The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 17

As they reached the compound, Samson was pleased to see the evidence of their joy ride had been cleaned up. Jordan had fallen asleep on the ride home, not even giving him a distraction from thinking about Jamie’s temper when they got home. Samson sighed, he loved Jamie, they were soul mates but Jamie could be such an overreacting panic merchant at times and rain on Samson’s parade - sucking the fun out occasionally. He lifted Jordan out but he was still super sleepy so he placed him on his shoulder and smiled softly as he felt tiny arms come up around his neck and Jordan’s tiny head rest on his shoulder.

He detoured to Jenny’s private rooms first, knocking briefly before walking in. She was in the bathroom so he went to her mini fridge and put the ice cream in the centre of the freezer. As he turned and straightened up she walked into the main room, a cloud of steam following her from the bathroom. She jumped at the sight of him and squealed, making Jordan twitch in response.

“Sorry! Did I wake him? You scared me.”

“No all good. My fault. I did knock.”

“Hello little guy. Sorry about that. Wanna give me a cuddle?” Jordan leant down towards Jenny as she held her arms out and gave him a squeeze.

“Icecream is in the fridge.”

“Oh goodie. Thanks. Mind you I think I earnt it. Jamie is such a drama queen!” She sat them both on the bed and turned Jordan in her lap towards Papa. He ran his hands through his hair now that his hands were free and started pacing.

“Yeah I know. And what’s worse is he’ll hold a grudge. Be snarky about it for ages. Especially because I don’t really have any intention of backing down.”

“I think he knows you’re not sorry. That’s why he is so mad. Good thing it’s a full moon tomorrow - he’ll settle down once the moon has turned. Speaking of, everything go ok with Madam vamp?”

“Yeah he’s booked in, private room and one sole carer. Best I could find within the district.”

“Oh he’s first night away from home.” She nuzzled the top of his head and rocked him gently.

“Right, well as I said thanks for trying, I’m sure you have helped even if it doesn’t feel like it. No point delaying the inevitable and Jordan’s got to be getting hungry. See you at dinner.”

“Hahaha rather you than me. Good luck!”

Samson grabbed Jordan and they left, walking the more familiar route to their rooms. They passed a few of the pack on the way all who wanted to talk about and laugh with Samson about his car and ‘sick tricks’. By the time they reached their rooms they both felt like heroes or celebrities. However as they opened the door they sobered up at the thick atmosphere they walked into. Jamie was marching from room to room picking up objects and tidying them up, there was a duster, vacuum cleaner and tray of cleaning chemicals in the center.

“He cleans when he’s mad. Something to remember.” Papa whispered to Jordan. Dada looked up at the sound, either them talking or the door, and gave Papa or them both a dirty look before going back to what he was doing but he stopped abruptly, turned back to face them and took a deep breath.

“Before you start.” Papa got in first. “Jordan needs a change and a feed. I’ll change him, you want to feed him?” Papa was already walking him through to his bedroom and towards the change table.

“And ruin your precious bond? No. You can feed him.”

“Is that what this is about- have we reached the actual problem straight away? I spend one afternoon with Jordan alone and you go all crazy on me?” Papa swiftly changed Jordan and moved them over to the rocking chair where Jordan hungrily sucked for milk.

“Go all crazy?! You thrashing about in that stupid car with our baby in the back and I’m the crazy one for being pissed off about it.”

“Well at least I didn’t take him on the motorbike.” Papa tried to joke.

“You think this is funny? You’re so irresponsible and reckless!”

Jordan nearly choked on his mouthful as Papa stood up in such a rush. “Say that again Jamie.” His tone was cold and hard and Jordan looked up to see that his face was furious to match. Jordan seemed temporarily forgotten about in his arms.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then what did you mean? I am the Alpha of this pack. I do more work for all of us than everyone else combined. I make sure none of us have to go and work shitty jobs in town by making sure we are successful and our investments do the work for us. I take the safety of the entire pack seriously, including my own son, and if I want to let my hair down for 30 seconds by having a fucking hoon in my fucking car in a controlled environment on my own fucking land than I bloody well will do so without you or anyone telling me I’m irresponsible.” Papa was breathing hard after that rant, his chest rising and falling. Jamie had taken a step towards him hands up in surrender but before he could say anything Papa started again.

