The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 28

With a fresh new hair cut, Jordan was walked out of the barbers in Dada’s arms. Papa pushed the empty pram as they strolled further down the main street. Being in Dada’s arms, Jordan noticed the deference people paid Papa - as if he was a celebrity or at least someone very important. Some people outright pointed at the three of them and Jordan puffed up with pride that they had picked him, and loved him.

As they were ushered into a nearby restaurant and offered the ‘best seat in the house’, Jordan wondered how best to communicate how hungry he was without outright crying. He cursed himself that he hadn’t made “milk” one of his 10 words. Without realising he was doing it, as he was thinking, he was fidgeting in Dada’s arms. So much so, that Dada passed him over to Papa. Jordan knew Papa would never feed him in public and he felt the distance between himself and his food acutely enough that he now let his highly strung emotions take over. He whimpered, tears welling up in his eyes and outstretched his arms back to Dada.

“He doesn’t want me, he must be hungry.” Samson held him out, back towards Jamie.

“Keep hold of him until we sit down, he was wriggling like an eel with me.”

Jordan kicked and arched in protest but Papa’s hands were too large. Instead he ramped up his whimper to a cry as they tried to juggle sitting at the table, the pram, a highchair and him. Finally Papa lifted him across the table to Dada who unbuttoned his shirt to feed Jordan. The waiter, ever patient was poised and ready to take their drinks order. Jordan became embarrassed all of a sudden, catching the eye of the waiter. Dada kept trying to steer his head to his chest as Papa was requesting drinks.

“Just keep the whiskey coming - top shelf, a different one each time.”

“I guess I’m driving then.” Jamie looked up to remark dryly. “The joy of only one kidney and all that...”

Samson looked back and upon seeing Jordan reluctant to feed, surreptitiously reached into his pocket. He pressed the button just as the waiter had turned around and Jordan decided the coast was clear and put Dada’s nipple in his mouth.

Jamie’s loud gasp of pain had the half full restaurant turning in their seats. Jamie also instinctively stood up, knocking his chair over and bumping the table so it wobbled precariously.

“Jordan! Ouch! What are you doing?” Dada finally managed to pant, tearing him off his chest.

Jordan however, from the combination of the punishment and having his meal snatched from him burst into tears - he was also concerned he was in real trouble. But he hadn’t been able to help it. The moment the electric current raced through him, his jaw clenched shut of its own accord.

“Sorry!” Samson jumped in, picking up the chair and waving away their accidental audience. “That was me. I pressed the bullet because it he was being self conscious but I obviously hit the button at the wrong time.”

“Obviously” Jamie looked over at Samson seriously.

“What? Sorry. Are you ok?”

“It was really accidental? Not payback for your wounds this morning?” Jamie nodded towards the split lip Samson still sported as he tried to juggle Jordan to calm him down.

“No! I thought today was about wiping the slate clean. This is a lunch to celebrate us being an official family of 3. I wouldn’t screw that up.”

The waiter came back with Samson’s whiskey and in his frustration he downed it immediately, coughed gruffly and then handed the glass back to the waiter.

“Keep them coming.”

The silence at the table was thick with tension as Jordan finally got some milk in his belly. They ordered a steak each and a number of sides and Samson, with a few whiskeys in him, tried to extend and olive branch with jilted conversation.

Jordan remained oblivious to everything as he focused solely on swallowing huge mouthfuls of milk, the familiar sensation of it warming and filling his tummy. Once he had finished he was placed sitting upright in the highchair between Dada and Papa. It was a basic plastic contraption, not very comfortable but Jordan didn’t mind. He felt included - propped up at the table as he was, he could see everything and everyone and almost felt like an equal joining them for lunch.

The food came and Jordan started salivating at the juicy steaks, crunchy salted fries, deep fried onion rings and oozy cheesy garlic bread. Imagine his shock when Papa pulls out a bright soft plastic baby spoon and stands it upright in a bowl of green pureed peas. Dada fastened a bib tightly around his neck and placed a baby bottle of water on the highchair table. Without so much as a word they both loaded up their plates and started tucking into their meal, Papa still getting regular glasses of whiskey delivered to wash it down. At first, Jordan waited patiently but once Papa was more than halfway through his meal without slowing down Jordan started to panic that the untouched peas and only the peas would be for him.

