The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 30

Samson had forgotten how much fun it was moulding a new human. He also saw the exact moment that the same spark went off in Graham’s eyes. No sooner had Jamie taken Jordan away did Samson hone in on Fin. He was frozen by Samson’s smouldering look like a deer caught in the headlights, but as soon as Samson took him from Graham he snapped out of his trance and started begging for a punishment that hadn’t even started; to stop.

“Please! No! Don’t hurt me, I can’t...” he was almost sobbing by the time Samson laid him down across his lap.

“Not as tough as you made out hey? You’ll make a perfect baby - Jen, I reckon you’ll have a real little mama’s boy in no time.” Samson continued to undo the entirely too adult clothing, leaving Fin completely naked but left a reassuring hand on his back, which seemed to calm him down. “You’re still getting a red hide Fin - and let this be a taste so you know what happens when you don’t follow your Mama and...just what are you calling yourself Graham?”

Graham looked over, contemplating. “Well you’re already Papa and Jamie’s Dada and if these littles are going to be in each other’s company a lot, maybe I should be something new so as not to confuse us all. Father is too formal and Dad is not very babyish either...”

“Daddy?” Jenny suggested from behind them both.

“Daddy.” Graham tested it out. “That’ll work.”

“Right then...Daddy.” Samson tried to hide a grin at Graham’s nonchalant attitude - he was certain that decision had already been made and this was all a show to not appear too eager in front of him or the babies. “Would you rather do this?” Pointing down at Fin.

“No, you do him, I will however have a turn on that chair after you. Miss Ash over there will get the same treatment as her brother. She’s earnt it over the last couple of days.”

As they both expected the so far silent Ash jumped into protest at Graham’s speech.

“You can’t touch me. It’s inhumane. I’m a poor helpless female a fifth of your size. You touch me and I’ll make your life hell!” She furied.

“She’s a real little spitfire.” Samson looked over in approval at her spirit.

“Yes, she’s the troublemaker. She might think she has got away with it but I know that she has been the mastermind behind giving Jenny so much grief the last 2 days. I’ll take quite a bit of satisfaction watching her squeal under my hand.” Graham looked over to see the first flicker of anxiety fly across Ash’s face before she returned to glowering at him. “I think we expected their personalities to be the other way around and so they caught us unawares. We got ourselves a cute, sissy boy and a demanding, fiesty little lioness kitten.”

Samson looked between them both thoughtfully - Fin, still quivering under his strong hand and Ash trying to scare them off with dirty looks.

“I think Jordan is going to be quite taken with them both - if he’s not already. That will be fun, letting them indulge each other - once they are all behaving of course...Anyway, back to the task at hand - literally.” He chuckled at his own joke. “Fin, you’ll get 12 spanks - without you talking. You speak any words and we start from 1 again.”

Without any more delay Samson lifted his hand off Fin’s back and swiftly brought it back down on his exposed rear. Fin reacted dramatically from the sound and then again once the sting of the smack went through him. Samson didn’t think he would stay silent if he kept the pauses too long so he rapid fired another 3 before Fin was able to get control of his breathing to start screaming.

“Stop! No more!” He writhed madly under Samson’s huge hands.

“Your uncle said no talking.” Graham jumped in before Samson could reprimand him. “He starts again now.”

Samson took pity on the pathetic creature on him and resumed the punishment but with not as much force. He still went a delicious shade of dark pink, and by the half way point he went limp, crying freely. At the speed Samson went, it was over quickly. Samson passed a sobbing, broken little boy across to Jenny who cuddled him tightly and shushed him, rocking him gently and affectionately.

“Have they been sleeping much?” Samson asked Jenny softly as he got up off the chair.

“No!” Jenny said emphatically.

“I think they can both use one after this. How about I help you get him dressed properly and then I’ll leave you both to it.”

“They’ve said they won’t use diapers.” Jenny admitted, embarrassed.

“And they know now that you call the shots. They’ll use it - or you’ll help them use it. I doubt he’s going to fight us if we put him in it now.”

Samson went straight for the changetable and drawers next to it and spent a minute gathering all manner of baby goods. Then he gently pried Fin from Jenny and placed him down on the mat, holding his hand splayed over Fin’s entire body as a silent message to stay still. Still hiccuping softly from crying Fin didn’t dare move a muscle. Samson lifted his ankles up to place a diaper under him and made slow, exaggerated movements taping it up. The sound piercing the silence and making Fin flinch in mortification.

“Why are you putting another diaper on him?” Jenny asked from next to him.

“So they really feel the bulk down there. It helps get them in headspace that they are babies.”

