The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 27

Samson was worryingly staring down at Jordan in the bassinette. Again, long after the doctors had said he should wake, he was still fast asleep and showed no signs of waking. “I think next time he has any procedures, we need to tell them he has this reaction to the sedative.”

“Mmmph.” Was Jamie’s only reply as he walked out of the bathroom fully dressed.

Samson looked up to see Jamie avoiding eye contact with him. “Are you still mad at me?” He asked incredulously.

“I can’t help it!” Jamie burst out.

“You have to forgive me. Look at Jordan. He’s perfect. We have him back and it’s all legitimate now.”

“No thanks to you or your actions Samson. We got so lucky.”

“Our love drove him back. I’ve apologised Jamie but I can’t keep saying sorry, especially now he is with us again. He didn’t come back to this - this animosity.”

“Argh! You are so frustrating. Honestly, Samson, I want to punch you in the face! I want to hurt you, like you hurt me.”

“Do it then.” Samson said seriously.

“What?” Jamie stopped in his tracks, looking at Samson angrily.

“I mean it. You have pent up anger and there are ways to release it that will work for both of us. We need to get this worked out between us before Jordie wakes up. Then we can really focus on getting him into headspace once and for all.”

“You’re just going to let me slap you?”

“I’m going to fuck you.” Samson started creeping towards Jamie slowly, like a lion hunting a skittish deer. “While I’m doing that, you unleash your anger and do whatever you like that makes you feel better.” Samson was now standing directly in front of him. Jamie was standing still, his breath hitching, staring up at Samson, his hands clenched by his side, not trusting himself. Samson tried to take a step closer but Jamie moved back with him, keeping the distance between them. The air around them was electric and the silence was thick and heavy with tension and anticipation. Without a word of warning Samson pushed Jamie, hard enough for him to step back a couple of times and bump up against the bedroom wall while Samson followed.

Something in Jamie snapped and as his head rebounded off the wall he launched at Samson and his hand flew through the air landing sharply on Samson’s cheek with a most satisfying smack. The force was enough to turn Samson’s head and as he turned back to look at Jamie, a devilish grin was there alongside the red handprint. Enraged Jamie went to strike again but Samson was ready and blocked it and drove forward to kiss Jamie roughly and sandwich him back up against the wall. Jamie struggled, biting Samson’s lips hard enough to draw blood and pushed him forcefully, enough times to now have him with his legs against the bed. Without a word Jamie grabbed Samson’s shirt and ripped it, leaving it still hanging from his body as he all but launched onto him, so they fell on the bed in a tangle of limbs. On top and still in the midst of a fury like no other, Jamie grabbed Samson by his jet black hair and roughly pulled it back, exposing his neck. Like the wolf he is, he went straight for the jugular biting and sucking, running his teeth along the sensitive skin. He bit and tugged Samson’s ear hard enough to make him flinch and grunt in pain, which in turn spurred Samson into action. To anyone watching, it would have looked like a wrestling match as they vied for top spot and to undress each other. Jamie landed another solid slap on Samson but that gave Samson the upper hand to pin Jamie underneath him. Not wasting any time he spat onto his hand and brought it down between them before entering Jamie. As he thrust fiercely into him, Jamie ran his fingers savagely down Samson’s back and their roars of pain mingled as one in the air.

Such intensity burned hard and fast and it was over as quickly as it began. Both spent, they lay side by side, still entangled, panting from the exertion and glistening with sweat. In the few minutes it took for their heartbeats to return to normal Jamie took stock of the damage he had caused and felt instant guilt. Samson had blood trickling from his lip and ear and the left side of his face was bright red. As Samson sat up there were bloodstains on the white bedspread from the deep scratches down his back. His shirt was in tatters so he shrugged it off and used it to clean himself up.

“I’m sorry.” Jamie gently traced a particularly deep scratch that ran from the base of Samson’s neck to the base of his spine.

“Do you feel better?” Samson asked without turning around.

“Yes, actually.”

“Then it was worth it.”

“Samson...” Jamie didn’t even know how to say what he felt.

“I needed it too.” Samson admitted ever so softly, that Jamie almost didn’t hear it.

