The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 24

The medical staff kept Jordan in overnight to monitor his healing arm. Samson spent the night flitting between his room and Jamie’s. Jamie had finally woken and thanks to his werewolf genes was now recovering fast. Jamie’s relief on seeing and hearing that Jordan was safe, combined with the medication he was on was a sight to behold. He alternated between hysterical laughter they attributed to sheer relief, and bouts of sobbing at the near miss they encountered.

They were released the next day, both on strict bed rest and Samson was a drill sergeant, making sure they didn’t lift a finger. He put them both in his big, enormous bed and personally waited on them hand and foot. Most of the pack stopped by to visit but no one but Jenny was allowed to stay long.

In fact, Jenny wasn’t allowed to leave. Samson used the quiet time to all but interrogate her on her newly discovered love life.

“How long exactly has this been going on?” He tried to sound serious.

“Oh you know, these things start as a friendship, things generally ramp up to flirting and then progress to something physical so there’s never an exact start date.” Jenny replied flippantly.

“I don't need to hear about the physical. Shit Jen, you’re my baby sister.”

“If Graham is good enough to be your beta, who else would you have me be with? I’ll not leave the pack!”

“Its not that. If you want him and he’s good to you, then I don’t have an issue, but you didn’t need to hide it.”

“Sammy we didn’t. In fact we were rather obvious if you looked. The rest of the pack has had a bet on how long until you noticed. Graham said he mentioned to you a couple of times about wanting to adopt a human baby like you guys have with Jordan...”

“He said some of the women wanted to.”

“Yeah! Me. Or we do. Wouldn’t it be good for Jordan to have some little friends. A cousin?”

“Jordan.” Samson started to stammer a little. “Jamie and I have been talking about him. We have... I mean it’s not...” Samson had to clear his throat he was getting choked up about whatever he was trying to say.

“You what? Samson, you had a scare and a half, it’s natural to be concerned and worried but you got him back and he’s ok. So is Jamie, thank god.”

“It’s not that. I can’t tell you yet, you’ll see by the end of the week.”

“Fine, keep your secret. So you give us your blessing? We can make it official? Given our roles within the pack already we hoped it could be a smooth transition. I want him to move into my suite and we do seriously want to look into adoption.”

“Of course Jenny. You know I would never say no to you and if you’re happy then I am. You want a big ceremony?” Samson hugged her tightly to him, cherishing the happy turn out from such a dark set of events.

“Just a big party. You know me, I’ll have it organised within a few days.” Jenny kissed his cheek before all but skipping out of the room.

Jamie and Jordan were still snoozing in the bed, the sunlight streaming across the bright white bedspread. Jamie had one arm tenderly wrapped around Jordan, not letting go, even in sleep. Samson stood there staring at them taking in the scene.

“I can feel your stare Sam.” Jamie finally muffled from under the blankets.

“Just taking mental photographs. I’m going to miss this. I know we said this will be best for him but it’s going to break my heart.”

Jamie sat up, not even wincing any longer and looked at Samson sadly yet lovingly. “This was your idea...”

“You agreed.” Samson retorted quickly.

“You made a compelling argument.“Jamie threw back. “Are you having second thoughts?”

“No. With us he will always be a weakness to my enemies and we can’t put him at risk like that again. I nearly lost you both.”

“We are here and fine. I’m recovered, rested and...a little raunchy! There are so many better ways to spend the afternoon instead of second guessing.” Jamie crooked a finger at him inviting him onto the bed to join them.

Jordan had never felt so comfortable. He was being softly woken up amongst the softest pillows to the most luscious massage he’s ever experienced. Large strong fingers were gliding down his back, relaxing his muscles and soothing his entire body.

“Good afternoon fine sir.” Papa said dramatically, putting on a posh English accent. “We are at your complete disposal today, ready to ravish, pleasure and service you until you’re entirely exhausted. So what’s it to be?”

