The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 35

Jordan looked up at Papa, carrying him in the capsule through the hauntingly familiar corridors of the hospital. He was staring ahead, letting Jordan examine him closely. He didn’t look worried or concerned and seemed to be dressed more formally than usual. A striking black jacket, fitted closely over his perfectly toned body, with a grey tie that matched his eyes and a pair of dark grey trousers. His dress shoes clacking on the hard hospital floor, seemed to jar Jordan’s frayed nerves with every step.

Carried as he was he looked ahead and saw Dr Maverick waiting for them. Jordan would have bet a steak dinner he felt his temperature plummet from a sweating, overheated mess in a full winter thickness pyjamas suit, to cold and clammy like something out of a cartoon show as the blood drained from his head and every extremity in fear.

“Good morning Alpha.” The doctor smiled wickedly. “Jamie, Graham. Do come in, we are all ready for you.”

The same sterile, surgical steel room with its stench of bleach didn’t help to quell Jordan’s anxiety.

Thankfully, Dada either noticed his distress or because they needed him out of the capsule for practicality sake, picked him up and held him close while Papa and the Doctor went over the paperwork at the Doctors desk in the corner of the room.

With the blood rushing through his ears, drowning out noise, he missed at least half of what was being said. Looking at Uncle Graham, who was casually propped up against a bench, he tried to emulate his calmness and deliberately slowed his breathing.

“Don’t forget that to make the wound heal faster we can administer the lycanthropy booster. It just has that increased libido side effect. One you said your Jordan does get afflicted with.” The Doctor explained to Papa.

“But he won’t need a sedative for it?”

“Not at all. It’s a simple procedure. It’s a mandatory procedure in all the human pet shops when a human is being adopted as a domestic animal. I’ll give him a local anesthetic - something the pet shops don’t even bother with, then inject the microchip. Then all he needs is his travel immunisations and the lycanthropy booster in the thigh muscle.”

“And the chip is internationally registered?” Dada asked over Jordan’s head.

“Naturally. It goes straight onto the database and you both get ID jewelery that has a matching chip so you can prove he is yours if you ever do get separated. You just need to choose dog tags, medic like bracelet or a ring?” The Doctor looked to both Papa and Dada at his final statement.

“We’ll take a ring each.” Papa answered for them both. “The commitment is no different to that of our marriage, so Jordan gets a ring on both of us as our promise to him.”

Jordan was torn between the enormously heavy sentiment Papa expressed and the huge injustice that although they got a ring each, it seemed Jordan was going to be inserted with something as a trade-off.

“Lastly, here’s your medical certificate for his sedative allergy. I’ve also uploaded that information into his chip as a precaution. Have you got the travel paperwork you need me to sign?”

“Right here.” Papa pulled a document out of his inside jacket pocket.

“Perfect. Lets get started. Can you undress Jordan and lie him on the table for me?”

Jordan went back into hyperventilating mode the second those words left the Doctor’s mouth. For all the mental complaining he had been doing for being stuffed into this stupid sweat-suit he was loathe to be out of it. As if he got a say. His warm naked butt hit cold steel and he squealed loudly in protest.

It was Graham who noticed his distress. Samson and Jamie were trying to be quick - like ripping off a bandaid, but Graham could see the tiny human was making a big deal over this visit. Maybe it was because he has so recently gone through a hospital trip with the twins.

“I think he might be about to pass out” Graham pushed off the bench he was leaning on in concern.

“Really?” Papa looked down at Jordan’s face. “You’ve been through worse here before, pup. We’ll be out of here in less than 10 minutes.” He ran his giant fingers through Jordan’s hair to help calm him.

Jordan just stared at Papa. It would have been handy to know that beforehand!

“Can I hold him throughout your exam, I think my Beta is right, he’s worked himself up into quite a state?” Papa didn’t even wait for the Doctor to answer, just rediapered Jordan and held him close to his chest, facing outwards towards the Doc.

“I do need to take his temp though...” Dr Maverick seemed to have lost some smarky confidence at Papa’s high-handedness.

“He’s plugged for the journey anyway, can you do it another way?”

“Of course Alpha.”

Jordan was poked and prodded, temp taken orally, and declared fit for travel. Paperwork was signed and exchanged, and then Jordan was turned in Papa’s arms, his head held tight in the crook of Papa’s neck - where it was warm and smelt intensely and deliciously of Papa but stopped him from being able to move.

“With your permission I’ll insert the microchip?”

“Sure. Jamie, come help me in case he squirms. Jordan, you won’t feel this. With this microchip we can leave the country but it also means we won’t be able to lose you ever again.”

