The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 21

Jordan didn’t feel like he was back to his usual self until the following day. He slept on Papa for hours as he worked away the afternoon, and then he finally kept down some milk and slept in the big bed, nestled between Papa and Dada when they joined him later. The level of comfort and affection he received went a long way to restoring his spirits. He knew that Papa found it difficult and was most likely angry at him but Jordan put his anxiety aside and took comfort for now.

What he didn’t know was that after watching him be so ill there was no way Samson was going to be able to punish him on top of what he had already suffered. Despite it being nearly impossible for him to watch his little baby be sick, the relief he felt of him being better was immense. Samson also had to admit that as Jordan slipped that little bit further into the proper headspace of a baby, the more they had to watch him as if he was a baby. It was hardly his fault he acted exactly how they had been training him to be.

So it was the following day that Jordan was on tenterhooks expecting a punishment he had almost been promised whilst Dada and Papa could only rejoice at having their healthy baby back.

Once they reached the public rooms Jordan was embarrassed at the level of attention he received, even the men of the pack were genuinely concerned - making sure he had made a full recovery. Gretchen had approached nervously, almost tearing up and apologised to him, blaming herself for his illness.

Jordan was with Papa in the study later that day, when Jimmy knocked quietly on the door frame.

“Boss you got a minute?”

Samson nodded and motioned for Jimmy to come in but kept typing quickly - finishing up his train of thought.

"Sure Jimmy - what’s up?”

“Something has been bothering me, a loose detail and I wanted to see what you make of it.” Jimmy sat himself down on the chair opposite Samson but sat rigidly to attention, still young and keen and determined to impress.

“What’s it regarding?” Samson moved the keyboard to the left so that he gave Jimmy his full attention.

“That human governor. I found all his offshore accounts and could see how he was moving money around but there was nothing local in his name. I found that a little odd - where is his money to use on a daily basis and legitimate funds. So I dug a bit more and found some shell accounts that his pay was going into.”

“Right - so if you’ve found it where is the mystery?”

“Well I rechecked it all. Not that I haven’t still been chasing up the abduction case but I needed to step back for a bit as I’m just hitting dead ends.”

“Jimmy it’s fine - get to the point.”

“Right Boss. Sorry Alpha.”

Samson gave him a look, trying to get him to relax but it only seemed to intimidate him even more.

“So, as I was saying there is this easily accessible money and there was a lot of it.”


“That’s just it boss, I went back to it this morning and it’s all been transferred.”

“How? To who? We put that monster in the orphanage.” Samson sat up straight - the hairs on the back of his neck standing up.

“Done legally, using his access. Either his wife or mistress knew about it and decided to withdraw it or someone else? It’s just a loose end that’s been bugging me all day.”

“Yes I agree. Something doesn’t feel right. Can you look into it. Take Graham and one or two from your team and go see the wife and mistress and ask them outright. They owe us that surely after we got that masochist out of their lives. If it wasn’t them try seeing if they know who else had access and follow the trail. Take a day or two to chase it up and then come back but call me as soon as you know.”

Jimmy jumped up out of the chair, ready to hit the ground running.

“Sure boss, we’ll leave within the hour and try to talk to at least one of them before nightfall.”

Jordan watched as he left the room and Papa stared out of the doorway deep in thought, fingers tapping the desk rhythmically. They both startled when the phone rang, the shrill sound piercing the heavy silence. It was another problem at the power plant and Jordan tuned out as Papa tried to relay instructions over the phone - still trying to avoid leaving the compound. Instead he turned his attention to the sounds coming from the open window outside. The men were playing some sport, hooting and laughing occasionally but the women weren’t far away all clucking over how much they wanted a human baby of their own and fantasizing on how marvellous it would be to have a clan of newborns to fuss over. Their main complaint being that Samson was too protective of Jordan and not willing to share him with the pack - most ladies whinging that they had never even held him. Jordan had to admit he was grateful Papa wasn’t passing him around like a doll or toy just for the amusement of everyone else. But he did wonder if life would be more interesting if he had some other humans he could interact with. But then would he wish for others to be pick up and forced to live like this if they didn’t want to. His thoughts flirted backwards and forwards like a pendulum until Papa lifted him out of the baby seat to take him to the pack dinner.

By the evening Jordan was confident he had escaped a punishment. It wasn’t like Papa to hold it out like this hanging over him and everyone seemed too content and didn’t want to ruin the mood. He was even allowed to go straight to sleep between them in the bed - the ruse of the cot or bassinette forgotten about for now.

Jordan’s first thought however when he woke in the middle of the night was that he had been attached to some vibrating machine while he slept. He could hear a buzzing noise and sat bolt upright in a panic. Papa groaned and reached for his bedside table where he picked up his cell phone which was lighting up in tune with the buzzing. Jordan sighed in relief and laid back down watching Papa turn and perch on the edge of the bed as he listened whoever had called.

“I explained this to the day manager hours ago. Why is this fault still holding up the plant. How much power has been generated in the last 24 hours?”

Papa listened his hands shooting up to run through his hair.

“None!? Our reserves must be nearly depleted? Why did you wait so long to call me?....this is unacceptable... I am on my way, I should have been down earlier in the week to fix this properly but I’ll be there within the hour and will show you personally how it’s done properly. Goodbye.”

He reached for the leather chair in the corner throwing on a black t shirt and jeans he had worn earlier.