“And as for your petty jealousy regarding Jordan, what did you expect? I’ve been the constant figure in his life with us, not just walking away when it’s hard to watch him learn our ways and expectations. I know we agreed on that and that’s fine but you seem to not comprehend that there was going to be a cost for you to be an initial part time parent. I’m the one getting up at 4.30am and making sure he’s in the best possible place tomorrow night. While you go and play afternoon games with the pack daily I’m working and watching Jordan. I’ve searched 7 years for the perfect boy and now that I’ve found him I’m not going to get a scolding from you for stepping up for him. If you think I’m going to walk out of this room and face my pack for dinner with my tail between my legs you’re in for a surprise.”

7 years! Papa said he’d been searching for him for 7 years, since he was 11. In all that time he didn’t pick up anyone but him. Jordan’s chest swelled with pride at that declaration. As much as he was growing to like Dada he had to admit Papa had a point. When it came to choosing between them Jordan would pick Papa, he felt safe, warm, he provided for Jordan, he told him all the time and showed him constantly that he really did love him and Jordan was starting to feel some pretty strong, if a little scary, powerful emotions towards him in return.

“I just don’t know what my role is with him. You’re the disciplinarian, you’re the fun one, you’re the strong protector, what is left for me to be for him.”

“I don’t have the monopoly on those roles and I don’t want to. When we decided to adopt Jordan I thought we were doing it as a team. So we both discipline him if he needs it. Not any of this ‘wait until Papa hears about this’ bullshit. I want us to both have fun with him, you seemed to be doing OK with him in our bed this morning, and we should both protect him with our lives. Thats the commitment we’ve made to him when we took him from his old life. We owe him that. So step up Jamie and you’ll find its worth it. Isnt it little pup? Oh sorry love, I’m ignoring you - you still hungry?” Samson finally sat down again and rocked gently to get Jordan back on a feeding rythym.

Samson then looked up to Jamie who was still just standing there staring at his feet, looking totally defeated. The anger lifted completely as he knew he had railroaded this argument, not that he had any regrets about it. “Next time, just trust me enough to know I would never put Jordie in danger and let me have my moment of fun ok love?”

“Alright, sorry. I guess I overreacted a little.. a lot. Jenny told me the same sort of thing actually, that you need to enjoy life, not just be our Alpha. Maybe if you relaxed and joined in with the boys a little more often you’re idea of fun wouldn’t be so extreme?” Jamie looked over hopefully.

“Jordie thought it was fun, didn’t you darling? Did you listen long enough to at least hear him cackling with laughter?”

“Yes, and you were right. It was music to my ears. Want me to get him ready for bed?”

“Let’s bring him downstairs with us. Just tonight. He’ll be away from us tomorrow night - that place was suitable by the way - and you can spend some time with him. Maybe a later feed before bed will mean he doesn’t wake so damn early!” Papa kissed Jordan to soften the criticism as he passed him over. Jordan gave Dada a big squeeze, for him anyway, as he reached him in solidarity and Dada responded with a soft chuckle and more kisses.

“I’d like that.” Dada walked over to Papa, took his hand and reached up to kiss and make up, Papa using his other hand to include Jordan in the embrace.

The next day, the day of the full moon seemed to send everyone in the house crazy. Some all day party was raging in one of the living rooms where the younger werewolves were pumping themselves up for a night of mayhem, the bass from the music making half the house shake. There was an electric tension everywhere and it made Jordan nervous to be around anyone but Papa, Dada and Aunty Jenny. She seemed to be the only one who noticed his discomfort.

She offered to take him for most of the day and they stuck mainly to her set of rooms. She was devouring that tub of ice cream already and she was spoiling Jordan by letting him have tiny spoonfuls every now and then. Dada was responsible for packing everything Jordan needed for the night. A task he’d volunteered for. It also meant he was the one expressing milk for the night and Jordan couldn’t argue with that.

All too soon it was time to go. Both Dada and Papa came so it was back in the SUV. When they reached the day care (for night time) both Papa and Dada seemed reluctant to get out of the car.

“You sure he’s going to be OK?”

“Sammy, you personally checked this place out. Now who’s acting like the parent with the super special kid?”

“What?” Samson looked at Jamie like he’d grown a second head.

“You told me that at the hospital when I was all worried for him, remember? This is their job mumbo jumbo let them do it or something...”

Samson laughed. “Mumbo jumbo. Smart move, using my own words against me. Ok let’s do this.”

