. Or better yet he wanted a big fat juicy steak! Papa was sitting on the rocking chair and took him, guiding him directly to his chest but Jordan was too busy crying at the injustice of being hungry to notice. Why after 4 years of coping with regular starvation was he loosing it now? This place bought out such immaturity in him.

Samson was having no luck, he worried Jordan was refusing him after yesterday, wailing into his chest. He wouldn’t close his mouth over his nipple so Samson had to start squeezing it until droplets of milk appeared. He let them drip onto his finger and then put that on Jordan’s tongue where he snapped shut, instantly silent. Once Samson got him onto his nipple he calmed completely, eagerly sucking and swallowing as fast as he could.

Half an hour later they opened the master’s doors, making their way to the communal areas. Jordan wasn’t completely full, hoping wistfully maybe, just maybe, he’d get something at breakfast -bacon, a crust of toast - anything solid. He was dressed in a frilly, pink checked, pinafore apron, leaving bare more than it covered. The top was a heart that barely covered his chest lined with more frills and straps that crossed over his back. What really annoyed Jordan this morning was that Dada had still managed to curl his hair and it was all pinned up in some elaborately girly and curly mess on top of his head that was now covered in a stiff baby bonnet so he couldn’t mess it up. He’d also expected it, so wasn’t surprised to be re-mittened but felt somewhat exposed by only having white ankle socks, trimmed with lace and bows. He legs were bare all the way up to his diaper.

They ate breakfast rather quickly. There seemed to be some tension in the air that Jordan didn’t know about. He didn’t get any more to eat, not that he didn’t try but Papa wasn’t playing along as he ate his huge decadent meal. Then it was directly to the pack meeting. Papa passed him to Jamie, acting very seriously and completely ignoring Jordan. He wondered what he had done, normally Papa wasn’t overly affectionate but he was kind to him and Jordan wanted his approval - hmm since when did that happen? Instead of trying to get him to sleep Dada actually fed him! Bonus - he was still hungry and it had seemed like a distant dream tasting Dada’s delicious milk. It was better than he remembered and he drank until he couldn’t swallow another drop.

As he fed he could hear Papa talking angrily, curiously eavesdropping as he drank.

“I’ve been having problems with the human governor of the region. They owe us a considerable amount of money, refusing to pay their power bill. Their feeble attempts at making electricity involve ruining and polluting the area but the douchebag thinks that can turn away from our renewable sources and look after themselves.” Everyone awkwardly chuckled at this. “I want to arrange a face to face meeting for this afternoon and not only persuade him that’s a ludicrous idea but also get our outstanding bills paid.

“So Graham, can you and three men go and collect him later today. Make a real show of it. Take a large car for him and have two of you in wolf form escorting him. I want him shitting his pants before I get to him. Jimmy, you and a couple of others spend between now and when I get back before the meeting researching everything about him. I want to know about his family, debts, any leverage, sexual preferences or fantasies. Hack into everything and get me a full report. Also someone set up the conference room with a lot of Jordan’s baby things lying around - if the report gives me anything to work with I’ll use the full threat of the local human orphanage - so someone discreetly talk to his deputy to see how well liked his boss is or if the 2nd in charge would willingly take over, my guess is the latter and he won’t be missed.”

“Boss, since Jordan arrived, Jenny and a few of the ladies have been awfully clucky. Those of us with mates have been getting peppered with questions about asking you if we can adopt too. ”

“That’s a whole discussion for another meeting, we have someplace to be before we get back for this poxy meeting. But I’m not against it. A bundle of babies will make things fun, noisey and it’ll be just as easy having many as one. However I think I see your train of thought. Ask Jenny if she’s free to attend the meeting and give her a heads up she might get to test out a potential.”

Jordan shivered nervously at the thought. Papa seemed so hard and stern. Was he like this with Jordan at the beginning? He can’t really recall - everything has blurred into one and all he can think of now is the gentle giant that professes his love for Jordan daily. The meeting closed after that due to Papa’s ‘appointment’, another word that Jordan felt anxious hearing. Last time they’d left the mansion Jordan came back with no teeth and no ability to talk. He struggled to think what else they could do to him, he was as much as baby as an adult human could be. He was baby sized to them, carried constantly. He hadn’t used his legs since he tried to run away. He hadn’t eaten solid food since the night he was taken.

They reached the car, being strapped into the same capsule seat in the same SUV as last time. Dada tucked the blanket all around him so he couldn’t move at all and then put a dummy in his mouth and pulled the hood down so it was fairly dark and Jordan couldn’t see anything but his feet. Once the car started the vibrations and movement started lulling to sleep, but before he fell completely he felt his diaper get warm and wet and he freaked out that he’d wet himself without even trying. Maybe that would make Papa happy?