As much as Jamie wanted to hurt Samson; Samson felt the need to be punished. He didn’t want to escape retribution for his mistakes. If he felt he had suffered the consequences and that justice was restored, he knew he would be a better Papa to Jordan, as they could truly start with a fresh, clean slate. Thinking about Jordan he got up and was relieved to see he was finally stirring. Grabbing a new shirt he tossed it on the bed, picked Jordan up and with him cradled in his arms, propped himself on the pillows to feed him.

Jordan woke up feeling extremely groggy. Rubbing his eyes he noticed his movements felt sluggish and it took a lot more thought and energy than normal to complete the task. He was aware of being held and guided to drink and offered no complaint as he gulped greedily, allowing him the leisure to wake up slowly as he had his breakfast. He could tell as he sucked, that his teeth were gone again. He waited for disappointment to set in but the feeling never came. After all, he had agreed to this, and he was assured it was somewhat temporary. Belly full, he stayed cradled in Papa’s arms and looked up at him with a big smile, which was lovingly returned. To Jordan, right now, everything felt right in the world.

Papa walked them over to the changetable and Jordan realised belatedly that his nappy was not as full as it should be. Corncern must have been written all over his face as Papa kindly reassured him.

“Don’t worry. Your body doesn’t seem to agree with the sedative. It upsets you and we’ve changed you more than enough times, while you slept like the dead. I was just going to give you this.”

Papa held up a black bullet shaped object that made Jordan’s tummy flip in excitement.

“Today is all about teaching you how we expect you to act. We told you the other day, being a bit older requires you to actively and enthusiastically play the part of small baby. This will help you know when you’re doing it right, or bring you back into line.”

Covering it in lube, Papa locked eyes with Jordan as he lowered it down and pushed it up against Jordan’s arsehole. Jordan knew by now to relax and as it wasn’t overly large it slipped in with no discomfort.

“Now, when you do something age appropriate: clapping, waving, giggling, cuddles, kisses, crying, grabby hands to be picked up - you’ll get the idea, you’ll be rewarded with this...” Papa pressed a button on his remote and the bullet vibrated most pleasantly, sending shivers of desire through him and hardening his cock. No sooner had it started, did it stop and Jordan couldn’t help a small sigh escape.

“Continuous good behaviour will mean that each reward lasts longer and you are allowed to cum. However, mature behaviour such as walking, standing, complaining, too much talking, using unapproved words or even uttering your 10 words unlike a baby, will result in this.”

Without warning a short, sharp electric pulse shocked Jordan. He jerked into a ball involuntarily and yelped in surprise. It wasn’t exactly painful but it certainly wasn’t a feeling he would encourage or want repeated.

“This also includes adult emotions like shame and embarrassment - you look around to see other’s reactions or overthink situations and you’ll get a little jolt for your caution.” Papa was doing back up Jordan’s diaper as he spoke. Jordan watched as Papa pulled out another diaper and fastened that over the top, making his legs sit out even wider than normal. “No helping your orgasms along either. No touching yourself or rubbing up against, well anything.” And he patted the extra thick padding to make his point. He then put a pair of thick denim overalls and t shirt on him. It didn’t feel too babyish until Jordan looked down to see little pictures of cars and trains sewn on the outside. To complete the outfit Papa clipped a dummy chain to his chest and after getting a fresh dummy out of a draw attached that to the chain.

“Cute.” Papa nodded in approval. He picked up Jordan and instead of cradling him in the crook of his arm, he held him straddled across his hip with his big strong arm anchoring Jordan to him. Jordan much preferred this, it was intimate, like a warm embrace, and he could see what was going on around him. He grabbed a fistful of Papa’s shirt to secure himself as Papa walked with him out of the suite, Dada walking by their side.

As Jordan expected they entered the library/ conference room for the daily morning meeting. Prior to today Jordan was always expected to have a sleep at some point throughout the meeting but feeling like he had only just woken from a very deep and refreshing sleep he dreaded the boredom that would come from just laying there.

They passed the pack, most of whom were so used to Jordan now they smiled politely or let him be. Graham, or Uncle Graham as he was now, was sitting at his spot at the table resting his head on his arms, almost asleep.

“Morning Sunshine!” Papa kicked the leg of his chair, making Uncle Graham jerk upright.

“Boss! Sorry. Geez - what happened to you. Or dare I not ask?” He winked and smirked good naturedly taking in Samson’s cut lip and slightly bruised face.

