The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 16

It was amazing what the next few days brought when Jordan gave up control and submitted completely to his daddies. The punishments stopped and the humiliation was dramatically reduced. There were still parts of his new lifestyle that were taking a bit of getting used to but overall he was content, more than that, he was happy and relished the attention he received not just from Papa and Dada but from most of the pack. As he stopped misbehaving and everyone got used to him they started to dote on him like favourite aunties and uncles, picking him up for cuddles, ruffling his hair or playing with him - in ways one plays with a baby of course but still, it killed the boredom that could creep in. He was and looked very proud to be upgrade to neutral coloured clothes. The overly frilly, pink, girly clothes seemed to have disappeared overnight. He was now dressed in whites, pastels greens and yellows. Some of the outfits were still over the top baby-ish but it seemed an upgrade nonetheless.

Samson was also over the moon at the transformation. Gone was the sulky, snarky, teenage attitude and they had got their baby boy. He was an angel- so beautiful, so submissive and so suited to ageplay. He hadn’t totally slipped into a newborn headspace - that was harder and would take longer yet, Jordan still gave a lot of thought to many actions but he didn’t fight the treatment of a newborn anymore. If it was possible they both loved him even more and couldn’t help but show even more affection now that it was welcomed. They created such a happy picture that discussions about some of the other wolf couples adopting turned very real and serious. It would be good for Jordan to have some new cousins to interact with, once they were fully trained themselves and the happiness of the Alpha was coveted and contagious.

Jordan woke up when it was still dark. He could tell dawn wasn’t far off but he had no idea of the exact time. Hoping to repeat yesterday he made sure he filled his nappy - happy his body worked like clockwork in that regards now and cried out loudly to get Papa’s attention. Within a minute he plodded heavily into the room, still half asleep and without turning on any lights, picked Jordan up. He didn’t coo or talk to Jordan as he changed him, instead yawning so dramatically his jaw cracked. He used the zipper at the base of the sleeping suit so Jordan still didn’t have the use of his hands and once clean was zipped back into it and carried carefully into the also dark room of Papa and Dada’s. Jordan could only just make up out the lump that was Dada on the other side of the bed, sleeping soundly. Papa got back under the covers and propped himself up with a couple of pillows so he was sitting up. Jordan nuzzled into his chest, whimpering slightly, searching in the darkness for a nipple to sate his hunger. Papa slept naked so his bare chest was exposed and with his hand, guided Jordan in his quest. Jordan sighed in relief as the first drops of milk touched his tongue and focused solely on the sweet, creamy milk as it flowed smoothly and filled his belly.

Once he’d had his fill, now sleepy and warm he snuggled down onto Papa who, as he had done yesterday and what Jordan had absolutely loved, turned towards the middle of the bed and placed Jordan in between his and Dada’s pillows and pulled the blankets up to his chest. Papa rearranged his pillows and laid down beside him, seeming to fall back to sleep instantly. Jordan was now happily situated in the enormous bed between Papa and Dada in their bed and in the dark smiled to himself that it had happened again. He was torn which way to turn, Dada smelt so amazing but Papa knew he was there - Papa won out so Jordan rolled a little closer to Papa’s head and was rewarded with a giant hand resting over the bulk of his body in a gentle embrace. Jordan sighed once more before falling into a blissful sleep.

He woke a couple of hours later with sunlight filtering into the room and to the sound of the soft clicking of a keyboard. He was tucked tightly under the covers but not on the mattress and as he came to a bit more, realised he had been placed on Papa’s chest as he worked on his laptop in the early morning light. Whenever the typing would stop a hand came up to cup his bottom or rub his back gently. He tried to stay still and breathe normally so it wouldn’t have to stop, it felt like heaven waking up this way as opposed to alone in his cot, but he gave himself away by licking his lips and swallowing heartily.

“Good morning my little drooler.” Papa whispered affectionately and bending to kiss the top of Jordan’s head. Jordan looked at Papa’s chest and was embarrassed to see a little puddle of saliva but Papa quickly mopped it up with the blanket. “Give me 10 to just finish this then we can wake up that lazy Dada of yours.”

Jordan was more than happy to just relax into Papa’s chest, stretching a little to work out a few kinks and turning his head towards Dada, still a big indistinguishable lump under the covers. The steady thumping of Papa’s heartbeat was hypnotic and he was so warm to snuggle into. Eventually Papa closed the laptop and used one leg to nudge Dada awake, who groaning and grumbling rolled towards them, arm outstretched to put on Samson’s chest and was pleasantly surprised to feel a small sized lump there. Lifting his head up to find Jordan there he grinned down at him and pulled him off Samson and towards him, greeting him with kisses all over his face.

