The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 36

Jamie broke away from the kiss with Rodrigo scandalized. He cut his eyes directly to Samson to gauge his reaction. His eyes widened when his husband simply threw his head back and laughed his deep bellow.

“You can have him Rodrigo - if he lets you, but his lips and his heart are mine.” Samson clapped Rodrigo on the back in a friendly gesture.

“The quickest way with you mi amigo has always been to take action. If I had asked you how many rules and regulations you have decided upon, I would have found myself sitting in om a meeting for the limo ride home. You talk too much.” Rodrigo used his hands, gesturing wildly while he mocked his friend.

Jamie was unused to seeing Samson with an equal and braced for Samson’s tough persona but he surprised Jamie again by just chuckling and shaking his head. He was enraptured by this man who could handle his uptight, serious mate.

“Come, we can not stand out here all day - you’re bebé is melting. And you both looked dressed for business. This island is for pleasure.” Rodrigo purred the last sentence, affecting all three visitors.

They followed the large entourage, the staff carrying their many belongings and found a convoy of vehicles. In the centre was a limousine that Jordan was certain would dwarf a double decker bus! The inside was cavernous and thankfully - very cool! Rodrigo was right, dressed as he was in this tropical heat he was sweltering. His back was not causing any pain but he could feel the plaster and sweat everywhere.

Dada continued to hold him and he spent most of the drive staring at the foreign, exotic land they were speeding past. Papa and Rodrigo caught up as only old friends could, part reminiscing, part updating each other the gaps in their electronic communication over time.

They soon entered an elaborate gateway, that had two limestone lions on pillars watching them drive into the estate. Perfectly manicured lawn flanked them on either side, immaculately fenced with white pickets to create paddocks. Jordan could see fancy stables in the distance along with sheds and barns and numerous other outbuildings. It wasn’t until they turned up the long sweeping driveway that Jordan caught a glimpse of the hotel. Although hotel didn’t seem the right word to do it justice. Palace might work, but the building was a gigantic maze of high rise towers, suspended walkways and wings shooting off in all directions that it seemed more like an interconnected town - obviously made on a supernatural scale. Jordan was gobsmacked. It made home, a mansion in their town look like a tiny cottage.

They pulled up to the impressive foyer where a large creature, barechested but dressed in a collar and tie with a jockstep and finished off with a top hat opened the car door for them and welcomed them to Malverdos Placer - a clever play on words as it was also the Spanish word for pleasure.

Rodrigo slapped the servant on his exposed rump as a thank you and turning back to his guests, opened his arms wide and welcomed them himself.

“Mi casa es su casa.” My house is your house. “You have the penthouse suite naturally, which is half of the top floor directly above us. The other half is my own personal suite and there is door that can connect them.” He led them inside double doors being held open for them.

Jordan didn’t know where to look. Luxury was incorporated into every inch of this palatial entrance. Marble floor, chandeliers, murals of art on the walls. What caught his attention were the gilded birdcages hanging in 2 perfect rows the length of the room. Inside on little swings, sat humans, real people like Jordan, dressed scantily in sequined underwear, both males and females. Dada followed his gaze and gasped, not in horror, but in awe and moved closer to inspect.

“You like my nightingales and warblers?” Rodrigo asked proudly.

“They are exquisite.” Jamie breathed.

Rodrigo answered by simply clicking his fingers and a servant, dressed like the one out the front, unclipped the cage they were looking at, a beautiful female of maybe Italian or similar descent, and with the help of another servant, did the same to a caged male and accompanied the gathering crowd as they proceeded through the lobby to a set of lifts.

A private elevator took them to the top of the main building, a dizzying height and before them were 2 sets of double doors. Rodrigo handed Papa a set of hotel keys - electronic cards and gestured to the doors on the right.

Papa opened the door himself and then stepped aside to let Jamie and Jordan enter first, he followed with his hand on the small of Jamie’s back.

As they stood frozen in their own little foyer the staff behind them breezed past and swept into action. The “birds” were hung from similar gold chains so they dangled near the floor to ceiling windows that showcased nearly the entire island. Others moved the suitcases into a main bedroom and immediately unpacked. Someone came out of the kitchen with a bottle of champagne followed by another person holding a tray with 3 glasses on it.

There was also a lounge room, with plumped up sofas, chairs and cinema sized tv, a marble bathroom that put Papa’s ensuite back home to shame, a dining table and kitchenette to the left, library nook and study and a fully decked nursery. What they didn’t expect to see was a dog kennel, cat bed, pet toys, climbing frame and kitty litter nearly arranged in one corner. Jordan felt a spike in his anxiety levels as he knew it was all sized for someone like him, or him?!

