The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 20

Jordan had been hungover once in his whole life. A couple of years ago he stole a 6 pack of beer and a bottle of bourbon that was only a quarter full from a backyard party. He went back to his miserable shelter and drank the whole lot in one night. Needless to say he spent the next day curled up in a ball feeling sorry for himself. As he woke this morning he felt a similar grittiness throughout his body. His head was fuzzy and his mouth was bone dry. He looked around and saw he was in Papa and Dada’s bed but he couldn’t remember how he got there. In fact he couldn’t remember much about last night. He recalled the rocking horse - there was no way he was going to forget that, but everything after that is blank. How he spent the rest of the afternoon/evening, dinner and then bed was a complete mystery. If he woke in the early hours of the morning to come into the big bed that was also wiped from his memory.

Papa and Dada were both not in the bed, but as Jordan sat up he grew worried as he tried to piece together the missing memories. Clothes were thrown all over the floor, including his from yesterday, but there were also an array of other items - handcuffs, paddles, ropes and leather straps and a dildo that was absolutely, definitely too big for Jordan.

Jordan looked down at his own body. He was in a sleeper, just a footed onesie with his hands out and free and he didn’t feel any more violated than he expected to feel after yesterdays antics - he was sore but good sore and the rest of his body seemed unharmed. He was just hungry. Really hungry now that he thought about it. He looked further afield for someone to call out to but no one was in the room. The door to the ensuite was open and a small waft of steam was drifting out and if Jordan strained to hear he could detect faint mumbling and an occasional low moan or laugh. Right. Better not interrupt that - if Papa wasn’t finished he would most likely bring Jordan in to join them and he didn’t think he was ready for any more sexual interaction just yet.

A soft knock disturbed his pondering and Gretchen walked in carrying a large food tray. She looked in and spotted Jordan alone on the bed and made a bee-line straight for him. Gently placing the tray on the bed she reached across and picked up Jordan, cradling him in her arms against her generous bosom.

“Hello there little one.” She cooed down at him. “What are you doing here all by yourself? Where are your daddies?” She took in the room, noticing for the first time the remnants of a night of lust well spent. “Oh my, well, goodness., Well I better not be here when Alpha gets back.” She dropped Jordan like he was a hot coal, back down on the bed and nervously wiped her hands on her apron. With one more look around, where her drawn on eyebrows rose even higher up her face, she turned quickly and left, shutting the door with just a tiny click.

Jordan was now lying face up, closer to the edge of the bed than where he was normally left. The real problem was that he was placed down right next to the tray of food containing enough breakfast to feed a room full of humans. The smell of the bacon alone was making Jordan’s tummy rumble and his previously bone dry mouth was now salivating at the scent. He rolled over, hit the side of the tray and looked up to see a stack of at least 6 large rashers of bacon less than 10 cms away. Without a seconds hesitation he reached for the top piece, but startled when a deep, loud laugh came from the bathroom. He paused, hand stretched out in mid air waiting for another noise from the shower. There was a sound of a hearty slap of flesh on flesh and a grunt and then nothing. Not wasting another chance Jordan snatched up a piece, relishing the grease on his hands and stuck the piece straight in his mouth, ripping off a small portion. It was exquisite! His tastebuds virtually burst from the flavour of long forgotten bacon, let alone real solid food. He forgot he had no teeth to chew with so he mashed the meat up against his gums, thankful that it wasn’t too crunchy and did start to crumble. Next bit he tore off into smaller shreds first so it was less work to eat and within a minute the first rasher was gone.

Jordan figured there was no hiding bacon grease all over his hands and face and right this second he’d take whatever punishment was given to him for this, so in for a penny, in for a pound - he grabbed a second piece. Another 4 rashers later and one of the plates had no bacon left. Jordan looked longingly at the next plate contemplating if he could reach across for just one more piece. As he pulled up on the handle of the tray and reached across he knocked over a glass of orange juice, luckily it kept mostly off the plates but a puddle of juice settled at the base of the tray. Not one to waste, Jordan lurched over the lip of the tray and tried lapping and sucking some of the juice to quench his thirst.

Samson wrapped a towel around him as he finished drying off. Finally after that incredible afternoon watching Jordan and a night (and morning) with Jamie he felt satisfied and back to his normal self - not crippled by his anxiety over Jordan’s safety. Jamie came over a little more tenderly, he had a few visible signs of their night together so he covered up with a plain white t-shirt and boxers.