“Jamie, Jamie! Wake up.” Papa reached over Jordan to shake Dada awake.

“Geez Sammy, what time is it? Is it Jordan?” Jamie mumbled still half asleep.

“It’s just before 4am. I’ve had a call from the night manager at the power plant - they still can’t fix the main generator and if we don’t get it up and running within hours we will have to rely on the human non -renewable energy to power the district. I have to drive over there and see to it myself. ”

“You want me to come with you?” Jamie was slowly waking up to the urgency of Samson’s words.

“No stay here with Jordan. I should be back by 8am - 9 at the latest so I’ll be right for the pack meeting. If Graham was here I’d take him with me but he’s still out investigating with Jimmy. Go back to sleep. Both of you.”

Samson nuzzled into Jordan, tucking him back in the rugs before getting up, stopping as he crossed the room to pick up his shoes and then closing the door behind him. Jordan decided while he was awake now he might as well fill his tummy so he turned towards Dada and started headbutting his chest until he found what he was looking for. Dada barely moved, just stroked Jordan’s back softly lulling them both back into slumber.

The sound of glass breaking woke them both up an hour or so later. Dada - the late and reluctant riser had never moved so fast, grabbing Jordan and rolling him none too gently under the bed like an off shaped bowling ball. The impact and swiftness of the move practically winded him and he strained to hear the kerfuffle above him.

“Hand the midget over and no one gets hurt.”

“Donaghue! How did you get in here?” Jamie asked stunned at the invasion. As he took in the wolf human before him another 3 climbed in the window, flanking his side and one went into Jordan’s bedroom, slamming and knocking over everthing that he passed.

“You’re without your alpha and beta to protect you, little Luna. Is that what you are to this pack? Their little bitch - I bet you service the lot of them. Just hand over the kid. That’s all we’re here for - although I’d love an excuse to cause a little havoc. Where’s the human?”

“Over my dead body Donaghue. He’s our son and...”


Jamie watched in horror as Donaghue pulled out a pistol and aiming it right at Jamie, shot without hesitation.

The thud of Dada hitting the floor rumbled through Jordan who was quivering under the bed petrified at the whole scenario. He saw Dada put a hand to his abdomen and it came away covered in blood.

“Silver!” Dada muttered in agony.

He turned his head towards Jordan who was starting to wriggle towards his injured Dada.

“Stay” Dada whispered. “I love you”

His voice was barely audible but Jordan wasn’t sure if it was due to his injuries or because he didn’t want to be heard. Jordan could make out arguing coming from above the bed.

“You shot him! That’s the Alpha’s mate. Everyone is going to have heard that.”

“Well Alpha Samson can have a bit of suffering in his life. Stupid mutt acts like he owns the district with his power plants and owning just about every building in town. While we have to work our butts off just to make ends meet. Hurry up and find the brat so we can get out of here before we are seen.”

“He’s not in the nursery.” Came a third voice.

“Sniff him out then you imbeciles! Do I have to do all the work around here?”

“Hmmmm I smell fear alright. We’re coming for you, you little piece of shit.”

The taunting voice chilled Jordan to the bone and he was torn between staying close to Dada who now had his eyes shut, his incredibly pale face covered in beadlets of sweat, or getting further under the bed. He jumped so high that he hit his head on the bedframe when a mean pair of eyes appeared directly in front on him!

“Found you!” Came a triumphant voice. Huge hands reached under to grab him and it jolted Jordan into action, he squirmed to try and crawl further under the bed. However he wasn’t fast enough and he felt a vice like grip round his ankle. It pulled him so hard his face smacked onto the floor and he feel a trickle of blood running down his face. He clawed the floor, looking and trying furiously to find something to hold onto. As he got pulled from the bed they yanked him up but his arm was still stuck under the bedframe and he heard a sickening crunch near his elbow before a wave of excruitating pain radiated through him. He couldn’t help but scream, trying to cradle his elbow in his other hand but he received a sharp slap to the face as he cried.

“Shut him up or we will wake the whole house!”

“I think we have. I can hear footsteps. We have to get leave now or all the money we’re getting for this will be useless if we’re dead.”

Jordan was still trying to focus on his breathing to deal with the pain when he was unceremoniously tossed in a rough sack and thrown over a shoulder as the 4 intruders climbed back out of the window they had smashed to get in. For a few terrifying seconds Jordan was weightless as they flew through the air, before he landed hard, re-jarring his injured arm as he bounced against the wolf’s back that was holding him. He couldn’t see anything in the predawn light through the sack but he did start screaming for all he was worth figuring some of the pack might hear him somewhere in this massive compound. The sack was swung back around and Jordan was shaken up like a milkshake as the sack was roughly jostled about.

“You better stop that racket if you know what’s good for you.” Came the same deep menacing voice.

“Just get him in the car. You 2 take him and head straight back to our compound and put him somewhere quiet and secure - and don’t touch him. We’ll take the other car and go on a scenic drive in case we get followed.”

“Yes Boss.”

With that Jordan got dumped on a hard floor of some kind and heard a door shut before he was left in total darkness. He guessed he’d been thrown in the trunk and seconds later he heard the car come to life and take off, leaving behind the huge mansion he had come to call home and the wolf pack he had lovingly admitted was family. He couldn’t control his emotions anymore and with his worry for Dada and pain in his arm let the sobs come freely as they sped further and further away.

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