The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 32

Another full day of bliss passed by with Samson and Jamie completely doting on their little boy and enjoying both the time with him and even time just the two of them, as a headspace Jordan was less demanding.

Samson briefly checked in on Jenny and Graham but the twins were still recovering and adjusting from their surgeries so they were fine also.

He was back upstairs by midday, with instructions for lunch to be packed for them to take to the far reaches of their lands - a pretty and secluded spot on the grounds where they could be alone and enjoy the sunshine.

“Jamie? Where are you?” Samson asked as he entered their suite and noticed it was silent.


He walked in there, pushing the door open to see Jamie alone in the shower. As he walked further into the room he heard a squeak as the door was fully opened. Quickly swinging it back he looked down expecting to see Jordan squished on the floor between the door and wall but instead nearly got whacked in the head by a swinging baby in a harness. Jordan was securely fitted - like he was about to go abseiling, and the harness had him hanging halfway down as it was hooked over the top of the door. He didn’t seem upset at being possibly squashed, instead he was finding mirth in being swung back and forth.

“You couldn’t have waited till I got back to have a shower?” Samson asked dryly.

“And miss the chance to try out the new baby toy?” Jamie laughed back. “Come join me, he loves it in there.”

“I was thinking we could enjoy a swim together in the lake.” Samson replied suggestively.

“The harness doesn’t attach to trees.”

“You’re funny. I was thinking Jordan would be joining us in the lake. The shower is plenty big enough for the three of us but something about having sex and being exposed in the open...c’mon hurry up, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“I didn’t realise in your old age you couldn’t do me more than once. What a pity.” Jamie turned around to continue washing.

Samson didn’t need any more provocation - fully dressed he stormed into the shower and pushed Jamie forward, facing into the wall, just hard enough to press him up against the tiles. Samson leant up against him with his hands either side of Jamie’s head. He nipped him hard on the neck, inhaling his sandalwood scent and glided a hand down his soapy body to grip his cock and tug.

“You’ll regret that.” He laughed, wickedly. “It will be you, too sore and tender once I’m done with you to want it again later.”

"Do you promise?” Jamie taunted breathlessly.

Jamie spun around fast, catching Samson off guard. He tore at the wet shirt, pulling and half scratching to get it off and his kissed him roughly. Then he turned his attention to Samson’s belt, ripping it out of the loops with a flourish and making it crack like a whip against the tiles. He looked at Samson with lust in his eyes, his green eyes dilated with wanting.

“Give me that, little slut, and I’ll put it to good use.” Samson demanded.

Jamie grinned madly then turned around and bent over slightly. However Samson humped him with his hips so he moved directly under the spray. Reaching around him, Samson took hold of both of his wrists in one of his hands and raised them up to the bar of the showerhead. Wrapping the belt where his hands had been, he looped it around the bar and belted it so Jamie couldn’t undo it. He was tied, hands above him and getting drenched by the hot steamy shower.

“Wish I had a second belt cause I would go to town on your arse right now.” Samson whispered in his ear and he bit his earlobe. Jamie groaned delightfully, from the words or Samson’s tongue in his ear no one knows.

Samson moved back, to admire his mate in full glory. He waited just long enough for Jamie to be tempted to turn his head around before he swung his arm through the air and with the palm of his hand slapped Jamie’s arse with the most satisfying slap. He would wait and repeat, grunting with the effort until Jamie was taking each spank on his tip toes, his head upturned as if a mouthful of water would stop a scream.

Samson came up against Jamie, reaching past him for the soap and lathered his entire body, avoiding his pulsating cock tormentingly. When Jamie’s pain seemed to have subsided Samson took his soapy hands and finally held Jamie where he longed to be touched and pumped hard as he entered Jamie at the same time. Working so the pace of his thrusts matched his hand, Samson was able to control their bodies so they came together - Jamie leaning back with his head on Samson’s shoulder, trusting his lover to take his weight as his legs nearly gave way. Regaining their breaths, Samson undid the belt and massaged Jamie’s wrists under the water. Finding the soap again he ever so gently washed him clean in all the places he had dirtied him.

Getting out they looked towards Jordan and saw he was nearly asleep but kept jerking his head every time he closed his eyes.

“Poor darling, guess it’s not very comfortable for sleeping in.” Jamie was trying to get dry and dressed quickly.

Samson wrapped his towel round his hips and unclipped Jordan from the harness and cradled him, getting tiny water droplets on him. Jordan, even in his sleepy state, took advantage of a bare chest to fill up on milk and snooze.

