The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 18

The bright light that suddenly filled the bedroom woke Jordan instantly. He used his hands within the sleeping suit to rub his eyes and stretched out his legs. Papa was standing at the side of the bed, wearing a pair of jeans and black t-shirt that was moulded to his body with his hands on his hips looking down at them. Jordan could hear Dada groaning beside him.

“Up you get you two lazy bones. Emergency whole pack meeting in 15 minutes.”

That seem to jolt Dada awake. He threw the covers off them both and strode straight into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

“I think you’ll find most of the pack feel a little like Dada today. It’s hard for them after the full moon. C’mon we haven’t got long to get you dressed - are you hungry? Silly question, you’re always hungry.”

Papa dressed Jordan in an outfit he thought he had progressed on from. He didn’t mind the normal neutral coloured onesies he’d worn for the last week or so, they also gave him a relative sense of freedom, today though it was back to embarrassing. First a white singlet with embroidered flowers on it was tucked into plain white tights, then a white smock like dress was put over the top. It was one of those really old fashioned type of starched outfits that both girl and boy babies used to wear but it was still too feminine for Jordan’s liking. He wondered if there was some reason or occasion for it? Given how he looked he hoped not. Papa added knitted white booties and mittens that were secured with ribbons and a thick woolen bonnet that also tied under his chin. Jordan couldn’t work out if the next and final touch was a blessing or curse. He had been laying on a pristine, white, woolen blanket, Papa put Jordan’s hands by his side and brought the edges of the rugs around and securely underneath him so he couldn’t move his arms at all! The bottom of the blanket was lifted upwards, making Jordan lift his legs up and out like a frog’s. That section was also wrapped around him and fastened at his chest with a large safety pin. He tested the restraints; he couldn’t move his legs or arms at all, he couldn’t roll, sit up - that bit was the curse. The blessing was it at least covered the hideous outfit underneath. Papa picked him up, cradling him in one arm. Jordan got a quick glimpse of himself as they turned and left his bedroom, all that was visible was his face, he looked tinier than usual given he was curled up on himself and he’d gone back to looking like he was a newborn - a completely helpless tiny baby.

As they walked into the main bedroom Dada was waiting for them, dressed and ready. He took one look at Jordan and started gushing.

“Oh Sammy, look at him! He looks so little and precious. How sweet and innocent.”

“That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for. I want everyone to remember he’s a baby, helpless and in need of protection- from the whole pack. I want to stir all the maternal feelings possible in this meeting, but he does look totally adorable doesn’t he. Why did we stop dressing him like this?”

“I just want to squeeze him! He’s so tiny. You need to hold him then in the meeting, you’ll be talking so they’ll keep looking at him but he looks so much smaller in your arms - you’re so clever sometimes.”

“Only sometimes? Can you feed him real quick before we go? He drinks faster from you and we haven’t much time left.”

“Sure. Come here poppet. I can finish the feed on the way too.”

“Good idea.” Jordan heard Papa say. Another downside to being all wrapped up was he couldn’t wriggle to see as much as normal, especially as Dada is turning him towards his chest.

Just before they opened the doors to the conference room they swapped him back to Papa and he gave Jordan a dummy to suck, thankfully it wasn’t attached to any ribbons but the expectation was clear.

They walked in, Jordan had to grudgingly admit Papa’s plan was working. As they passed the ladies he heard them ‘awwing’ at him cuddled against Papa’s large chest. The huge conference table was full, every seat taken and Papa stood at the head of the table, Graham is beta on his right, Dada on the left.

“Thank you for coming. I know pack meetings aren’t held the day after the full moon, let along whole pack meetings, but this really is very important. Early this morning, a little after sunrise, so after we all had changed back, Jordan was part of an attempted abduction scheme at the night nursery care facility I had him at.”

There’s were a few audible gasps, mainly from the women further down the table, but Jordan also heard some low growls coming from the men closer by. Graham’s hands clenched fiercely on the table. Dada just looked like he was going to be sick.

“Luckily, the establishment have a rigorous security system in place so the abduction was unsuccessful. However the Intel we have been able to gather so far points to a male werewolf, who had clearly planned to be close to the location as he changed back, complete with an outfit stashed nearby and even possibly a getaway car. This was no random attack and they waited until we were at our weakest possible point to attempt this despicable act.”

Graham spoke up. Speaking loud enough for the whole table to hear despite being right next to Samson. “Are there any leads yet Boss?”

“Not really. The usual suspects, the Donoghue pack have been quiet, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been behind this. But I want to explore all avenues of enquiry. And that’s why I called you all here today. We’re a pack. When someone attacks anyone within the pack we band together and fight as a united front. They tried to get to me, through a tiny helpless human, through my son, and it makes me see red and my blood boil I’m so mad. Until we find the culprit it also means we can not bring any new humans into our compound as we can not guarantee their safety. I know many of you are seriously looking into different adoption processes, and we ok’ed that in a previous pack meeting but I feel I have to put that on hold until we find out who is responsible.”

“What do you need Alpha?” Came a voice from further down the table.

