The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 22

Samson was furious. He had reached the power plant to see all his employees just standing around, getting paid to do nothing as the whole site was at a standstill. The fault was not only a quick fix it seemed to have been caused by a missing part that Samson had suspicions had been stolen or sabotaged. He ran his hands through is hair, mentally compiling the list of jobs this fuck up was going to take to get back to rights - including lumping Jimmy with more investigative work to see if there was a mole or enemy that had infiltrated the plant. He waited just long enough for all the staff to be busy, trying to make up for lost time, working at a mad pace, before getting back into his car for the long drive home. As he sped off - letting his frustration out by putting his foot down he noticed numerous missed calls; the most coming from Jenny, but others from the pack and one each from Jimmy and Graham - presumably with an update on their trip into the human world. However something about Jenny’s multitude of attempts to reach him concerned him - it was only a little after 6am, so he started with her.

“Oh God Samson! Where have you been?!” Jenny’s voice was frantic.

“The stupid power plant - you wouldn’t believe -”

“Forgot about that Sam, how far away are you?”

Samson finally picked up on Jenny’s urgency and he felt a thread of fear wash over him “I’m on my way home now but I’ve just left. What’s happened - is it Jordan?”

“Just left! You’re still an hour away? Just get home - as fast as you can. Please.” It was an utter plea, her voice breaking in desperation.

Samson absolutely floored it so his super sleek car nearly flew down the empty roads. “Jenny - you’ve got to tell me. I can’t go any faster but I’m still maybe half an hour away.”

“Sam, I’d rather tell you once you’re safely back here. Just prepare yourself, it’s not good.”

“Jenny.” Samson tried to use a commanding tone but the fear now raging through him was taking over. “Is someone hurt? Has there been an accident? God I’m going to spend the whole drive imaging the worst if you don’t tell me.”

“Just stay on the line. I’m not keeping this from you to torture you, it’s just.... oh God, Sam it’s...” He could hear Jenny’s choked sobs as she tried and failed miserably to keep it together. Samson started running through what could possibly affect her so badly. He asked after Jordan and she hadn’t answered him, which was telling. When he had left, Jordan was nuzzling under Jamie no doubt looking for a feed. Oh shit! Had Jamie fallen asleep on top of him? There were warnings about making sure you’re human baby had a safe sleeping space so they didn’t get crushed. Samson took a bend in the road without slowing - he hadn’t a second to waste.

“It’s Jordan, isn’t it Jenny? Tell me he’s alive?”

“Yes, he was alive.” Jenny could barely utter, instead they came out like some choked whisper.

"Then put Jamie on - I need to hear it from him.”

“I can’t. Samson, Jamie is... He isn’t...”

“SPIT IT OUT Jennifer!” Samson roared. “I can’t take this guessing game bullshit.”

“It’s not a game Samson. I’m sorry. Just - where are you?”

“5 minutes, just passed the turn off for town.” At the speed he was going he didn’t dare take his hands on the wheel but could feel drops of sweat on his forehead as he panicked about what was waiting for him at home.

“You’ll just about be on our lands then. I’m coming out the front to meet you, don’t swing to the garage out back.” He could hear her running, passing people with hurried ‘excuse me’ or outright ‘move’, as if the whole pack was squeezed into one room - which it just about was.

“I can see you now so I’ll hang up.” She finally breathed down the phone.

“No, just wait, please Jen.” Samson couldn’t bear to be alone with his thoughts, even for a second.

“I’m here, Sammy.” Jenny soothed - using the nickname she had called him when they were children that Jamie also exclusively owned now.

It wasn’t until he pulled up right beside her, skidding to a stop and jumping out of the car in one fluid movement that they hung up the call. They embraced fiercely, Jenny not letting go of his hand as they came apart.

“I’m so sorry Sam.” She started. Tears that had never really left her all morning spilling over onto her cheeks.

“Oh god. What is it?” Samson felt like he’d been kicked in the guts and tried to kneel where he stood but Jenny kept him moving.

“There was a break in - we don’t know who, but they smashed your bedroom window and got in to your rooms. They’ve taken Jordan.”

Samson groaned in pain next to her but she kept going - trying to get it out fast for both their sakes.

“From what we can work out, there was a few of them and Jamie tried to hide Jordan and protect him from being taken.”

Samson was dazed and confused.