“I am famished!” Jamie announced.

“Hmm, me too.” Samson agreed. “I bet Jordan is too, I’m surprised we haven’t heard him - he can’t still be asleep surely.”

“Maybe that early morning sleep feed worked? And you can’t deny you certainly tired him out. Or...” Jamie came up behind Samson and wrapped his arms around him. “Maybe we didn’t hear him.”

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re the noisy one.” Samson grunted back jokingly.

“Oh yeah - I’m the one roaring like a king of the jungle.” Jamie quipped in return. He was so happy to have Samson back, bantering and just generally happy again.

“Did you know the lion can mate up to 50 times a day? If you.....JORDAN!”

Samson had come to a complete stop at the doorway, Jamie had to peer round his broad torso to see what had made Samson...well...roar.

Samson couldn’t believe his eyes. Jordan was bent over their tray of food, face down and making furious sucking noises as he lapped up their breakfast, there was a big gap in one plate where Jordan had clearly helped himself. He cried out in surprise and looked up with shock and guilt in his eyes. The rest of his face and half his outfit was covered in juice and bacon grease.

“Jordan, what have you done?” Jamie reprimanded. Samson was shocked when Jamie came round Samson and removed their baby from the tray. He held him out in front of him so as not to get mess on his clean shirt but also held Jordan so their faces were level. “What were you thinking? You can’t eat Papa’s food. That’s very naughty.”

“My food?” Samson spluttered.

“Well it’s not mine. My plate is fine. You take him and get him changed. I’ll get Gretchen to bring you up a fresh plate.”

“What’s come over you?” Samson eyed Jamie wearily. “First disciplining Jordan, or trying to, then playing me so you get to eat first.”

“I just - we just, got you back. Out of that funk I mean. I don’t want anything to ruin that.” Jamie admitted, finally handing Jordan over.

“I am sorry you had to deal with that, I let my fears for this little pup get the better of me, but it won’t happen again and I don’t want you walking on eggshells around me. We are ok. Better than that, we’re good, ok love?” Samson reassured him.

Jamie just nodded, looking a little too overcome for words.

“As for you little one. We are not ok. Look at your stomach - it’s all swollen and bloated already and I am certain within the hour you are seriously going to regret this big error in judgement. You’ll be getting a punishment from me, but you’ve got a temporary reprieve until I know you’re physically healthy.”

Jordan was starting to think Papa might be right. Now that he had stopped eating, his guts were churning and he felt quite restless. He felt relieved that he wasn’t being punished right now, maybe Papa would forget or at least it might not be so bad given that the heat of the moment would have passed, Jordan wasn’t exactly sorry, he knew that he was going to be caught or blamed for eating the bacon but this was one he was willing to cop on the chin - he knew he shouldn’t have done it but he did anyway. Papa took him into his room where the dirty pyjamas came off and only a new nappy was put on and he was thoroughly wiped down with cold wet wipes. As they reentered the master room, Gretchen was already there with a new fresh tray with 2 steaming plates and she was nervously wringing her hands. The second she saw Samson she dropped a quick curtsey and raced out of the room. Jamie had picked up the sex toys and clothes off the floor so it wasn’t so embarrassing for everyone involved.

“She blames herself.” Jamie explained. “She said she picked Jordan up for a cuddle and when she heard a “commotion” shall we say, from the bathroom, she just put him back on the bed and left.” Jamie made quotation fingers for the word commotion, both of them aware of just what she could have heard.

“Well she didn’t force feed him half a pigs worth of bacon. However, with her tendency for gossip the whole mansion is going to be hearing a rather sordid tale before the morning meeting. Oh! The meeting!”

“What about it?”

“I don’t think we’ll be making it this morning. Or I won’t and I doubt you’ll be focused if we are up here. I’ll have to go talk to Graham quickly.” Samson gave Jordan to Jamie unceremoniously and ducked into the bathroom. He came out with the plastic mattress from the change table, a couple of towels - including a wet flannel and a shallow tray. He laid them all on the floor next to their small dining table and while still squatting held his arms out for Jordan. He arranged Jordan so he was on the plastic but his head was right at the top very close to the tray.