They led him up to the room they visited yesterday and Papa’s thumbprint opened the room. A rather young, attractive vampire was sitting on the rocking chair reading a novel. She had stunning rose gold hair down to her waist and porcelain skin. Her fangs didn’t seem as frightening as yesterday’s vampires, maybe Jordan was used to them already. She got up, smoothing down her mid thigh length leather skirt and came over to them.

“Hello. I’m Stefania. I know this sweet little guy must be Jordan.” She cupped his head and smiled at him warmly. She then looked up to Papa. “You must be in a hurry, sunset is less than an hour away. Is there anything specific I need to know?”

“He’s been waking between 4 and 5am. Normally we feed him and put him back to sleep but tomorrow can you keep him up? That way he’ll sleep when we do once we pick him up, with any luck.”

“Good thinking. Madam Higginsbooth said you would be here shortly after dawn, I can see why you’d want this precious one back asap. What time will he go to sleep?”

“Within an hour. He’s got a sleeping suit but we’ve added a shirt from each of us in case he needs any kind of comfort. Milk is in the cooler bag and an array of clothes.”

“Sounds like we’re all set then. Enjoy your night and we’ll see you tomorrow when you come through the door. I’ll just wait outside so you can make your goodbyes in private.” With that she used the keypad inside the room to open the door. And let it shut behind her.

“I like her Jordie. What do you think? You’ll be OK for one night?” Dada asked him, running his hands all over him then leaning down to kiss him. “Love you my darling boy.”

Papa moved him to his shoulders for a big bear hug, whispering to him. “I wish we didn’t have to leave you but this is the safest place outside of home. Love you pup. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Papa opened the door and let Stefania back in who took Jordan, made him wave goodbye as the door shut them in for the night. Jordan knew it had to be this way but he was sad to leave his daddies. He tried not to think about it as it made him want to cry. He still couldn’t get a grip on his emotions and as his eyes welled up he looked around the room that would be home for the night. Stefania was making no demands of him, happy to let him adjust. He felt quite at ease with her from the offset which was a good sign. When he saw the baby toys and such underneath the change table she moved towards them and offered him a choice. The play gym mat for the floor or a story. He pointed towards the book so she grabbed it and they sat on the rocking chair while her melodical voice washed over him. She sounded lovely, and when she sang him a song afterwards he clapped his hands for more. Her lullabies put him to sleep easily once she had dressed him for bed and with a bottle of Dada’s milk it didn’t feel like this was such a bad night after all.

He woke up disorientated hours later. It wasn’t morning but Jordan was hungry so he guessed it was 4:30am-ish seeing as he was normally waking up then. Before he could cry out Stefania was there reminding him of where he was. She already had a warm bottle of milk in her hand, having had the benefit of watching him stir a little before waking. She changed him, fed him but then opened the curtains so when dawn appeared the light would help keep Jordan awake. By 7am the sun had well and truly risen and Jordan knew Papa would be changing back and coming to get him, he felt anticipation at the thought. He had really missed him, missed them both. But that wasn’t to say he disliked Stefania. He’d be happy to spend the night with her once a month, having her sing and read to him.

An urgent pounding on the door startled them both, sitting as they were on the rocker reading again.

“Hello?” Stefania called out.

“Yes it’s me, Jordan’s Papa , but the security button isn’t working. It’s not accepting my finger.”

“That’s odd. Let me see if it works from inside.” She called out. Instead of moving she leant down to Jordan and softly as she could spoke into his ear. “Didn’t your Papa use his thumb?” Jordan nodded and sliver of fear ran down his spine, freaking him out. “Does that sound like your Papa?” Jordan looked up at her, unsure. He’d been expecting Papa and eagerly awaiting for him so didn’t pay close attention.

“I’m just finishing changing him, be there in a second. Is it working yet?”

“Does it look like it’s working yet? I don’t have time to waste - I want my child!”

Jordan’s face paled that definitely wasn’t Papa, or Dada. He didn’t recognise the voice at all. He looked back up at Stefania and shook his head ‘no’! She squeezed him tight reassuringly.

“There’s a panic/security alert button. Don’t be scared, I’m just going to activate it. It doesn’t make a noise but will send a silent alarm downstairs to our security centre. You’re safe here.” With that she stood up, keeping him nestled closely to her side and lifted a tiny panel in the wall underneath the fingerprint scanner. There was a small red button with a smaller light bulb in the middle. She pressed the button, which turned the light on and closed the flap. She sat back down and resumed talking to the stranger outside.