“From what you can work out? Hasn’t Jamie told you what’s happened?”

“That’s the thing. Samson, they...Jamie’s been shot. They put a silver bullet straight into his stomach.” Jenny broke down crying unable to keep talking.

Samson couldn’t move. Couldn’t think. He thought he had imagined the worse but this was truly unimaginable. He let out a wail of grief - a sound so basal and animalistic that the howl called out to his pack, a few of whom came running. Jenny was still sputtering trying to pull on Samson to keep talking but she just couldn’t. Samson was the strong one and as much as she tried to be strong for him when he needed it she just wasn’t able to.

Graham stepped up to the siblings, he and Jimmy had also raced back to the compound, and took Jenny into his arms, soothing her while she buried her head in his neck. He turned to face Samson and looked him straight in the eyes to get his point across.

“He’s still alive, Boss. Jamie. It’s not good at all, but he’s hanging on, fighting with everything he’s got.”

Samson just stared at Graham in shock. He went to talk a few times but his mouth just moved without sound coming out.

“We’ve taken him to the hospital in town.” Graham continued. “Trent is with him and last we heard they were going to take him into surgery. He’s got a gaping wound in his guts and if a single fragment or shard of the silver from the bullet is in his blood stream it’ll get to his heart and he’s done for, but if they can get the whole bullet out and patch him up he might be ok.”

“We heard the gunshot and a few of us rushed to your rooms but by the time we got there whoever was there had left with Jordan and Jamie was unconscious on the floor. We couldn’t wake him up.” Jenny gave her account, being one of the first on the scene. “There was another small patch of blood - it’s got Jordan’s scent on it, next to Jamie but coming from under the bed. We think Jamie put him under there but there’s no sign of him, and a few people swear they heard him screaming as the cars drove off. I just wish we could ask Jamie what happened.

“Who on earth would do this to us?” Samson allowed fury to take over, if he was mad he couldn’t drown in what was quickly becoming his worse nightmare.

“Come inside, there’s a few of us going over the details and trying to piece everything together. We’ll tell you what we know so far.” Graham led Jenny inside giving Samson a second alone to get his wits about him and pull himself together.

Inside the library it was a hum of activity. At least 30 of the pack were in action, on the phone, typing on devices or converging on a large map on the table. Every single one of them stopped on seeing Samson but thankfully it was Jimmy that overcame all his previous nervousness and walked straight up to his Alpha.

“Boss, I’m so sorry.” Samson could only grunt in recognition, his head still spinning at the sudden turn of events. His beloved mate inches from death and his sweet baby boy abducted by god knows who.

“I have some intel on, well all of this.”

Graham stepped up to them both, still holding Jenny for support.

“Maybe we should all sit down and share what we’ve got with everyone, Jimmy. That way if anyone has any other knowledge we can piece all the little pieces together and try and solve this mess.”

Happy to oblige, Samson moved to his usual seat at the head of the table but when he saw Jamie’s empty seat and Jordan’s bassinette just behind, also without it’s occupant, he called for Jenny to come sit next to him, opposite Graham.

“Right then,” Jimmy started. “So to start, Graham and I went into the human region to see the ex-governors wife. It was fortuitous timing as his old mistress was there. Apparently they are friends now, united since -”

“Maybe skip to the point Jimmy” Graham butted in gently.

“Sure sir, sorry. Anyway, so we spoke to them both and they swear they’ve never had access to his accounts. The wife knew about most of them but she’s adamant he never gave a single soul access.”

One of Jimmy’s tech team interjected, leaning forward from halfway down the table. “I called the orphanage - they said he has been adopted but due to privacy reasons they can’t tell us who took him. It’s a dead end as I can’t see a way around those privacy rulings.”

“So whoever took him has given him the liberty to access his accounts? For what reason? Has he bought his freedom? Enriched the pack that took him in? Who would a) need the money that much and b) be so unscrupulous to do this?” Graham pondered aloud.

They spent the next hour throwing around ideas, suspicions and haphazard plans. Samson sat in silence, his mind in turmoil half listening to the conversation, with one hand in Jenny’s, anchoring him to reality. She was also silent but avidly listening to everyone her head spinning as if she was watching a tennis match.