“Papa!” He reached out with both hands towards the table. “Ta.”

“Hang on Jordie, I’m nearly done, then I’ll feed you.” Papa confirmed his fears without looking up from his plate.

“No!” Jordan squirmed in his seat - trying to reach closer to Papa’s plate. “Ta.” Pointing at the shrinking piece of meat.

“Give him his spoon to play with Jamie, he’s been bloody impatient all day.” Papa grumbled.

Jamie smirked, at Samson’s annoyance and at Jordan’s antics. He had actually looked up from his lunch to see that their son wasn’t all that interested in the peas, but Jamie was curious to see now which one of them would win this battle of the wills. Handing the spoon, with a small amount of the green mush on it to Jordan, he gave the impression he was engrossed in his meal but kept his eyes surreptitiously on the action in front of him.

Jordan was getting frustrated and he knew if his temper got the better of him he would snap and do something out of age and not only get punished but definitely not get the steak. So...what would a baby do?

The waiter came by with yet another refill for Papa - how much scotch could one person drink? As he lifted his head up to grunt his thanks, Jordan took the chance and with spoon reached out towards Papa tried again.

“Ta, Papa. Ta!”

“Jordan. I’m coming. Just wait a second, pup.” Samson sighed exasperated.

Jordan lost his shit. “No no no no!” And threw the spoon at Papa, hitting him on the chin so that the a small smear of green pea mush got caught up in his stubble before the spoon landed on his nearly empty plate. “Ta!!!” Jordan practically screamed, now thrashing against the restraints in the highchair.

“Christ Jordan! What the hell! You were just fed - you have to wait!” Samson tried to stay quiet so the reprimand came out like a hiss.

“He wants your steak you clown.” Jamie was casually leaning back in his chair, not even pretending to not be enjoying their miscommunication.

“My steak! He’s not getting steak.” Then picking up the spoon, loaded it up with a big heap of peas and holding it up in front of Jordan’s face wiggled it towards his mouth. “You asked for solid food and I agreed we would start you on baby food - this is what you’re getting.”

“No way!” Jordan swatted the spoon out of Papa’s hands where it flew onto the table with a splat. “I had meat when you left me -” Jordan realised way too late that he was talking and it was the look on Papa’s face that made him realise the words he spoke had hurt Papa, deeply.

Samson couldn’t breathe. Jordan’s outburst had sent a wave of pain through him. It seems forgiveness was going to be harder to earn than he realised. From both Jamie and Jordan. He was staring at Jordan who at least looked remorseful with his tiny hands covering his mouth - almost like he had to stop himself from spewing forth his true feelings. Jamie was sitting up straight in his chair, waiting for Samson to react but he could tell by the way Jamie was facing Jordan and leaning towards him that he was preparing to defend Jordan against Samson - so clearly Jamie was taking a side here and it’s wasn’t his.

Rage and despair warred within him. Without warning his stood up from his chair, skulled the latest glass of whiskey - the best one yet, and turned his back on their table and them. He stopped midstride and headed back to the bar and the waiter that had been serving them, throwing notes down on the countertop.

“I’ll take the rest of the bottle of whatever you last served me.”

“Of course Alpha, but there’s too much cash here.”

“Pay for my table’s lunch and the rest is yours as a tip.” And without looking back or acknowledging the profusive thanks he grabbed the bottle and stormed out into the street.

Back at the table Jamie and Jordan watched on in stunned silence.

“Well Jordan, I think you have said enough.” Jamie gently reprimanded.

Jordan hung his head in shame, trying to hide the tears of guilt that had welled up in his eyes.

“Are you still hungry?” Dada asked him.

Jordan only shook his head in response.

“Maybe we can have a little chat then, just you and me?”

Jordan shook his head ‘no’ again, way too embarrassed and ashamed.

“Jordan, look at me.” Jamie waited until his tiny little head was raised just enough to make eye contact. “Papa didn’t just storm off because of you. I’ve not been very kind to him either and then he’s been so hard on himself too. You know while you were...gone, for lack of a better word - he spent every day and half the evenings just sitting in the bushes watching to make sure you were safe.”

“He did?” Jordan looked up fully now in surprise. “But if he did that why did you let me go in the first place?”

