The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 34

Eggshells. If there was a word to describe the next few days that passed, it would be eggshells. The three of them felt like they were walking on them, trying not to let their little world crack as they tiptoed around the issue of headspace. The conversation was completely ignored- Samson and Jamie dare not ask Jordan about it and Jordan acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Sure he was a willing, compliant baby when called for - if anything he was too well behaved. Everything seemed a little forced - all three of them overthinking their behaviours.

Samson knew it was going to have to be him to take control of the situation. The burden of being the dominant one he supposed. Jamie had just put Jordan to bed, wrapped up tight and in the nursery where they could close the shutters on the summer twilight that was still sending bright light into their main bedroom.

“Jamie, we need to talk.”

Jamie’s head whipped around quickly at the cliche and the serious tone coming from Samson.


“Jordan. All 3 of us. Why are we still not capable of finding a happy ‘normal’? I feel like we are all trying too hard.”

“We are. I don’t want to scare Jordan back into headspace. I can tell he doesn’t want to try letting himself go into it incase he can’t get out and then you don’t want to upset either of us.”

“So what do we do?” He hated how vulnerable he sounded - but he knew his faith in Jamie wasn’t misplaced.

Jamie tried to look nonchalant but Samson saw the tiny smirk of his lips that he tried to hide. “Maybe a change of scenery would do us all some good, shake us up a bit and jolt us out of our routine.”

Samson was confused. The idea was solid and Samson’s first reaction was to jump at it. But what was Jamie’s ulterior motive - he was no poker player and the longer Samson stared at him the more Jamie tried to avoid eye contact. Samson definitely smelled something fishy.

“You know Sammy, a holiday? Not that you ever take any. We could have a little family vacation.” Jamie couldn’t hold the silence any longer.

Something about the word vacation seemed familiar. Samson racked his brain, he had been speaking to someone about a vacation - just what was it?

“Family vacation?” He repeated back to Jamie, stalling for time.

“Yes! Let’s spend some time, just the 3 of us, away from the pack and in a beautiful island setting, eating, drinking, swimming, exploring -

“You’ve been reading my emails!” Samson cut him off - finally realising what Jamie was playing at.

“No!” Jamie instantly denied, moving his fidgeting fingers behind his back, unconsciously showing his mate his guilt anyway.

“What a coincidence then. We have been invited to a private Caribbean island by an Alpha friend of mine a couple of weeks ago.”

“I’ve met Rodrigo before -"


“Oops” Way too late, Jamie clapped his hands over his traitorous mouth. “Sorry.” He at least had the good grace to look contrite.

“Love, He sent it to the pack email - if it were my personal one you know I wouldn’t mind -”

“I know! Sammy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I went into your office to get Dadawolf for Jordan. You two left his blankie in there the other day in the rush to get to dinner.” Jamie smiled at Samson fondly at the memory. “And it was just there, a reminder alert on the screen to reply to Rodrigo’s email. I didn’t want to look but he said something about you can’t keep fobbing him off forever. He’s invited us there nearly every year since I met him, and that was basically the same time I met you!”

“He was with me the night we met.”

“Huh. I never knew that. I can’t remember meeting him and he seemed to not know me when you introduced us the first time.”

Samson rubbed the back of his neck, it was probably time to be completely honest, he thought.

“We tossed a coin to see who got to talk to you first.”

“Samson! You better start explaining.” In such a typical Jamie move, he huffily put his hands on his hips, waiting expectantly.

“What else is there to say. We both saw you. Both went to tell the other one ‘I’ll be back’ or whatever and that was when we figured out we were both instantly attracted to you. So we did the only fair thing we could think of - flipped a coin. Winner got first chance to talk to you and the loser got a turn after, if the other one of us failed. Needless to say, I didn’t fail.” A smug, self-satisfied grin plastered Samson’s face.

“So I was some stupid bet?”

“Did I say that? And I think you know how the story ends you fool. Rodrigo could see we were going to go home together before I did. When I went to buy us drinks he was gone and had messaged to tell me to enjoy the night etc etc. Then you two met properly that first time a week or so later.” Samson headed to the side table and grabbed a glass decanter of amber liquid, holding it up in silent question to Jamie - who shook his head in response.