He woke later as he car stopped and his stomach lurched as the whole capsule he was in was unclipped and pulled from the car. Papa didn’t attach it to a pram, just carried him, still buckled, blanketed and with the hood down as he walked. Jordan felt like he was in a swing of some sort as with Papa’s steps, the capsule swung back and forth. He made some gargling noises as the motion made his head spin a bit, and then cried out in earnest when the whole capsule was spun as he was carried inside somewhere. Jamie was gushing - apparently everything was gorgeous and perfect and he was so excited. Typical Dada, Jordan thought.

“Alpha Samson. I’m incredibly honoured you’ve chosen our studio. Congratulations on your new son.” The new voice whoever they were, was fawning over Papa like he was royalty. “I’ve taken the liberty of having 2 of my assistants join us, to make sure we get the best possible photos today and your partner is already admiring some of the displays I’ve set up. You can change anything you like, flowers, colours, props so please feel free to have a look.”

Jordan couldn’t stand it, he hated being ignored like he was forgotten about and he was too curious so he spat out the dummy and cried for attention.

“Samson, shall I get him?” Jamie asked.

“No you work with Mr Pierre and pick what set ups you want - you’re better at it than me. I’ll get him, lay down some ground rules and...Mr Pierre?”

“Yes Alpha, sir?”

“Did you want him undressed and if I remember from the email - you prefer them plugged?”

“Only if that is what you are comfortable with Sir. If the baby is plugged he can’t ruin any props, babies can’t control their bowels after all. It also helps if you wanted any sexy shots at the end as we can turn the plug on. I have a brand new one sitting by the change table.”

"That’s acceptable. I’ll get him ready.”

Papa finally opened the hood and Jordan had to blink a few times to adjust to the light. By the time he could see clearly he was lifted out into Papa’s arms and could see everything. It was a photography studio, of course wolf sized. The building was cavernous, shelves lining the walls with blankets of every colour imaginable. There were wooden beds, barrels, chairs and assortment of furniture in both human and wolf size. He spied Dada and who he guessed was Mr Pierre over by a wall of flowers again in a multitude of colours. Papa laid him down, undressed him completely and pulled a small butt plug out of the box and a small tube of lube. Jordan was relieved the plug was small, especially compared to yesterday’s toy. It sat relatively comfortably, just a full feeling reminding Jordan it was there.

“Jordan, unfortunately for reasons beyond your control I’m in a foul mood today. I’ve promised Dada not to take it out on you as long as you’re a good boy today. You will obey every single command from anyone in this room today, you won’t whinge or complain and you’ll do it immediately. You will not embarrass me or my promise to Dada will be moot. Understand?”

Jordan looked up eyes wide at such a stern talking to. He instinctively went to nod but stopped himself and he was glad as Papa didn’t seem to be waiting for an answer. Papa led him to a beanbag in the centre of the room. It had photographers lights all around it and a backdrop sheet behind it. There were some chains and ropes hanging from the ceiling attached to pulleys on the side. Jordan cringed as he saw photos on the walls of human babies wrapped in blankets in various poses. Is this what this was - a baby photoshoot? No freaking way! Oh God- if Papa hadn’t just scared the pants off of him about behaving he’d be kicking up a stink right now. This was so not cool. Mr Pierre took Jordan holding him up like a specimen, turning him this way then that, eyeing him carefully.

“A beauty, you must be very proud. He is cool skin toned so we can use the pastels you wanted, plenty of pinks, no red or navy. His hair is good, we have lots of headbands and pieces you might like to add as we settle him in each set. I’ll do the hanging flowers first, followed by any props shots you want. Then I’ll do the family photos - including some of you feeding him and then hopefully if he sleeps we can do all the beanbag poses finished off by some more risqué. Any questions?”

“You got one we can do like that?” Samson pointed to a picture where the baby was hanging, suspended in a net bag, curled up as if still in utereo, or similar to the egg cage Jordan was naughty in yesterday - oh that’s why he wants it, Jordan thought, because of yesterday.

“Yes of course. How about I start with that while you Jamie, finish the flower wheel.” Jamie skipped off only too happy. Samson sat down in a large chair right on the edge of the set so he could watch Jordan like a hawk. Two assistants appeared, one holding the bag and one setting up the ropes and pulleys. Mr Pierre curled Jordan’s legs up so his knees were on his chest and then lowered him into the bag.

“Can you put one hand between his legs, almost as if he’s touching himself.” Confirmation indeed this was some reenactment of yesterday in the cage.

“Of course sir,”

With a few fingers through the netting to arrange his arms he was lifted up and suspended from the roof. The net cut into him all along his back and sides and he was squished awkwardly and couldn’t move- it was not comfortable at all and he only hoped it was quick.

“That’s it. Look here Jordan. That’s it, tilt your chin down and now close your eyes. Good. Now look at Papa there. Perfect. Now the flowers.”