“What time did he wake? I didn’t hear a thing.”

“No I noticed that.” Samson said wryly, also shifting down the bed to be eye level with them both. “About 4.30 again, dirty and hungry.”

“The Dr did warn us he might pick up a night feed remember. But I can’t say I complain to waking up to find him in here with us.” Jamie snuggled Jordan even closer taking big deep breaths of his baby smell. Jordan just kept grinning ridiculously, savouring the attention.

“I have a sneaking suspicion we’re the ones being played here. Looks like the little devil is getting it exactly how he wants. We shouldn’t make a habit of it.”

“Why not? If we all enjoy it...”

“I don’t enjoy the 4.30 wake up.” Samson grumbled good-naturedly.

“But if he’s awake and hungry then we’ll have to get up to feed him regardless. We can take turns, put the monitor over on my side so I might hear it, or give me one of your oh-so-subtle kicks.” Jamie laughed, in too good a mood to do anything but tease Samson. He looked down at Jordan and in an exaggerated baby voice said. “Your Papa is a grumpy one today. He doesn’t sleep much but he clearly needs what he gets or he is so cranky in the mornings. You’ll have to wake me up instead to break out of that cot.” And in a dramatic whisper “I’ll smuggle you in here!”

Jordan cracked up giggling and Papa growled and launched on top of them both, keeping his weight off Jordan, smiling broadly at them both. He kissed Jamie soundly and passionately and then also affectionately kissing Jordan and nuzzling his big face into his.

“Fine! You two win. I can’t compete with you both. You feed him while I shower and lick my wounds in defeat.”

Jordan didn’t need telling twice, he was elated he now had full permission to wake them and crash with them in the mornings, his new favourite time of day and join in on the loving banter they seemed to keep very private. He turned towards Dada, who did the same and with very little effort and no shuffling required found his chest and got his second breakfast.

He was dressed in a fluffy white outfit that made him look like a teddy bear. He had mittened paws and feet and two little ears sticking up from the hood. Sitting on Papa’s lap as they ate breakfast in the large dining room, he still made grabby hands every time Papa picked up a piece of bacon. Papa ignored him, not even bothering to bat away his hands or pin them by his sides. It was turning into another tradition that every meal time Jordan would try and grab solid food no matter if it was Papa, Dada or even aunty Jenny holding him. So far he was still completely unsuccessful but it wasn’t going to stop him from still trying. It kept him from just sitting there staring and became a kind of game that amused him. Samson also didn’t mind it, as it was exactly the sort of childish thing a real baby would do and not take no for an answer. Plus it showed a playful side to Jordan that he hadn’t been comfortable or confident enough to show before now - it was personality and mischievousness and it made anyone watching him smile. He was trying it again at lunch time, after his nap during the morning pack meeting, trying to reach for a bite of chicken Papa was devouring. All of a sudden Papa unzipped Jordan’s outfit down to the waist and freed his arms, leaving him bare chested. Thinking himself in trouble Jordan tensed and froze and watched as Papa wordlessly picked up the chicken drumstick and got rid of every bit of meat and gristle from the bone and handed it to a stunned Jordan. There was nothing to actually eat, it was purely bone but looking up at Papa he still stuck it straight in his mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned in delight at the taste, oil and juices buzzing round his mouth sending his taste buds into overdrive. He amused himself with it for the rest of lunch, covering his hands, face and chest in a sheen of chicken flavoured drool.

“Next time I bake bread I’ll give you the warm crust with butter to chew on Jordie.” Jenny said affectionately from down the table. She was watching him in rapture as he sucked his chicken lollipop so enthusiastically.

“No actual bread mind.” Samson warned. “His tummy won’t be used to solid food.

“I know that. The crust is so hard it’s no different from a rusk. But the melted butter will help us fill out those cheeks a bit faster.” Jenny looked at Samson with hard eyes at being reprimanded in front of the whole pack like that, but softened her glare with a smile knowing he didn’t mean to be boorish.

“Sorry Jen, still getting the hang of this protective parenting thing.”

Jamie broke up the rest of the tension with his arms outstretched. “Pass him here Sam, I’ll feed him before you take him into town.”

