The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 25

Jordan spent the next couple of days barely existing. He ate small amounts when required, slept as often as possible and spent the rest of the time watching the rain droplets race down the bedroom window. If he didn’t look at this empty house he wouldn’t be reminded that he was living here alone, back in the human world and meant to get his shit together. Already dishes were piling up in the kitchen, a new found chore he was responsible for now. He didn’t even want to contemplate what he wanted to do with his life now. Before Papa and Dada, when he lived on the streets as a thief and beggar, he would have given everything to have what he’s got now. But he’s been changed, and looking back - he was perfectly happy with the changes. He felt at home and loved and the longer he was a part of that lifestyle, the happier he was becoming. He had accepted being the Alpha’s baby boy and now it was all he wanted again.

He questioned everything. All the times he was naughty, disrespectful, didn’t obey, wasn’t cute enough. Was he bad in bed? It was all just so unfair and he would give anything to turn back time to before the kidnapping when he didn’t even appreciate how good he had it.

It wasn’t until he got angry about the situation as the week progressed, did he decide he would do something. After all, wasn’t it his life now? To lead however he wanted? So he would take control and get his life back. He found a laptop in the study and bringing it back into the bedroom, cocooned himself in the covers and got to work. He started researching - looking up human rights amongst werewolves, ageplay, humans interested in actually wanting to be adopted and lastly, Papa himself and their pack.

Before he knew it, night had fallen so he got up to turn on a light and close the curtains, the almost full moon bathing the street in a milky grey. All of a sudden he felt the hairs on his neck prick up. He scanned the area in the dim light but he couldn’t see movement of any kind. Putting it down to paranoia and not being used to living alone he drew the curtains shut and climbed back into his bed.

He found a chat forum where humans came together to talk about their hopes of being adopted by the supernatural. Some wished to be kept as pets, dressed up as dogs or cats and owned by their masters. Some preferred the idea of what Jordan was taken as - a loving addition to a family as a baby. A few were incredibly hardcore wanting to be mistreated and punished almost as slaves but Jordan steered clear of those zealots. Instead he had befriended a set of twins Ash and Fin, and started quizzing them on their ideal lifestyle. They were Jordan’s age and since reaching adulthood had decided to cross over to the supernatural world and sign up to be human babies. They were taking it slow because they wanted to be kept together - there was no way they were going to be split apart and they were cautious of the rumours of packs that offered ‘loving homes’ but turned out to cruel or neglectful. As Jordan logged back on he was pleased to find they were both there so he started up an instant conversation.

Jordie: hey Ash, hey Fin!

Ash: Jordan!

Fin: Hiya.

Ash: We heard a really cool rumour earlier?

Jordan: Yeah? Tell me...

Ash: Apparently, the Bradford pack are looking to adopt.

Fin: One of our sources at a top orphanage said they have started asking around for human babies.

Jordan: The Bradford pack? Are you sure?

Ash: Yep. They are like werewolf royalty!! They just took over their neighbouring pack. Like one day they were the Donoghue’s and then next they all were all swearing allegiance to Samson Bradford - the alpha.

Fin: If they’re adopting we want to go with them.

Jordan: Me too. Absolutely.

Ash: No offence Jordan, you seem kind of new at this. But there is going to be some serious competition. You need to have contacts in that world - know people who know people. Even we don’t have someone who will get us close to the Bradford pack. We’re going to have to pull in every favour we’ve got.

Fin: Oh man! This is exactly what we’ve been waiting and hoping for. We need to find someone who is indebted to someone in the pack and can put in a word for us.

Jordan started to get excited, the word ‘indebted’ triggered an idea. He didn’t want to mention it to his new friends yet but he wanted to include them if it all went to plan.

Ash: Who are we going to know?? That pack is so secluded. They are so rich they don’t work.

Fin: Which means no being shipped off to day cares. I heard though that the Alpha is gay. He’s mated with another male.

Jordan: So?

Jordan was instantly on the defensive. If they had a problem with his Papa there was no way he’d include them in his scheme.