Rodrigo had waited for the three of them to take stock of the room and for half of the staff to finish their jobs and leave just as quietly as they had come.

“Through this door is your pleasure room.” He had an old fashioned key and turning it in the lock opened up wide and wriggled his eyebrows comically.

Samson was impressed. Inside was a startling array of bondage equipment, sexual toys, bdsm tools and playthings for both werewolves and humans. The centre of the room held a large bed but there was also a couch, smaller bench seat, and hooks, rails, crosses, suspension bars and shelves of ropes, cuffs, spreader bars, paddles, canes etc, everything of which had two different sizes.

He looked over to Jordan, who had gone a little pale - quite an achievement given he was still in a winter suite on a tropical summer island. Poor boy.

“Anything you want, it will be yours.” Rodrigo gestured proudly. “Come, meet your staff.” He led them back into the main living area, directing their attention to a much smaller line up of staff in black and white ‘uniforms’.

“This is your butler, Garvey, the maids will rotate throughout the week.” He didn’t bother to personally introduce the 4 French dressed maids. “The Footmen are all called George - this one will be your main one and will also see to any of your entertainment needs. If you want any pets he will also care for them in every way. Finally, there is Caitlin. She is Jordan’s Nanny.”

Jordan’s head swiveled to this new face. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She was a vampire, her features sharply defined but she looked like a beauty contestant with her full lips and big blue eyes fanned with dark, long eyelashes. Her long flowing hair was blonde but it had such a range of colour from almost white to dark blonde that it shimmered and bounced when she moved. She glided towards him, her smile showing off perfectly straight white teeth that seemed welcoming instead of forbidding. With immaculately manicure nails she held her arms out for him.

“Hello Master Jordan.” She said in a soft melodious voice.

Jordan was half in love with her already. She wasn’t dressed like a servant. Instead she wore a short leather skirt and a silky red top with the tiniest straps that went over her shoulders and crossed low over her back. It accentuated that fact that the only thing holding the top up was her very impressive, perky breasts, surely twice the size of Jordan’s head!

Bra-less as she was, when Jordan leapt into her arms, he felt the hard nub of her nipple nuzzle his cheek as she cradled him. He was rock hard in seconds, surprising himself and making himself flush a beet red.

“Oh bless!” She cried. “He is too hot in this outfit. May I change him?” She looked up to Papa and Dada.

Papa was smirking, aware - though not 100% sure why - that Jordan was blushing. “Yes please, Caitlin. He was also plugged down there for travel, if you could remove that also.”

“Of course, Señor.” She half bowed to take their leave and walked into the adjoining nursery.

Meanwhile Rodrigo popped the champagne, which seemed to be the cue for the 2 caged human birds to start singing a hauntingly beautiful opera duet, in a language neither Samson or Jamie understood, but the meaning prevailed. They walked hand in hand to the window and took a moment to soak in the strange reality of just where they had ended up.

By the time Jordan and Caitlin returned; Papa, Dada and Rodrigo were sitting on the couches, topping up their glasses, mid conversation. Caitlin hadn’t dressed Jordan. He had simply been stripped naked, unplugged and a new diaper taped on. He had continued blushing the whole time as his erection was exposed to this goddess of beauty.

“Excuse me Señores, with your permission, I will take Jordan for his afternoon entertainment and allow you to continue to re-acquaint yourselves?” She asked formally.

Papa looked to Rodrigo, a little confused.

“I received your email when you were on the plane. You said you wanted him to have a good time to make up for the hospital, yes?”

“Yes. But where is he going?” Papa quizzing him.

“I have the perfect set up for him. I have a litter of kittens, 5 human girls training to be pleasure pussies. They are young and inexperienced but they have been denied orgasms for 4 days now and are very eager to earn one each. They have been told for every successful time they see Jordan to completion, one of them will be relieved herself, later. Naturally they will aim to please Jordan at least 5 times. You said he will be very horny, no?”

“No, I mean yes.” Dada clearly wasn’t used to Rodrigo’s Spanish quirk of turning his statements into questions.

“But I’m not gay!” Jordan interrupted scandalised.

“He talks!” Rodrigo exclaimed.

“It appears so.” Papa drawled, a little displeased. “He has been ‘taught’ 10 words - although none of them were in that sentence. We have wafers to inhibit his speech when he gets too vocal” Papa made to stand up.

