The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 19

The next few days showed Jordan that the packs entire mood was heavily influenced by Papa. He wasn’t rude to anyone or mean, but he was stressed, worried and distracted and the pack picked up on that. The afternoon games were gone and the happy, carefree lifestyle Jordan had become accustomed to was replaced with tension, silence and anxiety.

Samson was determined to remain at the mansion until he knew who was behind Jordan’s abduction. Only problem was, it wasn’t the simple answer he was hoping for. He also had the added problem of a mechanical issue at one of the local energy mills that supplied renewable power to the werewolf and human districts in the area. Normally without a second thought he would be on the scene to fix the issue in person, but he just couldn’t bring himself to leave Jordan. So he was constantly on the phone trying to stay updated and provide advice on how to fix the dilemma.

He was either holed up with Graham, his beta or Jimmy, his new research guru, discussing the potential suspects - a conversation that just seemed to go round in circles or in his study on the phone. Jamie had tried to help him, firstly by taking an active role in helping find out who tried to take Jordan but when no new information was coming in, he tried to help Samson relax and unwind - ease some of the tension from him and thereby helping the whole pack. But for the first time he could remember he was failing. Samson dismissed him and his attempts to cheer him up - not unkindly but he was just too absorbed in his own misery to be tempted out of it.

His only joy was in Jordan. He seemed perfect in every way. Samson kept him close, trying to remember to actually pay attention to the boy, not just take the comfort he offered him. He was so good now, so compliant, so well behaved that he caused very little fuss. He now coped with the boredom being a tiny baby brought with it, being content to be cuddled for longer periods of time and thriving on the affection.

Samson would offload his problems to Jordan, a one sided conversation, but it was cathartic to him to say out loud what he feared without being needlessly reassured by his pack or feeling inadequate. Jordan found listening came with a whole new range of benefits. He was being told what was going on, he felt updated and in the loop for once and it filled him with pride that he was relied on for something.

They were touring the house one afternoon, just the 2 of them. Samson was looking for any weaknesses; broken or cracked window frames, loose locks etc but showing and telling Jordan about all the main rooms within the mansion. They reached the ground floor and a seemingly deserted wing when Papa opened one of the double doors in front of them. Jordan was hit with a rush of heat and a strong chemical smell, it was familiar but he couldn’t place it, then he saw the enormous swimming pool taking up the entire room. Gentle wafts of steam were coming off the surface. They were in a glasshouse, all the walls and curved roof were glass, like a conservatory, allowing the sunlight and warmth to filter through but keep the cooler elements out. Like everything else in this oversized wolf house, the pool must have been 2 or 3 times an Olympic length pool and had only one wide lane roped off for laps while the rest was open water space. They reached a padded pool chair and Samson propped Jordan up against it and started undressing.

“I know I’ve been a real grouch little one. I’m sorry for that. I’m so worried about you and can’t switch off, but Dada suggested we try a swim and for him I need to give it a go. What do you think? I have this new contraption you can try - it’s supposed to be the latest thing at the baby spa - all the rage.”

Jordan looked skeptical. A baby spa? He had no idea what one of those were. But what choice did he have? The options were kick up a fuss and no doubt end up in there anyway with a red backside or stay compliant. He couldn’t swim, or at least he hadn’t tried in years but he was sure Papa wouldn’t be giving him that kind of freedom anyway. He was distracted by the sight in front of him. Papa was down to his boxers and with a lazy smirk, pulled them down to be stark naked and proud of it in front of Jordan. Not stopping to show off, he reached for Jordan’s legs, pulling them so he was now flat on the lounge chaise and began to remove his clothes too. Both naked, he picked Jordan up and walked towards the pool, bathing suits were apparently not required. Jordan was fast getting used to being naked in front of Papa, moments of shame or embarrassment didn’t last long if at all anymore. Once they reached poolside Jordan noticed Papa pick up a doughnut shaped ring. It only had a small opening and Jordan couldn’t help but feel immediate concern for how it was meant to be used. Without any explanation Papa fastened it around Jordan’s neck, clicking it securely into place. It was tight but not choking him and sat out a couple of of inches all around neck so his chin sat on it and he couldn’t move his head up or down. It was a floatation device of the weirdest kind - as he was lowered into the warm water Papa let go of him so that the ring was the only thing holding him up. He was vertical in the water, as if he was standing and only his head out above the surface. He couldn’t swim as he couldn’t tilt his body and he couldn’t use his arms much as any large shoulder movement was stopped by the neck ring. He looked at Papa and cried out as he initially panicked about being in such a helpless situation - he hadn’t been swimming in years and certainly couldn’t remember how to, if put to the test. Papa chuckled at his reaction, angering Jordan who tried to kick and move but he was a floating head in what seemed like an endless pool and was at the mercy of any current - of which there was none so he was just floating aimlessly.