“He regretted it the second you were gone. I did the moment we made the decision. We thought we were putting your safety before our love for you. Do you see? Our feelings didn’t matter as much as keeping you safe. We soon realised it was the stupidest thing we had ever done. I couldn’t even be around Samson as I blamed him for the decision - which is wrong; we were both at fault really. And your Papa couldn’t escape himself or be in our home where he had to deal with my hatred for him and saw memories of you everywhere, so he spent his waking hours watching you, or more accurately, the house.”

“I often felt like I was being watched. One night especially I think the light caught his eyes or something.” Jordan played with the water bottle on his table to calm his feelings. “I didn’t mean to say that to him just now. I’m really sorry.“He finished tearfully.

“I know darling. I am too. To you, and to him. He takes on so much for our pack, he is responsible for everyone and everything and in all the years I’ve known him he’s never been this wrong before. Jenny and I punished him, now you have and he doesn’t know how to not be in control or dominant. If we truly forgive him, then we have to give that back to him. I’m ready to, if you are?”

“Yes, truly I am.” Jordan was eager to make it all right.

“Ok then. Good. So to start; you need to apologise to him.”

“I will.” Jordan agreed enthusiastically. “Will Papa spank me?”

“Don’t look too keen Jordan! Spanking is supposed to be a punishment, you little freak.” Jamie laughed affectionately. “I suppose we can have him spank you, that will give him his power back. As for a real punishment...” Jamie paused for effect as Jordan swallowed nervously. “Once you’ve apologised properly you’ll be given half a wafer - no words for 24 hours.”

Jordan finally looked slightly dejected so Jamie knew he had hit the mark. He stood, gathering their things and shoving it all on top of the pram before lifting Jordan out of the highchair and kissing and cuddling him closely and placing a pacifier in his mouth firmly.

“We love you so dearly baby boy. Let’s go find your big bad wolf Papa. He can’t have gone far - he’ll be quite drunk now, which will be a sight to see.”

Dada didn’t let him go, instead rather awkwardly steering the pram one handed as they walked back out into the sunshine. They headed back towards the car first and when they hadn’t found Papa, Dada put all the baby gear in the car and set out again just the 2 of them. They paced up one side of the main street and back down the other side, looking in windows of shops and businesses as they passed by.

All of a sudden Jordan jolted violently in Dada’s arms. A pulse of pleasure ran through him as the forgotten bullet inside of him came to life. He moaned behind his dummy, alarming Dada who could hear the faint vibrating noise.

“Jordan are you ok?” He queried. Jordan only responded by thrusting his hips as he sat in Dada’s waist. “Oh! Your little bullet! We must be close to Papa if it’s started working.”

To test his theory he took about 10 steps back the way they came and sure enough the faint buzzing noise stopped. Jordan sagged against him dejected and groaning in disappointment. Smiling wickedly, with a hand covering Jordan’s backside, propping him up, Jamie shuffled forwards until the exact moment he felt the bullet resume it’s pulsating. Jordan’s eyes nearly rolled so far back into his head in delight and Jamie waited just long enough that Jordan’s breathing turned to panting before taking one decisive step back and the vibrator turned silent again. Furious tiny eyes glared at him and Jamie found enormous pleasure in the controlling, dominant, teasing role; finally he could see what Samson loved about it.

He thrust his hot wet tongue in Jordan’s ear and felt him shiver in his arms. Not caring about any passerbys on the street. He whispered in Jordan’s ear, making sure he breathed huskily and was rewarded when Jordan erupted in goosebumps.

“Think you deserve to cum baby boy?”

Jordan mewled weakly, surely he wasn’t going to be taken to such great heights and then left wanting?

“If I let you cum, you owe me one, agreed?” Jordan nodded so eagerly he nearly gave himself whiplash. His erection was rock hard,craving release.

“Are you sure?” Jamie tauntingly rocked him over the invisible barrier and then back again a few times. To anyone watching he could have been rocking his baby to sleep, but he was keeping Jordan on the very edge of orgasm and Jordan’s upper lip had beads of sweat from the effort to try and reach climax. “I plan to have my way with you while your arse cheeks are still bright red and scorching hot after Papa spanks you and I want to stretch your little arsehole with my fingers and then have you rub me until I cum on your face. One nod from you and we can call it a deal.”

