The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 23

Jordan had never felt so miserable in his entire life. He was crammed into some sort of human sized pet carrier. The plastic walls, ceiling and floor only had small air vents for holes and the gate at the front was a metal grate he couldn’t even get an arm though. They had at least provided him with water attached to the side of the cage like you’d find in a rabbit’s hutch, but the damn thing leaked, making the floor wet and inevitably him as well. He was shivering and cold and covered in dirt and his own blood from the gash on his head. He couldn’t stand upright, so instead he was huddled over himself in the corner trying to make himself small and invisible. He cradled his injured arm close, the pain still almost unbearable as it pulsated in time to his racing heartbeat.

He had learnt in the short hours since he was taken, to cry silently. His one means of communication now an excuse for them to stick their hand inside his cage and beat him about. He was so hungry, but mostly he was completely terrified and the tears just seemed to run permanently down his face. Everytime he shut his eyes all he could see was Dada, so extremely pale, clammy with sweat, face contorted with pain and most damningly, with his eyes shut so Jordan never got the reassurance that he was ok. He jumped at every noise these monsters made, petrified they were coming to harm him.

From the caged door he could see they were in an old tinned warehouse of some kind. Old machinery and conveyer belts took up one wall where it had been abandoned and shoved out of the way for a make shift camp to be made up. Jordan was placed put of the way, on top of a barrel of some sort in the corner.

These werewolves lived a lazy, idle existence with no respect for each other or authority for their alpha. Twice, over the length of the day two different werewolves had been told to share their food with him but out of spite or greediness or just plain cruelty they ate in front of him and gave him nothing. His tummy was aching from a full day of nothing to eat, which made it almost impossible to go to sleep once night came. Between the hunger, the pain in his arm, the water on the floor seeping into his clothes and left in a full, wet uncomfortable nappy he was still awake and therefore able to listen to the two brothers who had captured him discuss their plans in the dark.

Apparently they were to move tomorrow evening, taking the pack with them and would be leaving behind the human that had paid for their new compound. Jordan had seen the governor that papa had problems with. He had joined forces with this pack, but as the saying goes if you dance with the devil - you get burnt. For now the slimy governor seemed to know nothing of the upcoming betrayal as he lorded about the pack making these giants dance to his tune and wait on him. He taunted Jordan most cruelly - or maybe it just seemed that way, a human punishing another human, but he seemed to be the one enjoying Jordan’s captivity the most.

What these 2 wolves couldn’t decide on, was what to do with Jordan - and sitting in the dark listening to them debate about if they enslaved him, sold him or killed him - whatever would torture Papa the most they said, made him shake with terror. He sent silent pleas out into the darkness for Papa to find him and rescue him but as much as he tried to hang onto hope, he realised it had been 24 hours since he was taken and surely Papa would have come storming in before now. With utter despair Jordan assumed that Dada hadn’t made it, so far from knowing who had taken Jordan, Papa didn’t want to come and get him because it was all his fault to him that Dada was dead.

As the new day dawned Jordan was too weak and upset to do anything but lay there. For the last hour he had been getting a tingling sensation in his tongue as he realised it had been nearly 2 days since his last wafer that normally left him speechless. He could moan “Papa” over and over again but he didn’t do more than dare to whisper it incase he was heard and punished. Huddled as he was, he watched the pack come to life throughout the morning, packing away and getting ready to move on. Unsure of what awaited him, Jordan decided he didn’t care and couldn’t put up a fight regardless but just stared listlessly out of the grate watching everyone, trying to conserve his dwindling energy.

He therefore, spotted the movement as a dark shadow started drifting across the old machinery coming towards him. From behind a conveyor belt he caught a glimpse of aunt Jenny and nearly shouted in relief, until he saw her put her finger to her mouth to indicate silence. He nodded eagerly, moving so quickly to the door of the cage he made himself dizzy. Tantalizingly slowly she crept closer and closer, thankfully remaining undetected until she was next to the barrel he was perched upon.

“Is anyone looking this way?” She whispered so quietly he barely heard her.

“No.” He rasped back, seeing Jenny’s eye widen in shock that he could talk.

