The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 29

Jordan made it all the way down to breakfast the next morning before he missed the loss of his speech. Papa and Dada were everything loving towards him and each other and it was as a picture of happiness that they entered the supersized and vey noisy dining room. A myriad of delicious smells hit Jordan as they took their seats, Jordan being strapped into the plastic highchair seated at the corner of the table, next to Papa at the head and Dada to his right. They both loaded up their plates - Papa with extra greasy foods over healthier ones - no doubt to cure his hangover, which made Dada smirk at them both.

Jordan was dressed today in an incredibly babyish sailor suit of dark blue. It had white trim around the oversized bib like collar and bodysuit and it ended by only just clipping over his diaper. He had knee high white socks on but was left without shoes as his feet just dangled there. He watched as his daddies tucked straight into their food, leaving him no option but to watch. He was discovering the power play behind this routine. He was the baby, the underling and had to wait his turn to eat. Yesterday he wasn’t so patient and it didn’t pay off at all so he was determined today to learn from his mistakes and so sat there eyeing off everyone at the table, trying to see if he could remember everyone’s names as a distraction.

“Where is Jenny and Graham?” Samson asked as he followed Jordan’s gaze round the table.

“Haven’t seen much of them boss, yesterday or today.” Paul or was it Riley - Jordan couldn’t remember, shrugged noncommittally.

“Maybe we should check on them before the meeting.” Papa murmured to Dada, who mouth full, just nodded in response. Dada finished his meal first and reaching for Jordan’s plate, picked an avocado off the fruit platter Jordan had assumed was for display purposes only. It was right now Jordan wanted to protest but all that came out was a gargle and some spit.

“Since you have such a problem with green food, I thought we better cure you off it.” Dada cheerfully responded, obviously picking up on Jordan’s tone.

Jordan scowled back and the situation was made worse by the few around them that started mocking him good-naturedly with “What’s that? Fucking spinach smoothie” renditions - clearly it was an ongoing joke at his expense.

Huffing in disgust he watched as Dada used a fork to mash it up and then with a baby spoon coaxed Jordan to eat it. Other than that time he scoffed the bacon, it was the first time he had been given food without teeth and he found moving it around in his mouth was a messy affair. Papa put a large bib around his neck and watched on as Jordan was given mouthful after mouthful, pulling faces as he swallowed - avocado on its own was officially not his most favourite thing in the world.

Managing to eat it without too much fuss, he was wiped clean and Papa carried him towards Jenny’s suite of rooms. Knocking quickly and opening the door straight away the 3 of them took in the scene before them.

The room looked as if it had been burgled. Food trays were scattered on high surfaces, small clothes and toys were thrown all over the floor along with half the bedding and an array of towels. Jenny walked into the main room from what they presumed was the nursery wiping away stray hairs with the back of her hand, sighing heavily. She stopped still at the sight of Samson, Jamie and Jordan gobsmacked in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” She asked defensively.

“More to the point - what are you doing here?” Samson retorted back, stressing on the word ‘doing’.

Jamie walked into the room further, and immediately and wordlessly started tidying up the closest drawer, tucking the clothing back into place.

“I was just about to have a shower. We’ve been busy -”

“You look like you need one.” Samson said bluntly.

“Sammy!” Jamie reprimanded. “I think they might need some help and support more than accusations and rudeness.”

“We don’t need help.” Jenny butted in. “It’s just early days - we are all learning how to get along with each other.”

“We do need help, love.” Graham had walked in by this stage. His shirt had a small tear in it and a large white stain running down the front of it.

“No, we dont.” She bit back. “We have twins! And it’s our second day. Samson didn’t have Jordan behaving by day 2.” If looks could have killed Graham should be very afraid.

“You’re right Jenny.” Samson placated her. “But Jordan never made half this mess. And, before you speak up, your babies were thrown on you in surprise so it’s ok to not have it all together from the start. Surely being slightly more experienced means your big brother can be useful for a change?”

Jenny didn’t answer but just hung her head dejectedly. She had spent nearly 48 hours trying to be a perfect mother on absolutely no notice and she knew she was failing miserably. In a room full of men she felt this pressure to be the one who knew what she was doing and she felt ashamed at needing Samson and Jamie’s help. In reality these knee-high human siblings were running rings around her and Graham and she was tired, stressed and out of her depth and she knew it.

“Well I for one have no idea what I am doing.” Graham took the olive branch and used Jenny’s silence as an admission. “These pint sized creatures have us running to and fro and they still aren’t happy. We are at our wits end.”

“You need to be in control.” Samson stated.