“Good idea, let me just wipe him down first...grotty thing.” Samson used a napkin to soak up most of the mess and then zipped him back into the onesie, passing him over with a quick kiss.

This was the first Jordan knew about going out- the downside to being a baby. He wasn’t consulted or informed on what the actual plans were. He was always the last to know. And Dada wasn’t coming? Normally they always went out as a threesome. He hoped against hope it wasn’t something that Dada was too squeamish for. A small pit of dread settled in Jordan’s tummy and for the first time he couldn’t fully enjoy the delectable taste of dada’s milk.

They took a different car today. Not the family SUV but a sleek and stylish bright red sportscar. Jordan had no idea where he was going you fit, but as Papa opened the door he pulled the passenger seat forward and there was a rear facing capsule tucked in the back. Jordan loved cars, but sitting in the back of this, staring out the rear window was the worst way to enjoy a fast car. Not that he got any say about it. He was clipped in tightly, tucked in with a blanket and the front seat was popped back. The engine roared to life at the touch of a button, Papa turned the music up louder than Dada would have normally allowed and with a screech of the tyres, raced out of the garage. Jordan felt his tummy lurch as Papa sped away from the house and he couldn’t help hooting with glee. He heard Papa’s deep chuckle in the front and when he looked up at the headrest on the back seat there was a mirror there, tilted just right so he could see Papa’s eyes in the rear view mirror. Papa gave him a wink and next thing Jordan knew he could have sworn they were drifting sideways as the rear end kicked out.

The music got interrupted by a ringing through the car stereo and Samson muttered ‘party police’ before answering. Dada screeched down the phone.

“Samson Bradford! I can not believe my eyes! I just saw you drive that way with our child in the car!”

“Jamie love calm down. We are still on the driveway. I won’t drive like that all the way into town.”

“Don’t you try and sweet talk me Sam. You won’t be driving ANY of the way into town like that. You probably scared him half to death.”

“Scared him? Are you kidding. Calm your farm down for a second and listen to this. It’s music to your ears...”

With that Samson turned the wheel hard left and hit the gas. Jordan couldn’t see it but felt the movement as the car started turning in doughnuts, the world spinning madly outside, tyre smoke welling up all around them. Jordan was howling with laughter, it was the most exhilaration he’d had in years!

“See! You hear that? He loves it....Jamie? You there?”

The music kicked back in as Samson realised Jamie had hung up on him. He turned it back down, stopped the car completely and swore under his breath. He drove off, no more antics, but still keeping up a fast pace as they left the compound and hit a main road. Another ringing came through the stereo as Papa made a call.


“Graham, it’s me. I, uh, pulled a little stunt on the driveway.”

“Oh really? What do you think gave that away?” Graham was laughing, you could hear it in his voice. “The noise and smoke you generated or Jamie just about having a fit at the window? The rest of us enjoyed the show if that helps.”

“Haha! So did Jordie. Reckon a few of the younger blokes could tidy it up a bit for me? Anyone got any misbehaviour strikes against them to work off.”

“Yeah no problems. I can think of a few that are due of bit of manual labour.”

“Thanks. Is Jenny near you or shall I call her cell?”

“No she’s amongst us. Most of us raced to the upstairs windows when Trent said he moved Jordan’s carseat into your car. Here I’ll pass her over....”

“Sam.” Jenny’s voice was half amused half reprimanding.

“Jen.” Sam copied. “Do me a tiny favour?”

"Already on it, but you’re in the doghouse for sure, Brother dear. He is spitting mad this time. He almost threw his phone through the window.”

“Bugger. Just try and calm him down for me. I’d never put Jordan in harms way. He knows that. Just a bit of fun, boys will be boys and all that.”

“Alright, leave it with me. He’s transformed and is running the grounds at the moment though, I told you he was livid. I’ll get to work when he gets back. You owe me though, I’m going to have to listen to him vent about you all afternoon.”

“We’ll stop at the ice cream store on the way home...what flavour?”

“Triple choc peanut butter swirl - the big tub.”

“Done. See ya.”

Samson hit the end button and looked back at Jordan.

“Hope that was worth it pup. We’re in big trouble. You too for laughing no doubt. Worth it though huh?” Papa laughed and Jordan giggled in reply. It felt good being a bit reckless but with the approval of Papa.

They reached the main drag of town not long after. Papa parked and instead of getting the pram base out, hoisted Jordan out of the capsule and tucked him into the crook of his arm. They entered a building called ‘Full Moon Baby Care’ and walked up to reception.