“I have the list of approved words in the dossier you sent, Señor” Caitlin chipped in.

“Don’t mute him just yet.” Rodrigo saved him. “He will need to order the kitties about.”

“He will?” Dada asked.

“Yes. He will be supervised the whole time. The litter of kittens are still in training so their handlers will be there, as will Caitlin, but you did say you want him to get experience and be trained with women - he has a new little prima at home, right?”

“Prima?” Said Dada.

“He means Ash.”

Rodrigo and Papa explained in unison.

“Well if he continues talking when he shouldn’t -” And Papa cut Jordan a pointed look, catching him mouth open ready to speak. “You give him a wafer and the little cats can figure out what he likes non-verbally.”

“Bueno.” Rodrigo cut his hand through the air as if it was all settled. Then he turned back to Papa and Dada and picked up their conversation as if Jordan had already left the room.

Caitlin, a true professional knew she had been dismissed so took her charge and headed through a maze of corridors, down lifts, back up more elevators until they reached a room with two blue doors, reminiscent of Jordan’s primary school with a vertical panel of glass. By the time he had reached their destination he had been given enough time to build an almost overflowing well of nerves and tension. His sexual experience was no where near as naive as it was before Papa and Dada - before them it was non-existent. But he had never been with a woman, or desired to be. How was he meant to be pleasured by a virtual harem of them in front of other people. Would he be able to get it up? He would die of shame and embarrassment!

Caitlin didn’t hesitate - she threw open the door and exposed Jordan to his dilemma.

In the center of the room there was a legless reclined chair, kind of like a beanbag but firmer. Around it were 5 incredibly gorgeous young women, probably about Jordan’s age or slightly older. They had long hair swept into two low pigtails and a couple of them used the strands to cover their nipples as all of them were completely naked. The only items they were wearing were collars round their necks, fluffy cat ears stuck on their heads somehow and matching furry tails sticking up and out of their arses. Jordan felt his tummy flip at the sight of them playing with each other and a few typical cat toys strewn about the room.

They all froze and stared at Jordan and Caitlin entering the room. Around the perimeter of room were a couple of creatures - vampires or werewolves, dressed in leather bodysuits with a whip or riding crop in their hands.

The felines couldn’t be that new to the lifestyle because as Caitlin carried him over to the changetable in the corner, they literally started stalking him, meowing and crawling towards them.

He was stripped of his diaper, the one remaining shred of dignity (or so he thought) and led back into the middle of the room, the seat in the center clearly for him.

Caitlin placed him on it with his butt right at the edge and pushed him until he laid back. Then she sourced a seatbelt from underneath it and clipped him so his hips were anchored down. Finally she uncovered two more belts and attached them so that each thigh was separated as far as he could comfortably spread them and clipped them to the main belt. His hands she kindly left free. There he sat, wide legged and exposed as 5 stunningly thin, attractive women, dressed as kittens eyed him hungrily.

He didn’t need to bother about his erection - he was standing to full attention within seconds and one kitten actually licked her lips at the sight.

“Kitties, you have 3 hours to pleasure this little boy.” One of the handlers shouted into the highly charged silence. “Every time you make him cum one of you will be allowed to later tonight. No cumming now, so no pleasuring yourself and no letting him get you off either.”

The kittens edged closer to Jordan, silently communicating to each other with secret looks and grins.

“Your time!”

Jordan’s first thought was that wrestling wasn’t going to work as 5 lithe bodies heaped on top of him, he was being kissed, licked and pawed from head to toe. However through some sort of telepathic choreography, his nether regions were left alone. One kitty looked at Jordan as if he was some puzzle she had to work out.

With a quick grin that seemed a little sinister she moved lower, making Jordan’s insides follow her, a fever of wanting pooling in his groin. Then with no preamble and one finger she thrust it straight into Jordan and searched hurriedly for his prostrate. Once she hit her target she didn’t let up, going at a furious pace so that in no time at all and without much pleasure, Jordan came, his seed erupting all over his tummy. She’d made him come in less than a minute without even touching his cock.

“That’s one. Well done Pearl. But kitties, that doesn’t guarantee it will be her getting pleasured tonight. Keep at it: 2 hours and 58 minutes to go.”

Caitlin and the handlers had a little chuckle at the length of time remaining and started a side bet on whether or not the kittens would reach 5 or not.

