The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 37

Due to the double whammy of multiple orgasms and a different time zone, Jordan woke up completely disorientated from the deepest sleep he thought he had ever had. He guessed he had been fed whilst asleep as those normal just-woke-up hunger pangs weren't there, but he knew it was morning due to the sunlight streaming through the shutters that were being mechanically lifted on all 4 walls. Instead of walls, this nursery had floor to ceiling windows on all sides so it looked like he was floating on a cloud. A small patch of wall was wrapped around one corner where the doorway connected this room to the rest of their suite.

Jordan stretched lazily, but jumped when the beautiful Caitlin popped her head into his line of sight.

"Good morning, angel." She purred, her perfect face lighting up in a big smile. Jordan couldn't help the huge grin he gave her in return. "We have to hurry or you'll miss your place in the queue for a wash."

She picked him up, disentangled him from Dadawolf and removed all his clothes and nappy. He was embarrassed to be caught naked so quickly - and found his attraction to Cailtin showed itself in a very physical way. Luckily she ignored his hard on and deep blushing as she busied getting him ready.

'Ready' Jordan quickly discovered meant shoving a large tablet straight up his backside. Cailtin inserted the full length of her pinky finger in him to deliver what he guessed to be a suppository. Just as he went to protest - his mouth wide open in surprise, she placed a mouthguard like dummy in. It wasnt a mouthguard that went over his teeth - this one seemed to go over his lips as well, forcing open his jaw as wide as it would go before clicking it into place so he couldn't remove it without help. For something that opened his mouth up to full capacity and kept it there, he felt surprisingly claustrophobic! Instead of dressing him, she clipped a cold metal bracelet onto his ankle that at first Jordan thought was a handcuff.

Still completely naked he was moved into a bassinette almost identical to the one on the plane and the large velcro strapped was done up over his stomach with his arms pinned to his sides. Caitlin wheeled it out of the nursery, through the living room and straight out into the corridor, placing him next to the service elevator. She stroked a long, perfectly manicured finger down his cheek gently, sending delicious chills down Jordan's body.

"I'll see you when you get back, all squeaky clean." And she turned around and left him, closing the door to their hotel room.

Jordan laid there, his guts starting to churn uncomfortably, until the ding of the elevator startled him. A maid pulling a large meal trolley stopped beside him. She didn't talk, but she scanned his anklet with a barcode reader, waited for it to beep then she picked up his bassinette and slid him onto one of the rows of the trolley, only just fitting in so that the steel of the row above created a lid to his capsule and he was lying in darkness trying to not to mess himself, completely clueless on where he was headed and unable to make an intelligible sound.

Startling similar to his son, Samson stretched languidly, groaning in delight as his joints popped.

"Hmmmm, now that exquisite feeling has been sorely missed."

"I'm not doing anything to you" Jamie mumbled still half asleep, yet put out. "Is someone else in here?"

"I meant getting a full night's sleep you fool. Not everything is about sex." Samson said.

"Isn't it? Then what's the plan for today?" Jamie asked sarcastically as he rolled over and leant up on one elbow, eyeing Samson with a glint in his eye.

Samson rolled his eyes, feeling the trap Jamie was setting. "I need to eat first."

"And then the sex?" Jamie sighed theatrically, throwing his head back on the pillow.

"You are really asking for it, you horny fucker." Samson abandoned thoughts of breakfast in a heartbeat.

They didnt have time to sit up as a one quick knock sounded on their door. Before they could admit entrance, the double doors to their room swung open. Rodrigo entered wearing a pair of white linen slacks...only, and they were see through enough to show off his assets underneath. His bronzed chest was offset with black swirls of chest hair on his sizeable pecs and he wore a thick gold chain. His sunnies were still planted on the top of his head and he walked, beaming in to the room - completely aware of what he was intruding on.

"The fuck!?" Samson started, then exhaled in defeat when he turned and saw his friend. "Rodrigo. Good morning."

"Buenas dias!" He spread his arms wide as if he was responsible for the sunshine. "May I join you for breakfast?"

"Yes my friend. If Jamie allows." Time to turn the tables, Samson thought as he looked at Jamie's confused face. "He was just about to serve me breakfast with a side of sex." His smug look told Jamie he considered he now had the upper hand.