Trying to remain hidden she reached a hand up to undo the latch on his cage, opening it an inch at a time in case it creaked on its hinges. Jordan helped her by squeezing through the gap the split second he could fit, her large hands cradling him securely. Instantly she crushed him to her chest, not caring that he was wet, filthy and bloody as she re-closed the cage door but not locking it and was sinking back out of sight when they heard a yell and all hell broke loose!

Samson, at the other end of the warehouse was surreptitiously peaking through the window watching and waiting helplessly while Jenny rescued Jordan. It was agreed she had to go in first and try rescue him as she was smaller, and being a female she was also more likely to succeed, having a fainter scent than all the males. He hadn’t realised he had been holding his breath until Jenny had Jordan in her arms and was crouching back out of sight - but he saw the exact moment she was spotted and acted instantly and without hesitation. He along with 10 of his best trained and trusted men broke down the doors and windows simultaneously, sending the room into chaos and diverting the attention off Jenny. Only because he was looking for it, did he see Graham make a beeline for the tiny human governor, snatch him up and race him behind the machinery and then into the pet carrier Jordan had just escaped from, silencing him with one of Jordan’s wafers he’d been given, he put him inside. He then turned and made it look like he was trying to run away with the cage - when he jerked oddly, falling to the ground, clutching his leg.

“Graham!!” Jenny screamed hysterically, almost giving away the fact she had already secured Jordan.

“Jenny! MOVE! Get out of here!” Samson roared at her. Her one goal was to get out and to safety with Jordan but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the injured beta on the floor. She startled at Samson’s orders and he saw her mouth “I love you” towards Graham before disappearing out of sight.

Surprised being an understatement, he mentally banked that information for later. He saw Alpha Donoghue racing towards the cage and so he made an obvious chase to try and beat him. Donoghue grabbed the cage and thankfully ignoring Graham on the floor, held the cage up over the opening of the water tank it turned out Jordan had been perched on.

“Stay back Bradford!” He shouted at Samson. “Or I’ll let your little human go for a swim.”

Samson took a look around the rest of the warehouse, noticing that as expected, the lack of training and fighting experience from the Donoghue pack was enough for Samson’s team to expertly subdued them with no casualties on either side.

“Look Donoghue. Hand over my son and we’ll walk out of here without harming any of your pack. But just as you hold him hostage so to do we control your pack.” Samson reasoned.

“That bunch of misfits.” Donoghue sneered. “I’ve never had a more useless pack - so much for patrols and guarding me. I don’t care what you do to them. As long as I get out of here you can do what you like to them.”

The growls that came from the captured pack made it clear no one was happy with such a betrayal.

“Charming.” Samson replied sarcastically. “It’s a wonder you inspire such loyalty Donoghue. I want my son back.” Samson edged closer holding a weapon up aimed directly at him.

“Shoot and I let go, dropping your precious baby anyway. Now drop your gun.”

Samson made a big show of lowering it and kicking it out of his reach, raising his hands in surrender.

“And the others too, tell them to do the same.”

At Samson’s nod, one by one his team did as instructed, leaving the Donoghue pack tied up but themselves unarmed.

Donoghue laughed menacingly. “You always were a sentimental fool Bradford.” And while staring straight at Samson, dropped the cage into the water tank where there was one short high pitched scream before silence. With his other hand Donoghue reached behind at the belt of his jeans and pulled out a pistol but before he could even aim it at Samson there was a gunshot and a trickle of blood oozed out of a hole in Donogue’s head before he fell flat to the floor. From beside him, lay Graham who although injured, was very much alive and armed - having been overlooked during the so called surrender.

Donoghue’s brute of a brother roared in response to his brothers death and despite being tied up lunged at Samson. His savage rage overpowering one of Samson’s pack members, knocking him to the ground. Before he could attack Samson, Graham’s spectacular aim again made it mark and the two Donoghue brothers’ reign of terror had ended.

Samson left the others to offer terms to the remaining pack - of which they later agreed to become a smaller subsidiary pack of the Bradford clan, keeping their lands but shifting their alliegence to Samson.

Samson had other priorities. He grabbed Graham, hoisting him up and with an arm around him, they hobbled outside to where a distraught pair - Jenny and Jordan awaited them.

“Jordan! You’re alright! Oh God I was so worried!!” The reunions were desperate and sweet. Jenny relinquished Jordan into Samson’s aching arms and Jenny took Graham’s weight, assessing his injuries.