“I’ll hold him in the carrier on the way there and he can sleep on me. Unless you want a turn.” Jamie looked up at Samson, a little worried.

“No, I’m fine. You can test out your new toy. Other new toy.” Samson corrected himself.

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Mind what? You buying him stuff? Jamie, love, I’ve been with you for how many years? I know of your addiction to shopping.”

“Not that. I meant Jordan. I feel like I’ve been hogging him a bit.” Jamie rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He didn’t want to ruin their good mood.

“Seriously? I love watching you two together. It’s only fair you get lots of bonding time with him. Plus isn’t this what we thought it would be like before we got him. You would be a mother figure, spend a lot of the day with him so that I don’t fall behind on Alpha duties. Love, I expected this and I could never begrudge you loving our son.”

“I just can’t seem to get enough of him. It’s not just because he’s in headspace. Maybe it’s because we nearly lost him, twice, that I feel so protective - like if I go too long without him my arms ache and I miss him, even from across the room.” Jamie looked sheepish admitting such deep feelings.

“It’s called parental unconditional love, Jamie. You nearly sacrificed yourself for this boy - you’ve earned the right to love him and find happiness and comfort from him.”

Now that Jamie was dressed, Samson handed Jordan over to him and embraced them both.

Jamie clipped Jordan into his new carrier, so he was secured to Jamie’s chest where he nestled in and promptly fell asleep, obviously very comfortable. They still unfolded the stroller but piled it high with a blanket, picnic basket and a big bag full of things for the lake. Samson pushed that outside and down the gravel path that led off into the woods that would take them to their spot, Jamie at his side as they spoke softly so as not to wake Jordan.

They ate, they swam, they built a sandcastle on the bank of the lake and Jordan’s favourite bit was when Papa pulled out 2 big pieces of folded cardboard and climbed with him in his arms up the steep slope behind them and they went sliding down the hill, Jordan in Papa’s lap. He hooted in joy at the terrific speed they flew down at. Jamie took him too, although he was more cautious. Eventually they flopped back onto the picnic rug, sun kissed and exhausted.

“My legs are going to ache tomorrow!” Samson groaned, sitting, and reaching for a drink.

“You must have taken him up about 2 dozen times.” Jamie observed.

“He’s a daredevil. One last swim and then head home?” Samson looked at Jamie winking, with the subtly of a sledgehammer.

“I’m sure I could be persuaded - you up for it Jordan?”

Jordan clapped his hands.

The sun was low in the sky, making the water look golden in the late afternoon light. Jamie ran in first, naked as the day he we born, where he dived in and resurfaced waist high. Samson had to be more sedate as he had worked to get both himself and Jordan undressed.

“You ready pup?” They were in the water but Jordan remained dry and they were now only a couple of meters away from Dada who held his arms out waiting.

Jordan squealed knowing what was coming. Sure enough Papa swung him in his enormous arms a few times before he went sailing through the air and was caught with precision by Dada.

“You were supposed to let him get wet!” Samson laughed.

"Oh! Haha. Try again then.” Jamie copied Samson’s actions and threw him back.

Samson had squatted down in the water so only his head and shoulders were above the surface. Jordan met his hands at the waterline so his naked body hit the cool water with a splash, making him screech loudly.

Jamie had followed behind, closing the distance between them, they sandwiched Jordan, like they had done multiple times before, except Jamie’s hands stayed below the surface, hidden in the dark water. Taking advantage of the fact that Samson’s hands were busy holding Jordan, he found Samson’s cock and enjoyed the look of surprise on his face as he teased him.

“You up for some more grown up fun pup?” Samson asked Jordan.

Jordan just looked back at papa blankly. Samson repeated himself, moving Jordan up so they we eye to eye, Samson looking seriously into Jordan’s little face.

“Jordan. You need to let me know you’re not in headspace if you want to have sex.” Samson spoke bluntly to avoid confusion. At Jordan’s continual non-responsive face he looked across to Jamie, who just shrugged unhelpfully.

“Remember one of your words - sex?” Jamie came round to try after receiving Samson’s glare.

“Dada!” Jordan reached out for him.

“What do we do?” Jamie asked Samson.

“No idea. He’s never not been in the mood before, but then we haven’t tried anything sexual since he switched into headspace.”

“He’s been in headspace nonstop for 3 days now. Is that normal? Don’t humans take a break out of it?”