Play resumed, Jordan was cleaned up as tongues ran the length of him, lapping up every drop of his spilled seed. Some nipped at his skin, others used their velvety tongue. One sat on him, straddling his waist and gently scratched him from collarbone to navel. He erupted in goosebumps and shivered in delight. Then she lent forward and kissed him, her hot tongue invading his mouth. Jordan could taste himself and tried to pull away.

She cocked her head at him, so cat-like in her mannerisms. Then she pulled the nearest kitten to her and without any warning buried her face inside her litter-sister and licked and sucked noisily. Within seconds she was back inside Jordan’s mouth, tasting of something completely different; sweeter, stronger and if Jordan was honest, much nicer than his own spunk.

“He’s not allowed to be kissed!” Caitlin interrupted. “Sorry, I forgot to mention it.”

“Get off him Squirt!” The handler shouted and the kitten, named Squirt he presumed, broke the kiss with a sigh.

Squirt assessed Jordan again, to see if he enjoyed that this time, and noticing that he did she resourcefully shuffled up his body until she was sitting above his face.

Jordan tried to bring his hands up - to push her away or pull her close, he hadn’t decided - but halfway up each hand was captured and each palm filled with a breast and erect nipple and he was prompted to massage, tweak and feel. This gave Squirt the chance to lower herself onto Jordan, smothering him with her most intimate parts.

Jordan gasped but in doing so only gave Squirt a chance to really gyrate on Jordan so he had no choice but to push back with his tongue. Tasting her first hand, as opposed to just getting a sample via a kiss, he felt intoxicated by the potency of her scent. Enraptured he tilted his head back to gain better access and licked the length of her pussy, getting a mouthful of her delicious juices.

She moaned, giving him - a complete novice - a sign that she enjoyed that. He continued to lick, ironically thinking that he was the one lapping her up, given that there were 5 kittens all over him. The heady act aroused him enough to stiffen his cock and it was pounced on by one of the free ladies and let’s just say, she was no novice. She took him deep, her mouth right around him as she sucked the full length of him down her throat. He groaned into Squirt, loosing his rhythm as his own pleasure escalated.

Disappointed, she slid off him anyway, his face glistening with her moistness.
The others also backed away until it was the one kitten, the tabby cat judging by the colour of her ears and tail, cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Hard.

It was so hot, watching her, kneeling there, taking him, she flicked her tongue over his tip and he bucked, forcing her to take even more of him. Her hands cupping his balls was the final straw and he came furiously in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop, licking the corners of her lips to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

“Good girl Tabitha. That’s two and you’ve got just over 2 hours to go.”

The girls re-grouped as Jordan came down from whatever metaphorical cloud he was riding. He knew they weren’t going to let go until he came another 3 times but he struggled to think that he could make it.

They started off gentle, a foot rub, a head massage and one cupping his balls. The other 2 were sitting in his line of vision, caressing and fondling each other. Slowly, little by little their touches became slightly more erotic. The foot rub turned to toe sucking, the head massage turned into sucking his ear lobes, neck kissing and grazing her teeth on his shoulder. The fondling of his balls turned into playing with his cock, teasing and retreating, coaxing him back to a hard on. The two girls moved to heavy petting, kissing each other and fingers finding forbidden fruit.

Through the pure art of seduction, the hand job brought about Jordan’s third orgasm with almost no exertion from himself. A cunning way to conserve his energy, he felt invigorated by the climax rather than drained.

For the first time Jordan showed some initiative. He wanted the tabby one, Tabitha, between his legs again, a repeat of the blowjob stirring his loins. With his hands either side of her face he pushed her down to his crotch and ran his fingers through her hair. She understood her mission and didn’t move, waiting for Jordan’s cock to harden.

With her in place, he grabbed Pearl, the one who fingered him the first time and returned the favour, thrusting two fingers inside of her. She obliged, kneeling by his side so he didn’t have to stretch and finger fucked her, her scent enveloping them both as she became more aroused.

Another one, with a red tail offered herself on his other side, kneeling by his free hand and spreading her legs, guiding his hand onto her. She was thoroughly wet and before he knew it, his hand was slick with her juices. The fourth one came and licked his hand, sticking her plump rear end in his direction.

Her tailed swished in his face and not caring if he was allowed to or not, he bit it and pulled back, it coming out with a pop. Her puckered hole beckoned him and he tried to sit up to taste it. Growling that she was out of reach he used the hand she was licking to push her back towards him.

That was all he needed for Tabitha to get to work, with him hard she licked, sucked and used her teeth to graze his cock in ecstasy.

