The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 15

As they entered the main part of the house, people converged on the three of them. Thankfully, they were all after Papa so he was passed to Dada as Jimmy handed Samson a manilla folder dossier that Papa had requested in the meeting this morning.

“Thanks Jimmy. Can you give me a general run down, what do I need to know now?”

“Sure thing Boss. So when you called this governor a douchebag this morning you weren’t wrong. This guy has bended quite a few rules to stay in office and isn’t popular at all. His 2nd in command is more than willing to take over and has a strong backing from the others under them. We aren’t the only ones who haven’t been paid, yet the money has been diverted from their treasury - we found some offshore accounts in his name that explain where the funds have ended up. He’s so corrupt.”

“Perfect. So the plan is to unseat him and recover our losses. That way the new governor will be an ally towards us. What about him personally? What could you discover.”

“Not a lot but what we found was enough.” Jimmy took back the dossier and opened it up to retrieve some photos. “This is his wife. They have no kids and for the last 2 years they have been living completely separate lives. She’s unhappy but he controls everything and won’t let her leave so as not to damage his image. There are rumours he’s beaten her on occasion.”

Samson growled but made a waving motion to go on.

“He also has a mistress he sees sporadically. She doesn’t see him exclusively but he doesn’t know that. He keeps a house for her and they get up to some pretty kinky shit. He has peculiar tastes - rough and dominate and is a huge homophobe. Very conservative, anti gay and has a human superiority complex - he only tolerates the werewolves and other supernatural species because he has to.”

“Good work. You free to sit in on the meeting? I want you next to Graham and I want you to speak up with any other info you think is important as we go.”

“Next to the Beta?” Jimmy glanced to Graham who was walking besides them, Jimmy was in awe at the honour. This was a big step up for him. “Sure boss. Thanks.”

“My plan is underhanded but I’m not going to feel guilty about it. We made an agreement with the humans that we would only take vagrants, criminals or those that were a menace to society. This guy fits the bill. So by the end of this I want to have access to those foreign accounts. The wife can have all his legitimate funds and the mistress can keep the house she’s in. I don’t want such a small minded sycophant in this house so sorry to disappoint you ladies, but no one’s getting a baby or pet today. Instead of returning him home, give him to the vampire human orphanage you would have passed on the way here. They can train him and rehouse him - I don’t want him to be our problem. Most of you head in and no talking. Make it a heavy silence while you wait for me. Jamie, give me Jordan before you go in. I’ll pass him back to you for a feed and he can sleep on you in there. Tina? Can I have a word?

“I’m here Alpha. At your service today.”

It was her. The overly dolled up lady Jordan had met with Jenny the other day. Too much hair and too much make up, dressed head to toe in pink and gold like a bad Dolly Parton - she had the huge chest to match and she liked to show it off. Jordan couldn’t stand the sight of her and clenched his hands into Papa’s shirt. He was not going anywhere with this woman. Her smile never reached her eyes and you could see meanness oozing out of her. She had her arms out silently asking for a hold of Jordan.

“Tina.” Papa’s greeting was gruff - Jordan figured he didn’t like her much either. “I’m taking Jordan into the meeting.” Jordan sighed in relief at both Papa’s words and gentle patting of Jordan’s back. Samson had felt the tiny hands fist into his shirt, loving that he was the trusted protector now.

Tina giggled, a high pitched noise that sounded as fake as it was. She touched his arm, long pink nails filed like claws gently digging into his arm. “Jenny can’t make the meeting so I volunteered. Apparently you need to test out a potential human? Well there’s no one better than me. I’ve wanted a pet or human for a long while. I’ve collected all sorts of instruments and equipment needed to handle these wild creatures.”

“Right. Well...thanks I guess. Except I only want to involve you as a last resort. I expect subtlety until I include you in the discussion. Understood?”

“Perfectly sir. I won’t let you down. Shame you don’t want to consider keeping him within the pack. I want one that needs some rough handling.”

“No, I’ll not have a homophobe in my pack. And the whole idea of us adopting a human is to love it and have it live peacefully in our society. We’re not supposed to abuse our power. I’ll not accept you having a human until you can prove you understand that. Can you give me a minute with Jordan before we go in?” Tina stepped up to the door and waited as Samson leant down to whisper in Jordan’s ear.

“I might do some strangely affectionate things to you in there. I need to make a show of you and I’m sorry to use you in this way but my rewards afterward still stands if you just take it and be good.”

Without waiting for an answer they entered the conference room, set up differently to the daily meetings. There was a seat vacant in the center of the table on one side and Samson made his way there, pointing to Tina’s seat at the end of the table as he passed it. He turned Jordan so he was facing outwards across the table and heard the little gasp comes from his baby and smiled slightly.