“I don’t know, Jamie.” Samson sounded concerned. Together they spent another 15 minutes trying to coax Jordan to return to himself. They talked to him, tried touching him, anything to get a reaction but he continued to be the happy, compliant baby of the last few days.

Eventually, now definitely worried, they got dressed, packed away the picnic and hightailed it back to the mansion.

Samson reached for what he knew best - his research. Books were thrown on the bed and his laptop was opened to bookmarked pages, tab after tab appearing at the top of the screen. Jamie just stood in the room, holding an oblivious Jordan as they watched Samson get frantic with worry.

Incoherent mumbling was all they got from Samson, so Jamie decided on a potentially quicker fix with a little experiment. Leaving Samson to his ramblings - they headed across the family wing of rooms to Jenny and Graham’s suite. Knocking and gaining admittance he explained their troubles to the pair of wolves. Jenny, showing overly concerned feelings - a family trait it seems - reached for Jordan.

“But what could we do to help?” She shrugged.

“I’m not sure. I thought maybe the twins would help. If he had to communicate back to them or interact with them in some way he might revert from headspace to be with someone in his situation.” Jamie mimicked Jenny’s shrug unconsciously.

Jenny and Graham looked at each other pointedly, seeming to have one of those silent conversations couples do.

“What? What is it?” Jamie asked impatiently.

“We’ve had to resort to Samson’s - and your, method of parenting. We didn’t think it was right at first so tried to be softer on our littles but they weren’t cooperating. We found that Samson’s techniques worked and although we thought them harsh or severe when we weren’t parents ourselves, they are working wonders. On Fin at the moment anyway.” Graham explained.

“What we’re trying to say.” Jenny took over. “Is that Ash won’t be much help snapping Jordan out of wherever he’s gone off too. We’ve had to be forceful with her and she is in no position to interact or communicate with him. Fin though, deserves a bit of a reward or reprieve. We’ve been trying to treat them separately based on their behaviour but with 2 it’s hard and we get trapped punishing them both when only one is naughty.”

“So I could borrow Fin?” Jamie asked hopefully.

“What did you want him to do to Jordan?”

“Nothing specific - just talk I guess. I’m making this up on the spot Graham.” Jamie looked as if he would reach back for Jordan, but let his arms fall by his side in frustration.

“I think it’s ok - you approve sweet?” He waited for Jenny’s small nod of assent. “Take them somewhere that’s not set up for babies, and see if Fin helps. If that’s not working, as a last resort you can undress them both.”

Confused Jamie asked. “How might that help?”

“Because I know for a fact that Fin wants Jordan bad. And we’ve not been letting know...”

“Orgasm.” Jenny filled in boldly, smiling at Graham’s embarrassment.

“Yeah, that. He’s working his butt of behaving to get that as a reward, so only use that option if you have to. You’ll be taking away some of our leverage if you do. But if it works, well that’s better all round isn’t it? I’ll go get him.” Graham, turned around and tip-toed into the darkened nursery, leaving the door ajar. He came back a minute later holding a tiny wrapped up parcel in a mass of blankets in his huge arms.

Jamie was cooing instantly. Cradling him gently in the crook of his left arm. Wordlessly he reached out for Jordan and secured him with his right arm on his hip.

“Anything I need to know?” Jamie looked between them and Fin.

“He can’t walk.” Jenny started. ” But he’s not had any wafers yet. He’s quite a gentle creature.”

“Unless it’s punishment - he gets off on that.” Graham interrupted.

“But I mean he’s affectionate and needs a lot of babying”

“Unless it’s sexual - then he’s kinky as.”

“Graham, you’re not helping.” Jenny tried to keep a straight face but a smile was cracking. Graham nudged her affectionately and she went to push him back but he caught her in his arms, keeping her close.

“Basically he is a mass of contradictions!” She laughed.

“We’ll figure it out. I expect it won’t take too long - either it will work or it won’t and I’ll bring him straight back. Samson is googling for answers madly now, or he was when we left so he might have other ideas soon.”

“Of course he is.” Jenny sighed and eye rolled. “Do you need anything else?” She asked as she opened the door for Jamie, his hands clearly full!

“No, thanks you two. Be back soon.”

“Good luck!” They both called out.

Jamie walked briskly, the babies weren’t heavy, but he didn’t want them to start squirming or jostling about in his arms given that he had no free hands to catch or secure them. He led them to the back end of the mansion, somewhere he hadn’t spent much time with Jordan and used his elbow to open one of a set of double oak doors. Inside the curtains were half drawn, making it dim inside but shafts of light spilled from the windows onto the thick grey carpet the length of the room.