“My bet is he is going to start throwing up the contents of his stomach. His body is not used to food anymore and doesn’t need it. Plus the piggy didn’t just stop at one piece. He ate the same amount of bacon one of us would. He’s starting to look a little green but I don’t think he’s ready to hurl just yet. So just watch him, I’ll be 10 minutes tops and we can tag team helping him.”

“Oh poor love. He does look pretty awful.” Jamie sat at the table, eating his own breakfast quickly so he would be on hand if Jordan needed him.

“Poor love? Instant karma if you ask me. This is going to be awful for him but I can tell you now we’re going to hate watching him. That will be what he gets punished for -making us suffer watching him be so ill. The act of eating is going to be negated by one very unwell baby.”

Jordan by now was in such an uncomfortable state he didn’t pay attention to the talk above him. He curled himself up into a ball, hands over his tummy as it rebelled against the food and drink. He was starting to feel hot all over, sweaty but clammy and was mentally berating himself for his actions - being homeless for 4 years he knew better than to gorge on food when he’s gone without for so long. He didn’t know what had come over him but he warred with himself in misery as he lay there in torment.

Samson grabbed a piece of toast, chucked his bacon on top, followed by another piece of toast and walked out of their suite munching on his sandwich. He stopped in at his study to gather some paperwork and then went to find Graham. He, Jimmy and a few other guys were in the meeting room enjoying a morning coffee and looking over some paperwork.

“Morning Alpha.” Graham had spotted him straight away. “I have to say I’m surprised to see you down here this morning - and early!” Graham made a big show of checking his watch. The other men had all stopped to watch the interaction.

“Graham.” Samson could tell by Graham’s smirk that he would give Samson a ribbing if he let him. “I need to speak with you about this morning’s meeting. Jamie and I aren’t available so can you make our apologies and run it for me?”

“Sure boss. Been a pig of a morning?”

Samson tried to hide a grin at the terrible pun but as he felt himself crack he threw the crust of his sandwich at Graham, who easily batted it away and cracked up laughing. “Geez word spreads fast around here. You’re all of bunch of gossiping girls.” Samson grumbled good naturedly.

“How is Jordan then?”

“Probably being as sick as a dog as we speak. He ate my whole share of bacon! I want to head back up there, so here is my agenda for today. Make sure someone brings me a copy of the minutes and if anything serious comes up, come and see me directly.”

“Sure thing Alpha.” Graham responded seriously but just as Samson turned to leave he added. "Any kinks and I’ll come see you to sort them out.”

Samson didn’t even turn around - the others were howling with laughter at the kink reference - Gretchen was obviously scandalized at what she had seen in their bedroom - the men gathered had long known of Samson’s tastes. He gave them all the bird as he continued out, shaking his head at Graham’s terrible sense of humour.

“Sam!” He was halfway back up to his rooms when he heard a familiar female voice. “Sam! Stop right now!”

“Morning Jenny. I can’t really stop for a chat at the moment.” Jenny kept running to catch him up, coming to a stop in front of him, one hand on his chest.

“What did you do?!” She lowered her voice to privately reprimand him.

"Me?” Samson was shocked.

“Yes you. You can’t leave a baby unattended just so you know...all morning. Its gross thinking about my brother that way and it’s being talked of all over the house.”

“Gretchen needs to keep her mouth shut. I left a sleeping baby in my bed to have shower. Gretchen normally leaves our tray on the table. It was just a combination of bad circumstances.”

“I think it’s because everyone just seems pleased you’re back to normal - that’s the root cause of the chatter. Anyway, surely you can’t take Jordan to the meeting this morning, I imagine he’s not feeling so great. Want me to watch him?” Jenny offered.

“Thanks, but Jamie and I will skip the meeting to be with him.”

“Really? I thought you hated vomit?”

“I do, but then who doesn’t?”

“You know what I mean. This is me you’re talking to, I still remember that time I was sick a couple of years ago and you went out in sympathy as you held my hair back just because you couldn’t stand me being ill.” Jenny stopped walking, making Samson turn back to watch her contemplating. “You feel guilty! That’s why you’re not handing him over.”

Samson carried on walking, making Jenny jog to catch up again.


“Of course I feel guilty!” Samson hissed. “I should have been there when he woke. So if he needs me today I’m going to be there.”

“Ok.” Jenny soothed with a hand on his arm. “Its not your fault. Like you said - bad set of errors all lining up. Can I come with you? Three sets of hands has got to be better than 2.”

“Hmph ” Samson reluctantly agreed. Secretly he was glad for the support.