“Just a needle to numb the area...”

Not feel it! Jordan was getting really ticked off today. That fucking stung! He felt a cold sensation spread across the back of his neck/top of his shoulders. Then he heard a nail gun shooting sound before his whole upper back exploded with fire!

“Fuck!!!” Is what he tried to say. And he thrashed about with all his strength, even surprising the two giant werewolves so much he nearly fell out of Papa’s arms.

Papa took on Jordan’s outrage on his behalf.

“What the fuck just happened? You said he wouldn’t feel it!”

“I’m so sorry Alpha. He’s had the anesthetic.” The sheepish Doctor was trying to stop the stem of blood oozing down Jordan’s back as he still twitched in pain. “I still need to stitch the wound.”

“But he will feel it!” Dada exclaimed horrified.

“It must be related to his allergy. The only alternative is to put him under a general but that causes a more severe reaction.”

All 4 adults looked at each other wordlessly as they tried to come up with a solution. Eventually, as the silence dragged on, the Doctor shrugged his shoulders in defeat.

Taking charge, as it appeared Samson couldn’t bring himself to give the order, Graham gingerly picked up Jordan and held him up at eye level.

“I’m really sorry buddy - you’re halfway through but it seems like we are going to have to do the rest and you will feel it. We’ll hold you down and the Doctor will be as quick as he can. All you need to do it buck up and be brave. Then you’re on holiday - your flight leave in a couple of hours so we can’t wait any longer. You got this?”

Jordan’s first thought was that if he kept panicking his body might mercifully let him pass out, but as he continued to look at Graham he felt a surge of courage and nodded determinedly at his Uncle.

“Tough lad. Well done.” Graham placed him facedown on the steel table and he felt his entire body be forcefully held down by what he knew had to be 6 enormous hands. It felt like more as they pressed him into the metal beneath him.

Dada’s head lay next to him, their eyes inches apart and as the Doctor pulled and stitched Jordan’s flesh together, he didn’t utter a sound. Three final pricks into his leg and it was over.

Jamie could see Jordan’s tears falling thick and fast but with no free hands to wipe them away they pooled between them. His poor baby - lip quivering and bloodless, he was being so strong and yet so close to completely falling apart. As soon as he could, Jamie had Jordan up in his arms and without waiting for anyone, he fled the room, the entire hospital with his boy and raced towards the safety and comfort of their car. Jamie soothed and comforted Jordan with sweet words, kisses and cuddles until Samson and Graham caught them up with Jordan’s clothes, pram and the required documentation they had come for.

Papa got in the drivers seat, making Graham ride shotgun.

“Here are Jordan’s things.” He passed them through to the back. “There’s also a plaster patch for Jordan to wear until the stitches dissolve in a day or so - given he should heal faster.”

“Thanks” Dada applied the sticky plaster but left the clothes next to them.

“You going to strap him back in?” Graham asked.

“No.” Both Papa and Dada replied.
Jordan could almost feel the anger coming off Papa as he started the car and pulled back onto the main road.

They rode the rest of the way in silence, Jordan being able to see the signs leading to the airport, seated as he was tight in crook of Dada’s arm. Desperate to ignore the throbbing between his shoulder blades he focused on the fact that they were travelling!

In all his life Jordan had never left the county borders. Born and raised and orphaned here, the furthest he had been was across the treaty borders between humans and supernatural creatures. Let alone on a plane! His geography was dismal so he couldn’t even imagine to what exotic destination they might be headed towards - but he let the excitement of possibility flood through his overwrought system instead.

So as Graham dropped them off and said a hurried goodbye and sped off back towards the compound, it was a trio with very mixed emotions that stood on the pavement. Jordan was ecstatic despite his pain, getting giddier by the minute with the prospect of adventure. Samson was still pulsating with rage and Jamie was eating himself up with guilt.

Jordan was carefully re-dressed and placed back into the pram as if he were the most fragile piece of Venetian glass. Papa grabbed a trolley for their luggage - a shameful amount for 3 men - suitcases, hand luggage, suitbags, capsule, the pram Jordan was sitting in and diaper bag.

Jordan was very satisfied to see them make their way over to the first class lounge.

“I’m sorry sir, but no humans: pets, babies or slaves are permitted in the lounge. They must be checked into the live cargo hold first.” A snobby attendant stopped them at the glass doors.

“Our son has a sedative allergy.” Jordan could hear Papa practically spit out the words, clearly he was still mad, Jordan thought to himself. “We have approval for him to fly, first class, with us.”

“Do you have the paperwork to confirm that?” This guy really wasn’t getting the hint.