“So why haven’t you seen much of him over the years - and why do you apparently keep turning down his offer to go stay?”

Samson poured a large nip of spirit, sculled it back and then poured another before answering. “I have still seen him, here and there. I’ve never accepted because there have always been pack duties or some reason keeping us busy.”

“No, you’re not telling me the whole story.” Jamie sat in the armchair, elbows on his knees, intent on Samson. Samson knew Jamie would keep digging. He knocked back the second drink and slammed the glass down a bit harder than he intended to.

"Rodrigo is like me. Like us. Heavy on the kink, and gay obviously.”

“So, that should be a point in his favour, not a deterrent.”

“Ok, Jamie! What if he had won the fucking coin toss and spoken to you first! He was, and still is attracted to you. A trip to his 5 star luxury resort that caters to all the sexual fetishes you could only dream of sounds like the greatest plan ever!” Samson huffed in annoyance at his own outburst and plopped down on the bed.

“Are you...insecure? Jealous?” Jamie asked incredulously.

“No!” Samson denied in a shockingly similar tone to Jamie’s previous denial.

“I would hate to think it’s because you don’t trust me then?”

“Don’t be stupid.” He growled.

“So? Let’s go then. You deserve the time off, and a chance to catch up with a good friend - without sneaking about to do it, so it seems. I want a holiday away and I wouldn’t dream of going without you or Jordan. It may just be the best thing for us.”

“I’m not going to win this argument am I?” Samson fell back dramatically on the bed.

“Absolutely not.” Jamie squealed, jumping up from the armchair.

Next thing Samson knew he grunted as a small object landed on his stomach. It was his phone. He lifted his head up to make eye contact with Jamie, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Email, text, call Rodrigo. Whatever. Tell him we will be there in 36 hours.”

“36 hours!?”

“I’m booking flights for the morning right now. Oh my God! I can’t wait to tell Jordie when he wakes.”

“No!” Samson sat bolt upright, startling Jamie with his intensity. “If we are doing this -”

“We are!” Jamie interrupted.

“Then we are doing this right. This is to help Jordan feel safe and secure and take his worries away. That means we don’t tell him what’s going on, he doesn’t get that responsibility. He gets the luxury of just experiencing it and enjoying it. Rodrigo is fully experienced with human babies - actually humans in any capacity so Jordan will be in heaven there. Let’s use this as a reset for all of us.”

“Deal.” Jamie nodded seriously, then broke out into a massive grin. “So where exactly are we flying to?” He queried.

“A place called Malverdos. It’s a tiny island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. But that can wait, you need to join me on this bed.” He patted the soft white bedding next to him.

“Seriously Sammy, we’ve got heaps to organise and pack now. This is amazing!” Jamie gushed.

“Yes and the first thing I need to do is make sure that every time the plane bumps in the air tomorrow your arse reminds you that you were snooping through my work emails...”

Jamie’s hands stilled, but he didn't look up. He should have known he wouldn’t have got away with that. Or maybe he would have if he wasn’t so gloaty. He heard the whoosh of Samson unthreading his belt through his jeans and the pit of fire in his belly ignited into a slow burn.

“Yes, Sammy. Let me just put this down and write it down so I don’t forget after.”

“Add to your list to prepare Jordan for international travel. There are quite a few requirements through customs.” Samson ordered, his mindset having shifted into dominant lover. “Now strip and bend yourself over my desk.”

Ironically, Samson used the computer cables to bind Jamie to the desk, hands bound under his own body and legs spread and tied to each of the desk legs. His bulging erection was pushed up against the cold hard wood, but Samson could and did reach around to please Jamie first, stopping abruptly as precum started to leak. Without warning, he stepped back to sear the strap onto Jamie’s creamy white flesh, watching the instant angry red marks appear, raising the skin and making Jamie flinch, although he remained silent. Between strokes Samson admonished him for breaching the pack’s privacy by accessing emails not meant for him. Jamie’s apology was breathy in reply.