Fin: Hey I’ve got no problems with gays. I am gay. I just mean that I bet its not the Alpha himself who wants a kid. Shame.

Jordan: You’re gay? So am I! I mean I’ve never been with a girl but I like boys.

Fin: Yeah well as a human baby you don’t get much say in anything remember. You submit when you get adopted.

Jordan: I have an idea about the Bradford pack. If it works it might get all 3 of us in.

Ash: What?!?! Yes!! How!?

Fin: Are you joking?

Jordan: No. I know someone who could help. I’ll try and contact them and get back to you. Then we can meet face to face beforehand, if this works I think we could be “cousins”.

Ash: You’re a dark horse - all these secrets.

Fin: I’ll be honest, I’m rather skeptical. This pack is notoriously private. If you aren’t full of shit though, don’t take too long. We’ll miss our chance.

Jordan: I’ll get onto it now. Talk soon Jordan didn’t waste anytime.

He clicked away, long into the night, reaching out, and when he went to sleep that night it was with a small smile on his face - at last.

Jamie was at a complete loss. He wandered round their entire compound with no purpose and nothing could shake him out of the crushing grief he was feeling. Samson kept disappearing during the daylight hours, not coming back until after dark. Burying himself in work Jamie presumed. Thing is, there was a lot of tension between them at the moment. This insurmountable distance that neither of them felt like breaching. Without Jordan it felt like nothing was right and when Samson was home they barely had anything to say to each other, let alone be intimate. Jamie couldn’t go to Jenny either. She outright blamed them both for letting Jordan go - she didn’t understand at all, and where Samson was silent and brooding, Jenny was forthright and vocal. Instead she was focusing on her mating ceremony with Graham, due to take place 2 days after the full moon - which was happening tonight.

Samson arrived back just in time for dusk so that the whole pack was ready to transform. They spent the night as they normally would. The wolf part of them is not so afflicted by depression or immersed in guilt and grief. By midday after the full moon, where as a couple they would have spent it together, locked in their rooms, Samson had already left - barely getting just enough sleep to function. Jamie preferred to keep sleeping, oblivion being better than the reality he would be waking up to.

Suddenly, the door to their suite slammed open with a crash, sending Jamie shooting up, a horrid sense of deja vu coursing through him. His relief at seeing it was only Samson was so profound he let all his feelings out in the form of a murderous rage.

“Fuck you, Samson! You selfish prick! Don’t you think storming into our rooms might be a little traumatic for me, given recent events.”

“He’s gone.” Samson said quietly in shock, his face pale.

“What? What is wrong with you? You mean our baby? Of course he’s gone. You returned him like some broken tv days ago!” Jamie was standing by the bed, panting with anger.

“He left the house and I don’t know where he is?” Samson still hadn’t registered Jamie’s ire.

“What are you talking about?” The fury left Jamie in an instant. “You went to check on him?”

“I’ve been there everyday since we left him, but you’re not listening - he’s not there now.”

“That’s what you’ve been doing all this time? Sitting in the bushes? Following him?”

“He never left the house, I just watched for movement from our side of the treaty lines. I had to make sure he was safe. Now he’s gone.”

Jamie’s temper came back “You stupid, arrogant, selfish, fucking stupid idiot! You gave him his life back and now you’re scared that he’s living it? You made us let him go and I’ll never forgive myself for letting you convince me to do it. All that talk about commitment and protecting him with our lives and first time you are tested you gave him up. I can’t believe you! You have -”

“I fucked up!!” Samson fell to the ground, his hands tearing at his hair. “Oh god what have I done? We have to find him. I’ll fix this. Jamie, I’m so sorry.” He looked up with utter despair over his face. Jamie was torn, he wanted to take pity on this poor pathetic creature in front of him, but his anger and grief was still too raw to forgive Samson.

“How are you going to fix this? What if he has moved on, doesn’t want anything more to do with us? After how we’ve treated him could you blame him?” Jamie fired at him.