Jordan would have done a deal with the devil right then and there but Dada’s conditions were a sweet foreplay sending even more waves of pleasure through him, making him flush hot and his pulse race. He looked Dada square in the eye and nodded and was rewarded by Dada simply striding up the street in the obvious direction of Papa and away from the boundary that would cease the incredibly delightful stimulation. He lost all sense of time and place as he focused only on the sensations going on inside his body, letting the pace build until he succumbed completely, closing his eyes and trying not to scream out in pleasure as his cock finally pumped his release and every nerve ending fired off in ecstacy. The dummy in his mouth fell out with a soft plop as he tried to catch his breath from the force of his orgasm.

Jamie kept walking torn between searching for his mate and watching Jordan in all his glory. Jamie felt a tightening in his pants and had to shift his jeans to make room for his erection. Jordan had completely abandoned any propriety or concern over anyone watching and was totally enthralled and it was so hot to watch. He watched Jordan’s face contort and then relax as his body reached its peak and felt a moment’s guilt for their interlude while supposedly searching for Samson. Giving the search his full attention he started scanning the open park area they had reached, but on appearances there was no sign of Samson.

“Where are you Sammy?” Jamie muttered to himself. He had to be close or the bullet wouldn’t be working. The park was littered with deck chairs and couples or groups enjoying the sunshine. Almost every supernatural giant gathering had a human in some capacity. There was some sort of baby club with half a dozen human babies sat together on a rug (Jamie made a mental note to look into something like that), some vampires were having a picnic and a range of humans were either serving the food or bent over naked on all fours as human tables and footstools in degrading humiliating poses, and the majority of humans were dressed up as pets, being walked along the pathways on leashes as their owners exercised or pushed along in prams as their parents jogged around the lake. The lake. Jamie got a feeling in his gut that told him he would find Samson close to the water. All these examples of happy human interactions would not be easy for Samson to watch so he would look for a place of solitude to wallow in self pity. He strode across the grass, down towards the path closest to the edge and sure enough as he turned around the bend there was the lone solitary figure he was looking for, sitting forlornly on the end of the pier - feet almost dangling in the water.

Samson heard them approach, a confused look on his face, his eyes struggling to focus on them.

“Samson! There you are.” Jamie breathed in relief.

“What’s that noise?” Samson asked.

“Noise?” Jamie looked down and took in the almost forgotten about baby in his arms. Jordan was sweating and panting, his hips gyrating into the air as the bullet continued to send shockwaves through his over-sensitized body.

“Oh Jordie! Sam! I think you’re sitting on the remote. Mind turning it off - quickly.”

Samson half rolled to reach into his back pocket, nearly over-balancing and rolling into the water completely. Jamie grabbed him by the collar of his shirt but in his clumsiness the remote fell from his hands and into the water. The buzzing noise Jamie had become accustomed to stopped instantly and Jordan sagged in exhaustion.

“Swhoops - ruined it. Give here him and I’ll take ’e bullet out.” Samson slurred, holding his arms out.

“Um, no. I think I’ll hold him for now.” Jamie hugged Jordan closer to him, but faced him out towards Samson. “We can change him in the car. He does have something to say to you.”

Jamie pulled Samson up with his spare hand and facing his mate, juggled Jordan as a prompt.

“I’m so sorry Papa.” Jordan sounded done in but everything about him was sincere and heartfelt.

Samson, looking equally contrite, went to talk but Jamie got in first.

“I’ve told him for his outburst you’ll spank him, I think we’ll save that for tomorrow. And I got half a wafer out of the diaper bag for him to take now. Then we can put this behind us and get onto the business of moving forward to normal. Everyone got it?”

“Yes Dada.” Jordan replied obediently, letting the promised wafer dissolve on his tongue.

“Yes sir!” Samson mocked, saluting Jamie with a ridiculous grin.

Jamie just rolled his eyes and pulled Samson in front of him, prodding him back onto solid ground.

“Let’s just get you home. I bet you don’t remember half of this tomorrow anyway.”

5 minutes in the drive home, Jamie had to smile at the symphony of snoring coming from his boys. Samson’s head was uncomfortably wedged against the window, whilst from a look in the rearview mirror, Jordan was all cocooned in his car seat the dummy balancing on his lower lip. For the first time Jamie felt true contentment. He had full faith that from here on in, it would be business as usual- a fair amount of learning curves still to go through but as a team they were a united front and forgiveness had finally been granted.

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