When they both couldn’t take any more Samson dropped the belt where he stood and unbuttoned his jeans to free his pulsing, trapped cock. Running his hands down Jamie’s back, dancing across the burning skin and one hand down each leg he went to undo the cords starting to dig into Jamie’s ankles.

“No!” He barely heard Jamie utter.


“Leave them...please. Just hurry and take me now.”

“As you are?” Samson double checked.

“Exactly as I am.”

He loved Jamie so much in that instant. His love for this lifestyle matched, yet intensified his own desires. Without hesitation he did exactly as requested thrust into him and their cries; one of pure pleasure, the other a mixture of pleasure and pain rang out in symphony until, both spent, they turned into gasps as Samson rested gently on top of Jamie, their juices, sweat and bodies mingling together.

“Yes, we are going to have fun, this little family vacation.” Samson whispered into Jamie’s ear.

Jordan woke in such a tangled mess he was disorientated as to where he was. The shafts of sunlight told him it was morning - not too early, but he couldn’t move or see easily. Stretching he realised it was his Dadawolf blanket that he must have rolled over and into numerous times through the night that had him half mummified.

He could hear movement and soft voices in the next room, so Papa and Dada must be up and awake. Jordan knew he needed to complete a few morning ablutions before calling them in, but before he could and without any warning, Dada stode into the room, completely ignoring him and walked over to Jordan’s wardrobe, rummaging for something. On his way back, arms full, he noticed Jordan awake, staring at him. He startled, making Jordan jump in return.

“Gah! Jordie you scared me! Good morning darling. Samson! He’s awake.” And with no more fuss he strode back out of the room as if time itself was against him. He passed Papa in the doorway, who headed straight to Jordan’s cot, looking down at him, lovingly with a big grin.

“Good morning my beautiful boy. Time to get up, we’ve got lots to do today!” He lifted Jordan up leaving a crater amongst the folds of his blankie and cuddled him close.

“No, wait!” Jordan protested. “I haven’t gone potty -”

“Jordan, I think we need to re-establish the rules on talking pup.” Papa reprimanded gently.

Jordan went to argue. He was worried he would get into more trouble if he didn’t fill his diaper but as he opened his mouth, Papa kept talking.

“No. You’re not supposed to talk, remember. It’s not a punishment and you were going to get it today anyway, out of necessity - there’s half a wafer with your name on it.”

Jordan wondered what Papa meant by necessity. Why wouldn’t he be allowed to talk for the next 24 hours? He resisted the strong urge to ask, it seemed like Papa wasn’t in a mood to indulge him today. Instead they had made their way to the rocking chair where they both sat so Jordan could get his milk from Papa.

Afterwards Jordan was led into the bathroom and stripped naked for a bath. Confused - he wasn’t normally washed in the mornings, he sat still for a very thorough soaping. Papa hummed tunelessly as he scrubbed Jordan from head to toe. It was a quick wash, before Jordan could really relax he was being yanked from the water and sloshed straight onto the change table facedown. He ‘oomphed’ at the not so gentle, rushed treatment, feeling discombobulated from the break of normal norning routine.

“Jamie!” Papa called out.

“What do you need? I’m kinda busy.” Dada shouted in reply.

“I’ve just finished bathing him.”

“Oh. Coming!”

Seconds later, Jordan heard, rather than saw Dada join them.

“I have the wafer.” Dada said.

“Perfect. Give it to him and stay up that way to hold him.”

Jordan felt him stomach plummet nervously - Papa’s business like tone was the most disconcerting aspect. Jordan could swear he hadn’t done anything bad, other than the bit of talking that they were letting him get away with lately. And besides, Papa always told him exactly what he had done wrong if he had misbehaved.

Dada held the wafer in front of his face. Sighing, Jordan opened his mouth and let it be placed on his tongue, recognising the familiar tingling feeling as the wafer dissolved and inhibited his speech. Dada held his shoulders, gently patting him in approval, yet firmly pinning him facedown on the mat. He couldn’t see much so it came as a huge surprise as a lubricated object pervaded his sphincter. He couldn’t help but buck but damn Papa used the movement to bring Jordan’s legs up underneath him so it was easier to both hold him still and present himself for easier access. The rush of heat that flooded him burst out in a string of curse words that of course were impossible to decipher. He couldn’t decide if that was a good or bad thing.