Papa took a big breath and dove under the water, creating ripples that made Jordan bounce like a tiny raft adrift on the ocean. He looked for Papa but as he came closer Jordan lost sight of him as he had no range of vision or leverage to look below. He shrieked when he felt large hands tickle the base of his feet and kicked helplessly as Papa kept pursuing his legs. His large hands crept upwards, until Jordan stopped shrieking and instead started gasping at a more intimate fondling. Finally Papa came up for air, taking in a huge lungful and shaking his hair like the dog wolf he is. Jordan couldn’t help admire his chest and shoulders, as water drops slid down his perfect body. That and the fleeting touch had awakened a desire in Jordan but he didn’t know how to communicate that to Papa.

“Have you ever heard of the young boys who worked in the Roman baths back in Roman times?” Papa asked him with a enigmatic smile. Jordan just continued to stare at him with a blank stare.

“They were hired, enslaved more like, to dive underwater and nibble, suck and pleasure the powerful men of Ancient Rome. They learnt very quickly how to hold their breath for long periods so they didn’t come up for air often and devoid their master of pleasure.”

Jordan started to feel queasy. His breathing accelerated at the thought of being shoved under the water and possibly held there while his lungs burnt from a lack of air. His legs kicked rapidly beneath him as if he could swim away from Papa and escape his grasp. He cried out in panic when Papa grabbed his legs and gently pulled him closer, so no water spilled onto his face.

“No need to worry my love, I wasn’t thinking you, instead I wondering if I could get you off without needing to come up for air. Given my size I have rather a large lung capacity and you’re always so quick to cum....” Jordan’s tummy flipped quickly, this time from apprehension to desire and a small ripple of heat rushed through him. Papa winked before taking an exaggerated breathe, putting out his chest and then lowering himself into the water, directly beneath Jordan so he lost sight of him.

At first there was no contact, no movement and no action. Jordan tried to spin to see if Papa had swam off in another direction but then without warning two enormous hands parted his butt cheeks so a tongue or finger could shoot straight up into him in one unexpected forceful thrust. Caught by surprise Jordan gasped dramatically as a rush of pure fire drove up his body and he would have lept clean out of the water if he could have. His cock also reacted instantly going from semi aroused to rock hard. While a digit still played with his back entrance, tickling and threatening to reenter, Jordan groaned in pure delight as Papa’s mouth clamped over his cock, sucking tightly while his hot tongue ran the length of him. Jordan knew he should distract himself, make it last but so many sensations at once were overwhelming him. The rhythmic, pulsating, sucking combined with Papa’s tongue that moved up and then around his tip was devine. The additional fullness coming from behind as a finger kept probing inside of him randomly made him buck his hips so he moved even deeper into Papa’s mouth. All too soon he couldn’t hold back and he cried out in pleasure as he let go completely and exploded forcefully - the absence of any sexual activity over the last few days all to evident at how quickly it took him to climax.

Jordan was only just aware of Papa coming back up to the surface, out of breath but not gasping for air. He turned to see a very satisfied smirk on his face as he reclined back to float in the water. “That was too easy pup! I thought you’d try harder.” Papa chuckled. “We’ve still got loads of time to keep playing now. Seeing as I won the game I’m going to have some fun with you, but your pleasure will be my pleasure this time so you’re going to have to work for it.”