“We are -”

“No Jenny. You might doing all the work but those tiny dictators in there have all the power right now. You need to shift that. They don’t get to choose what they want, or what makes them happy. They are the littles here - they willingly signed over their rights and essentially their free will so that you would care for them and provide the best care possible. Is that what’s happening?”

“Not really.” Jenny mumbled.

“So let’s get you back in the drivers seat - you need to be firm and tough and take away their hold over you. You need to be strategic, cunning and clever. How do you think we got this little guy to submit.” He held Jordan out to Jenny who she took eagerly for a cuddle, grateful that at least one small human in this house was showing her affection.

Jamie came over, now that the room was mostly tidied. “Samson lent me some books when we first got Jordan - I will go get them.”

“Bring back the newborn box too.” Samson said to his back as Jamie shut the door.

“Right, so between the two of you, you need to decide who is going to be bad cop - not all the time but for at least right now.” Samson asked, looking between Jenny and Graham, thinking Graham would have to step up at Jenny’s reluctance to meet his eye.

As he expected Graham looked across at Jenny and then back at Samson.

“I’ll do it. I’ve had less dealings with them after stepping in for you as Alpha yesterday.”

“Fine. Just follow my lead - they’re in for a spanking to remember. Jenny you have to be strong if you’re going to stay with us. Jamie found the initial discipline hard to watch but our ground rule was that we had to appear united to Jordan. Otherwise your twins will know you’re a weak link.”

“Yes Sam, I agree with that. I don’t mind discipline but they don’t even want to try to follow our rules - I’m thinking maybe they don’t want us as parents or this lifestyle.” Jenny said dejectedly. Graham sidestepped closer to her and wrapped an arm round her shoulders, placing a chaste kiss on her head and ruffling Jordan’s hair affectionately. They both turned to Samson with expectant looks on their faces ready to begin.

“I think they knew what they were getting themselves in for - you don’t sign over your life unless you’ve done a lot of research. They are just trying to test how easy they can get it. That’s pretty much part of the game Jen. From now on, don’t explain or tell them the rules. Simply reward or punish the behaviour. They will soon learn what you allow or not. If you treat them like children they will act like it.” Samson smirked at Jordan as he continued. “It’s way more psychological than it is physical. You rely on humiliation, praise and punishment, affection, sexual gratification, and the fact that they are always on the back foot, not knowing what is going on. You need to create a dependence on you. They eat when you say, they sleep when you decide, they play when you allow it.”

Jordan was sitting in Jenny’s arm listening intently to the conversation soaring over his head. It was a real eye opener just how easily he was manipulated and had played into Papa’s hands. He felt his face grow hot in embarrassment and shame at the memories of his first days here. He watched Papa with both awe and pride and blushed fiercely when they made eye contact again. Papa watched him curiously; as if the longer he stared the more of Jordan’s mind he could read. Papa smiled wickedly at him and took a step towards him making Jordan’s tummy flip all of a sudden, when Dada walked back into the room, arms full and kicked the door shut loud enough to break the electric tension simmering between the two of them.

“I’ve got everything you need. What do you want to start with?” Jamie dropped the box in the middle of them all and started rifling though the contents.

Samson was still lazily grinning at Jordan, his mind quickly formulating a plan.

“Nothing love, I think I’ll just need my palm. We owe Jordan a spanking too, I hadn’t forgotten.”

Jordan squirmed in Jenny’s arms - in anticipation was obvious to them all but it was unclear if he was for or against the said spanking.

Jamie looked up, first at Samson and then Jordan, finally realising some unspoken communication was going on around him and he smiled widely.

“Yes that’s right. Jordan has a few debts he has due to discharge today. I’ll take him with me once you’ve had your turn Sammy.” Jamie winked saucily at Jordan.

“So I get him ready and you get the prize Jamie!” Samson laughed. “Fine, I guess I’m going to be busy here for a while with 2 newborns.” Turning to Jenny and Graham he asked. “You are making them newborns to start right?”

“Yes, most definitely.“Jenny replied. “Do you want to meet them?”

Samson smiled like a hunter facing his prey.

“Let’s get this show on the road. Pass me Jordan.”

Samson took Jordan and held him round his middle as he stormed into the adjacent room, the doors nearly coming off their hinges at the force. Jordan’s stomach lurched at the sudden movement and he barely got time to take in the room before Papa was bellowing at him.

“You know what you did was unacceptable behaviour and your Dada and I do not tolerate a naughty baby. Graham, you have a chair I can use?”

“Sure Boss, the rocking chair is in the corner.”

“Bit of a mess in here, mate.” Samson joked.