Papa continued by funneling warm soapy water straight up into Jordan, filling his guts up until he could swear he was going to explode! Finally it stopped but there was no relief as some kind of plug stopped the liquid from being released.

“You done?” Dada took the words right out of Jordan’s mouth.

“Yep.” Papa replied, making Jordan sigh in relief. “You can go finish getting ready, I’ll hold him till he’s done.”

Jordan groaned - of course it wouldn’t be that easy. He was allowed to rock gently, he didn’t want to swish too vigorously, but a small sway helped him pass the time until Papa pulled the contraption out of him and holding a bucket or something, let him clear out his system. He wondered at the point of a bath first, as he could feel little beads of sweat on his forehead from that ordeal. Fucking hell, he really didn’t enjoy enemas.

He actually screamed when the pattern repeated itself, another object being inserted into him, stretching him more than the last one. Except once he reached the thickest part it tapered back down, filling him, but not unpleasantly. Phew. It was just a plug. He wondered cynically - since when did that sentence become normal?

Getting dressed, he was quickly getting frustrated of being caught of guard when he was diapered thickly, still plugged and then dressed in an outfit more suited to a winter’s night. The pyjama like onesie was hooded, mittened and footed and he was instantly hot in it, with only his face peeking through. His ‘no nonsense today’ Papa kissed his cheek before squashing him into the capsule that normally clipped into the car, which only made him feel hotter!

He was carried to the door of their rooms and left there to stew, staring at nothing but a door with a dummy to suck on, listening to clanging, zipping and banging for a good 10 minutes until he was picked up, swung out the door and down the corridor.

“Graham! You ready?” Papa shouted as he knocked on the door.

“Coming boss!” However it was Jenny that opened the door to their suite, Fin cuddled in her arms.

"You three all ready?”

“Think so. You’ll be fine for the week?” Samson asked, giving Fin’s hair a gentle ruffle.

“Absolutely. We’ve settled down quite nicely now. When you’re back I think Jordan and the twins would be ready to get along rather nicely. Say bye-bye to your cousin Finny-boy”. She held his hand and made him wave down at the capsule at a gobsmacked Jordan.

Away for a week? Last time he left here like this he was sent to the hospital for dramatic modifications and that only took 24 hours! Oh god he was going to vomit. He was too bloody hot and he couldn’t breathe - where was his Dadawolf? Did someone have it? He tried to say it but pure gibberish came out.

“Sorry I’m late.” Graham came to join them in the hallway. “I’m ready. See you love. Bye Finster” He kissed them both before heading off with Jordan, Papa and Dada.

“Jamie, is it alright if you sit in the back with Jordan? Then I can handover to Graham properly on our way.” Samson asked as they walked.

“Sure Sammy. Here I’ll click him in his seat with me.” Jordan tried to hand signal to Dada as he was fastened into the car that he was missing his rug. He even threw his dummy out of the open car door as he struggled to get his point across.

“What does he want?” Papa asked as the 3 of them belted themselves in.

“No idea. He’s a bit red in the face - do you think he’s too warm.”

“I’ll turn the air on. He will need the warmth soon enough.” Papa replied.

“Lucky he’s not smothered for once in that enormous rug he’s obsessed with. You two need to start washing it. I caught a whiff of it the other day!” Graham was in the passenger seat and completely missed the worried looks between Samson and Jamie.

“Did you?”

“No! Did you?”

“Where would it be?”

“Shit! Is it still in his cot? I’ll run and get it - meet you at the front door.”

And with that, Jamie was back out of the car and took off back inside at a run. Jordan however breathed a sigh of relief and rolled his eyes - if only they let him keep his blasted speech. With Dadawolf - just the wolf part in his arms, the rest of the rug draped over the middle car seat between him and Dada,

Jordan was able to nap. He was woken up as he was lifted out of the car seat and into Papa’s arms. He looked up and froze in terror - he knew it! They were at the fucking hospital

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