The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 26

"I’ve come to negotiate terms for my adoption.” He said confidently.

“Adoption?” Jamie asked hopefully. “With us? You still want us?”

“I want only you. If you will still have me?” The first show of vulnerability was evident in Jordan’s face. This gamble might just pay off but if they rejected him outright again, It would crush him.

Papa beside them laughed deeply and responded simply by taking Jordan from Dada and throwing him up in the air in delight. Jordan’s stomach lurched initially at the soaring height he was tossed in air, but he felt the same rush of exhilaration Papa obviously did and joined in, whooping with glee. Their matching smiles were so big and once caught back safely in Papa’s arms they squeezed each other in a tight embrace.

“You’re home. And I’ll never do anything so idiotically stupid again. I’m sorry pup.” Samson said apologetically.

“No, they wont.” Jenny promised next to them. “I’ll make sure of it this time. I missed you little guy!” She nuzzled her nose in his hair and kissed him affectionately.

“Jordan has taken care of things so that this can be permanent, if you are willing to sign the paperwork?” Stefania had watched the reunion fondly.

“It seems I owe you yet again Stefania. I think you’re our baby’s guardian angel.” Samson shook her hand formally.

“Paperwork?” Jamie asked, looking away from gazing at Jordan.

“It’s right here. Maybe you three should find a quiet place to discuss it.” Stefania suggested.

“I’ll sign just about anything you ask Jordie, if you’ll officially become Jordan Bradford.” Samson was so relieved and happy and it showed. “C’mon then, let’s find a private spot to seal the deal.” Still holding Jordan he led them inside, Jamie close by.

They went into the library where the enormous conference table was, that Jordan was familiar with from the morning meetings. Papa and Dada sat at their usual spots but Jordan climbed off Papa’s lap up so he was sitting on the table and scooted across, closer to where Graham would normally sit - to the right of Papa and opposite Dada. Both of their faces showed surprise but watched silently as Jordan pulled out a tiny piece of paper from his back pocket, unfolded it and placed it in front of him then waited expectantly.

Amused, Samson sat back and waited out Jordan’s silence. The fact that he was nervous was apparent but Samson found the whole situation beyond cute, as this tiny human sat at the big table ready to take them on for his future and he loved him for it. Jamie had the papers from Stefania and was skimming through them. He looked up at the silence and assumed they were waiting for him so jumped right in.

“Can we sign these papers already? They would make you our child in this world Jordan, you know that don’t you? You willingly surrender all rights that you have as an adult amongst your own kind and agree to live with us, giving us total control of your welfare. I mean, we want this, despite our recent actions - which we regret so much. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Absolutely. I didn’t like being alone -”

“Jordan, we really are so very sorry for doing that to you.” Papa interrupted.

“I know and I did hate it, but it made me see what my life would be like without you. This is where I want to be.”

Samson and Jamie beamed with pride and happiness. Samson with pen poised over the contract about to sign stopped and looked at Jordan. “So what exactly was it you wanted to negotiate?”

“I wondered if, maybe we could discuss what sort of baby I am.” He answered nervously.

“So it’s got nothing to do with this?” Samson pointed at the contract. Jordan shook his head. “That means then that anything else we agree on is based on trust. Do you trust us Jordan? Especially after what we did?”

“Yes, I trust you.” Jordan said quietly.

“Then let’s get this part finalised and we can go from there.” Samson signed it, handing it over to Jamie who did the same and passed it over to Jordan, who struggled with the pen but managed to sign his name with enthusiasm.

Papa took it back and placed it reverently in front of him. “So what’s on that list pup?”

Jordan fiddled with it, folding over the corners, unsure where to start. He was embarrassed and felt his face flame up as he blushed.

“Want me to read it?” Dada offered. Jordan pushed the paper across the desk. Dada had to lean forward and squint to see it but he read the first point out loud. “Real food.”

Papa chuckled lightly, unsurprised it was Jordan’s first condition.

Dada however looked a little hurt. “No more milk?” He asked.

“Yes. I mean no, I like the milk - a lot. I just want a bit of actual food too. No green smoothies though.”

“I can live with that.” Papa agreed. “How about we stick with the milk and add in a little baby food throughout the day. As you get used to that we make it more solid and bigger portions. What about teeth - how do you plan to eat the food?”

“I don’t know.” Jordan answered nervously.

“Jordan, if were going to have this conversation you need to be honest. This is your chance to tell us what’s going to make you happy, so speak up.” Papa admonished, not unkindly. “I’m thinking, lets go back to no teeth, but only for a tiny while and you grow them one by one like a real baby?”

“Will it hurt?” Jordan asked unsure.

“A little, but they won’t be all at once and we have some ways to alleviate the pain, that’s part of the process - we are there to help you get through it. And each tooth means we can bump up the type of solid food you get.”

“Ok then.” Jordan relented.

“What’s next?” Papa asked Dada.

“Talking.” Dada replied.

“How much talking?” Papa asked Jordan.

“A bit. I don’t like not being able to tell you how I feel.”