"Do your worst you two." Jamie challenged back.

"I must be too easy on you - you think goading two Alphas to have their way with you is a smart move?" Samson got out of the bed, naked and unashamed and threw on a pair of jeans. He moved to stand next to Rodrigo so the pair of demi-God like males stared down at Jamie.

He knew he should be cowering, but the fire in his belly had been lit in wicked anticipation.

Rodrigo matched Samsons predatory grin. "Leave it to me. I'll have breakfast ready in your pleasure room in 10 minutes."

Not a second past the time allocated they entered the secret room to find a beautifully laid table set for two nearly groaning under the weight of all the delectable food covering every inch of the white tablecloth.

"Jamie. You strip and wait by the door. Samson, come take a seat." Rodrigo held a white napkin draped over his arm and seated Samson at the table, draping the napkin over his lap with his hands. He then seated himself in the other chair and they turned in unison to see if Jamie was ready.

He was quivering with excitement and need, his cock fully exposed and completely erect. Rodrigo motioned him to come closer and Jamie obey immediately - standing less than foot away from him.

"May I cuff him?" Rodrigo asked Samson.

"With pleasure." He responded huskily. "Let's assume you can do as you please until Jamie uses safeword is used - I will stop you if you over reach." Samson couldn't help himself - he had to issue a rule.

"I do so love a challenge." Rodrigo purred. He picked up the metal handcuffs and Jamie showed his willingness by offering up his hands in front of him, watching as they got cuffed together.

Next Rodrigo picked up a still warm glazed doughnut. He sniffed it before sliding it down the length of Jamie's shaft.

"Don't let it fall!" He ordered. Picking up another one, he eyed Samson before adding it to his on Jamie's member.

Jamie had to arch back a bit to compensate for the weight of the desserts speared onto him.

"Thank you." Samson breathed. He had to admit - Jamie looked irresistible and it was also felt like punishment for Samson to have to wait, maybe not as taxing as Jamie had, it he mused to himself. "Wow! Look at the size of these strawberries!" Samson reached to help himself but his hand was slapped away.

"You must wait for those too. Jamie will keep them safe for us." He motioned with his finger for Jamie to turn around as he picked up a strawberry and paring knife. Deftly he removed the green top of the fruit and then used the flat side of the knife, running it along the inside of Jamie's thigh. The cold hard feeling of steel was enough to guide Jamie, he lifted his leg so that it was perched up on Samson's chair, exposing himself enough for Rodrigo's liking.

"He clean?" Rodrigo looked past Jamie to ask Samson.

"Of course!" Samson was nearly offended. "We didnt waste the 10 minutes you gave us!"

Rodrigo just grunted in apology as he reached across the table and behind Jamie's back started shaking a canister - one that had one of those ball bearings inside it like a spray can.

Jamie leapt with surprise and yelped in mild pain as a nozzle passed his back entrance and then he clenched hard as an icy cold stream of whipped cream filled him up. Except he found out he wasn't full yet, as the cream; already melting a little, made him slippery enough to take at least 2 strawberries.

"Keep them in place too, or your back side will be the colour of strawberries once we are done." Rodrigo chuckled at his own joke and slapped the underside of Jamie's raised leg so he was standing upright once more.

Rodrigo leaned back on his chair to reach for a small horse whip, its brown leather strap folded over taughtly. He tested it on Jamie's backside, it made a satisfying slap and had the added bonus of making Jamie flinch. He flinched just enough to involuntarily clench and tiny droplets of strawberry and cream dribbled tantalisingly down his inner thigh.

"I'm hungry Jamie." Samson purred in the way Jamie could never resist. He turned towards the table, giving a perfect view of his rear end as he reached across to the table to grab a plate and awkwardly fill it with Samasons favourite foods while still cuffed. Wordlessly he repeated it all for Rodrigo and then stood at attention between them while he watched them eat. They moved onto dessert, Samson being able to somehow remove the doughnut with his teeth without once touching Jamie's pulsating erection. He broke the doughnut into bite sized pieces and ran them up the length of Jamie's legs, gathering the cream and strawberry juice that was trickling down him. It was strangely erotic, feminine even, made even more so by the regular spanks he was now receiving so that he slowly pulverised the remaining fruit inside him, groaning in a weird mix or eroticism and pain as his arse turned as pink as his legs.