Jamie had always just called this room the chillax room. Part games room, part relaxing haven it had plenty of space to unwind and destress. There was no tv but a stereo system was built in for music. The room was on the opposite side of the house to the library and a mirror image of it, so it was long, taking up a length of the ground floor. Sections had been created with furniture, from a billiards table, to card tables and sofas as well beanbags, smaller rugs and bookshelves. Jamie led them to the centre of the deserted room. In this weather most of the pack were outside in the sunshine so they had this room to themselves. Jamie placed both babies on a thick shaggy rug. Jordan sat up, looking at Fin with his head cocked to the side curiously. Jamie unwrapped Fin to expose a cute onesie, mittened and footed. He also had a dummy that Jamie unstrapped and propped him up on a beanbag so he was sitting across from Jordan.

“Right you two. Can you stay here for me while I gather some baby things for you both?” Not expecting an answer Jamie disappeared. He wanted to give them space but he had learnt his lesson to not leave tiny humans unsupervised. One wasn’t his to leave alone and he wasn’t sure if Fin would get up to mischief and Jordan in headspace meant he would act like the baby he thought he was. He found a ladder to the mezzanine level, that housed all the cds and old records, board games, cue sticks etc. He used the shadows to his advantage and merged into them where he could still watch the tiny humans.

It didn’t take long for them - well Fin to start talking.

“Hey bro, I never thanked you for getting us into this house. Now that Ash is under control I am getting a feel for this whole baby thing and it’s exactly what I always wanted. Jenny and Graham...I mean my Mama and Daddy are pretty cool actually. Dude?” He lent forward to poke Jordan in the belly.

Jordan laughed.

He tried again, smiling himself but actually trying to get a real response. Jordan laughed.

“Jordan?” Third time, a little harder this time.

Jordan laughed harder, until he fell backwards and his lip dropped pitifully, tears welling in his eyes. He sat up clumsily. “Dada!” He wailed.

“Jordan. It’s Fin. You know, we met online, you took us to the orphanage and got us parents here with your dads. Parents. Feels so good to say that, I don’t think I’ve ever said that before.” Fin seemed easily distracted.

“Dada!” Jordan started screeching, waving his hands around.

“Jordan!” Fin started clapping to get his attention.

Jamie didn’t want to push Jordan too far but also wanted to try plan B, so he climbed down and returned to the boys, Fin clamping his mouth shut so fast it was comical.

“Its ok Finley. We need your help to bring him back from wherever it is he’s gone. In fact, I’m going to let you two fool around a little, we just won’t tell your parents too much ok?” Jamie undressed Jordan first, taking away his diaper and leaving him sitting there naked and then he moved onto Finley. He moved him so all his clothes stayed in a heap, but he and Jordan were side by side.

“I give you permission to try anything, I hear you’re a little sex deprived lately so if he snaps out of it, I won’t rush back so you can enjoy yourselves. Got it?”

Fin just nodded - he didn’t want to jeopardise anything to ruin this free pass. He was starting to get hard just thinking about it. Being with Jordan had been some of the fantasies that had got him through the tough parts of learning the ropes here in this new world.

Jamie left, skirting the edges of the room again to return to his hiding spot. He crouched down so the boys had a little real privacy - it felt wrong watching with them without having warned them first.

Not that Jamie would have seen much to start with. Fin doubted immediately, thinking maybe this was a test or a trap. He sat there, now achingly hard - why was it so much hotter if it was somehow forbidden. Tentatively, he reached his hand across, placing his palm on Jordan’s thigh. He inched it ever so slowly upwards, until he could reach Jordan’s cock and teased it slowly. Jordan didn’t react, he had picked up his discarded shoe and was admiring the inner workings of such a fascinating item. Fin shuffled closer, right up into Jordan’s space.

“Wanna play?” Fin whispered. “If you jack me off I’ll suck you off? I won’t take long - it’s been an agonising couple of days!” Fin tried to find the humour from his predicament. He guided Jordan’s hand from the shoe to his own dick, drawing Jordan’s attention to it in the process.

Jordan smiled lazily.

"Yes!” Fin cried in relief. “You understand? Squeeze, just like! Argh!! Not like that! Jordan, let go!”

Jordan hadn’t left headspace, instead he had applied more and more pressure, tugging painfully until Fin was nearly in tears. He tried to pull Jordan’s hand off, but his grip was fierce.