As they reached the master suite, Samson held the door open for Jenny and she rushed straight to Jordan who was writhing on the mattress, whimpering softly.

“Oh you poor poor baby. C’mon, let’s see if Aunty Jenny can help at all.” She tenderly picked him up, cradling him over her shoulder and rubbing his back gently. “Sam, get me that towel and drape it over my shoulder and then stand ready with the bucket.”

Jordan was in agony. He knew it was inevitable he was going to throw up everywhere but he was fighting it out of pure mortification, and it would prove Papa right. As Jenny held him close and ever so slowly rocked him he felt himself relax into her. He felt so sorry for himself as his stomach churned relentlessly. Sure enough, he just couldn’t hold it in anymore and draped as he was over Jenny’s shoulder he just let it out. Being sick was such a undignified act - he was heaving and coughing, he felt a burning in the back of his throat and nose and struggled to get a breath in. His whole body was shaking, he was covered in a cold sweat, he felt as weak as a newborn kitten and thanks to the effort of retching, he could feel tears running down his face. Disgusted with himself he looked up to see Papa holding the bucket, his face turned into his shoulder looking a little pale. Dada applied the wet flannel to his face wiping it clean for him.

This continued for most of the morning, Jordan shifting between the three of them and one of them having a break and being on hand for fetching or carrying items. There came a time when Jordan still felt awful but his tummy was pretty much empty and he was just heaving now for the sake of it. He felt more drained than he could ever possibly imagine and it was too much effort to even raise his head off Jenny’s shoulder, for that’s where he had ended up. Dada was hovering, he seemed to either be holding Jordan or holding the bucket seeing as Papa had a harder time dealing with the spewing episodes. He had a bottle of water in his hands which he was holding up in silent question for Jordan but he had no strength to reach for it.

“Please darling boy, you have to try and drink something. If you can keep some water down we can upgrade to yummy milk?” Dada took him from Jenny, cradling him ever so softly and coaxed some water into his mouth. It was exactly what Jordan wanted, without knowing he needed it and he guzzled greedily but it was taken from him and he cried out in protest.

“I’m sorry but not to much - in case it all does comes back up. Small sips and you can have more again soon.” Dada turned towards the big bed, all freshly made up, white and pristine and Jordan thought he had never seen such an inviting sight. Papa was propped up with pillows on top of the blankets working from his laptop. “Sammy, you want to hold him, it looks like he might be done throwing up?”

Jordan nearly rolled out of Dada’a arms in eagerness to cuddle Papa. Feeling so wretched, all he wanted was the warm, soft yet secure embrace that only papa could seem to offer.

“Hmmm, only if you’re sure he’s done. So far we’ve kept the carnage to towels only - I’d rather we not ruin the bedding.” Samson was cautious.

“He’ll be ok. Give him sips of water and let him sleep. If he wakes up wriggling then move fast but otherwise I think you’re in the clear.” Jamie reassured.

“Fine. Come here then Jordie.”

Samson held out his arms and placed Jordan straight into his huge, bare, chiseled chest.

“You two can go then if you think he’s fine. Jenny, thanks so much for your help. Lifesaver.”

“I know.” Jenny looked on at the scene tenderly, she tidied up a few things lying around then leant over to kiss Samson on the top of the head and run her hands over Jordan. “Anytime. You did alright yourself, considering. Buzz if you need me?”

“Are you sure you’ll be ok on your own if I go too?” Jamie asked. “Its just the afternoon games are starting up again and..”

“Go.” Samson urged. “Like you said we’ll be fine. I’ve got work to do and Jordan has some sleep to catch up on.” Samson shooed them of with a wave and after Jamie kissed them both he and Jenny left with a wave at the door.

“Just you and me now munchkin. You reckon you feel well enough to sleep?”

Jordan was so tired and exhausted and just so relieved to be held by Papa that he was overcome with emotion. Before he could stop himself, huge gulping sobs erupted from him using up the last of his energy. Thankfully, after stiffening initially in shock, Papa gathered a blanket and tucked it around Jordan so he was tight up against Papa’s chest and muttered reassurances to him as he rubbed Jordan’s back. Jordan didn’t take in the words as much as took comfort from the rumble of Papa’s voice and as his sobs turned into hiccups, he finally drifted off into a semi comfortable sleep to the words ‘I love you, everything’s ok ’ on repeat.

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