“I’m fine. Got too close to a spitting cat and it swiped me.” Samson shrugged nonchalantly. Dada laughed deeply and as he passed Samson nudged him with his shoulder as if by accident. “What about you? Or shouldn’t I be asking either - you are a newlywed after all.” Samson shuddered thinking about his sister that way.

“We’re new parents more like. To twins. Was that your plan all along? Keep us so busy with so called willing human babies that I can’t be with my wife.”

“Ohh.” Samson taunted. “They giving you grief already? Maybe we can come visit after the meeting?”

“Please. I think we need all the help we can get. Just don’t tell Jenny I said that or asked you.”

Papa kept moving, past his seat and led Jordan around to behind the table where a large play pen was set up. To Papa, the walls of the enclosure were leg height and he could easily step or bend over the sides. To Jordan the walls were taller than him! They dwarfed him completely and as he was placed sitting up inside the brightly coloured circle of gates he realised it was an effective, if not cheerful, jail. Thankfully, the gates were an open lattice - not a solid wall, so he could see out as Papa turned back to the table to take his seat. Jordan was so close he could see nearly all the way down the table but he was like an ant on the ground and he felt just as insignificant.

He wondered if this was going to be any better than being left in a cradle to sleep. He thought he would at least prefer to be held. Downhearted, he looked around the space he was contained in and his eyebrows rose in amazement. It was set up with a collection of toys and items perfectly suited for the age of a baby he was supposed to be acting like! They knew he wasn’t actually less than a year old right?! There was a corner of stuffed toys, a bright collection of blocks and much more. He turned his surprised face back to the table and grabbed hold of the playpen to stand up and complain that this wasn’t at all what he expected when he asked to be treated as ‘older’. Sure he could crawl and talk a few words now but what was the point if they left him alone in a corner to amuse himself - or try to with babies toys! He got on his knees and was about the stand when Dada loudly cleared his throat. Jordan looked over to see him still paying attention to Papa holding the meeting, but Dada had the black remote in his hand and was subtly holding it up for Jordan to see. Of course - he had practically forgotten about the little reward and punishment system. He sat back down with a thud, grateful for the extra padding from the double nappy and petulantly grabbed the nearest toy.

It was a bucket with different sized holes cut into the lid. Nearby sat coloured glittered pom-poms of all different sizes. He collected them all so they sat at his feet and then by counting in his head timed himself how quickly he could get them all in. A couple of minutes later the bucket was full and Jordan thought he could try again to better his time. He went to open the lid to empty it and start again but he couldn’t get the stupid thing open. He tried unscrewing it, twisting it and prying it but it seemed fastened shut.

“Papa. Dada.” He called out.

He was ignored.

"Papa! Dada!!” He tried again louder.

“Sssh.” Dada whispered from the table as Papa continued.

“Dada! Ta.” He held up the bucket to make his meaning clear.

He got ignored again. Rather pissed off now, he grabbed the bucket and holding it over his head lobbed it hard straight at Papa.

Samson was glad he was reading directly from an investment report as he was half distracted and happily diverted by Jordan’s cries for him and Jamie. He was so tempted to turn around but he would rather see what he did next. All of a sudden he felt a thunk as something hard hit the base of his chair. He had to wipe the grin off his face as he turned around, picking the bucket up and returning it to Jordan.

“No, Jordan. That’s naughty.” He reprimanded. “You stay there and play with your toys while Dada and I talk with the grown ups.” He opened the bucket, tipping the pom-poms down all over Jordan, before closing it again and placing it back in front of him and returning to the meeting.

Jordan couldn’t help the involuntary squeal as Papa made it rain glitter balls and he got what he wanted; another go with the bucket. Picking it all up he did it again, successfully beating his previous time in and the space of a few minutes was exactly back to where he started. Trying his luck and feeling jittery just seeing how far he could take it, he tossed the bucket back at Papa, his aim perfect once more. This time however, his request was completely ignored and the bucket was rolled under Papa’s feet where it stayed. Bored anyway, Jordan crawled away to see what else he could find. He found it so easy to crawl, it didn’t hurt at all and it wasn’t as cumbersome as he imagined.

He didn’t hear Papa come up behind him until he was being lifted by the armpits off the ground. In one swift motion he was put back on Papa’s hip and the dummy that was hanging off the chain was pushed inside his mouth and held there until he started sucking. As they left the room and found relative privacy in the hall Papa reached for the remote in Dada’s hands.