“I’m so sorry. I realise now we should never have let him go. We’re miserable, I’m certain he was miserable too. I’ve let you both down terribly. Lets just find him first and then it has to be his choice. I’ll do whatever he wants.”

“Fine. I’ll help you look. But I’m warning you now Samson Bradford - if he doesn’t come back to us, I’ll never forgive you.”

“I’ll never forgive myself either. Please Jamie, give me one chance to fix this, work with me on this.”

“I said fine. We’ll search separately - that way we can cover more ground. Did you get his scent leading anywhere away from the house?” Jamie was still not willing to placate Samson. Instead he walked around the room, gathering clothing and supplies while Samson just sat there from his pity party for one on the floor.

As they left their suite they saw Jenny’s efforts for tomorrow’s ceremony all through the house. Tasteful decorations and flowers created a sophisticated look in the common areas and the gardens outside looked like the work of many talented florists. They ran into her on their way to the garage.

“Where are you two going?” She asked bluntly.

“We -”

“Out.” Samson cut off Jamie, not wanting to admit to Jenny his monumental mistake.

“Will you back in time for Graham’s bucks party tonight, or are you throwing off all your responsibilities?” She asked snidely.

“Jenny, I’ll not have you reprimand me outside of my rooms. You can tell me off in -”

“Just go. I honestly don’t even want to hear it. If it wasn’t for the pack’s public image, I wouldn’t even have you both there tomorrow, let alone walk me down the aisle Sam.”

Horrified, Jamie asked “Jenny! You can’t mean that.”

“You weren’t the only ones who loved him.” She hissed, her eyes welling up. “If you won’t go, I will.” And without a backwards glance she stormed off.

“We better be back by 6pm.” Jamie looked to Samson, one eyebrow raised in question.

“Mmm.” He agreed. “Means we’ve only got a few hours to track for Jordan. We won’t be able to get back out to search until the day after tomorrow. The way Jenny parties, it will probably be dawn before the reception ends.

They drove to the edge of the treaty lands, parked and were in eyesight of Jordan’s house within the hour. The house certainly looked empty, no signs of movement or sound reaching them. They decided to split up, meeting back at this spot, following any scent or track they could find. Two hours later and they mirrored each other’s dejected looks as they faced each other once again.

“Do we know any humans nearby? I want someone to see if there’s any clues in the house?” Samson asked.

“Only the realtor. Would she still have a key?”

“Good idea. I’ll try her.” Samson grabbed his phone out and called her but Jamie could tell by the body language it wasn’t instant good news. “She’s out of the area until tomorrow but she will look in then.

“What about his laptop and phone? Have you kept tabs on that?”

“Jamie! What a brilliant idea! I love you!” Samson exclaimed.

An awkward silence filled the air as Jamie looked at his feet, unable to return the declaration for now. Samson blushed in embarrassment for leaving himself so emotionally exposed.

“C’mon. We have to get back for Graham’s party and Jimmy will be the one that can help us track Jordan’s calls or internet history.” Samson offered an olive branch to break the tension.

“I won’t be going tonight.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a bucks party - it’s not supposed to be for couples and your the alpha here, in our relationship and in the pack.”

“Jamie, don’t be like that.”

“No it’s fine. It’s time like these I just don’t feel like I belong as one of the boys and clearly can’t crash with the girls. If Jimmy gets a computer trace up and running I can hunt through Jordan’s activity to try and get any clues. It’s for the best.” Jamie headed back to the car, And icy and uncomfortable silence between them the whole way home.

They went their separate ways, Jamie unable to even see Samson switch to pack Alpha, putting on a brave face to have fun with the boys. Instead he waited in their suites knowing that Jimmy would be sent up to him. Sure enough a super cheerful, probably half drunk Jimmy walked in an hour later, laptop in hand and drink in the other.

“Hey Jamie. Boss has told me what you need. I have set up on here a page with recent phone calls, there aren’t many and his internet searches and websites.”

“Thanks Jimmy, I’ll go through it tonight and if I have any questions will find you tomorrow. Go have fun.”