“Everything. Information - anything anyone has. Tell me, or Graham if you have heard any rumblings or unusual goings on. I need eyes everywhere. Be present throughout the district, watching for unusual behaviour, suspicious absences or weird groupings. Jimmy, I want you to run a team gathering intelligence on any known enemies and from there you can allocate further teams to investigate based on your research. I’ve got the video playback of inside Jordan’s room during the attempt so I’ll give you that as well once I’ve had a thorough look.”

“Me boss?”

“Yes. Your work on researching that human governor delinquent last week was impressive. I want full dossiers like that so we have knowledge - information is power. But everyone needs to be careful. Go out in pairs, no reckless actions and always let people at the compound know where you are going. We need to be smart and one step ahead of these cowards. Understood?”

A chorus of ‘yes boss’, ‘yes sir’ and ‘yes alpha’ was heard round the table. With that the meeting dissolved as everyone grouped off to discuss the dramatic event. Most of the pack at one point or another came up to Papa, Dada and Jordan but it was to offer sympathy , loyalty and support, no one yet had any real information to part with.

Samson took Jordan into his study, setting himself up in there for the rest of the day. He was liked a lion with a thorn in his paw - agitated and temperamental. He refused to let go of Jordan but didn’t pay him any attention either, despite everything he did being about him. He picked at lunch one handed. He sat down to review the playback, Jordan clutched tightly to his chest. He made notes singlehandedly and muttered to himself. Jordan got bored quickly. He was still so tightly wrapped up that he couldn’t move. It seemed his only option was to go to sleep but he couldn’t seem to drift off, maybe Papa’s restlessness was catching. He fought against the blanket keeping him immobile, grunting with the effort. Papa just shifted him in his arms, patting his bottom and rocking him. So Jordan whined, spitting out the dummy and whinging up at Papa. He just responded by absent mindedly pulling up his shirt and attaching Jordan to his nipple. Jordan took the distraction the milk offered filling his belly despite not feeling super hungry but that still only lasted 20 odd minutes. When he persisted trying to wriggle Papa stood up, turned Jordan over in his arms so he was facing the floor and patted his back to burp him while he paced. Jordan by now was really frustrated so he let out a loud wail that finally got Papa’s attention!

“What’s wrong little one? You’re so fidgety.”

Jordan bucked with everything he had. He let out a string of babble that would have probably gotten him into trouble if he had been able to articulate his words.

“Alright, calm down. I’ve just got to see Jimmy then I’ll take you upstairs.” He still seemed so distracted, so focused on making sure Jordan safe he couldn’t think about the Jordan in his arms. He reached over and took a USB out of his computer, put it in his pocket and they made their way back into the conference room. It had turned into a beehive of activity. Graham was by the window on the phone and Jimmy was at the table with a few others, papers and laptops everywhere spread out half the length of the room.

“Boss. We’ve made a start but haven’t really got anything concrete for you yet. ” Jimmy seemed nervous, still eager to prove himself with these new responsibilities.

“Of course not. Here is the video of Jordan’s night. You really only want from 7am onwards.”

Graham hung up and came over towards them. “Was there anything useful on there?”

“A few clues. It only has his voice, but that could help us. He didn’t know I used my thumbprint, he said his fingerprint wasn’t working, so to me that rules out the nanny and most of the nursery staff. He knew that I was ‘Papa’ to Jordan, not daddy etc so I’ve been followed in town or it’s someone I’ve spoken to recently. He also knew Jordan’s name but I found it interesting that he kept referring to him as “child” not he or she. Seeing as that Jordan has been dressed rather femininely I think they were unsure of his sex. Which again rules out hospital staff and the photographers. That really doesn’t leave me with any suspects I’m afraid which makes me fucking frustrated.”

“We’re on it boss. They’ll have slipped up somewhere, spoken to someone or been seen somewhere and we’ll find the link. Don’t you worry.” Now Jimmy was reassuring Samson.

Jordan cried out again. He was done being talked about but just left to hang in Papa’s arms. Samson nodded to the men and turned to take Jordan back to their rooms. Dada was there and Papa actually put Jordan down in the middle of the bed and left him to go and repeat everything he’d just said to Dada. Jordan lost it. He absolutely howled this time, he was so mad tears welled and spilled over his face. It finally got the reaction he wanted - Dada undid the pin and unraveled him so his legs sprang free and he shot his arms up jerkily. He kept crying as he felt the blood rush to his extremities, making them all hot and tingly.

“Is he hungry?” Dada turned to Papa.

“No I just fed him. He’s in a mood.”

“Like someone else I know.” Muttered Dada, picking him up.


“Shouldn’t be”

“Tired then.”

“He had plenty of opportunity in my arms since the meeting to sleep.”

“You two are hopeless. You’re making me grumpy just being around you both. You both need some loving.”

Jordan stopped crying at least, making Dada grin widely but Papa wasn’t as easy to persuade.

“There’s work to do. We’ve got to stay on the case while there’s something to follow.”