“Do you have your manager I can speak to?” Papa laced his words with just enough courtesy to fool this guy into thinking Papa was possibly pleasant.

“And who do I say is ‘asking for the manager’? The attendant asked with a tone of condescension.

“Alpha Samson Bradford.” Watching the attendant’s eyes pop was thoroughly satisfying.

“Just a moment sir, please feel free to wait inside the lounge.” He opened the door clumsily, all fingers and thumbs and led them to the biggest sofa in the corner. He clicked his fingers and had 2 other attendants running towards them.

“Connor and Martha will take your drinks and food orders and check you in for your flight. My apologies, Alpha.”

“I take it your manager won’t be long?” Samson shooed the attendant away with a lazy flick of his hand.

“Really, Samson.” Jamie admonished when they were on their own.

“What? He was a fuckwit and I was pissed off. He made it too easy.”

“How was he to know? Poor boy is probably off telling everyone Alpha Samson is just as scary as they’ve heard.”

“Good. A fearsome reputation isn’t a drawback like you seem to think.”

“Well you can drop it now, we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves.”

“And we will now. We’ll have a 6 hour flight where our every whim will be taken care of before we voice it. Jordan’s especially. Humans are treated like scum amongst the general population. Now our boy will be served like a prince.” Samson puffed up proud of himself to have so neatly justified his behaviour.

And Papa wasn’t wrong. They were fawned over every step of the way onto the airplane, no queues or waiting, just loads of special treatment. They were led into a first class cabin with two flat-lay beds, 2 huge flat screen tvs, fridge, bar, etc all set amongst beautiful polished wood as if they were in a hotel room instead of a jet.

A flight attendant handed Papa a whiskey, Dada a champagne, and set up a bassinette that Jordan knew was for him into the wall over one of the beds. Papa thanked her more politely than he had done so far, getting Jordan out of the capsule and handing it to her for storage and then shut the cabin door closed, making his preference for privacy perfectly clear.

“Alone at last. How do you feel Jordie? That should never have happened at the hospital pup. I’ll make it up to you.” Samson reclined the bed upwards so he could sit on it, but kept the foot part up so Jordan could lay between his legs.

Unable to talk. Jordan smiled and clapped and succeeded in spreading his general good cheer so that by take off, the mood inside their cabin was tension free.

They spent the first hour or so of the flight toying with all the gadgets inside their swish suite. Jordan got to use Papa’s headphones and watch a movie. It was a kids movie, and the headphones were miles too big but Dada took plenty of photos exclaiming it was the cutest thing ever.

Papa emptied the mini bar of whiskey and Dada ordered - and drank a full bottle of French champagne.

Eventually Jordan was leaning further back into Papa’s lap as the movie wrapped up, realising the winter onesie he was wearing was perfect for air travel. He was warm, snug and getting snoozy.

Carefully, so as not to hurt his back, Papa fed him, his milk tasting spicier than usual, no doubt due to the whiskey and Jordan felt even warmer from the inside out, unable to keep his eyes open any longer.

“And.....He’s out.” Papa whispered, looking adoringly down at his boy. He had felt so helpless at the hospital and
he wasn’t used to the vulnerability that came with Jordan, and him being able to fuel so many emotions and reactions from him.

“Put him in the bassinette on his tummy so it doesn’t hurt his back.” Dada suggested.

Papa did just that, using the safety sash to Velcro him in, in case of turbulence or he woke and tried to sit up. Then he flicked the lock on the door to their suite, opting to be interrupted only for food.

“I reckon he’ll sleep the whole journey now.”

“He doesn’t normally sleep so long in the day.” Jamie countered.

“No, but you can’t argue that this morning was rather traumatic. And his milk was laced with whiskey just now. I think he will have to wait for the return flight home to join the mile high club.”

Jamie laughed, watching as Samson adjusted his chair, moving the footstool down, so as he sat down he was slightly reclined with his feet on the floor and eyed Jamie, watching the laughter die on his tongue as he spread his legs apart and undid his belt.

“Just how much of this flight have you planned out Samson Bradford?”

“Surprisingly, most of it, since I wasn’t given that much notice. Poor Jordan’s injury changed a few things but as you were tied to my computer desk yesterday I started meticulous planning.”

“And what’s first on the agenda?” Jamie teased.

“Fizzy champagne in your mouth, on my cock. And I better cum before the food arrives.”

“Or what.” Jamie taunted, seductively moving to kneel at Samson’s feet.

“Or I won’t tell you the rules for the next week.”