“Not for much longer, I can assure you.” Graham looked over the the cot and finally paid some attention to the two curious humans who had stood up against the rails to see what the commotion was. They were dressed in rather adult like clothing and there was definitely no padding or bulk where a diaper should be. Standing side by side you could see how similar they were - slim, with pointy features in a very attractive way. Their rich chestnut brown hair being the only difference - where Fin’s was short, Ash’s was long with a soft curl but pulled back. “Alpha, Jamie - have you met our children? You were a little preoccupied when they turned up alongside Jordan. This is Ash and Fin.” Graham pointed towards the cot.

“I can’t even tell them apart. Isn’t one a boy? Let me sort this misbehaving one out first so I can properly greet my niece and nephew.”

Samson had sat down on the rocking chair and put Jordan on his lap facing outwards so he could see the twins. It was the first time they had seen each other since that night at the wedding and although they had only been together for not even 2 full days before Stefania brought them to the compound they had instantly bonded and it was good to see them again. That is, until Papa reached down between his legs and started undoing the press studs of his outfit and untaping his diaper. Reflexively he moved his hands down to try and fend off the inevitable but Papa used that moment to turn him so he was facedown over Papa’s lap with his arms caught beneath his body. Papa turned his head so he was still looking at the twins and couldn’t hide from them during his punishment. His face completely flamed up in pure humiliation and he slammed his eyes shut - he truly didn’t want Ash or Fin to see him like this, he couldn’t quite explain why just yet. Jordan tried to thrash about and kick his legs but he was no match for Papa’s size and strength. He opened his eyes to see Ash and Fin completely silent and shocked, staring at him and Papa in horror. He protested loudly but all that came out was baby babble.

Fin broke Jordan’s gaze and muttered something to Ash, before standing half in front of her in a overly protective gesture.

“What the fuck have you done to him!!” He didn’t shout it but there was insult a plenty in his tone. “He can’t even talk!”

“You shouldn’t be either - babies don’t talk.” Samson replied gruffly.

“And you don’t torture babies!” Fin replied outraged now.

“Another single word from you and you’ll be next upon my knee.” He looked up at Fin in full Alpha mode, intimidating and fierce. He turned down to Jordan but spoke loud enough to fill the silence in the room. “Two dozen spanks young man for you - you know what you did was wrong. You can show your little cousins what happens when you break the rules. And to make sure they truly understand, you get another three spanks for every time they speak during your punishment.”

Ash gasped loudly, a look of fear on her face at how the tables had turned. She knew she couldn’t control this Alpha like she had been bossing about the other two wolves for 2 days now, getting away with not being a baby but having no responsibilities or adult burdens - it felt like the last 2 days had been a vacation with slightly pesky parents trying to schedule events. She looked over at Fin who was about to argue but she put her hand on his shoulder and pulled him back, shaking her head ‘no’. She didn’t want to be responsible for Jordan getting extra punishment. The first slap made them both jump and their eyes were riveted back on the scene before them. Jordan flinched from the smack and slammed his mouth shut to try not to make a sound. The twins watched on as his bare bottom grew to pink to red and he couldn’t help but start crying out, tears running down his face. They lost count of how many Jordan had left when Fin couldn’t help himself.

“STOP! Just stop already!” He shouted.

Samson jerked his head up with his hand still raised in the air to see Fin instantly regret his actions.

“22.” As he slapped Jordan again. “But we’re going up to 27 now Jordan thanks to your cousin. I also warned you little guy what would happen if you spoke up. Graham do you want to bring him over, my arm is nicely warmed up.”

Fin gulped realising his mistake and was mentally trying to plan or talk his way out of the situation he was now in. Graham leaned into the cot and picked him up with such ease he was totally unused to. Fin wasn’t short but he was lanky so he appeared taller than was, however this Graham made him feel miniscule - he held him in his hands as if he could squeeze the life out of him if he just sneezed.

Jordan had received his last spank and Samson picked him up and cuddled him, Jordan wrapping his short little arms around Samson’s neck. Fin was confused by this submission but he got the shock of his life when the other one - he couldn’t remember his name came and took Jordan, whispered something in his ear and then turned him around in his arms to take him away - revealing that Jordan had a hard on!!

Jordan saw Fin’s face and just sheepishly turned further into Dada’s embrace. He had endured his fair share of spankings now, but each one was so different in some way that he was always reminded of how he was a submissive to Papa. The humiliation of his spanking being watched and him being used as an example had faded by the time his arse was bright red and instead he focused on the pain that gave Jordan a thrill of pleasure straight to his groin. He knew that Dada was going to be a little rough as they headed upstairs but he was so excited for his first real alone time with just him and Dada and nothing was going to take away that anticipation - not even the sounds of Fin screaming, getting fainter and fainter as they left Aunty and Uncle’s suite of rooms and headed to their own

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