Next he got a thick winter like onesie - long sleeve and footed and tucked him into it. It was a clean crisp white, with a pattern all over it of baby ducks wearing bonnets, or sucking pacifiers and the like. It seemed to be just a tad too small, Fin could stretch out in it but he would feel restricted the whole time. It was also mittened at the hands so he instantly lost the use of his fingers as they ended up in a padded glove that was just as thick as the rest of the babysuit. It zipped down at his feet so there was no way he could reach the zip to open it up himself.

Samson still wasn’t done. He reached for a knitted beanie but it had muffler ears attached, like old fighter pilots used to wear. It also had strings to tie up under Fin’s chin, so again it had to stay there whether he like it or not.

“Is he due a feed?” Samson asked Jenny.

“No, they ate our breakfast.” Jenny said ruefully, knowing Samson wouldn’t approve.

"I want to get the injection for myself though.” She quickly added to avoid a rebuke.

“Well bottle feed until you do.” Samson replied gruffly. “You getting it too mate?” He asked Graham.

“Me! No I don’t think so. You leave it to Jamie, Boss.”

“Only in public. I wouldn’t miss it for the world either. The bonding is next level. Consider it, especially with two.” Samson advised.

Graham had by this stage decided to deal with Ash. He picked her up, whereby she went feral on him, screaming, hissing, spitting and thrashing so violently in his arms he nearly dropped her. He was rougher than he meant to be in removing her clothing because she wouldn’t stay still but that didn’t stop her. She was furious and equally glorious to watch. Without ceremony Graham started spanking her, watching her kick her legs to still try and buck off his lap. Graham sped up, spanking with intensity as Ash continued to carry on. Long after 20 strokes, her rage finally started flagging and she was panting hard to try and not give in to tears but Graham was relentless. He didn’t want to have to teach this particular lesson over and over so this one was going to count. Eventually she caved, letting out wails as she sobbed, exactly how Fin had ended up on Samson’s knee. He stopped and rubbed his hand up and down her back to soothe her.

“God, she’s so wet, I thought she’d pissed herself.” Graham watched in such delight as her face flamed as bright as her bottom.

“Don’t let us stop you.” Samson piped up - having paused dressing Fin to watch Ash in all her glory.

“She smells amazing - so sweet.” He was so tempted to lap up her juices that was almost running down her legs onto him.

“Graham!” Jenny only seemed mildly scandalized. She too could smell Ash’s musky scent through the room and it was having an effect on her too. Both these little humans did she had to admit.

The fire in Ash hadn’t quite died out, and in revenge for such humiliation she sunk her teeth hard into Graham’s leg, making him jump and gasp as she clenched hard.

“You little minx!” He cried out. “You clearly don’t know when to quit.”

She expected the spanking to continue, so she was flabbergasted when strong hands grabbed her hips and hoisted her upwards so her head and legs dangled like a folding chair. She yelped at the complete and utter shock of a hot, wet, huge velvety tongue licking hard between her legs, and invading her most personal space. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her as her clit was flicked and sucked vigorously. She melted, as the fire running through her, collected and pooled between her legs and she unknowingly gyrated her hips into Graham. But he stopped short of her release, agonisingly close and put her back in his lap where he continued to spank her, making her scream in mixed pain and pleasure as every third or fourth smack hit her swollen and throbbing sweet spot.

She seemed to not even realise when it all stopped, she was just left there panting on his lap, unsatisfied and burning in more ways than one. Strong hands grabbed her and she flew through the air to land on the changetable, where the Alpha took over, dressing her as he did Fin. She had no strength left in her to fight as she was double diapered, annoyingly denied access to even finish herself off and dressed in a full baby suit, pink and extra fluffy.

Like Fin, Samson had Ash in a mittened onesie before she could protest. He had a sweet frilly bonnet for her and tied that under her chin and handed her to Graham, Jenny having taken Fin. He looked at them both as if thinking what else they needed and reached into the changetable to pull out matching dummies with strings attached. Fin hardly rebelled against it being inserted in his mouth, Ash went to but the open mouth was all Samson needed to gag her, trying it up so she couldn’t spit it out.

“I’d look at teeth removal pronto - you can’t get the injections if she’s biting.” As he predicted Ash started arguing from behind the pacifier but all that came out was gibberish. “I’ll teach you how to swaddle them, then you can put them to sleep and I’ll go. Ash’s display has got me wanting to interupt Jamie and Jordan now. She’s glorious.” Samson looked down at her and cupped her face in his, running his thumb over her cheek. She frowned and tried to swat at him but Graham held onto her padded arm. Samson just smiled at her, a hungry lazy smile - just not hungry for her. In less than 5 minutes both babies were wrapped up so tight in a blanket each, their arms by their sides and unable to move, roll or sit up let alone stand. Jenny and Graham placed them side by side in the enormous cot, gagged and immobile and shut the curtains and door leaving them in almost complete darkness in the middle of the morning to learn that when Mama and Daddy say nap; that’s what they’ll do.