For a fourth orgasm, the whole room was rather surprised with how easy the girls made it look. Jordan had never experienced anything as good as Tabitha sucking him off, her tongue was a miracle worker. He came, but it felt like he had little seed to spill.

“Four! Well done pussy cats.” You have 45 minutes to go to get that last one.”

And they needed every minute. Jordan was done. There was no way he had anything left in the tank to get hard again. He was so tired, thirsty, hungry and sated. He sat back in the chair, closing his eyes, oblivious to the fact that he was going to leave one pussy unpleasured in return for an unforgettable afternoon.

But the girls were relentless. They gave him 10 of their precious 45 minutes before they even touched him, and even then they didn’t touch him in the groin region.

They petted him, they fondled each other, they rubbed their wet pussies up and down him, drowning him in their arousals.

With 15 minutes to go, the black one that he didn’t know the name of and had been on the outskirts for most of the day, traveled southwards, her fingers inserted in herself as she stalked down the length of Jordan. She pulled out her fingers and showed them to Jordan, wiggling them so he could see they were glistening. She went past his flaccid cock and circled his back entrance, letting one digit glide in. Jordan groaned in pleasure, eyes still closed. His cock twitched but nothing more.

She persisted, opening him up and using another finger to thrust back and forwards.

“10 minutes to go.”

A spark lit in all the girls. The black one between his legs, used 3 fingers and mercilessly massaged his pleasure spot inside him. Another joined her and tickled and massaged underneath his balls, finding a spot that made Jordan shiver from his head to his toes. Tabitha and Squirt took an arm each and controlling his hands, moving them up and down their bodies.

Finally, Redtail squatted over him, watching him to make sure he understood.

Jordan realised at that moment that they had spent nearly 3 hours and given him 4 orgasms without even one of them actually fucking him. Could he manage just one more if he got to go inside her?

He hadn’t moved, yet he felt dizzy - probably as the last bit of blood in his brain joined the effort to make his cock stand up. It wasn’t his best effort but Redtail figured it was good enough and speared herself with his shaft.

Jordan couldn’t have moved if he tried, but Redtail did all the work. Riding him like it was the final sprint of a national derby. She was gloriously tight and her muscles squeezed and milked Jordan for all he was worth.

“2 minutes!” A handler shouted in warning.

The other girls didn’t sit back. They all amped up their efforts on their assigned task until Jordan was nearly overwhelmed with sensations. His body although unmoving was dripping with sweat as it pushed itself past all its limits.

“30 seconds.”

Jordan closed his eyes again, he could smell sex everywhere. He could hear bare sweaty flesh slapping against bare sweaty flesh. He could feel....everything and he felt Redtail holding back her own orgasm, very nearly at his expense.


Jordan roared. He reckoned if Papa were here he would have been proud of the noise and sheer animalistic force with which Jordan came. He could hear himself shouting as if it was some out of body experience and he was watching himself from above. His whole world shook and as he floated down he was giddy with spent delight.

The girls all heaved a sigh of relief and without any farewell retreated back to their trainers victorious.

Caitlin gathered Jordan, rediapered him and swiftly took him back to their suite. Dusk was only just falling but she was sure with the combination of jet lag and an unprecedented amount of orgasms Jordan will stay fast asleep until morning.

He was basically already zonked in her arms as she quietly entered the penthouse. Jamie and Samson were freshly showered and dressed but came to greet Caitlin as she entered the room.

“Good Lord! He stinks!” Samson complained.

“Yes. Probably not what you are used to. Not sure if you’ve read all the nursery information but I’ll have him outside in the corridor before 7am for the bath collection. I’ve got an ankle tag to make sure he’s returned to the right room by 8am.”

“Very good. Excuse me for not kissing him goodnight.”

“I doubt he would notice, Senõr.”

“He enjoyed himself then?” Dada seemed surprised. He had surmounted that Jordan wouldn’t be turned on by the ladies.

“He is definitely not exclusively gay Senõr. I think he just loves to feel loved to be honest. Did you know if you turn on the tv and program in channel 308 it will link into the cctv so you can watch him. There’s a playback function too.” Caitlin explained.

“I didn’t know that. We are heading out to dinner but Sammy, we should watch it when we get back.” Jamie suggested.

“Did he make the target?” Samson asked as shrugged himself into his suit jacket.

“Yes, just. Hence why he’s so exhausted now.”

“That will be a sight to see.” Samson agreed.

They said their goodnights and Caitlin took Jordan, completely asleep into the nursery and saw her charge to bed properly, taking up a seat on the rocking chair in the corner to watch him and plan for tomorrow.

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