Alerted by the painful cries, Jamie rushed down to rescue the situation, or more specifically, rescue Fin. Kneeling by the boys, prying Jordan’s hand open, he then reached for Fin and comforted him, checking he was all in one piece.

“Are you ok? I’m sorry. You certainly weren’t meant to get hurt. Jordan! That was naughty!” Jamie rubbed Fin’s back, but he was soon restored to his earlier spirits.

“I thought it worked.” Fin replied. “I gathered that. No talking to Uncle Jamie now though. I’m sure you’re not supposed to.” Jamie reminded him of the rules gently - he had just given him brief permission but it couldn’t last. Noticing that Fin was back to being semi-erect he wanted to thank and reward the boy for his efforts.

“You tried, and that’s all I could ask - maybe I could kiss your sore ‘boo boo’ better?”

It was almost funny how quickly Fin went to rock hard - his breath also hitching with desire. Jamie laid him down on the floor, on his back. Bent over him as he was, Jamie started running light fingers over Fin’s naked body, tickling him and sending shivers across his skin. With one hand still erotically tormenting him, Jamie sucked his little finger, not breaking eye contact with the jumpy little in front of him. This boy was horny, achingly so, that Jamie knew this wouldn’t take long. His moved his wet digit to Fin’s mouth and pushed it inside.

“Suck.” He ordered. Jamie reciprocated with his mouth on Fin, making him buck at the contact on his shaft. Without even realising, Fin had stopped sucking, his breath turning into rapid pants.

Jamie took his pinky, glistening with moisture and moved it down Fin’s body until it rested at his back entrance. Jamie knew one thrust would send Fin over the edge so he planned to time it perfectly. He put Fin’s balls in his mouth and used his lips to pull them down, extending his pleasure momentarily.

“What?” Jamie sat up in such a rush it sent a wind over Fin’s sweat sheened body.

“Jordan! What the actual fuck!” Turning around Jamie had felt a wet patch on his side and the culprit was sitting there innocent as a...well innocent as a baby, a fountain of piss still soaking Jamie’s t-shirt.

“Christ almighty!” Jamie cursed under his breath, trying to hold the wet wee stained fabric off his body. Huffing in defeat, he rolled it up so he could take it off without getting it on his face. He picked up the jumble of baby clothes and tied it all up inside his shirt. Grabbing both boys in a one arm crush, their bellies held tight by his forearm he stood up, using his free hand to carry the clothes bundle, he stormed out of the room.

Graham answered the door at Jamie’s kick-knock.

“Hi, how did it...go?” Graham started out enthusiastic but finished up just sounding puzzled. “Why are you all undressed? Well you’re nearly naked.” He clarified.

“It didn’t work. Can you take Fin, I’m going to see what magic plan Samson has.” Jamie muttered angrily.

“You ok?”

“Not really. We thought we had done it, headspace and all but of course that can’t go right either. I’m just frustrated.”

“I bet, but it will work out - have faith in the little dude.”

“Mmphf.” Jamie grudgingly acknowledged, already turning away. “Speaking of frustrated, poor Fin copped a really rough time, trying to help out. If it were up to me, he would been in for a little treat.”

Without waiting for a reply Jamie kept moving, his own personal stormcloud of a mood chasing him. Reaching their suites he found Samson dressed to impress, packing Jordan’s baby bag with a multitude of supplies.

“I wondered where you 2 had gotten to.” Samson spoke without looking up. “I have made us an appointment with a human pysch. A Dr. Chalmers, best in the field and they’ve cleared their whole afternoon. I might have said it was urgent and pulled the Alpha card.” Samson admitted sheepishly. Placing all the loose items in the bag he looked up at them kindly. His face dropped at seeing Jamie’s sour mood. “Why is he naked? Where’s your shirt? Jamie, what’s happened?

“Nothing. Nothing has changed.”

"You want to talk about it?”

“Nope. I imagine the shrink is going to want to do plenty of that.”

“You don’t think it’s a good idea?” Samson queried.

“No it’s fine, take him for me will you.”

“Sure. Come here pup.” Samson let Jordan fall into his outstretched arms. “You want to get changed and we can go, I’ll deal with Jordan.”

“I need a shower first.” Jamie marched himself straight towards the bathroom.

“Geez, Jordie, what did you do to piss him off?” Samson asked to Jamie’s retreating back.

“Don’t mention piss!” Jamie shouted before slamming shut the bathroom door.

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