“Sorry, I’m here now, my panel isn’t lighting up either. Do you know if anyone else has been able to get into their rooms?”

“No I don’t know! There has to be a way to open this door, what if there was an emergency? Tell me where there’s a latch or handle.”

“I’m sorry sir, that goes against our policy. If you go downstairs and fetch Madam Higginsbooth she can help.”

They waited for a reply but there was none.

“Sir? Sir?... I think he’s gone little one.” She was rubbing his back, agitated herself. All the years of training and working here, she’d never had an actual security breach. She looked down at this little boy. He was sweet and cute that was for sure and she had been told his Papa was a VIP but why would somebody want him? Ransom? A loud knock interrupted her musings.

“Stefania? Are you ok in there? What’s going on - you pressed the panic button.” It was Madam Higginsbooth

“Ma’am there was a man outside the door just now trying to force entry. He was there just a minute ago so he’s got to be still in the building.” She heard heavy footsteps race off, security she assumed. How did they miss him?

“We’ll lock down the building. You did the right thing. Stay there as per protocol until Alpha Samson himself comes to collect his son.”

“Alpha Samson” Stefania muttered in awe. “Your Papa is Alpha Samson?” She looked down at Jordan who just kind of shrugged at her and gave a small nod. “Madam said he was a VIP but not the most powerful man in the district. Who’s after you then sweetling? Do you know?” Jordan shook his head ‘no ’ this time, still definitely shaken up from the close encounter. “Well not much we can do until you Papa gets here I’m sorry, you want a song?”

Within 15 minutes the door slid open and Papa marched in. There was a crowd behind him including Dada, the madam and some burly looking security vampires. Stefania had stood up and instantly handed Jordan over, who was squished tightly to Papa’s chest as Papa ran his hands all over Jordan’s, checking to make sure he was unharmed.

“I’ve been briefed on what happened. Thank you for your diligence with my son.” Papa thanked Stefania formally.

“He’s been a dream, we had a good night up until that happened. Did you find him? Do you know who it was?” The questions were aimed at Papa and the larger group.

“No he left the premises undetected. I have a few enemies unfortunately given my position but I can’t think of anyone who would dare to pull a stunt like this. I’ll have their head for it though.” Papa turned to the crowd at the door, handing Jordan to Dada who made his own similar inspection of Jordan. “The safest place for my family is my compound amongst my pack. I expect you’ll have an investigation, one I’d like to be kept fully informed of.”

“Of course sir. Again, my sincerest apologies. We’ve never had a security breach at this establishment before, the safety of our guests is paramount.”

“I’m just glad your protocols for an attempted abduction worked, or we would be having a very different conversation. We really need to be going now.” To Stefania he added “Thank you again for your care and quick thinking.”

With that Papa simply walked through the crowd, Dada following quickly behind. Papa drove home and given the time of day, after a full moon, the roads were empty so he drove fast and they made quick time. As they walked through the mansion Jordan was stunned by how quiet it was. With so many people living in it there was always some noise and hub of activity going on but it was completely still and silent. Everyone sleeping he presumed. They reached their master suite, Papa sat with him on the rocking chair while Dada placed his overnight bed at the foot of their bed.

“Jordan, I need you to be really grown up with me for a minute, then you can have something to eat and sleep with us for a few hours. I need you to nod or shake your head when I ask you questions. Can you do that?”

Jordan nodded his head.

“Good lad. Ok firstly, did you recognise the voice of who tried to get in your room?“

Jordan shook his head.

"Was it a deep voice, like mine, like a large werewolf.”

This time Jordan nodded.

“Hmmm. Have you seen anyone hanging around or watching you whenever we’ve been out to town before.”

Shake - no.

"No one at the day care yesterday?” Another shake.

“Ok good boy. It’s ok Papa is going to take care of this. No one will hurt you. Do you trust me?”

Jordan gave an enthusiastic nod of his head.

“Lastly, how was Stefania? Did you like her?”

Another big nod.

“Would you be happy to have her watch you again?”

Jordan nodded one final time. Dada had come in from Jordan’s room with a sleeping suit and placed it on the bed. Papa put Jordan down on top of it so Dada could zip him up while Papa got completely naked and hopped under the covers. With all the curtains drawn the room was fairly dark for a mid morning sleep.

Dada gave Jordan to Papa who fed him before laying him down next to him and the three of them joined the rest of the house in slumber, snuggled closely together.

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