“That’s what the heightened emotions are for -”

“Heightened emotions? Is that why I always felt so weird!” Jordan cried out.

“Oh yeah.” Samson rubbed the back of his neck guiltily. “When you had your procedures done they make you feel everything a little stronger, so that you couldn’t hide how you were feeling. Truthfully, I want to insist you get that back. It’s a core part of being a baby.”

“So I have to keep taking the wafers?” Jordan asked dejectedly.

“Negotiate, Samson.” Dada reminded him.

“Fine. If you get the injection for heightened emotions you can have 10 words. Your choice. And we can teach you new ones as we go.”

“Deal. Papa and Dada...” Jordan said, counting each word on a finger. Samson and Jamie were grinning at his choice of first words. “Yes, no, more, stop, Aunty Jenny?” He looked up at that one.

“Just ‘Aunty’ will do. She’ll love that. May I suggest you might also need ‘Uncle’ now too and I’d like ‘ta’ to be in the 10?”

“One more Jordie.” Dada was writing them down.

“Sex?” Jordan blushed deeply again and hid his face in his hands when Papa laughed.

“I’ll allow that, on the proviso that it’s only said to me or Dada and in private. Understood?”


“My turn for a condition now.” Papa turned towards Jordan. “Everything you’re asking for is taking you up from a newborn to a small baby - growing teeth, eating food, talking, and if that’s where you want to be fine, but it’s going to take participation from you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the easy part of being a newborn is that nothing is expected from you. You don’t have to play along, or be in headspace. The reason you hadn’t reached this stage was because you would have had to act like a baby and play the game. If you want all these conditions we expect that you enthusiastically embrace being a small child.”

“I’ll try...I think I can do that.” Jordan was wringing his hands with uncertainty.

“That’s a start, isn’t it Samson?” Jamie placated.

“Hmmm ok. We need to get rid of that shame and embarrassment you hide behind, but if you try and are genuine it will be ok. If after a few months you are struggling, some of these privileges will go as we have to age you back down.” Samson let the silence linger to hammer his point home. As much as he had to grovel to get back in Jordan and Jamie’s good graces, the dominant Alpha in him had to take control. “Anything else?”

“2 more points.” Jamie looked back at the notes. “Walking and the twins.”

“Absolutely not” Samson fired up.

“Which bit?” Jordan asked defensively.

“Walking. It’s a hard no from me. Not ever, but there are so many reasons why not. You’re too little, it’s not safe in this house to let you wander everywhere, it’s hardly baby-like and if we do let you walk eventually, it’s something we will teach you.”

“Is there a compromise Samson.” Jamie asked tersely as he jerked his head in Jordan’s direction who was looking a little shocked from the force of Samson’s denial.

Samson sighed to calm himself down a bit. “Well, I guess if we are advancing your age a bit you can crawl, and sit, but definitely no walking. When we take you back to the medical clinic for your teeth and emotions we can get your kneecaps looked at.”

“Why?” Jordan moved his hands onto his knees without even realising.

“You humans don’t develop kneecaps until 2 years of age, that’s why your young can crawl without it hurting. If we do that to you it will feel natural and painless. That’s the best bargain I’m going to make.”

“Ok” Jordan complied, still absent mindedly rubbing his knees. “The last point is not about me. I made some friends while I was...alone, and they helped me when I was sad. So to repay them, they really want to be adopted by our pack. I thought it would be cool to have some family my own size.” Jordan finished off, unsure.

“Did you promise them that Jordan?” Samson did not look impressed. “I can’t say I’m keen to adopt more babies. If you want a sibling later we can look -”

“No! I didn’t mean by you. I don’t really want to share you.” Jordan interrupted boldly. “I was thinking they could be more along the lines of cousins? I know Aunty Jenny has been asking Graham, I mean Uncle to adopt...”

“Well, it seems even you knew more than me.” Samson replied dryly.

“Oh Jordie, that’s such a great idea. Samson, what better wedding present could we get your sister?” Jamie was bouncing excitedly in his chair.

“Twins? You know Graham will kill me.”

“Maybe.” Jamie laughed. “But Jenny will love the fact that she’s got two compared to us having just Jordan.”

“I can see there’s no point even pretending to put up a fight, so let’s me go see them, I assume they’re the two you brought with Stefania?”

“Yes Papa!” Jordan was ecstatic, everything had turned out better than he could have imagined. He was home - back with Papa and Dada, he wouldn’t be alone, he would be with humans that he had an instant connection with and nearly all of his conditions had been met - at least in some way. In his joy he stood up, arms wide open, to rush into Papa’s arms. After only two steps he came to a standstill, aware that he should not be walking. Afraid he might be in trouble before he even started he stood frozen waiting for a scolding.

Samson had been looking forward to the cuddle but could see Jordan’s thought process as he came to a halt. “Don’t worry.” He reassured him. “We’ll start properly tomorrow, a real fresh start for us all. I’ll call the clinic later and see if they can fit you in in the morning and when you wake it will be our happily ever after.” With that he scooped up Jordan and hand in hand with Jamie, walked outside to meet his potential new niece and nephew

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