Jordan was a little too relaxed to feel nervous but he still startled when Papa abruptly picked him up, and lifted him out of the water. Jordan was instantly hit with the cooler air but Papa moved quickly away from the pool. Keeping the neck ring on they reached the corner of the room where a bucket sat inconspicuously filled with a thick yellowish liquid. Jordan was lowered into the bucket which was only just big enough to accommodate him with his head sticking out the top and his toes just touching the bottom. The neck ring again kept him afloat and the fluid below was neither hot not cold.

“It’s just massage oil. You sit tight, soak that up and you’ll be slippery as anything when I come back.” Papa ruffled his hair before turning straight back and diving into the pool, this time within the one lane that was roped off and took off swimming at a fast pace, a slick freestyle that cut through the water effortlessly. This time Jordan could see a large swimming clock across the room, the second hand continuously moving so he knew it was a full 15 minutes that he was immersed in the bucket like he was a dirty t-shirt needing a stain removed or worse a piece of meat being marinated.

When Papa leapt out of the water Jordan admired how the exercise had left him a little breathless, his huge chest puffing from the exertion. He grabbed a towel and after a rough drying threw on his boxers before coming to get Jordan. It took a couple of tries to get Jordan out of the oil, he was so slippery but he eventually managed to get a hold, keeping him close to his chest to avoid him slipping and subsequently getting some of the oil over his perfectly formed chest. They walked into another glass room, set up as a gym with wolf sized treadmills and weights perfectly aligned. Either it didn’t get much use or Papa had kicked everyone out as it was empty and currently unused. He put Jordan facedown on a padded bench - it was not designed for him as he could barely reach the edges and it seemed a little too high up for his liking.

“You look good enough to eat, bum up and all oiled up like that. Seriously pup, the things you do to me. I’m going hard just thinking about how much I would love to spank that arse of yours.” Jordan turned his head to look at Papa in concern. “For pleasure, not punishment this time.” Papa clarified.

“Here’s a challenge - you manage to slide or crawl from this end of the bench to the other side before I get back and you can pick if you get spanked or not. You lose and its my choice. And I’ll tell you now little one my hand is tingling just at the thought of it...”

Samson walked off chuckling to himself. He turned at the last moment to see Jordan hadn’t even moved yet.

"You’re time starts now!” He grinned to see Jordan startle at his words and then groaned in desire as Jordan instantly raised his recently talked about arse into the air to try and get moving on the bench, only to slip back down with a slap as he was too slippery from the oil soak to move. Perfect, Samson thought as he keyed in a code to a locked cupboard and pulled out some tiny baby sized bondage leathers and a mechanical rocking horse with some x-rated modifications. It felt good to shrug off the almost paralyzing anxiety he had been having since the full moon. It was one thing to take in a stray homeless kid from the streets and give him a better life but Samson never realised he’d give his enemies a weakness to exploit and that Jordan could be harmed as an innocent caught in the crossfire. Jamie had finally suggested an activity tempting enough to try shake off his mood and he was grateful it was working. Thinking of Jamie, Samson knew he’d been a real bear to him too recently so he raced back to where his jeans were and sent a dirty text to his lover, asking him to meet them down here soon. Once he saw to Jordan and exhausted him beyond his limits they would have time to focus on each other and Samson knew his own erection would also get some lavish attention back in their bedroom. Hungry with sexual need and appetite he took large strides back to see how Jordan had fared.

Jordan felt sweat beads forming on his face from his efforts. He was puffed and hot - so much for the relaxing baby spa earlier. He was using what felt like every muscle in his body to try and get across the length of this bench. And so far, he wasn’t even halfway. His arms and hands were so slippery that he couldn’t get any grip so he was trying to shuffle along like a worm. He seemed to lack any strength in his legs - a result of not having used them for weeks now so even if they weren’t covered in a ridiculously lubricated oil it would have been hard work but as it was this task seemed impossible. Jordan wasn’t exactly against a spanking for pleasure - it seemed the option to make a choice was the real prize. He wasn’t sure what he would decide if he did make it to the end, and now it looked like he wasn’t going to find out as he saw Papa’s legs come into his line of sight and sit down on the bench, right next to his head. He flopped his forehead onto the bench in defeat and from having spent so much energy so quickly.

