The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 3

Jordan woke up the next morning with sunlight peeking through the curtains. He had to admit he couldn't remember the last time he felt this warm and comfortable. He had had the most bizarre recollection of events last night and when he propped himself on his elbows and looked down the length of his body, he remembered exactly what had happened. Here he laid, in a crib so large, that laying where he was he couldn't even touch the sides. Wooden bars encircled him and they climbed so high he had to crane his neck back to see the top of the cot. Maybe last night he had been in shock or something but he knew it shouldn't have been as easy as it was for these beasts to take control of him like that. Today he'd have to fight. He knew he needed to be patient and find a weakness to exploit but it didn't mean he was going to play happy families while he searched for a way out.

Firstly, he shuffled backwards out of the blankets, freeing his arms and legs, or so he thought. Looking at what he was wearing he had no ability to use his fingers encased as they were in thick mittened gloves. He tried to grab the zip at his neck but it was useless, even with both hands he couldn't get hold of it to pull it down. Normally Jordan would climb all sorts of fencing, getting into places with food or shelter from the rain and such, but in this stupid onesie with enclosed sock feet he just kept sliding down the bars. He managed to stand up and even when he jumped he couldn't reach the top rail.

"For fuck's sake."

This wasn't getting off to a good start. He looked around the room and saw it was a nursery almost too big for him. This cot was huge. There was a second change table, like the one in the bathroom last night, so high up he knew he would hurt himself if he tried to jump down, a large chest of drawers, wardrobe and rocking chair in the far corner. The room was painted a baby blue but all the decorations were a sickly sweet pink. Bunting flags across the wall, the curtains, a square rug on the floor - all made it look too feminine.

Getting bored Jordan started trying to draw attention, noticing a white triangular monitor in the corner with a dark lens and green light.

"Hey fuckers. You've had your fun. Now come in here and get me out of here so I can go home!" He couldn't flip them the bird with the mittens so instead he raised a fist and punched his inner elbow with the other hand. The other fuck you symbol he knew.

Samson and Jamie had been watching Jordan wake up and take in his surroundings. Being next door and wolves, their hearing was far superior and they could tell the moment he started shuffling around. Jamie had risen from their bed and dressed in jeans and a singlet ready to cuddle their baby but Samson had made him wait.

"We need him to act up, Jamie. That way we are always on the offensive and he is acting like a baby without realising. Battle stations love. This is a game we are playing with him. Once he has accepted his fate and taken on a head space you can be a motherly as you like, I won't stop you. But first we have to train him the way we want him to go on. I don't mind making most of that happen, it will be good bonding for me and the boy, but you can't come between us and disagree with my actions or method in front of him, or the pack. United front ok?"

Samson lazily rolled out of bed and threw just a pair of jeans on, leaving his upper body bare. He came round behind Jamie to soften his orders, kissing him softly on the neck and running his hands down to his mate's hips to push Jamie's arse into his crotch and rub against him.

"I get it Sam, I do. You've researched this more than me and everything I've read has told me that. I just know I'm not as strong as you. So if I walk away or am not here for him or you in the next few days it's my way of coping. " He turned around and reached up to kiss is mate.

Before they could take it any further they heard shouting coming from next door "Hey fuckers..."

"That's my cue. I'll get him ready to meet the pack by our normal mid morning meeting time. You go enjoy breakfast and check the perimeter of the compound. That way you don't have to see or hear anything you don't want to."

Samson gave Jamie a quick affection slap on the bottom, pushing him away from the nursery towards their door while he went in the other direction and through the wooden door.

"Good morning sunshine. How's my pup feeling today? Warm? Clean? Hungry but not starved? You can thank me whenever you're ready with a cuddle."

He walked towards the cot, arms outstretched and smiling, ignoring the look of rage on Jordan's face.

"You can get fucked. If you didn't hear me through your spy cameras...hey put me down! I'll not put up with this. I'm technically an adult and your cronies kidnapped me against my will. There has to be some kind of...hmpf!"

He was interrupted by a large object being shoved in his mouth. Samson had grabbed him out of the cot, holding him at arms length so Jordan's tiny legs didn't get hurt from trying to kick him. He was laid down on the change table and a thick white seat-belt was strapped down tight across his chest. Samson grabbed the pacifier, and stopped Jordan in his tracks. He held it against his mouth watching Jordan's eyes go round from surprise.

His hands came up to try and pry Samson's hand away but there was no budging them. Instead he noticed a pink ribbon coming from each side of the dummy down his face and when Samson lifted his head a little, felt the dummy tighten in his mouth and heard velcro come together at the back of his head, holding the gag in place.

Samson then picked up the most disgustingly elaborate old fashioned bonnet. It was a pale pink wool but had a straw brim that would frame Jordan's entire face and the brim was covered with little pink flowers. It looked like something out of the 1800s and something for girls and he shook his head madly from side to side to resist.

"I am so glad you are putting up a fight this morning my darling. From what I have seen of you, you've got some fire but last night you were so meek and calm in my arms. I want a well behaved baby and I will get one, but it's no fun if there isn't some resistance along the way. I've bought too many clever toys to play with and teach you my ways. So you let me know when you'd like to try them out, misbehave, use that foul language and be naughty and we get to see which ones you like best. This next week or month even, will probably be the worst of your life. You might take a while to realise just how lucky you are; chosen to be my son. But until you settle down as our baby boy, we will expect that you will misbehave. So you have to earn our trust. You have to earn every reward and you have to earn for each treatment or item you hate to be removed. I won't wait for you to act up. I expect it. So I will make your life very humiliating and difficult from today onwards and each day you behave it will get easier."