Finally it was decided that the tech team would try and chase the money, the location from where the funds were transferred from, while another team made subtle enquiries, ringing each pack round the district to see if anyone had come into money or was acting strangley. A third team were to go into the town to do some digging - everyone agreeing to not actually admit outright about Jordan’s disapperance. For that reason Samson wasn’t to go, and it was also deemed best that he not draw attention to Jamie in the hospital by going there either.

It meant that he spent the rest of the day stuck inside the mansion, completely helpess with nothing to do and nothing but morbid thoughts to haunt him. He couldn’t bear to go into their suite of rooms - Graham had organised for the room to be repaired and cleaned anyway, so Samson initially went with Jenny to her rooms. He couldn’t sit still, so he was pacing the length of the main living space when Gretchen came in with food. It was her third attempt to get her Alpha to eat anything but he refused everytime, simply too distraught to try. To Gretchen he looked calm and aloof but to those that knew him well, like Jenny, she could see how close to becoming completely undone he was.

“Lets go for a walk. You’ll wear out my carpet with this pacing. We’ll find him Sam. Maybe it’s a ransom they’re after. Have you got your phone?” She opened her door and they took off wandering aimlessly though the empty house.

“I thought that - I feel like I’m checking it every 5 minutes. Graham’s got someone moving our money so we have as much cash available if someone does call. But it doesn’t feel like that. Not when they shot Jamie. It seems more personal - an attack on me. And this messy business with the human governor, something about him is niggling me.”

“How can a human be behind this, what wolf or wolf pack would give a human the power over them to do something so stupid? You’re the most powerful Alpha and they would have to know you would come after them. Even if the human doesn’t understand the reach of your power, all the packs do - so which one holds the biggest grudge and is poor enough and dumb enough to do this?”

They looked at each other suddenly, both weary and suspicious. “Donoghue.” They said in unison. Turning on the spot they both started running through the halls, not realising how far they had ambled from the main rooms.

“Boss! Boss!” They heard as they got closer to the conference room. Jimmy came round a corner as they did, nearly colliding, Graham only a few steps behind.

“I’m here. What is it? Is it Jamie?”

“Still no word on him yet sorry Boss.” Graham said. “Last I spoke to Trent he’s in surgery and there’s been no further updates.”

“Damn. Christ Jamie, he has to be ok. Look, Jenny and I have been talking, we think Donoghue might have a motive to be behind this - they’ve always envied us our triumphs and they’re not really a successful pack, especially financially and -”

“That’s what we came to tell you.” Jimmy looked horrified at interrupting Samson but kept going all the same. “We just got flooded with information from a few difference sources and it all points to them. If you’ll come back into the library...”

Without a word the 4 walked back into the large room and all stood at the table where documents were messily spread all over.

“Firstly the team from town rang.” Graham began. “They had gone into most businesses with some pretence or purpose. Their odd finding was that no one from the Donoghue pack was working - some of the other staff complained how they have quit or keep missing their shifts the last day or so.”

“Something we know they can’t afford to do.” Jenny piped up.

“Exactly. Also the team here tried to call them but we can’t reach them - no one is answering. We did a perimeter check with their lands and tried to get as close as we could to their compound without being seen but it looks completely deserted which is our odd finding number 2.”

“Thirdly, ” Jimmy took over. “We heard back from the vampire care center. Madam Higginsbooth said they contacted their neighbouring businesses to see if they got visuals of anyone leaving after the attempted abduction last month and they finally got back to us with this.” He hands a black and white picture to Samson. “It’s grainy and not very good quality, however see what you think - do you recognise him.”

“It looks like Barney Donoghue - Alpha’s brother.” Samson was murderous, nearly crushing the photo in his enormous hands.

“He’s all brawn and no brains. He can’t be behind it, just a pawn surely.” Jenny offered up her opinion.

“Yes he’s a brute, but who else would he follow so senselessly but his big brother. The same big brother who seems to have taken his whole pack and disappeared.” Graham replied.

“Well what are we waiting for. Let’s go there. If no one is there we can storm the place and look for clues on where they have gone. If they are there I’ll strangle the lot of them with my bare hands until we find my boy.” Samson growled.

“Let’s be a little more circumspect.” Graham cautioned. “Its a few hours from nightfall, we can creep across the border, then if it’s truly empty, we can ransack the house. We still have the element of surprise as we haven’t raised the alarm that Jordan is missing. I’ll gather a small team and if you must come with us Boss you can, but I’ll have to insist you let me lead this one.”