“You were a good boy in there Jordan, so time for a little reward before we see Aunty Jenny.” He turned it on and Jordan bucked and grinded in pleasure against Papa.

“I was thinking.” Jamie started as they walked. “Why don’t we go into town - just the three of us. We can go to that amazing steakhouse you love? You relax with a few whiskeys and we can celebrate being together.”

“Why not.” Samson agreed. “Jenny can wait. Besides, I think Jordan needs a haircut, these long locks aren’t really needed anymore. You want to get the nappy bag and supplies and we’ll meet you out the front.” At that Samson turned around heading for the other end of the house with Jordan still gyrating in his arms.

At first Jordan was trying to act normal as the bullet started up inside of him but the longer it kept going the harder he could hide just how good it felt. He was a squirming mess in Papa’s arms, panting with need and rubbing furiously for just a tiny bit of friction. Mercifully, Papa shifted him so he was cradled in his enormous arms and he started using his hand to press down on the padding, offering a faint touch that was all Jordan needed to explode. Completely sated, He hung limply in Papa’s arms, oblivious to the hungry smile Papa wore. They reached the SUV Jordan had ridden in before and Jordan was surprise when Papa slid both of them in behind the drivers side. Crawling around the property they arrived at the front door as Dada did and Papa got out, opened the boot laid Jordan on the flat section and undid his diaper. Not that anyone had come to watch the spectacle but it certainly wasn’t private. Jordan blushed in mortification, especially because of what he had released into the nappy. Papa also toyed with the butt plug and wiped him down before taping a new nappy into place. This time he was strapped into his rear facing car seat, dummy in place, wrapped up in a blanket and the hood pulled down so it was dark and cosy - obviously time for a nap.

He was woken by being transferred from the car seat to a pram - still buckled in, but the adjustable seat was propped upright so Jordan could at least see out. It looked like they were on main street of town, businesses and stores were on either side of the road and cars, bikes and supernatural giants roamed everywhere. What else Jordan noticed immediately, was the large amount of humans. Most, like him, were in stroller or prams, there were only a few walking. One nearby was and he had a little backpack on him that had a cord coming from it that was being held by the giant - like it was on a baby leash and couldn’t run off. Jordan could see the human child waddling as it tried to keep up with its parent in a thick diaper. Jordan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw a werewolf getting out of his car with his human dog. The human was naked except for leather bonds over his body and a fluffy tail sticking out of his rear end. Jordan involuntarily clenched the bullet inside of him thinking about just how that tail was situated.

They had reached a barbers shop and Dada held the door as Papa pushed Jordan inside. To be expected, everything was supersized, however in the corner was a plastic red convertible car sitting on top of a thick metal pole. Dada talked to the barber as Papa led him to the car. It was perfect height for Jordan to sit in and have his hair cut by someone Papa’s size. Typical of this world, Jordan was unbuckled from the pram and rebuckled into the car. It was as if he was being strapped into a fighter plane - he could barely move from the harness that was tight across his body. There was a t.v. in front of him that Papa turned on and Jordan couldn’t do anything but groan in frustration as a kids show came on. All bright colours and silly singing he was bored within a minute and noticed that there was a conversation going on above him, about him, that he wasn’t being included in.

“What about a number 1 - make him almost hairless?” Dada suggested.

“I thought about curls, just some on the top.” Papa argued.

“No, no no no no. ” Jordan interrupted.

“Jordan, sssh.” Papa just reached for his dummy and tried to put it in but Jordan swatted it away. “Jordan. Be good” Papa warned.

“No, it’s my hair.” Jordan realised he was getting hungry and as a result his temper got away from him.

Out of nowhere Jordan felt the shockwave radiate though him. He clenched his jaw shut as a groan escaped from him at the discomfort of the punishment. It was quick but he was left panting from its effect.

Papa lent down so they were almost nose to nose, whispering quietly and menacingly. “You’re our child now, remember. We make the decisions, you accept them. You gave me control over every part of you, and I intend to be controlling. Look at your eyes grow wild as I talk to you like this. Are you turned on?” Jordan just nodded, Papa’s dominant speech having made him squirm and sent a jolt right to his groin.

Standing back up, Papa address the barber. "Just short back and sides and leave it a bit longer, some spikes on top. We have a lunch date to get to."

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