Across from Jordan was another human!! How long had it been since Jordan had actually seen someone of his own species. He made eye contact with the man, seated on multiple booster seats so that he was actually on one of the conference chairs but could sit at the table as equals amongst the werewolves. However the eager, friendly look on Jordan’s face was not mirrored on this man’s. He was staring at Jordan, mouth open in shock and eyes widened in horror.

“My child, Jordan.” Samson abruptly made the one sided introduction. Jordan was thankful for once his name was unisex. The girly clothes on him would have been too embarrassing to see the other humans reaction if Papa had referred to him as his son.

“Governor, thank you for your time. This whole meeting could have been avoided if you paid your creditors instead of stealing government funds and siphoning them off to your personal offshore accounts -”

“Look here - you can’t go round making accusations...”

“I will not be interrupted!” Samson bellowed, making Jordan jump.

The governor spluttered, going red in the face and reached up to adjust and loosen his tie. Papa was so blunt and confrontational and it made Jordan squirm uncomfortably at this different side to Papa.

The conversation kept going with the human continuing to try and defend himself. Jordan got distracted, as did the governor, as Papa started stroking Jordan on the chest, reaching long fingers under his outfit and toying with his nipples. Jordan tried not to act too surprised but the look across from him was one of disgust. The governor’s jaw drop completely when Papa slid a hand further down and started stroking Jordan’s diaper, rhythmically massaging him and creating a friction that was really rather enjoyable. Jordan could easily play along to this. He decided he was on Papa’s side anyway - this man seemed to have no scruples if Jimmy’s information was right he was a mean piece of work.

“I have a few demands of you today and you will be able to leave this compound and our territory unharmed.” Jordan realised what Papa was promising was technically true, knowing this man would be a human pet or baby regardless by the end of the day.

“Refusal to oblige me and I won’t hesitate to let Tina over here take you on an interactive tour of what human life is like within this house. Since I’ve become a Papa, quite a few fellow pack members are keen to adopt.” At this Papa lifted Jordan up, drawing the governor’s attention to him and passed him to Dada who immediately lifted up his shirt and guided Jordan to his chest, who in turn didn’t waste any time latching on and sucking greedily, not over the novel sensation of how good Dada’s milk tasted and not at all bothered about the negative reaction he’d get from the man across the table.

“You can’t threaten me. I have all sorts of contingency plans in place and if any harm comes to me through you or your pack you better watch your step! I’ll not be turned into a spectacle for a sick puppy like you or anyone else.” The governor retaliated.

Jordan stopped listening to the bickering, he didn’t like to see Papa like this - as necessary as it seemed to be . His eyelids got heavy in relation to how full his belly was and Dada was running his free hand up and down Jordan’s bare legs, a very pleasurable sensation. The last thought Jordan had before succumbing to sleep was that Papa was right about one thing: it was super easy and carefree being a baby - and he realised he was happy most of the time. A luxury he had not had since his parents disappeared 4 years ago....

Jordan woke up slowly, stretching lazily and feeling the big and soft bedding of Papa and Dada’s bed enveloping him like a warm hug. He realised it was Papa’s voice that woke him up. It seemed he was trying to be quiet but he was so worked up his voice kept rising before dropping back down to a whisper.

“That self righteous prick of a human thinks he can threaten me! The nerve of him! Well, right about now he’ll be getting the surprise of his life as Graham makes a detour on the route home. I can’t decide if I’d rather see him rot in the orphanage or get picked up by someone of the likes of Tina to show him a thing or two about just how interesting being a human pet can be. ”

“Sammy, calm down. You got what you needed in the end. He’s been de-seated, the new governor will honour our contracts and you recouped the outstanding costs. I’d call that a win.”

“A win! -”

“Ssssh. Jordie’s asleep. Calm down and stop shouting.”

“A win” Samson hissed. “We barely got what we asked for. That man is a lowlife.”

“Forget about him now. You need to release some pent up energy. When was the last time you transformed? Change, go for a run, check the perimeter or whatever and then come back and I’ll give you a massage. How does that sound?” Jamie finally approached him, treating him like he was a caged bear, running his hands down his arms and making shushing noises. “You promised Jordan some special daddy time but you’re in no mind to play with him. Hurry back and then while you look after him I’ll take care of you.”

Samson gave Jamie a wry grin, knowing he was being expertly maneuvered but not caring as it was working. He looked over to the bed and saw Jordan watching them and winked at him before stalking out of the room.