“Fine, I need to be there. Jenny is coming too. She’s got the best medical knowledge. I want to close ranks, let’s not tell others of our discovery unless they need to know.”

“You think we have a mole?” Jenny was outraged.

“Maybe, but I’m not taking chances in case we do.” Samson was interrupted as his phone rang. Trent coming up on the caller id. He just stared at it, unable and too afraid to answer it.

“Here.” Jenny gently pried it from his hands, keeping one hand in Samsons larger one as she answered the phone. “Trent. What news?...yes he’s here with me now.”

The wait seemed excruciating and Samson couldn’t breathe as Jenny listened intently.

“Oh thank god!” Jenny sighed heavily with relief. She turned to Samson, tears in her eyes but a wobbly smile on her face reassuring them all. “Tell him when we wakes we will be there as soon as we can.”

She hung up the call and relayed the good news. “He’s ok. Still in a critical condition but they got the whole bullet out. They say if it had hit a bone it would have shattered or broken into fragments that would have killed him but because it was in his torso it stayed whole and they got it. They did have to take out a portion of his liver, a kidney and his spleen - hence why he’s still in ICU. They say barring any complications he should recover. He just needs a lot of bed rest.”

Samson’s legs couldn’t hold him up anymore and he collapsed into the nearest chair, his head falling into his hands as he choked back a sob.

“Samson, didn’t you hear me? He’s going to be ok.” Jenny knelt next to him prying his hands away so she could see his face.

“I nearly lost him. I was so afraid I was going to lose him. I can’t believe he’s going to survive.”

“Do you want to go see him Boss?” Graham asked. “We can raid the Donoghue house ourselves and let you know what we find?”

“Yes, no. I don’t know. I’ll go crazy sitting in that hospital room if I’m not looking for Jordan. And I want to be able to look at Jamie and tell him his sacrifice wasn’t for nothing - no, I need to try get our boy back. I’m coming. Let’s plan and get ready.

Hours later the 4 of them converged on a darkened mansion. Even without lights it was evident this house was unloved, decrepit and poorly maintained. It also looked completely deserted. Sure enough upon entering, They could see it had been cleared out and left to rot. Plenty of furniture and belongings still lay about but nothing of value and nothing that helped them to find Jordan. Completely dejected they left empty handed and clueless.

Samson refused to step foot back into their house. Instead he spent the night at the hospital, keeping vigil at Jamie’s bedside watching the monitors beeping, telling him that he was still alive. He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and when Trent tried a few times to offer to take over he was sent away each time.

It wasn’t until mid morning - over 24 hours since Jordan was gone that Samson heard heavy running footsteps coming down the corridor. Certain they were being attacked, coming back to finish the job he was poised behind the door, ready to fight back when Graham, Jimmy and Jenny raced into the room.

“We’ve found them!”

“We know where they are!” They started shouting all at once at Samson.

“Wait! What? You’ve got him?”

“No.” Jimmy took over explaining. “But we know where they are. We were finally able to hack Donogue’s phone - and traced it back to an abandoned warehouse in no man’s land between us and the humans. It would be big enough to hold them all temporarily.”

“Temporarily?” Samson asked puzzled.

“We were also able to track some of that missing money. A large brand new mansion on the other side of the country has been bought and paid for in cash. We think it’s them - we need to intercept them before they move there as it will be nearly impenetrable and access impossible. A flight leaves here tonight headed there direct and it’s a full flight, no tickets available.”

“So we can’t wait for nightfall this time.” Graham added. “We have to go now.”

“This is it.” Samson latched on to their positivity. “We need a team and weapons and a briefing on how to attack.”

“We’ve got the weapons Boss.” Jimmy supplied.

“And we have a team. Our most trusted - only 10 of us, a dozen with you and Trent too but we’ll have the element of surprise.” Graham was ushering them out the door as he spoke. “I’ve got the large van so we can discuss tactics on the way, we’ll have at least an hour.”

Samson paused and turned back to Jamie, still asleep and leant down to kiss him tenderly on the forehead, away from the tubes and cords.

“You keep fighting Jamie. I’ll go get our pup and when we get back you’ll be awake for us, deal? I love you.”

And without another second to lose followed Jimmy, his sister and his beta off to rescue his boy.

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