“Welcome to Full Moon Baby Care, can I help you?” The woman on reception wasn’t a werewolf. She wasn’t nearly as tall, but she had the palest white skin Jordan had ever seen and two fangs where her eye teeth should have been. Vampire. It was the first time Jordan had ever seen one, let alone up close.

“I’m Alpha Samson Bradford. I have an appointment with Madam Higginsbooth.”

A woman appeared out of a back office door, heading straight towards them. She had sleek dead straight black hair that was cut severely at her jawline and her eyes were pitch black.

“Alpha. I’m Madam Higginsbooth, welcome to my establishment.” Her and Papa shook hands

“Just Samson is fine. I wanted to take a look at the different room options for Jordan here.”

“Sure. Let me take you on a tour. You need to book him in tomorrow?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all.” Madam Higginsbooth opened up a double doors with a swipe access card to reveal a baby playroom with cots lined up along the outer wall. The lights were dimmed and human sized babies were all asleep in each one. That pit of dread Jordan felt earlier returned in full force. This was a human daycare. He was being shipped off? He squirmed in Papa’s arms - he felt...betrayed. Especially given how good he thought he had been over the last few days. Papa placed his free hand over Jordan’s tummy, giving him a squeeze, for reassurance maybe?

“I’m looking for more private options if you have them available. I’ll be dropping him off an hour before sunset and will be back an hour after sunrise.”

“Of course. We have private suites, each comes with its own nanny but the prices rises substantially. We also have shared suites accommodating 2, 4 or 6 babies in each room again with its own nanny. The fee covers a 24 hours period, from midday the day before to midday after the full moon. Most clients prefer to rest after dawn and most pick their children up closer to midday if you’d prefer?” They turned up a red velvet staircase to a hallway of rooms. Each door had an ornate gold decorative frame surrounding it making it all look very opulent.

Jordan almost sighed with relief. He was only coming here for the night during full moon! That made sense he guessed. In all house full of werewolves if they all transformed he couldn’t possibly be around them. And he should have had more faith in Papa. He planned to drop him off as late as possible and pick him up as soon as he could.

“The private suite is my preference. If my pack adopt any more humans we will share a suite in the future but cost isn’t an issue. And I’ll stick to my time frames, but thank you.”

“Very well. Let me show you what we have.” She opened a door via fingerprint and held it open for Papa to walk through. The room was dark but everything in it was a soft velvety material. The curtains, walls and carpets were all a rich burgundy and a gold cot stood proudly in the centre. A leather black rocking chair was in the corner and a small bar fridge and black bookshelf with a black microwave on top were next to it. The other corner had a change table with burgundy covered mattress and an array of toys on the shelves underneath it.

“The door to private suites can only be opened by myself, the nanny assigned to the room and the parent or parents of the child. Everything your little one needs is in this room so there is no other interaction with other children. Our nannies are fully qualified for all age groups and over the full moon they complete the full 24 hour shift so there’s no changeover between carers.”

“Sounds perfect. I’d like to book Jordan in for the private suite. Can you email me all the forms needed?”

“Of course Alpha, I mean Samson. I can take your fingerprint now and as long as we get the paperwork back before midday tomorrow everything will be in order.”

Jordan noticed the way everyone paid deference to Papa. Like he was a big somebody important. He spoke like anything he asked for would be granted and so far from what Jordan could see it always was. They stopped by the keypad on the way out of the room, where Papa gave his thumbprint and then they left immediately, stepping out back into the sunshine. Instead of heading to the car, Papa walked them down the street.

“That seem good enough for my special boy? I hate to leave you but you can’t be near the compound tomorrow night during full moon. That place is supposed to be the best and you’ll have the best room there. I won’t leave you till I have to so I’m back at the compound by sunset and as soon as I change back I’ll come and get you. Each room has a camera so I can check you were looked after on the playback as well. It really is the best option we’ve got.”

Jordan felt warm and happy at how special Papa was treating him - and all this fuss just for him, a street rat. They had reached their next destination, Papa opened the door and a blast of cold air hit him - it was an old fashioned ice cream palour. Papa got two giant tubs, one aunty Jenny’s order and another strawberry something or rather and they made their way back to the car.

“C’mon pup. Time to go and face the punishment for our crimes, you with me?” Papa was grinning as he put Jordan back in the car seat and gave him a kiss as he tucked the blanket around him and they headed home.

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