“You sure you don’t want to come along? I know you two miss the little dude but you can still have a good time. ”

“No thanks Jimmy. It’s a weird dynamic with me there.”

“That’s bullshit!” Jimmy threw his hands up as he spoke, slopping beer on his shirt. “You’re one of us too, not just the Alpha’s mate. Besides, you’re the one playing sports with us all and hanging with us normally.”

“Thanks Jimmy, I appreciate it. How about I have a look through this and will meet you down there later.”

“Sweet!” See you soon.” Jimmy let himself out, closing the door - and shutting out the noise behind him.

Jamie sat down to his task straight away, going through the websites Jordan had been on in the last few days. To say he was shocked was an understatement and a ripple of dread crept through him as he saw where Jordan’s thought process had led him. He managed to find a match between one website and phone call and was only slightly relieved to notice he recognised the establishment. It was was the vampire nursery where Jordan stayed on full moons. With a burst of positivity Jamie remembered that Jenny had invited Stefania as a guest tomorrow as an ally of the pack. They could find a time to speak to her tomorrow and hopefully find their boy. With no other clues to follow he shut everything down and went downstairs to update Samson and see what merriment was going on as a distraction from an otherwise agonising wait.

Jenny and Graham’s ceremony was spectacular. As beta, Graham commanded a lot of respect and as the Alpha’s sister and highest ranking female, Jenny was the packs darling. The ceremony was solemn, where they vowed to commit to one another, which was quickly followed by a party that spread out from the main rooms of the mansion onto the gardens where bars and tables and chairs were peppered around the lawn.

Samson had fulfilled his duties; from Graham’s party last night, to walking Jenny down the aisle and passing her over to his right hand man. He had behaved perfectly despite the gnawing fear, dread and anxiety pulsing through him as regular as his heartbeat. In his formal suit he felt like his tie would strangle him and maybe he deserved it. He had been completely wretched since the day he stupidly abandoned Jordan and nothing other than having him back could fill the gaping void inside of him. For all his research and planning on having a human baby, he never considered how it would change him and completely uproot his stable emotions - rather naive really, he reflected. He was standing next to Jenny and Graham in the receiving line, shaking hands and thanking everyone for coming in a daze, letting his thoughts wander, when Stefania from the vampire nursery approached him, pushing a large pram with the hood down in front of her.

“Hello Alpha. Thank you for having me.” She said as they shook hands.

“Stefania! You are always welcome here. I hope you know we consider you a true friend to our pack and to me personally. Bringing work with you hey?” He nodded towards the pram.

“Something like that. I missed your sweet Jordan the other night.”

Samson ran his hands through his hair as he tried to come up with a reply “Yes, well you see...”

“In truth, I have a little favour to ask and I hope you won’t find me too forward.”

“I’ll always be indebted to you, I was also hoping to speak to you today as well. Ladies first, what can I do for you?”

“It has become rather common knowledge that your pack is interested in adopting and I wondered if I could put forward some of our best candidates from our orphanage?”

“Stefania, I appreciate your concern, but -”

“I brought along a few of them today.” She interrupted Samson. “Rather presumptuous I know, but I don’t think you’ll mind. Have a look.”

Curious at the audacity of this normally highly professional vampire, his eyes were drawn to the pram, as she lifted the hood and 3 tiny human babies were strapped in side by side.

“Jordan?” Samson whispered reverently, not believing his eyes. “Jordan!!” This time he shouted, drawing the attention of Jenny and Graham who peered over excitedly.

Samson looked up, searching for his mate and found him standing alone at the table, alone, nursing a drink. His head had jerked up at Samson’s exclamation and the second their eyes locked, Jamie came running over to see it for himself.

“My boy!” Jamie had tears in his eyes and immediately reached in to pick him up. Samson was rubbing Jordan’s back as Jamie hugged him tightly to his chest.

“Jordan! What are you doing here? How on Earth...? What, I mean, how...?” Jamie was stammering in shock.

Jordan pushed against Dada’s chest so he could look at them both.

“I’ve come to negotiate terms for my adoption.” He said confidently.

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