Dada came bouncing over with a large flower wheel, all pink, yellow, orange and white, bright as anything. They hung that from the pulleys, took him from the bag and laid him facedown on the inside of the wheel. They bunched him up again, no concern for if body parts really curled or flexed that far and slowly backed away as it any sudden movements would make him fall.

This whole charade continued for hours. He was put inside a barrel, laid on top of a stuff wolf, he was held by Dada and Papa, both bare chested just in jeans where they took turn to cuddle him to their chests, lay him in their arms, even one - Papa just held him in one hand. He got so embarrassed when they started kissing above him as he was sandwiched between them and he really went bright red when Dada started feeding him. They would have known he’d never refuse Dada’s milk and he at least was allowed a proper feed, they stopped to let him have more milk from the other nipple.

He was supposed to sleep now but Pierre or the assistants kept moving him. He was on a beanbag made to make all manner of poses and they put flower crowns on him, a real little jewelled crown, little pearl or floral headbands, then they did it all again on a different coloured rug on the beanbag, or they wrapped him up like a potato and did it all again. They pretty much made him shut his eyes for every picture. They wanted a smile at one point and Dada started acting silly which garnered no response. Papa simply ordered ‘smile’ and Jordan did his best not to make it a grimace.

At one point he noticed he really had to pee. He was always naked, changed from blanket to blanket, never left alone or never put back in a nappy. He tried to cry out to Papa but he gave him a warning look. He tried to hold it in but as they were changing him and moving him about all of a sudden it came gushing out. Embarrassed and disappointed in himself he couldn’t help it when he burst into tears, afraid he’d spent all this time trying so hard to be good and just cocked it up. Papa was halfway out of his chair before Dada came running over apologising for him.

“It is ok - no worries. ” Mr Pierre repeated a few times. “They are babies, this is what they do. I have nearly every baby wee throughout a newborn photoshoot. See that basket? It is ready to collect any wet blankets your baby make today. We are finished here anyway. Last ones - did you want some risqué shoots too?”

“Yes we do - have you got some props to use?”

“Yes Alpha sir, you follow me and pick some out.”

They came back with a tub full of goodies and Jordan simply wished for the ground to swallow him up whole. The first one was a massive rubber penis and bottom, half the size of Jordan. They placed it on the ground and sat Jordan on the butt cheeks so he had to cling to the penis to hold on. The head of the penis was in line with his head and one of the assistants put a paste on the very tip of it. The other one had a remote and when he pressed a button it turned on the plug in Jordan’s arse, vibrating just enough to turn Jordan on and get him hard.

“You suck the penis for Mr Pierre, Jordan. There’s a surprise at the top there -bet you haven’t had much chocolate lately - wouldn’t that be yum yum.”

Jordan knew he’d have to do it regardless but the offer of chocolate was too good to pass up. He leapt onto the penis, running his tongue everywhere, sucking every last delicious morsel off of it. Even on the streets he so rarely got a taste of chocolate, this was the best thing to come out of today. He was disappointed when there was nothing left and hadn’t noticed the camera flashing wildly.

The rest of the sex positions involved some dummy gags, sucking lollipop like penises, poses showing off the butt plug and a cock ring they added. They finally pulled out a prostate massager almost identical to yesterday’s and Jordan’s faced paled of all colour.

He looked over to see Papa howling with laughter. He was slapping his thighs, throwing his head back and cracking up.

“Oh Jordie. Your face! Priceless! Did you get that one? Oh that was brilliant. Cheered me right up. Right we done now? I have an important meeting to get to.”

It was a...joke? Jordan sagged with relief. He thought that he was going to have to relive a part of yesterday and it was way too soon to do that. He was so thankful it was a prank he was even somewhat happy himself that it had cleared Papa out of his bad mood.

“Yes Alpha, he was a little superstar. All done. I’ll email you the proofs and you can choose which ones you want printed and the rest will be on a USB for you to keep forever.”

Papa picked Jordan up, still smiling and occasionally giggling to himself. He laid him down on the changetable and whispered into Jordan’s ear.

“That was well done little puppy. Tonight before you go to bed I’m going to suck your little cock and balls so hard. I’m going you lick my tongue all over you till you want to cry out. However, I’ll only let you cum if you’re as good as you have been in my meeting once we get home. I need you to be a very happy, well behaved little baby for me and if you do that I’ll happily swallow all your jizz as you cum in my hot, wet mouth. Got it?”

Jordan squirmed as Papa’s words sent shivers all over him. He was hard still anyway thanks to the plug still vibrating but his cock twitched in anticipation at such a treat. He’d do anything to have Papa do that to him.

They got Jordan dressed, taking the plug out finally, and put him back in the capsule. Jordan just fell sleep as they got home and Papa told him to save his sleep for later. They had work to do.

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