The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 2

Jordan was aching minutes into the ride. His arms were uncomfortably tied over the wolf's head and a rope ran down the underbelly of the beast to his ankles straddled either side of the wolf's ribcage. The animal was huge and as he ran, took big leaping strides. Jordan was petrified of causing the pack to stop on the way after the threat he received from the wolf that had changed to human form during his abduction. That wolf was leading the pack. Jordan atop of his wolf was strategically placed in the middle of the running pack for protection. He was doing his best not to cry in panic or make any sounds.

Jordan was determined to gather some courage at some point. He wasn't going to sit back and let these animals take over his life, but he hadn't spent 4 years on the streets from being dumb and acting impulsively. His plan was to bide his time and wait for an opportunity to escape, or gain help from a human servant or weak link somewhere. Until he knew exactly what he was facing he was not going to act out. His stomach was recoiling from only eating the 2 apples earlier and the adrenaline racing through his body from the abduction was leaving an awful sick feeling through him. His limbs were numb and cold but he knew they were fatigued too so he was going to be in no position to fight once they reached wherever they were heading. His one goal for the moment was to not fall asleep - just stay awake, concentrating on holding on and not making any noise.

Jamie felt the tiny human clinging on top of him as the pack ran home and couldn't help but feel an immense glow of happiness spread through him. As the Alpha's mate, he was to be this boy's second father figure, or mother figure they had decided. Jamie and Samson had a very strong relationship and were unequivocally accepted as a couple amongst their pack. Gay couples amongst wolf packs weren't unheard of, but a gay Alpha came as a bit of a surprise. Jamie complimented Samson's fierceness and they knew that as parents, Samson would automatically take on the disciplinarian and authoritative role. He would love fiercely and protectively but his size and temper would also be very dominating. Jamie however was the yin to Sam's yang. He already felt a protectiveness to the boy come over him and he would shower him with love, praise and attention. He wanted to be Jordan's mummy and the one Jordan wanted when he felt unwell or wanted some gentle affection. Jamie was submissive to Samson, as Alpha, the whole pack was, but in their relationship he deferred to Samson in all things. Samson had been looking for a human baby long before he and Jamie had found each other and mated, but Jamie had wholeheartedly helped search for their beautiful boy and he couldn't have been happier with the result. He knew there would be bumpy roads ahead but he knew deep down he already loved this boy. He would make sure Jordan not only met all of Samson's strict living requirement and rules but that their baby found happiness living amongst the two of them and the pack as a whole. If he toed the line he would be loved, cherished and very well taken care of.

Jamie felt Jordan slipping, he could feel his breathing even out and grow steady, indicating that he was calming down and no doubt falling asleep. He thought that Samson will be happy, he will be able to settle Jordan quickly and easily and start the real work tomorrow. However, Jamie didn't want any harm to come to their pup in the meantime if he slipped on these final couple of miles. He deliberately mis-stepped, making the boy jerk and mentally communicated to Graham leading the pack, to make the final leg a sprint so as to not keep Alpha waiting.

Within minutes, Jamie could see the lights of their compound come into view and with his wolf eyesight saw a lone figure standing at the front porch, waiting patiently, like he had been waiting for years for this moment to come.

Samson had been pacing the top floor of the wolf mansion in wolf form since the moment the majority of the pack left to collect his Jordan. He had found Jordan living on the streets and had been watching him ever since. He knew Jordan was the one he had been searching for and along with Jamie would complete the family he had always wanted. He had stayed back for numerous reasons, but the main one was that he didn't want to be the baddie that abducted his sweet baby. He wanted to be the one he came home to for the first time.

Samson knew there was going to be a long, psychological battle and he needed to be one to two steps ahead of his baby at all times. Having Graham, his beta, hand their captive over to him established the pecking order and would leave Jordan in no doubt who he belonged to. He would have preferred Jamie to be by his side but he knew his lover, and knew he would have to have eyes on their little one at all times.

Finally Samson heard the faintest of sounds in the distance so transformed back into human form, threw his jeans on and made his way to the front porch to finally hold his sweet baby boy. The pack slowed to a stop as they reached the front lawn of their palatial home. One by one, starting with Graham, they transformed and bowed slightly to Samson before clasping his forearm in a handshake of brothers, and moving just off to the side to witness this massive event in their pack life.

Jordan felt the wolf stop and lifted his heavy head to catch a glimpse of the building in front of them. To say it was enormous was an understatement. Everything about it was on a huge scale. It was built for humans double, more than double, the size of him. His first thought was that accessing anything in this house was going to be impossible without help from others. He wouldn't be able to reach anything. As each wolf transformed he took in how super-sized they really were. These tall strapping men were easily 12ft or more and all of them had bodies built like gods - no fat to spare anywhere. As he watched them, he saw them all go up to one man in jeans standing at the bottom of the porch steps. He was taller than every single other man. By at least a head and shoulders. Where Jordan would come up the top of the legs of most of these men, he couldn't help but think he'd be lucky if he passed this taller ones knees! He stood erect like a God, muscles rippling all over his torso. His whole stance screamed strength and dominance and Jordan felt a weird tingle in his belly and lower region at the sight of this powerful man.