While they waited for Samson to come back, Jamie set them up in their private lounge room Jordan hadn’t seen before. It was very masculine with dark brown leather couches and sleek modern technology. There was a baby bouncer on the floor near the couch that Jordan was strapped into and he was handed a rubbery ring filled with water that Jamie gently directed to his mouth. Having no teeth he could hardly puncture the toy but it felt good on his bare gums to clamp down on it. Dada turned the TV on and Jordan could turn his head to see the screen. Dada had taken the bonnet off at some point earlier and now absent mindedly ran his hands though Jordan’s hair as they sat in companionable silence watching some show Jordan had never seen before. It was so peaceful Jordan thought, not caring that he was drooling down his hand and chin as he really got into chewing on the teething ring. Samson came back some time later, mood much improved after some exercise and looked lovingly at the scene before him. It looked so normal and he loved the idea of being able to see this and be amongst this simple family time everyday. He slid down the arm of the chair, slotting in behind Jamie, shifting him along a bit and took over playing with Jordan’s hair. Jamie stroked Samson’s leg instead, turning around to give him a genuine smile - no words needed to convey how happy this domestic peace gave them both.

Jordan couldn’t tell when it started but he felt the change in the mood around them. Instead of a comfortable silence there was a feeling of anticipation in the air. He turned away from the TV and abandoned his chew toy to look at Papa and Dada on the couch instead. They were looking at each other but both turned to smile down at him. They looked down at him like they wanted to eat him and Jordan twigged that that was exactly what was on the menu. Dada turned around to face Papa and launched on top of him, kissing him passionately. Papa grunted sensuously before wrapping his arms around Jamie. Jordan wasn’t sure if he should be watching or turn back around but he didn’t want to look away. He got an excited, hot feeling beginning to burn at the base of his tummy and he bounced in his rocker, kicking his legs to try and get out of the restraints. Without breaking the kiss Papa reached down and with one hand, fiddled with the buckle to unclip Jordan but put that hand between his crotch to stop him from falling. As Jamie slid down the length of Papa, undoing his jeans, Papa reached down and placed Jordan high up on his chest. He quickly divested Jordan of his clothes and in an erotic move, placed his large wet tongue in Jordan’s ear and gently nibbled his earlobe. A jolt of pleasure shot through him and he got jolt after jolt as Papa kept going all the way down his body, skirting tantalizingly close to his groin but leaving it untouched. Jordan was groaning in delight, his hands on Papa’s cheeks rubbing them up and down the stubble already breaking through his chisled jaw. Papa moved him up over his face so Jordan was laying facedown on the cushion above, but his lower half covered Papa’s face. He shuddered in pure pleasure as Papa took him in his mouth and lovingly devoured him, licking and sucking as his hands roamed over his body, massaging him. Jordan could do nothing but pant and once a rythym was established he started grinding his hips into Papa, fucking his mouth as he sucked harder and faster. He cried out violently as he came, shooting his load into the back of Papa’s throat, jerking his body in response. Letting him recover, Papa ever so carefully pulled him down to his chest, face up and wrapped an arm around him. As Jordan regained his senses he saw that Dada was still bent over Papa and Papa’s breathing was getting rougher and heavier as he was getting pleasured. Jordan turned in Papa’s embrace and nuzzled his chest, slowly making his way to one of his nipples. He licked it first before blowing over it so it puckered up, then he bit down on it as he had just been doing on his teething ring in the bouncer. A drop of milk appeared so Jordan sucked it up, which only encouraged more to flow so he latched on completely and sucked harder. Papa groaned loudly and cupped his huge hand over Jordan’s head and applied the slightest pressure to encourage him not to stop. Jordan was nearly thrown off Papa’s chest as he arched his back and roared out as he found his own release. Jordan went to stop sucking but Papa but his hand back and let him finish, even moving him to the other side for more as they laid there in post-coital bliss.

Eventually they had to move, and as one they rolled off the couch, a sucking noise the only sound as leather tried to cling to their bodies. The 3 of them moved into the bathroom and Dada turned on both jets in the shower, letting the steam engulf the room. Jordan was nestled in Papa’s chest and more than happy to stay there, relaxing even more if that was possible once the warm water gently rained down on his back. Dada soaped him up and washed him clean so that he hardly had to move. As he basked in the attention he made a conscious decision to himself that he was going to accept this lifestyle. There were parts he didn’t love as much as others, but overall he could get very used to this whole being waited on constantly and completely taken care of. He reached his hands up towards Papa’s neck and wrapped his hands as far around them as he could and squeezed, getting a squeeze in return and kiss on the top of his head.

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