Samson wanted to squeeze Jordan tightly and never let him go, but aware of his own strength he tried to be gentle. What he wasn’t aware of was Jordan’s injury, so was worried anew when Jordan cried out in agony.

“Jordan! Are you hurt?”

“Papa! Please Papa, my arm. It hurts so much Papa.” Jordan moaned.

Like Jenny, Samson was unprepared for Jordan verbal response.

“What did those mongrels do to you!” Samson raged. He let slide Jordan’s words, as of right now they needed him to verbalize his thoughts and feelings.

Jenny broke away from Graham, still supporting him but joining in their conversation. “He’s arm has been dislocated Sammy, it needs to be reset and soon. Some of those injections he got are still in his system, including the dose of our genes to make him heal faster. The problem now being, it wants to fuse and heal his arm as it is and that can’t happen.”

“Can you help him?” Samson asked hopefully.

“Yes, but it’s going to be painful- excruciating. I have to almost break what’s tried to heal and then put the arm back in its socket.” Jenny looked torn between helping Jordan yet causing him more pain.

Samson looked unsure until he looked down at Jordan who behind all the dirt and blood was pale from the jostling that bumped his arm.

“Just do it, please fix it....Aunty Jenny.” Jordan moaned softly.

“It will feel so much better once it’s done. Then we can get you cleaned up.” She tried to pry him from Samson but he didn’t seem able to relinquish him. Instead, he moved Jordan so he was immobilising his other limbs and left his arm free for Jenny to hold. Graham limped up to secure Jordan’s legs earning himself a wry look from Samson.

“We have something important to discuss it seems.” Samson offered lightly.

“My injury?“Graham smirked. “Its a through and through, no silver. I can feel it pulling together as it’s healing now. I’ll be perfectly fine in an hour or two.”

“Not quite what I meant. But I’m glad you’re ok. So I can kick you’re arse later for sleeping with my sister.”

“It wasn’t meant to be a secret, Boss. You’ve just been a little busy.” He raised his head towards Jordan. “Its not a fling, it’s serious, our wolves have mated now, maybe we could find a better time to get formal permission but I’ll be marrying your sister one way or another.” Graham as beta wasn’t afraid of Samson’s gruff demeanour.

“A truly romantic proposal.” Jenny quipped. “Enough of that now, hold him steady. On 3, one...two...” Jenny pulled hard and twisted quickly before she called three so Jordan didn’t clench or brace for it. His high pitched blood curdling screams echoed through the open woods. Luckily he was held tight enough that he couldn’t twist or thrash about and cause himself further harm. Samson nearly turned green trying to keep his cool watching Jenny do that to Jordan, largely going unnoticed as they focused on the now crying boy in front of them.

“I’m here Jordie. You’re being so brave darling.”

“There. I’m so sorry about that.” Jenny coo’ed. “Does it feel better?”

Jordan nodded, still sniffling from the pain of the break.

“Don’t move it if you can help it. Sam, why don’t you try clean him up a bit and then I can make a sling for him once he’s changed.

Samson did just that, taking him to the van where fresh clothes awaited him. There were wet wipes on hand to sponge off all the caked on blood and dirt and clean clothes to warm him up and snuggle him in. He was so gentle with him, being extra careful not to hurt him that hardly touched him. Both of them were surprisingly quiet, Samson feeling so guilty for Jordan being in this position and Jordan unable to gather the courage to ask after Dada. Jenny appeared and held his arm tight to his chest and wrapped it tight so he couldn’t move it. It felt much better but it still throbbed and ached.

“I’m so hungry.” Jordan finally whimpered.

“Of course you are.” Samson soothed. “Let’s go into the van and I’ll feed you. Jenny you round up the others so we can get going.”

“Dada?” Jordan whispered, looking up at Samson with big pools of tears in his eyes.

“He’s at the hospital. Alive, but he hadn’t woken when we left. We’ll head to the hospital now to see him and get you checked out. Come on you must be starving, try not to guzzle though my little love.”

Despite their victory, the drive back to town was rather subdued. Samson couldn’t bear to let go of Jordan, even to place him in a car seat, so he cradled him carefully as they left without a backwards glance.

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