“Sammy, thank you so much!” Jenny said reverently as they closed the nursery door.

“My pleasure. Seriously. Pleasure. But can’t stay and chat. You two rest up and have a break for a few hours. I’m off to see my boys.” And without any further ado Samson left as quick as he had come, racing up to his rooms, hoping he wasn’t too late.

Jamie had wasted no time when he got Jordan alone, back in their rooms. He threw him on the bed, which made Jordan flinch and roll over as it stung his sore, red arse to even touch the soft bedlinen. Unknowingly, all he had done was expose himself spectacularly for Dada.

Jamie had turned to grab a spreader bar and harnesses to keep Jordan almost exactly as he now lay on their bed.

“Jordie, you can’t safe word if you can’t talk so can you try and say no.”


“Nope. No good. What about ‘stop’?”


“That will have to do. Say it loud if anything is too much for you ok.”

Jordan just nodded automatically, confident he wouldn’t have to use it. He felt Dada cuff his ankle with a soft buckle and turned to see him reach and position the other one to do the same - a stainless steel bar joining them together. Then without warning Dada sprung the bar open so it more than doubled in length, making Jordan’s head flop onto the bed to comfortably spread his legs so wide. Dada put his knees on the bed, up close to his head so his red bottom was pointed up high and perfectly on display. Dada then clipped a harness onto each ankle cuff and then wrapped it around the top of each elbow and pulled tight until they almost connected, so his arse was raised even higher and he was pretty much unable to move. His head and chest were pushed into the bed even more but he turned his head to the side and settled in. Dada finished, lifting off from over him, kissing the hot skin on his cheek and then tapping it just enough to make Jordan gasp. Jordan was rock hard and getting more turned on every second.

The next thing Jordan felt was one lubricated finger pretty much shoot straight into him, being spread as wide as he was meant his arsehole was also completely vulnerable. Dada wasn’t being gentle and the digit - not a small one filled him completely. Jordan bucked and cried out as that beautiful line of pleasure and pain was straddled and Dada intensified it by slapping him sporadically. Jordan was so hot it was only a few thrusts before he burst, closing his eyes and shouting out in his ecstasy.

Dada ran his teeth along Jordan’s arse as he came, licking and feeling the heat on his cheek as he sagged onto the bed. Before he was hurt by the restraints, Dada unclipped him and turned him over to relax and massage his arms and legs to let the blood flow back.

“Now, my turn Jordie. Don’t fall asleep on me.” Dada flopped down on the bed next to him, stark naked and rolled Jordan on top of him, so he was perched on top of Dada’s bulging erection. Dada just laid back and let Jordan take the lead. Eager to please, he took great pleasure in seeing Dada writhe in want and need and Jordan, sucked, nibbled and pumped Dada until he was working at a furious pace. Just when he could feel Dada straining and about to cum Dada took a firm hold of him and held him sitting uprigbt so he was perched on the tip of his penis, nudging his entrance and he thrust his hips against Jordan’s sore bottom. Jordan could feel the sweat that was already covering him from his efforts, double, as the pressure down there increased millimetre by millimetre. Dada was not as large as Papa but Jordan was sure he couldn’t take him. He had never even tried to take anything so thick.

Sensing his tension Jamie stopped and looked him dead in the eye.

“Can we just try darling? Safe word if it’s unbearable and we’ll go back to the plan we agreed upon yesterday. But if I could just cum in you...”

He let his head drop back as the thought itself nearly pushed him over the edge.

Jordan made a valient effort to relax and let Dada guide him as he tried again to gain entrance. Jordan took hold of himself and ran his hands up and down his shaft, building up his own orgasm as a relaxant and distraction but he was still fully aware of the enormous cock demanding admittance to his arsehole. With one sudden thrust Dada did it. Got just enough of himself inside Jordan to move a few times before they both screamed their release in unison. So engrossed in their climaxes they were completely oblivious to the urgent intruder, worried he was missing out and instead took in the final moments of their coital bliss.

“Fuck me, you two.” Samson breathed in awe. “Jamie, were you able to?..You didn’t really get to?...Fuck!!”

Jordan and Dada just looked at each other with smug looks on their faces and then turned to Papa with grins of equal size.

“I swear Jordan, you better have one more orgasm left in you pup, if I don’t get my face between your legs, I’ll go mad with wanting.” And so he raced in and with fierce gusto completely forgot about the fact that they were supposed to be downstairs at the daily morning meeting!

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