“I must say pup, you did better than I expected. But don’t despair, I promise you, you are going to have an orgasm to remember once we are done. I’m going to push you past the limit you think you can handle and together we’ll see how explosive the results can be. Your balls are going to ache I’m going to make you cum so hard.”

Jordan shivered, Papa always made it sound like Jordan’s orgasm came at an expense or supreme effort to himself and today was no different, the now familiar build up of excitement, anticipation and nervousness danced through Jordan’s bloodstream, making him feel more alive than he ever felt before he met his Papa. Without warning Papa lifted him across Papa’s knee, throwing his head down so all he could see were his own feet dangling on the other side of the thick, muscled leg. Instead of a harsh slap that he expected Jordan melted at the firm but sensual massage papa delivered with just 2 fingers either side of his spine. The residual oil still all over him meant Papa’s fingers glided as they stroked him, going lower each time, sometimes a finger along each cheek, other times down to tease his back entrance - using the oil to lubricate him for entry. All too soon, and unexpectedly, just when Jordan was getting used to Papa’s hand travelling back to up to shoulders to rhythmically run down his back he jerked in response to the short sharp smack that reverberated across his whole rear end. He cried out, more from the surprise, as he couldn’t admit it was extremely painful. The pattern continued - a soft and loving stroke of the back followed by a gap of suspense before a hearty spank. Jordan was gasping now, as each subsequent handprint on his bottom left a searing mark that was radiating a heat that started at the core of his bottom and was spreading all over him. He could also feel the reaction it had on his cock, as it hardened fantastically against Papa’s leg. Thankfully, the line between pleasure and pain didn’t get crossed as Papa stopped spanking but kept fondling Jordan, big hands that felt like they touched him everywhere that mattered. Still across Papa’s legs, Jordan heard an unfamiliar jangling of buckles or chains but before he could push himself up to investigate he felt cold leather snake up his feet climbing up his legs and not stopping as it reached his hips. He squirmed in rebellion and was rewarded with a less sensual spank to his red arse as Papa ordered him to “Stay.” The string of leather continued over his back and ended up dangling down next to his head. It was shiny black leather with metal rings placed between the strands, some with clips attached - of which Jordan couldn’t make out where it all belonged. He soon discovered the hanging straps were a harness that came down his front and clipped to the hip straps so he lying on the bench fully encased in patent leather straps. He was grateful at last for the oil, as it stopped the leather biting into his skin. There were extra leathers and clips on the bench and one very suspicious ring that Jordan was sure he had seen, and experienced before. He recoiled when Papa picked it up and it went exactly where he thought - down his erect shaft to nestle at the base of his cock before being fastened to the other straps attached to him so it dug in, not enough to hurt but enough for Jordan to know he wasn’t going to get to cum on his own terms. Papa’s fingers lingered down there, making Jordan’s dick twitch from the excruitatingly light contact. He was hoisted upright, trying to get used to the feel of restrictive leather all over him and he got a shock when he was sat up against Papa’s body. The heat in his bottom had receded until he was sitting again and now it was a constant reminder of the spankings. Jordan looked forward to where just infront of a giant treadmill sat a much smaller machine.

In any other world Jordan would have called it a kids rocking horse but right here and now it looked like a torture device. It was jet black and faceless and it had clips and rings just like the ones Jordan now found all over him. That wasn’t the truly scary part. On the saddle - clearly where he was going to sit was a dildo bigger than anything Jordan had ever seen before. It was big and black like the horse and bulging with veins and thick head. He would have called out in protest and then would have cursed when his body betrayed him as his cock twitched against the ring restraining him. His body might seem willing but his mind couldn’t comprehend exactly how he was supposed to sit on that horse and take the full length of that cock inside him without splitting him in two.

His unvoiced concerns were therefore ignored as Papa lifted him up and carried him towards the horse of death.