"Holy fuck" Jordan swore in pure terror. He was in a situation much worse than he imagined. However at the same time he had to appreciate how devastatingly good looking this taller man was. His body was perfection and his chiselled face looked both imposing and welcoming at the same time.

Although he greeted each transformed wolf, he couldn't keep his gaze from Jordan and the wolf he was still strapped to. Finally there was no one else left. Samson came towards his mate and child trying to keep all the love and excitement from flowing out of him, at an embarrassing level at least.

"Jamie, love." He lovingly reached out a hand for the wolf and rubbed his hand down from the wolf's ear to chin, holding him most gently. "You've done a wonderful job keeping our boy safe and bringing him home. I hope the ropes haven't cut into you. Make sure you heal properly before you transform."

His hands continued to run down the wolf, undoing the rope that joined Jordan's arms to his feet and then released the ankle knot but kept the ropes attached to each wrist and ankle. He lifted the tiny boy up and cradled him to his body in a most intimate and careful manner. Just like a parent would cuddle their newborn child, So far so good, he seemed too tired and scared to kick up a fuss. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Graham come over to make sure Jamie was OK. As a wolf he would heal quickly but everyone knew he would try to change back as quickly as possible to see his son and Graham would make sure he was fully healed. Samson cooed to his perfect baby boy.

"Hello my little love. My Jordan. We are going to make a most happy family. Tomorrow we will discuss the intricacies like rules and schedules, but tonight let's just get you cleaned up, warmed up and fed for a good night's sleep. Behave for me pup and you'll be tucked up in a nice warm bed within an hour. How does that sound? Hmmm."

Jordan could not believe how easily this giant picked him up. He was being held length ways in the crook of one arm, like a tiny doll...or baby. He still had the rough, tight restraints on each hand and foot dangling down as a reminder and he didn't like the idea of being tied up any more this evening. Food and bed was all he wanted which seemed to be what was on offer so he meekly looked up at the man

"Yes sir." He whispered afraid to do or say anything more.

"Oh darling boy, you're my tiny new son. New babies can't talk, so just let Papa here take care of you. He knows what to do. Trust me and obey me and we will be the happiest family together. Ssh now."

Samson knew he had to start gentle but he placed a finger over the boy's mouth as a warning to keep quiet. He couldn't help caressing his face as he went to run his fingers through Jordan's hair but it was too knotted and oily to do so.

"Right son, first things first. A thorough washing. Jamie love," He turned to his mate. "I'll meet you in the bathroom when you are ready. Take your time." He stood up straight and addressed the rest of his pack. "Boys! I thank you for your efforts tonight. You've earned the hot meal and drinks waiting for you downstairs. Enjoy!"

A hearty cheer went up at the Alpha's announcement, and the men moved inside grabbing their clothing on the way to enjoy a night of celebrating. Samson continued to carry Jordan up the porch steps and inside. The view from Samson's arms let Jordan to see most of the house they were entering. A rush of warm air greeted him inside and he was happy to leave the chill of outside behind. They took a large ornate, winding staircase up to the first floor and then weaved through the corridors to a set of double doors labelled master's wing. The house must be newly built, at least since werewolves took over the Earth, but it had an old fashioned, regal, expensive look as if it had been around for hundreds of years. Samson led him into a pristine white master bathroom with double shower, double vanity sinks, huge spa bath, toilet and a change table.

Jordan was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of everything - the corner bath that could fit two werewolves was a swimming pool to him. He could bathe easily in the sink. As he was gently laid down on the soft mattress Samson asked him

"Am I going to have to use these ropes?" Swinging one of the ropes still attached to Jordan's wrist.

Not sure if he should answer or not, Jordan shook his head.

"Good lad."

Next thing he knew Samson pulled a pocket knife out of his back jeans pocket and held it up in front of Jordan.

"I said I won't move!" He screamed

"Hush!" Samson hissed "Lay still and not another word. I said outside no trouble tonight and I meant it."

He then used the knife to cut away Jordan's filthy clothes before pulling them out from under him and disposing of them in the bin. Jordan tried to cover up his nakedness, but Samson grabbed the rope attached to his hands, pulling them above his head. He cut through all 4 ropes and disposed of them too. He popped the blade away and stowed it back in his jeans before undoing the buttons and taking his own pants off too.

Lifting Jordan up to his chest, Samson moved them both over to the shower and turned the water on. Stepping inside with steam billowing everywhere, Jordan couldn't help but relax, his back resting into the strong chest holding him securely and hold his face up to the spray, as he had his first hot shower in close to a year.

"Mmmm good boy, that's nice isn't it. Now stay still for Papa while we get all this grime off you."