Papa playfully flipped him over and Jordan looked up to see him and Dada, hungry grins on their faces, completely naked except for black bow ties around their necks. Jordan laughed at the absurdity of it all, but as his gazed drifted lower, that familiar rush of heat and ache of wanting took over and stole the chuckles out of his mouth until he was just breathing heavily.

Dada undressed him, scooting off all his clothes within seconds and then grabbed his cock, squeezing just hard enough for Jordan to groan in pleasure.

“Now where would you like to put this?” Dada inquired.

Jordan just looked up rather unsure. Was this a trick question? Both of them wore silly grins but expectant faces, waiting for his answer. Dada squeezed again, applying more pressure.

“Your wish is our command young one. Where do you want this to go?”

Exhilarated, Jordan tentatively reached his hand out, pointing up in their general direction, before finally deciding on Dada and lifting his pointer finger up to Dada’s cheeky grin. Dada just licked his lips in response, making Jordan’s cock pulsate in need.

“What about this Jordie?” Papa was holding up a finger. “Would you like it to go exploring?”

Jordan blushed, unable to articulate just how much he wanted that.

“I guess I’ve got my answer.” Papa chuckled. He then looked towards his other hand, Jordan automatically following his gaze. “What about my palm? Will you let it see any action today?”

Jordan squirmed in delight. He honestly couldn’t decide - he had become used to not making decisions - the joy of this new lifestyle now was he didn’t have this whole decision making dilemma. He shrugged his shoulders, if Papa wanted to spank him for pleasure we would be ok with that. With meaningful looks at each other Papa and Dada descending on him ready to completely devour him.

To Jordan it was the most pleasurable afternoon. There were no toys involved, no power plays, punishments or manipulations. Dada sucked his cock hard until he came whilst Papa finger fucked his arse. As soon as he was able Papa used massage oil to rub him down sensually, including his again erect cock. Then without warning, he would spank Jordan just enough to make him gasp before the oh so gentle massage resumed, teasing him with such soft and strong contrasts. The strength behind each smack perfectly balanced the line between pleasure and pain. Before he was allowed to cum this second time, he had to watch Papa fuck Dada whilst Jordan’s hands were tied so he couldn’t finish himself off. He was squirming with hot desire and pulsating with need so when Papa took him, this time in his mouth, and had his expert way with him, Jordan felt the explosion all the way from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

Hours later, after a shower and a few more orgasms between them they made their way as a family down to dinner. Jordan would have happily have stayed in their rooms but Dada said they weren’t to be separated at all, even after Papa said cryptically that everyone would want to see him. Aunty Jenny especially seemed to be extra clingy. Demanding first and last cuddles and some inbetween. Papa and Graham reassured her that soon she would have one of her own - after they announced their good news to the pack - all of which Samson admitted wryly, weren’t surprised by it. Jordan wholeheartedly looked forward to having a new friend and was genuinely happy for Aunty Jenny! He didn’t mind Graham, or Uncle Graham, as they had started to already refer to him in front of Jordan.

By the time they headed upstairs, Jordan was so exhausted that he completely missed the moment where Papa used a liquid syringe to squirt in a dose of mysterious medicine into his mouth as he was suckling from Dada and fell fast asleep unaware of the changed he was undergoing.

When Jordan next woke, he couldn’t immediately put his finger on why exactly, but he felt amazing. He felt like he could almost jump out of his skin; he had energy, he was just incandescently happy yet he felt he could control his emotions and keep it in check. He went to lick his lips in hunger and felt something foreign yet familiar...he had teeth again!!!

He tried to sit up but realised he was fastened into his car seat and from the sound of it he was alone. The bit of sky he could see outside was dark and gloomy - completely the opposite of his mood but he couldn’t see or hear Papa or Dada. Using his hands he felt inside his mouth and was amazed to feel a full set of perfectly straight, fully grown teeth. Beyond confused, he shouted out for attention, not a cry, but something between a ‘hey’ and ‘ahhh’.