"Samson are you ready for the next course?"

"Hardly." Samson laughed, then stopped mid chuckle as he saw Rodrigo's serious face. "I mean sure. What is it?"


"Thank heavenly fuck" Jamie breathed reverently. He immediately knelt so he was on all fours without even waiting to be told.

"Oh! Of course. Heads or tails?" Samson offered.

"My choice?" Rodrigo appeared surprised.

"As if you haven't already thought this whole scenario through!" Samson called his bluff.

"I forget I'm playing with the one person who knows me best. Fine. Tails." He slapped Jamie so that he positioned himself facing Samson, his moist backside tempting Rodrigo.

It was like a dance. Rodrigo and Samson both stood up in unison, enough to strip off and then perched on the edge of their chairs. Then as Rodrigo launched into Jamie, the momentum pushed Jamie onto Samson's dick - so he was speared at both ends in a delicate push and pull partnership. At first he was rocked slowly, the rhythm teasing all 3 of them. No one knew who controlled the speed but soon the pace increased from leisurely to purposeful, to hurried before a frantic pace meant the room was full of grunts, flesh hitting flesh and Rodrigo did take control by reintroducing the whip, striking Jamie's flank as he pumped into him as if he was riding the last sprint of a horse race. Rodrigo finished first but he didn't detract from the entertainment, as he reached around to help Jamie reach his climax while sucking Samson off to completion.

"Magnifico!" Rodrigo sat back in his chair to light a thin cigar. A sheen of sweat over his tanned body. "What are we doing for the rest of the day?"

Meanwhile poor Jordan was entering what he was hatefully describing as the Robotic baby wash. Except by robotic he just meant a bunch of identical looking obese giantesses - bored greasy unattractive ones. He figured these ladies must have originally been washer women and moved on from laundry to babies and they didn't change their handling methods from one to the other. There were 3 women at every station so there was no need for restraints as 6 gigantic hands will do the trick. He was humiliatingly made to empty his bowels - they didn't even attempt to hide their disgust as they held him upright over a basin to eliminate his waste. Then he was practically tipped upside down so he could be cleaned out with extra soapy water but it was the electric toothbrush stuck up inside of him that really got him kicking up a fuss. Naturally the sadistic sluts found the spot that made him rock hard in seconds but they didn't let him get further than a drop of pre-cut. He was drooling helplessly with the gag, so they used his salvia as lubricant to add another (hopefully completely different) toothbrush to clean his gums, cheeks and tongue making him retch numerous times.

After the toothbrush he was exfoliated head to toe with a dry brush till his skin was pink and covered in a scrub that felt like a scourer to his skin. Then they clicked the gag shut so he now couldn't open his mouth and was moved down the conveyor belt where another 3 uncaring she-beasts dunked him until he almost drowned in different tanks of varying liquids. Jordan was certain all 3 tanks were not strictly required. He was further washed, lathered, rinsed, shampooed, scrubbed, moisturised and blowdried so by the end of the whole experience he was back into his basinette sparkling and shiny but exhausted, overwhelmed, furious and out of breath.

His rage was still boiling over by the time Cailtin met him at the lift to their hotel floor, ungagged him and picked him up gently.

"Hello little one, don't you look like a brand new Jordan. I bet you're all relaxed and fresh?"

"That was fucking diabolical!" He heaved in frustration. "I'm not-"

"Now now Jordan." She put a finger over his mouth. "Don't think I'm not allowed to punish you for breaking the rules. You know you can't talk like that. I had a special game planned for us after breakfast...but you need your tongue to play and you can't play if I have to give you a wafer for being naughty."

She spoke in such a melodious tone that Jordan felt himself go rock hard, his cock pressing against her ribs where she held him - and then he blushed scarlet knowing she would be able to feel it and see it. God he was so cucking horny - and clearly the orgasmic overdose from yesterday didn't scratch the itch.

Caitlin moved him over to the change table but instead of putting him in a nappy she placed a cock ring over him and tightened it just one shade shy of painful.