Samson was holding a bar of soap and started lathering up Jordan from head to toe. His large strong hands seemed to be everywhere at once and soothed the sore muscles from the ride over here. However, fairly soon his hands were literally everywhere, with fingers deftly exploring Jordan's privates lifting up his dick and balls to clean around them. Jordan started to squirm uncomfortably from the attention, not at all ok with this large man touching him there. Worse still, was his body's reaction - he was mortified to feel his cock harden from the contact.

"Keep still I said." Samson said gruffly. "Think I care about my little baby's tiny stiffy?" And to prove it, he yanked Jordan's balls down, with just enough force to make the boy go dead still. "We'll take care of this hair tomorrow, not that there's too much to worry about."

Combing his fingers through Jordan's pubes. He then reached further around and probed one finger at Jordan's back entrance, making circular motions that defied Jordan to struggle again. Jordan tried everything he could to stay still but he felt the unwelcome pressure and a rush of heat flame up his body and he tried to turn away from the rogue digit. Samson let him turn to face his chest but once there gave him a hard smack to his now exposed bare bottom.

"Move one more time. I dare you." He growled into Jordan's ear. Jordan squeaked but tried to go limp against Samson's chest to prove he wouldn't cause any more trouble. Thankfully Samson moved on, working on the rest of his body.

"I'm here! Where do you want me?" Came a voice from within the steamed up bathroom.

"In here Jamie - I need help washing his hair. How is your chest?"

"See for yourself. Like it never happened."

The shower door opened and in stepped a slightly shorter man but no less handsome and defined. Jordan went back to putting his head on Samson's chest and felt the pressure of Jamie's body against his as he was sandwiched between the two giants. He felt one large hand cup his head as he listened to kissing noises coming from above him.

"Oh Sam, look at his beautiful skin, so pale and creamy. You said he'd scrub up well. He's adorable. "

"Mmmm" Jordan felt Samson's chest rumble in agreement. "Grab the shampoo will you Jamie, let's wash his hair and then get him ready for bed. It's been a long day for everyone."

Together the men washed all the oil, dirt and grime from Jordan's hair, and once rid of knots were pleased to see it came to just past his shoulders - perfect for what they had in mind. They turned the water off and got out, wrapping Jordan up in the softest, warmest towel he'd ever felt before placing him on the mattress again. Samson put his jeans back on while Jamie dimmed the lights so it wasn't so bright for Jordan to look up into. It also meant he couldn't see as easily what they were grabbing out for him.

After laying him down, they rubbed a thick cream all over his crotch area, before lifting him up by his legs and placing them down on a thick padded surface. Before Jordan could react they had taped up the sides, placing him in the first diaper he had been in since he was a toddler. He took a breath to argue but Jamie placed a finger over his lips and shook his head, warning him against talking. This gave Samson the opportunity to slide up an all enclosed, footed sleeper onesie, encasing each hand in a sleeve with no hole, just a mittened glove with no fingers so his hands were entirely useless before zipping it all the way to Jordan's neck. Jamie combed out Jordan's hair before parting it down the middle and plaiting it on either side of his head. Samson grinned down at him before picking him up again and placing him back in the crook of his arm.

"Got his dinner Jamie?"

"Sure do, Sam. It's next to the rocker and should have cooled down by now. Let me just kiss him goodnight. I bet he falls asleep before he's finished."

Jamie lent over and kissed Jordan on the cheek whispering goodnight in his ear, running a hand over his head before moving back into the bathroom to tidy up. Jordan saw his reflection in the mirror and had to look away in embarrassment at just how easy he had made it for these two to make him into their baby. Tomorrow he'd let them know this was not ok, after a good night's sleep and recovery from tonight's abduction.

Samson sat down in the rocking chair and with Jordan still cradled to his chest, reached for the warm bottle of milk on the side table. He saw Jordan start and kept on the offensive as he had been all night.

"This is your only option pup. Drink this nice warm milk or go to bed hungry? What will it be?" He tilted the bottle and rubbed the teat along Jordan's bottom lip, letting him get just a taste of the sweet milk, guessing correctly that he wouldn't be able to resist.

Jordan reasoned he needed his strength for tomorrow, so latched onto the bottle and sucked vigorously, savouring every drop.

"Slow down there, you'll make yourself sick. I've been watching you, you know and you don't eat much daily which is why a newborn's milk diet will be suitable for your small stomach. But drink too fast and you'll just throw it all back up. I meant it when I said there's nothing else until tomorrow."

Samson pulled back on the bottle to get Jordan's attention and his sucks took on a more steady rhythmic flow. As Jamie had predicted, warm, clean and dry with a full belly, Jordan's eyes started drifting close and before the bottle was completely empty, he was fast asleep. Samson carried him into adjoining nursery room they had ready for him. Like the rest of the house, the cot could have fit Jordan in it ten times over. But Samson kissed his new son and gently lowered him in, tucking him tightly within the blankets and turning out the lights. Today had gone much better than he expected, but he knew tomorrow the battle lines would be drawn. Grabbing the monitor on the way out, he met Jamie in the hallway, where he was waiting for him and hand in hand together they went to join their pack and toast to their newest pack member.

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