His door opened and a blast of cold air shot through the car. Papa’s supersized hands reached in and took off his blanket revealing another oddity, that he was dressed in the most regular set of clothes he had ever seen. He was dressed in a pair of denim shorts and plain black t shirt with a pair of converse sneakers!

Jordan snapped his head up to Papa, full of questions and they all died on his tongue as he looked and saw Papa with bloodshot, red eyes and the saddest look on his face Jordan had ever seen.

Turning to Dada was worse. Dada had tracks of tears running down his face, occasionally he reached up to wipe them away but the supply seemed endless and they both stared at him.

“Jordan.” Papa finally croaked and hugged him tightly to his thick, strong chest. Instead of talking, they walked away from the car, across a ridge, then he used his free arm to sweep across to the left, pointing to where a row of tiny houses - human sized houses, appeared on the edge of a greater community.

“What is this?” Jordan asked, a horrible sinking sensation lurking in his gut.

“We’re taking you home sweetheart.” Dada choked out.

“Not to your shelter.” Papa reassured. “We’ve bought you your own house, full of furniture, food, clothing, everything you need. We have to let you go....we can’t keep you safe.”

“No!” Jordan shouted instinctively. “No. I want to stay with you!” He pleaded.

Papa put him down, on his feet, holding him until he was steady on his unused feet, before he let go. Staying down on one knee so he was closer to Jordan’s level he continued. “You could have died because of us Jordie. This is the best option for everyone. You don’t need to beg, steal or starve anymore. You can live freely, as an adult amongst your own kind. Where you won’t have enemies or can be used as a pawn in our world.”

“That was a one off.” Jordan tried to reason. “You can protect me, I know you can. I’ll be better. I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you say.”

Jordan heard Dada sob even harder at his speech. He turned towards him, thinking to work on him as the weaker link. “Dada please. I want to stay with you both. I can’t go back to that life now.”

“You’re a resourceful pup.” Papa spoke up again. “You’ll adapt to your new surroundings so quickly and you can really make something of yourself here. You can have a career, friends, a partner even. Anything you want. This is your fresh start.”

Still looking at Dada instead, Jordan felt everything slipping further away. “ can’t want this?”

“Of course we don’t!” Papa roared. Dada just put his hands over his face as he cried. “I love you! We love you. But us letting you go, giving you a hunan life back, this will keep you alive. Living with us can’t guarantee that. We won’t replace you, ever, but you can’t be our baby anymore. You’re just not safe with us Jordan.” Papa was panting from such a hard declaration. “I’m so sorry. Look, you’ll forget about us and you will be happy.” Samson wondered who he was trying to convince. He could feel his heart breaking, trying to rip out of his chest and join Jordan, so small and desolate on the ground. “Jamie, we have to go.”

“We love you much. That’s why we have to keep you safe. You be careful and look after yourself...and maybe don’t be quite so quick to forget about us.” Dada hugged him, hard. Jamie physically couldn’t let go, Papa had to step in and pry them apart, half dragging Dada away back towards the car.

“No. Don’t leave me. Don’t! Papa! Dada!” Jordan tried to follow them but for every step they took he had to take 10 and they were almost at the car by the time he crossed the ridge.

“We love you darling boy.” Papa waved so sadly. “Keys to your house are in your pocket with the address my little love. Enjoy...Goodbye.”

As Papa’s first tears started to fall they both got into the car and sped away.

Jordan’s emotions finally caught up with him and big shuddering gasps turned into desperate sobs as he fell to the rocky ground, aware of the irony that he had hit rock bottom. He waited for what felt like hours, hoping they might have regretted their decision and turned around to come get him, but as big, fat raindrops finally fell from the heavens he lost faith. With his mood now matching the weather, he reluctantly dragged his feet back towards the human world which had never done him any favours in the past and to a lonely little house he knew he would never call home. He had come full circle. He might be better off in terms of basic needs but Jordan just felt alone and orphaned all over again. He found his perfectly proportioned little house, with his perfectly decorated rooms and muddy, wet and miserable, flopped fully clothed onto of the clean bedspread and cried until he fell asleep from exhaustion.

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