“Hold onto the mane little one, I’ll guide you into the seat.” Jordan couldn’t see Papa’s face but he could hear the amusement in his voice plain as day. Jordan gripped the neck of the horse as if his life depending on it, trying to put all his weight on his arms to avoid leaning on the blunt sword waiting below. Papa held his hips firmly, spread his cheeks apart and lowered him until his arse kissed the tip of the dildo. Using small circular motions he was pushed down gently until he was taking in just the head of the rubber cock. The oil and Papa’s finger had allowed this intrusion but as they tried to go further Jordan finally felt the resistance. As they attempted to go lower Jordan felt the extreme fullness and thickness of the shaft as it tried to invade him. He was breathing hard and fast and breaking out in a hot sweat all over his body. As papa kept persisting, groans and gasps escaped Jordan in gentle protest. Just as it really started to hurt and the groaned turned into an outright “ahhhh” he felt a pop and instant relief as he got the tapered end at the base. He was panting and puffed as if he had just raced on the treadmill he was now staring at.

“You good boy, I knew you could do it. Just let me fasten you and I’ll turn it on for you.”

Jordan didn’t dare move regardless as any jostling could be felt inside him most sensatively. Papa clipped his legs, feet and ankles securely down each horse’s side, he was also fastened by the torso to the horses neck and after 2 cuffs were put on each wrist they were held behind him and along with a ring at the base of his back, clipped to the back of the saddle, making him lean back ever so slightly to take the full length of the object inside of him. He couldn’t move at all, not forwards or back or side to side so the bondage very effectively, along with the huge dildo piercing him internally held him to the horse. One last leather strap remained in Papa’s hand which was coming towards Jordan and eye level, slipping at the last second as an open mouth gag that went around his head.

“No hiding any sounds from me. No closed lips moaning. I’m planning to push you past the limits we’ve gone before so I need to be able to hear if you can’t cope any longer. Otherwise just try and enjoy, feel everything, show me how it makes you feel and I promise I’ll let you cum....eventually.” Papa stuck his tongue inside the gag, erotically filling Jordan’s mouth with his hot wetness then he stood up, ruffled Jordan’s hair and hopped on the treadmill directly infront turning it on and simultaneously hitting a button on a remote aimed Jordan’s way.

Jordan stopped taking in his surroundings, unintentionally, his focus shifted and narrowed only to what was happening to his body. The horse started rocking, gently and softly but so too did the dildo inside of him, keeping a rhythmic pace to the horse. As it moved Jordan could feel the extreme fullness and it made his nerve endings shoot off into pieces. It started slowly massaging his pleasure spot which, if possible made his erection even harder. As his body succumbed to his desire, the leather all over his body felt tighter and the lack of freedom to move meant he had no outlet to shake off the intense feelings - he had to absorb and take everything he was being given. The gag was the only thing that felt cumbersome, at this point it just meant he couldn’t swallow so drool was slowly creeping out of the corners of his mouth. He didn’t make a sound yet but he was taking in big breaths as he tried to aclimatise to such an intense and hardcore situation.

Samson watched with delight. He set his treadmill to a jog to warm up, and aimed to keep his running pace in tune with Jordan’s riding tempo. His perfect baby boy, where some might instantly start bucking and fighting such a forced circumstance, his Jordan was finding a way to not only cope but find pleasure. That’s what made Jordan so perfect, without him ever having experienced this lifestyle he knew how to take all of it in his stride. Determined to test Jordan to the limits, Samson was aiming to help him learn how to control himself better so when they played like they did in the pool earlier, it won’t be such a quick activity. Samson could see that if Jordan didn’t have the cock ring on he would already be coming or at least be close, seeing as that he had already orgasmed once this afternoon. His face was flushed red, reminding Samson of how his arse looked after that delightful spanking. Feeling his own erection pulsing within his boxers he turned his treadmill up and very deliberately picked up the remote and pointed it back at the horse.

As the speed increased Jordan felt himself involuntarily buck against the restraints so he bounced slightly as the horse rocked. Each one caused him to thrust up and down on the cock coming out of the seat and he heard the slap of his oily, sweaty bottom hitting the rubber saddle each time. He also felt his still warm and sensitive butt cheeks reignite as each time they came back down they recalled their earlier treatment. It was sensation after sensation and they were all building in intensity leading him up to a height he swore he’d never been to before. He also knew this wasn’t even close to the end and he couldn’t help but groan in despair at the thought. He wanted release; that sweet feeling of letting go and the blissful oblivion that came after. He tested his hands behind his back against the restraints, he was desperate to touch his aching cock but couldn’t. He heard a guttural, grunting noise and it took a second to realise it was him making the sound everytime he came back down on the horse. When he concentrated on hearing himself making that noise, a noise of pleasure, it was like the flick of a switch and Jordan infact did feel himself enjoying all this. He looked up to stare directly at Papa, a silent challenge, a throwdown, evident in his eyes. If he could have spoken the one word he would mutter would be a simple “more”.