As he said all of this, he started undoing Jordan's onesie, leaving him in just his nappy. With his hands free Jordan tried to undo the chest strap but Samson grabbed each hand and placed a thick mittened glove over each one. A thick silver cuff on each wrist over the material was snapped into place, keeping them secure on his hands. Jordan noticed each cuff had a small ring coming out of it and before he could even contemplate what they were for he found out. Samson grabbed both of Jordan's hands in one of his larger ones and with the other threaded rope through the rings and tied them to the top of the change table. Jordan's hands were now stretched far above his head and he couldn't move them at all. The dummy gag in his mouth was larger than he expected. It pushed his tongue down and to keep from drooling everywhere sucking on it was the only option. Even still, he could feel saliva gathering at the sides of his mouth, but he couldn't use his hands now to wipe it away. He wriggled as much as possible and mumbled incomprehensibly behind the dummy but it was having no effect. Samson towered over him with a silly grin on his face and slowly undid the tabs on the nappy, leaving it under him but now naked on the table. Jordan screamed in protest as his legs were pulled up over his head and each ankle tied with a soft ribbon to his hand restraints. It left him in the incredibly embarrassing position of having his bum up in the air, knees either side of his head and arsehole facing the ceiling.

Samson's big fingers traced delicately over his bum cheeks and when Jordan struggled, he realised he couldn't move more than an inch.

"Good boy. Look at that beautiful puckered arsehole you're showing me. Aren't you clever." Samson used one pinky finger to tickle the exposed orifice. "Every morning we are going to teach your body that it's poo time. Until you can do it on your own by 9am, we are going to train your body to shit first thing, so your Dada and I don't get surprise dirty nappies during the day. Once you can show us you can do this. We will stop with the suppositories and enemas."

Samson opened the drawer next to him and pulled out the lube and small pill. He rubbed lube over his finger and the soft gel pill and rubbed it over Jordan's hole.

"Relax a little, pup and it won't hurt. Push out against my finger...that's a good boy."

Samson pushed the suppository in and got his pinky finger in as far as the second knuckle. He heard Jordan's groan, and with his other hand ran a few fingers over his cheeks. He had expected tears by now, but his boy was so strong and Samson knew he had chosen the perfect boy to be his. He pulled the nappy back up and taped it best he could given the awkward position of Jordan's legs. He undid the rope cuffing his hands to the table but left his ankles attached to his hands and gathered his ball of a baby into his arms.

Cuddling him they moved over to the rocking chair, which faced out to the window and sat in silence rocking and admiring the forest view. Samson quietly hummed tunelessly, hoping the vibrations from his chest would calm his little one.

Jordan had no words. Which was lucky given he couldn't talk anyway. But this monster of a man had just invaded his arsehole, stuck his huge finger up there and now he could feel his guts churning as they sat and just stared out a fucking window. He was mortified at the invasion but dreaded what he knew would come. He could already feel his bowels moving and he knew within minutes he would be shitting into this stupid diaper. With his legs bunched up as they were he had no control to hold it in, probably all part of the dumb mutts plan. Within minutes he could feel, hear and smell mess coming out of him, squishing uncomfortably against his skin in the diaper. He finally closed his eyes and he felt a tear of despair fall, but he moved his face against the brute's chest and the bonnet hopefully swallowed the tear before the big man saw. He didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing him cry.

Without warning Samson stood back up and replaced Jordan back on the change table. He reattached the hand cuffs to the rope.

"Good boy, you did very well for your first try. Let's get this off you, see, no nasty rash when you're nice and regular and have big ol'Papa here ready to change you instantly."

He lifted the nappy off and away and grabbed some wipes to clean all the mess up. Jordan squeaked and jumped at the cold, wet feeling of the wipes. But instead of another diaper, Samson walked off into the adjoining bathroom, coming straight back with a jug of soapy water. He reached back for the lube and also pulled out a long tube with small funnel at one end. Samson was grateful Jordan had a confused look on his face. He figured for today only, ignorance will be bliss, for just a small second. He lubed up one end of the tube an placed it back into the exposed, waiting pink hole. His boy was a quick learner, with only a small grunt he took the tube, relaxing and not fighting the inevitable. It filled Samson with pride. He slowly filled the tube with the soapy water, finally getting a reaction for Jordan. It was a high pitched squeal and he bucked against his restraints. Watching Jordan's stomach expand was pure joy, when no more liquid would go in, Samson quickly wet a butt plug with the soapy water for lubrication and pulled out the tube, firmly pushing the plug in, in its place. He felt Jordan stretching to accommodate the size of the plug.

"Stop and relax, push out, nearly there." Samson coaxed, and felt when the plug popped, sealing the soapy liquid inside.

Patting Jordan softly on his bare rear, he smiled down at him.

"I'm certain your kind Dada would have a breakfast bottle ready for you. You sit tight and I'll go get it for you. You're doing very well."

With that Samson walked out, leaving Jordan squirming at the full, uncomfortable feeling both in his guts and from the weight of the plug. There was no relief and with the moment of privacy he moaned against the dummy, filling him up top, feeling drool leak out of his mouth, not appreciating the irony that he wished he was leaking from the other end instead. What was that about never feeling so warm and comfortable? How did he go from a peaceful nights sleep to bound and naked, full at both ends and squirming on the inside.

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