“And there are plenty of people doing that. Sammy every full moon up until now, until Jordan, we would spend the morning sleeping and the afternoon fucking. You can never shake off the wolf like the rest of us so come bang us and for God’s sake shake out of this funk”

Samson just looked at Jamie for a full minute. Jamie thought maybe he’d pushed him too far but eventually Samson smiled, just a little, and Jamie let go of a breath he didn’t realise he was holding.

“Bang you both? Well that does sound like an offer to good to refuse.” He moved to a drawer, collected a few things and returned to push Jamie, still holding Jordan onto the bed. Hand seemed to fly everywhere, undressing each other and Jordan until it was the clothing that was literally flying everywhere. They were like a trio of nesting dolls, largest to smallest as they passed the lube and got each other ready. Jordan was instantly writhing with pleasure as Dada’s finger pushed lube all around his entrance. He cried out when a finger pushed inside and explored around to find all the hidden secret spots. It wasn’t careful or slow, there was like a crazed madness to all three of them, fast and frenzied and more than a little rough. Jamie used his other hand to play with Jordan’s erect cock, moving in the same rhythm to his finger inside him.

“No more.” Papa said gruffly, making them freeze. “Fuck you both you said. And I intend to.” He flipped Dada over, face up on the bed and almost threw Jordan on top of him, also face up. He pulled him by his little legs so he was straddling dada’s cock. Papa pulled out a dildo, large but one Jordan knew he could accommodate and started buckling it over his waist. Papa was so large his own cock got in the way of the strap on. He grabbed his own cock and guided it towards Dada, who had to hang onto Jordan so he wasn’t rolled off him as he arched to take in Papa. Before he could go in all the way, he moved Dada’s cock to the side and started pushing the dildo into Jordan. Dada’s arm kept him from sliding upwards, anchoring him, as he too, stretched to let Papa in. There was a moment of stillness. Jordan looked up to see Papa looking down at both of them, his eyes so dark with desire they looked black. He was already breathing heavy, his beautiful chiseled chest rising and falling dramatically. Still looking at them both he gave them no warning as he rammed into them hard, going in the full length. There was a symphony of moans and they crescendo as Papa kept up a furious pace. Jordan couldn’t think straight. Each thrust hit home, sending waves of pleasure through his entire body. Dada’s arm holding him steady moved just enough so he could grab Jordan’s cock and pump it in time to Papa. The sensations were too much and with a final cry of pleasure he came, his whole body rising and falling from the force.

Mercifully Papa stopped, unclipped he belt holding the strap on and removing it from Jordan too. Dada lifted him by the hips up over his head so he was laying, still face up on the bed. He was happy, sated and finally rid of the tension that had been eating at him all day. The stillness didn’t last long, as Papa flipped Dada over so they were both facing him and Papa continued thrusting into Dada. Jordan sat up a little to watch better, it was so hot. They were unashamed, uninhibited, wild and free. The bed was pounding, making Jordan sway, Papa was ramming that hard and there was a sheen of sweat over his body. Dada’s cock was so hard and he used one hand on himself, his face contorting with pleasure. It kept going for so long until Papa threw his head back, gave Dada a hard slap on his arse and roared so loudly Jordan thought he could feel the windows rattle. They were both panting, as they crawled up the bed either side of him and flopped down almost in perfect unison.

Just as Jordan thought he was going to be left to his own devices again, in company but alone, Dada lifted his head up, face still flushed, a lock of hair falling forward into his eyes and looked at Papa.


Papa rolled over, smile already on his face and looked to Jordan.

“You up for it pup? I reckon you’ve still got some more in the tank.”

Jordan shivered, both in anticipation and because the sweat on his body was cooling him down. Dada got up and a moment later Jordan could hear water running.

Some time later, all wrinkly from too long in the bath, Jordan found himself staring up at the ceiling from his changetable. He could hardly remember getting there. Two more orgasms in the bath after his daddies took turns sucking him off and finger fucking him, he was so spent he swears he blacked out for a moment. They had been in there so long the water had cooled so Dada dressed him in a long sleeve, footed pyjama sleeper. Papa was around, pulling the curtains shut and fixing the blankets but he came over and have Jordan a goodnight kiss.

“You really are something special pup. Maybe tonight you’ll sleep all night hey? I’ll see you in the morning my love.” He walked out muttering something to Dada about getting some dinner sent up.

Dada sat him down on the rocking chair to feed him. Jordan realised he was ravenous- he’d clearly worked up quite an appetite. He gulped greedily until Dada was completely dry before doing the same to the other nipple. He was still awake as he was zipped in his sleeping suit and placed in his cot. He whined up to Dada. He didn’t want to be in here alone and Dada seemed to understand.

“Papa has ordered you another basinette, so you can sleep in our room, I can see this room being a waste of space if you ask me. But not tonight little one, Papa’s not quite finished with me you see. ” He grinned down at Jordan, winked at him knowingly and turned, switching the lights out as he left the room. Jordan tried to stay awake to hear anything from the next room but he fell asleep trying from pure exhaustion.

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