Papa threw his head back and laughed and then turned to look at the gym door on the right. Standing there with a look of awe on his face was Jamie, who seconds before wanted to step in and help Jordan or undo the cock ring for him. Now he watched as this boy transformed right before his eyes and it made Jamie squirm like mad with desire. You could smell the sex in the air.

Samson reached for the remote, grinning proudly.

“You ready for this then? Hang on you to your hat cowboy. God you’re so fucking hot right now - I wish I could take you myself.” And he also turned his treadmill up to a full run.

Jordan saw Papa look to Dada who he hadn’t noticed standing there. He had no time to be embarrassed that someone else was watching surreptitiously as the horse kicked it up a gear. Jordan no longer felt like he was riding a horse. It felt like one mad out of control bucking bull and it wanted to throw him off quicksmart. He was being tossed about harder than before so he started sweating more, panting more and feeling more. The slapping on his bottom was harder, the thrusting was faster and he slide further up and down the length of the dick he was sitting on. The pulsating inside of him now seem frantic as the dildo thrashed against his tight passage. It was everywhere all at once, going up and down and round, pulvarising all those hyper sensitive spots. He was crying out now, uncontrollably moaning in both pleasure and pain. His head was too heavy for his shoulders and he looked down to see his own cock was leaking cum like he was being milked. He was past thinking and past caring about appearances, he just knew he needed to let go and he couldn’t. What had been a nuisance of a strain against his cock was now an unbearable barrier. His whole body was shaking with need and his felt like he was burning up from the inside out. It was a mighty effort to look back up at Papa, prepared to plead to be allowed to cum between the moans but Papa was blurry - Jordan was tearing up from the overwhelming emotions the pure raw feelings he was experiencing. He felt rather than saw a hand at his cock, moving in time with him to unclip the final hurdle to his release. Jordan would have sworn he blacked out except instead of feeling nothing he felt everything. Time slowed as the horse stopped and he roared and screamed as he bucked one last time, his cock exploding with all that pent up energy. As he keeping cumming he felt like all that pleasure and all that pain that had him tighter than a corkscrew was spiralling out of him, so that he was completely unwound, totally relaxed and thoroughly fucked empty. He wanted to sag into a melted pile of limbs and he noticed 4 large hands were making fast work of all the buckles and clips and harnesses so he was free to do so in a large pair of arms against a warm chest that held him firmly and smelt like smokey woods.

“That was incredible. You were incredible! I’ve never seen anything so god damn fucking sexy in my life.” Papa was breathing hard but even to Jordan who couldn’t open his eyes and wasn’t really listening he wasn’t puffed simply from the exercise.

“Don’t you go to sleep yet. I know if we let you, you’ll sleep till morning after that but you have to feed first. Your mouth is dry and you need the food or your tummy will keep me up all night. C’mon sweet boy, try and feed.”

Jordan was too out of it to argue, he wanted to sleep but Papa kept jiggling him until he suckled so he at least tried. Samson was satisfied when Jordan started holding a rhythm of swallowing, even if he was already asleep and he turned to Jamie who was next to him, lightly stroking Jordan’s foot.

“Can you grab our stuff off the sunlounge out there. And a towel to wrap him up in - might as well just put him straight to bed once we get upstairs. Then I can have my way with you.” Samson winked down at Jamie.

“He is magnificent. Just when I think I can’t love him more he shows us what he’s really made of. I’ll put this stuff away as well. Let me know if I can top him up, I am thinking we won’t want to be interrupted tonight.” Jamie responded by grabbing Samson by his erect cock and squeezing none to gently.

“Are you looking to get into trouble.” Samson growled playfully.

“After what I just saw? Don’t you know it!” Jamie quipped back saucily.

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