"I know you love your Daddies very much and you clearly love cock but we want to train you today to enjoy cunt. I know you're hormones are in overdrive today so there's no better time to reward you for eating pussy. And hopefully you learn to love it." She gave her speech as she lubricated and plugged Jordan so he was full but unable to hit his own pleasure spot. "I actually think after the day you had yesterday that you genuinely enjoyed it, but today is also about making sure you know what you're doing."

Still naked, she picked him up and led him to a hidden sliding door that was next to the door to his room. It only contained basic living accommodation - nanny quarters. Caitlin's room while she was assigned to him. She sat him up on the bed and then slid her hands up her leather skirt to shimmy out of a black lacy thong. Jordan didn't need a cock ring to stay hard, she was erotic as hell. She say down on the bed beside him and then swung one leg over him so he was encased in the upright V of her thighs. Jordan's brain didn't even make a conscious decision but when he looked his hands we already running up and down the soft, smooth expanse of skin towards the hem of her skirt.

"Come little one." She purred as she laid back, "Don't think, just show me what we can do."

Jordan's first thought was that he felt like he was back at school facing a pop quiz. But then he hated school and exams and this really was something else. He wanted to pass this test and he really wanted to impress. So he dove right in - literally. For the next 20 minutes he applied himself with gusto, putting all his passion for needing to please into place. He was unaware his enthusiasm portrayed itself as desperation and in his quest to succeed he didnt stop to listen, or see what reaction he was generating. So when Caitlin gently lifted him up and away from herself he was unaware that her gentle smile was more pity filled than post-climatic.

He was therefore surprised when he was placed back on the changetable, cock ring and plug removed and re-diapered and dressed for the day in a cotton onesie and denim overalls that seemed especially thick at the crotch.

"Time for a snack, then I bet you've missed your Daddies! I'm sure they'll want to spend time with you." She took him in her arms and settled them in the nursing chair, where she undid her halter top to free her perfect perky boobs for Jordan. He still wasn't used to such soft flesh so she had to guide him onto her nipple so his head didn't get swallowed in her breasts as he tried to fit her in his mouth. He was grateful that after a few sucks the milk flowed freely as his jaw was fatigued from his exertions earlier.

Once he was full she wiped his face down thoroughly and told him to suck her finger which was covered in a minty gel - toothpaste essentially.

She stuck a ridiculous bucket hat on him that strapped up under his chin and forced a dummy in his mouth that clipped onto his overalls.

Jordan felt this shift from tiny human who was half an hour ago behaving sexually with this incredibly stunning vampire, to tiny baby human especially humiliating. He couldn't figure out why at this particular moment it felt so weird being babied, and his humiliation was complete when they stepped out of the room and saw 3 werewolves seated on the lounge waiting for him.

"Theres my baby boy!" Dada squealed, getting up to snuggle him. Jordan pushed against him and straightened his legs in the universal baby language saying 'put me down'.

"He's been fed senõrs, and he should sleep in an hour or so. I can accompany you if you wish?" Caitin handed over a black sleek nappy bag as she spoke.

"Thank you Cailtin, but no. We will be fine to spend the afternoon with him." Samson answered politely.

"There is a class I think he should attend later today but it's not until 3.30pm. But if you're not back in time I can reschedule for another day." She said.

"What class is it?" Rodrigo asked - already looking up timetables on his iPad.

"Basic Cunnilingus for beginners." Caitlin tried to whisper, but it didnt work. Jordan not only heard but he died an internal death of mortification and shame. Papa looked at him curiously as if trying to see on his face what was wrong with him and Jordan had never felt smaller than he did right this second. Tears welled up in his eyes but he adamantly refused to shed even one.

"We will make sure we are back in time." Papa answered, still trying to make eye contact with Jordan who was looking everywhere else but back at him.

It was Rodrigo that broke to tension in the room. "The beach waits for no man. Let us go! Are you carrying the baby there, or are you using the stroller?" He asked Jamie abruptly.

Dada mumbled as he clipped Jordan into the fancy contraption that strapped him tightly into an egg shaped seat, making him waist high to the men but super exposed to everyone. He pushed the bucket hat over his face as much as possible and sucked the pacifier to comfort himself as the 'adults' held a discussion over his head he knew was about him but they tried to casually disguise as general chat. Today was a write off - it officially sucked balls and he and his high hopes for a perfect family holiday were being quashed more and more every hour since he opened his stupid eyes this stupid morning.

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