“And we can’t have that. A holiday with no rules!” Jamie scoffed and laughed, taking a big swig of the champagne straight from the bottle and obeyed his master most willingly.

“So what are the rules?”

They were about to land, their seats upright, evidence of multiple trysts tidied up, Jordan awake and now excitedly sitting belted on Papa’s lap. Jordan was watching the map of the tiny plane land on a small island he had never heard of, Malverdos, surrounded by the bluest sea, clear bright skies and a hot looking sun still high in the sky.

Papa was typing on his phone, tying up last minute details.


“Hmm? Sorry, what?” He looked up clueless.

Jamie just rolled his eyes. “I said. Rules. What are the rules?”

“For what?”

“Honestly, how did someone so intelligent, someone who skyrocketed a whole pack to the most powerful and wealthy bunch of werewolves, be so dense at the same time.” He pulled a silly face at Jordan to hammer home his jokey insult. “You were threatening before to not tell us the rules?”

Jordan looked confused - unable to remember the said threat.

“Right. Sorry.” Samson put his phone away to give them his full attention. “This island is...well, basically Rodrigo has created a sexual fantasy island. It’s a kinky paradise for all creatures and if you can think it up, it will be there.”

“How do you know? Have you been before?” Jamie asked aggressively.

“No. But when I was young, a long time ago, Rodrigo and I were best mates and this was his dream. A few ideas here and there I can claim as my contribution. Plus we’ve always kept in touch so I know how it’s progressed.” He shrugged to downplay his involvement. “I would certainly never come here without you or at least tell you.” Samson tacked on for good measure.

“Sorry.” Jamie swiftly apologised.

“Before we walk into this buffet of wet dreams, I think it would be wise to set up some rules, or boundaries of trust more like.”

“Such as.”

“I was thinking keep it simple. No kissing on the mouth and no secrets or lies.” Samson raised an eyebrow in question.

“That’s it?” Jamie was genuinely shocked.

“What else should there be?”

“I dunno, it just seems too loose.”

“Do I need to add that we all come back on this plane together in one weeks time?”

“Of course not.” Jamie seemed offended.

“Then do we agree what happens on the island, stays on the island?”

“Ooo...kay.” Jamie still seemed dubious.

Samson sighed. “What?”

“I just, it doesn’t seem like you. Is this so you can, do you want to be with...him?”

“Rodrigo?! No. I promise you, if we ever wanted to we could have, but two Alpha’s don’t mate ever. Even just to fuck. I’m telling you now - it’ll be you he wants. And I’m saying that’s ok. I trust you. And Jordan -”

He squeaked like he’d been caught eavesdropping.

“Same rules apply to you, pup. Rodrigo tells me he has got you signed up for certain classes, training sessions and such, and then there will be free time as well for you to experiment. So no secrets or lies and no kissing on the mouth. Understood?”

Jordan just nodded meekly. He had feeling in his tongue and figured the half a wafer he’d had at home must have worn off. Need not remind them just yet though, he thought sagely.

By now Jamie was bouncing in his seat, appearing more excited than even Jordan was. It was lucky they were priority guests and therefore first off the plane.

A large entourage was waiting outside in the blinding sunshine. Scantily clad creatures dressed as maids and serving boys were lined up in a V shape and at the center was a monster of a werewolf. Jordan had become so used to Papa’s size, but this man - might be the same height, but he seemed to be twice as wide. Where Papa was toned and chiseled, this man lifted serious weights and his muscles had muscles. He was dressed in formal shorts and loafers and a crisp white short sleeved collared shirt. He had a pair of dark sunnies on that he pushed up onto his short dark curly hair. His skin was a light brown but the real surprise were the light blue eyes that could have been the exact same shade as the Caribbean sea on the horizon. This giant made an entrance! From his size and dress, to the staff surrounding him like he was god himself. Then he looked to the three weary travellers and smiled and his whole face transformed into something Jordan could only describe as goofy.

“Samson!” He purred in some sort of Spanish accent. His arms open wide in welcome.

“Rodrigo.” Samson left his mate and son to embrace his oldest friend. They hugged like brothers. Smashing into one another and clapping each other on the back so hard you could hear it.

“You remember Jamie. This is our son, Jordan.” He swept a hand behind him to introduce his family.

“Of course I remember Jamie.” He walked directly up to him and kissed him once on each cheek and then smack on the mouth. The only sound audible was Jordan’s gasp from below, nestled as he was in Jamie’s arms.

A/n: Finally. New material. I feel like it’s not my best chapter, sorry, but I just need to write to get back into the swing of it. After so much negativity from this being deleted twice this was the best I could manage I’m afraid. For now at least xxx

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